Transformation Virus

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Chapter 5 (v.1)

Submitted: March 19, 2011

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Submitted: March 19, 2011



Chapter five-

My eyes fluttered open, and i opened my eyes, and saw tree’s everywhere. I propped myself up on my elbows, and looked around. Their where groups of people sleeping, I heard some people cussing, and I looked over and saw the other half of people trapped in something. All their eyes where black, and they were pale and looked as though they were on a frenzy. I recognized some of them from when we were walking. I stumbled up, and walked over to where they were trapped and gazed at them. I saw a boy around my age sitting on the ground behind the trap, and I knelt down.

“ hello,” I smiled. He looked up at me, and his eyes looked so evil. He smiled, and his teeth where pointed, and his grin was wickedly evil and sent chills up my spine. I went to stand up to leave, but then he jumped to his knees and looked at me.

“ Please, help me,” he whispered. I looked at him, and he motioned me to come closer to him, and I crawled a step closer, and then his hand shot out towards me, and he grabbed onto my shirt, and pulled me towards him. He was so quick and strong I didn’t even see him grab for me. he held me close to his face, and looked into my eyes, and I opened my mouth to scream but nothing came out. My throat was dry, and I just gazed into his eyes. his grin grew, and I tried to pry his hands off me, but they wouldn’t budge.

“ L- L- Let go,” I demanded, but it came out as a whisper.  His grin grew, and he brought me closer, and I felt his breath on my ear.

“ Are. You. Scared.” He whispered. Shivers went down my spine, and I shook my head. And he let out a quiet laugh. A huge crashing sound came, and he let go of my arm, and I stumbled back, and I saw Celeborn standing there. He bent down next to me, and looked at me.

“ Are you okay?” he whispered. He tilted my head up, and looked at me,

“ Im fine,” I whispered. I looked at the guy, and he was shooting daggers at Celeborn.  Celeborn looked over at the guy and stood up, and walked held out a hand for me, and helped me up. I stood there, and he put a hand around my shoulders, and we walked away from them. Celeborn helped me sit down, and he stood their looking at me.

“ Don’t go near them,” he said looking over at the people locked up.

“ Why? What is going on,” I said shaking my head.

“ Every single person went through change last night,” He whispered.

“ Every single person?” I asked looking up at him.  He nodded his head.

“ Those people  that are locked up… they are vampires, and the rest of us that are out here free…. Well I think you can figure that out,” Celeborn said. I sat there, and looked around at all the people. They were either standing or sitting, and a lot of people where running around and got they were so fast.

“ Wolves,” I whispered looking around. Celeborn just nodded his head. I closed my eyes, and tried to remember what had happened last night…  me and Celeborn where climbing the tree…. Screams… that girl turned into a wolf… and then… Ryan he tried to…. I shot up, and ran over to the people that where locked up. “ Ryan are you in their!” I screamed my eyes searching the people that where in there. Someone grabbed me from behind.

“ Don’t go to close Laura!” Celeborn said pulling me back.

“ Is Ryan in their?” I asked. He nodded his head.

“ Celeborn,” I cried.

“ He is a vampire Laura!”

“ So are you going to keep all of them locked in their forever!” I screamed. People turned towards us.

“ Laura…”

I gasped and ripped his hand off me, and glared at him.

“ You all were going to let them die in their! Your monsters!” I screamed.

“ Laura, can you listen for a minute,” Celeborn asked taking a step closer to me.

“ Laura Petrovix,” A deep voice said. I looked over Ryan’s shoulder, and saw three men standing their shooting daggers at me. I took a step back, and Ryan took a step to the side. It was the three leaders. “ Laura, those people must stay in their, because if they come out all they will do is try to fight, because they are new borns and all they want is blood. Once they get over this frenzy then they will be able to come out, and function properly. Laura if they are out right know they will want blood, and they will attack us, and we will all have to fight, and it could cause many deaths.”

“ H- how do you know t- this?” I asked.

“ We are the three leaders. My name is Larone, and the two other men are Merank, and Octas,” Larone said. I stood there, and then  I looked at them shocked.

“ Every single person has changed, right?” I asked. Octas nodded his head.

“ yes, that’s correct,” Larone said.

“ But. But I haven’t,” I whispered. They all looked at me, and I looked down. I felt a warm hand touch my chin, and they tilted my head up. Octas was looking at my face, and tilted my head up, and to the side. He let go of my chin, and then he grabbed my arms and looked at them. He inspected me, and then he took a step back.

“ She has no signs of even being sick,” He said looking at me intently. Our eyes locked, and I looked away.

“ She has to change though,” Larone said looking at me.

“ Well she is going to change, everyone did,” He replied. Know all three were looking at me, and when my eyes met Merank’s I quickly looked away, because the way he looked at me seemed like it was full of hatred. The three continued to look at me, and I looked over at Celeborn, and he did a halfhearted smile, and grabbed my arm.

“ come on Laura,” He whispered. I followed him, and we walked past groups of people, and I saw a similar person with their head in their hands, and her knees up to her  chest. When we got closer I recognized who it was and ran over to her leaving Celeborn.

“ Lin,” I asked kneeling down next to her. She tilted her head up a little, and tears ran down her face, and her eyes where all puffy.  Her eyes met mine, and then she flung her arms around me, and buried her face into my shoulder. She was so strong! I thought she was going to break my back. I let out a cough, and she loosened up a little, and let her arms fall, and she continued to cry into my shoulder. I ran my hand through her hair and rubbed her back. “ Lin,” I whispered looking down at her. Her cries became heaver. “ Sh, Lin what happened?” I looked around and I didn’t see Skylet. I wrapped my arms around her.  “ Don’t worry Skylet is okay, it’s okay that she is a vampire,” I whispered, but I wonder if it really is. She started to shake her head.

“ S- Sh- She,” Her cries got louder, and her body was shaking. “ S- She d- d- died!” her whole body was shaking, and I felt tears fill my eyes, and I closed my eyes, and put my cheek on top of Lin’s head, and hugged her tightly.

“ it’s going to be okay,” I whispered. “ I promise.”

“ That… That was my baby!” She cried. I started to rock her back and forward.

“ I know, and she will always be your baby,” I whispered. I felt tears running down my cheek, and I buried my face into Lin’s face.

“ She isn’t my baby anymore, she is dead!”

“ That doesn’t mean you’re not her mother, and that she wasn’t your daughter. That was your baby and will always be your baby no matter what,” I said myself know crying.  Lin pulled herself away from me, and sat their looking at the ground. I looked at her, and then up at Celeborn. His exspression on his face was full of sorrow.  “ is their going to be a barriel?” I asked him.

“ We could go do it know,” he said looking at Lin. I nodded my head, and I stood up, and stood next to Lin. “ Lin,” I whispered touching her shoulder. “ Lin we are going to burry Skylet…” I said giving her shoulder a little squeeze. She looked up and nodded her head, and stood up, and I held onto her arm. “ Are you ready?” I asked.

“ Im…. Im never going to be ready to burry my child,” she whispered looking down at the ground. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder, and we started to walk. We walked through the forest for about ten minutes when we came to a meadow in the forest. Their where bodies in coffins, and all the coffins where shut, and their where holes for them everywhere. Some of them where already buried, and somewhere not. Celeborn walked over to one of the holes, and looked down at the coffin, and I followed him with Lin on me.  We stopped and Lin stood their looking at the hole. I got closer and peered down into the hole and saw a coffin at the bottom. A tiny coffin for a baby.

“ this is… hers,” I said and it sounded more like a question. Celeborn nodded his head, and I felt a lump in my throat, and I tried to clear my throat, but it wouldn’t go away. I turned to Lin, and stood next to her. Lin looked at the hole, and I saw her breaking down. She looked so fragile.

“ hey baby,” She whispered. I looked at her, and tears fell down her cheeks, and her lips where trembling. “ I- I remember when you were first born,” she laughed. Tears continued to run down her face. “ You where my little angel…. My little baby. I love you so much…. I miss you….” Her cries grew louder, and I wrapped my arms around myself, and looked at the hole, and my tears started to come faster. “ Y- You’re okay know…. Your- You’re going to be okay know…. You’re in a good- good place….

i….” She stopped and it was harder to understand her because her words where muffled by her cries.“ Im going to see you again baby, I promise im going to see you again in the future,” She whispered. Lin’s knees where shaking, and I ran over to her and wrapped my arms around her.

“ She is in a better place. Your baby is happy and healthy, and she is always going to be in our hearts,” I whispered into her ear. “ She loved you very much, and she will never forget you, and no one will ever…. Ever forget her,” I cried. Lin nodded her head, and wrapped her arms around me. “ let’s go Lin,” I whispered. She nodded her head, and we broke from our hug, and I wiped away her tears, and we turned around and started to leave. Celeborn walked on the other side of Lin. Then Lin stopped and turned around.

“ I love you Skylet,” she cried. I felt my heartbreak, and I looked away from Lin, and closed my eyes.

“ I love you too Skylet,” I whispered hugging myself.  

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