Transformation Virus

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Chapter 6 (v.1)

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Submitted: April 01, 2011



Chapter six-

I sat their peering into the cage. The people sat there and they were passing back and forward. I heard a small whimper to my left, and I looked around but saw no one. I peered back into the cage, and I heard some shuffling noses to my left once again. I looked over again, and then slowly stood up. I walked past the cage, and someone gripped onto my arm.

“ D- Don’t go over there,” A man said. I looked down at him and his eyes were bright red, and he was looking at the veins on my hands.

“ Why?” I asked pulling my hand away.

“ One of them escaped,” he whispered. My head shot up and the shuffling started to get louder. I stood their frozen. The man started to yell at me to run but my feet couldn’t move. Red eyes bore into mine, and white teeth showed through an evil smirk. I took a step back, and my foot slipped out from underneath me, and I fell back.

“ Don’t you touch her Serebeth!” The man in the cage screamed. I looked up and saw the teen guy that grabbed me before, and tried to kill me. he stood over me, and my breath caught in my breath.“ SEREBETH!” He screamed.

“ Lone shut up!” Serebeth growled. His voice made me feel sick to my stomach. He took another step close to me, and I sat their looking up at him. He took another step towards me, and knelt down. I looked away, and shut my eyes. I felt some unbelievably cold touch my chin, and he tilted my head up. Our eyes met. “ Hello,” he breathed out. I opened my mouth but nothing came out.

“ Don’t you kill her Serebeth,” Lone growled hitting the cage.

“ Why do you care!” Serebeth screamed. His hand slapped me across the face, but I felt like a truck hit me. I flew back falling to the ground with a thump. He was so strong.

“ because she hasn’t don’t anything!” Lone said.

“ yes she has!”

“ What has she done?!”

“ She…” He stopped. “ Shut up…” I heard footsteps closing in on me, and I opened my eyes, and Serebeth was in front of me once again. He lifted me up by the collar of my shirt. I struggled trying to get out of his grasp. “ Come on little wolfey, can’t you fight me?” he laughed.

“ I- I haven’t changed,” I said still struggling.

“ You….” He threw me to the ground once again. “ Everyone has changed!”

“ not me,” I whispered clutching my stomach.

“ And you’re not going to,” He said grabbing me by the throat. “ I wonder how good human blood is really going to taste…. Especially yours… it smells so good,” he said bringing his mouth towards my neck. His breath trickled on my neck, and it send shivers down my spine. I felt his lips touching my neck.

“ Murder,” I whispered. He pulled back and looked at me.

“ What?” he hissed.

“ Murder,” I said again looking him dead in the eyes. something cracked inside him, and he lunged his mouth towards my neck. I closed my eyes, and then I was flung through the air. I opened my eyes, and saw Celeborn fighting off Serebeth.  Celeron’s hand went smashing into Serebeth’s face, and he flew back. Anger filled his eyes, and he ran into Celeborn’s hips taking him down. I stood up.

“ Serebeth stop!” my scream filled the air. Serebeth threw Celeborn through the air, and he turned to me, and grabbed my neck, and held me against a tree. I looked into his eyes, and I felt my breath hitching. Then I had this weird feeling. My body felt so hot. I looked up clenching my jaw. I felt sweat fall down my face, and I arched my back. Serebeth let go of me, and I fell to the ground on my hands and knees breathing heavily. My back arched, and I clenched my jaw digging my nails into the ground. The pain was unbearable. Screams of pain escaped my mouth, and my body started to heave, and I started to puke. My body was shaking. I looked up and saw Serebeth, and Celeborn looking at me. I shut my eyes tightly, and fell tears falling down my face. I started to heave, and my body shot back and I tilted my head up letting a scream fill the air. I fell to my side bringing my knees up to my chest.

“ Laura,” Celeborn said reaching his hand out towards me.

“ D- DON’T TOUCH ME!” I screamed. Celeborn took a step back. I continued to scream out in pain, and I stood up, and fell back to the ground. I puked harder, and my body was shaking from all the pain. I looked around and everyone was watching me. “ Celeborn!” I cried my jaw twitching. Celeborn knelt down next to me.

“ You going through changing?” he asked.

“ What the hell? Why did you ask,” I said through clenched teeth.

“ Because when everyone went through changing it didn’t last this long, nor was this painful,” he whispered. A pain shot up my back, and I went on all four my body shaking. I felt the bones in my back starting to move.

“ Stop the pain!” I screamed. My bones in my body continued to move around and crack. I shut my eyes, and fell to the ground my body continued to change. I opened my eyes, and everything was in a different perspective. My senses where ten times better. Everything seemed so much clearer and I saw things from afar better. I heard the sound of a deer in a pond a couple of miles away. I looked down and saw a set of pure white paws underneath me. my head shot up, and everyone was staring at me in disbelief. My eyes locked with Serebeth’s and he lunged himself at Celeborn. My feet moved before I could even think, and I attacked Serebeth. I moved so quickly. I was running on all fours, as a wolf. I rammed into Serebeth, and he fell back with a thud. Two people caught his arms and threw him back into the cage. I ran off searching for the stream, and when I came to it I looked down at me reflection. In the reflection I saw a pure white wolf, with radiant hazel eyes. this is me…

I felt my bones start to move once again, and I screamed but I heard a cry of a wolf, and snarls fill the air. It was me. my body fell to the ground and my bones continued to move. When I opened my eyes again I was seating and my body was shaking. I lifted my arm up, and saw a human hand. I was back to normal. I sat up, and stumbled forward making my way back to the group of people. When I got their they were all just staring at me. I continued to walk and I felt dizzy.

“ Laura…” I heard a familiar voice say from a distance. I looked to my left, and saw a pair of similar eyes gazing into mine. He was in the cage. I peered at him and felt my heart break.

“ Ryan….” I whispered. i heard him chuckle.

“ I guess we can’t be,” he said.

“ W- What do you mean?” My voice sounded horse. I took more steps closer and knelt down next to the cage.

“ Im a blood sucker, and you’re a filthy animal,” He said coldly. My eyes widened and what he just said, and I glared at him. 

“ What happened to you?” I said shaking my head.

“Im a fucking vampire! That’s what happened!”

“ But that doesn’t mean you are not Ryan!” I screamed back. I stumbled back, and fell on my ass.

“ You and all you filthy animals deserve to go to the pits of hell,” he snarled. My body twitched, and a growl came from the back of my throat. I stood up, and so did Ryan on the other side of the cage. I turned around and started to walk away but I stopped.

“ Thank you,” I said not looking back at him.

“ For what?” He said coldly.

“ For making it so much easier to walk away from you,” I said and continued to walk away. When I got far enough from his sight, I fell to my knees, and tears poured down my face. I felt a pair of hands on my shoulders and I turned around and saw Celeborn looking at me. I did a faint smile. “ I loved him…” I whispered. Celeborn wrapped his arms around me.

“ I know you did….”

“ It’s hard…. He was the only one I had now…. Now I have no one…”

“ You have me, Lin, Rickton, and you will have others,” he said running his hand through my hair.

“ im scared Celeborn.”

“ Of what?”

“ of losing another person…” I whispered. I started to close my eyes, and my body went numb and I passed out in Celeborn’s arms, but before I was totally out I heard  Celeborn whisper something in my ear.

“ You’ll never loose me,” He whispered.

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