Battle field

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

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Submitted: April 28, 2011



Chapter 2

Once I entered the car, I could see that there was a lot of love in that family, and I was very pleased to be part of it. Everyone acted very nicely to me and I felt very welcomed. I had all that I had ever wanted, a loving mom, 2 caring older sisters, and a protective father, who I thought could potentially be the best dad in the world. But boy did that change. Everything I would do in my life was already planned, planned since the day I was born but I didn’t know that then I was too young. I became so comfortable with my new family that I forgot who I really was, and everything about the first 5 years in my life. I became what they wanted me to become, and I would do anything to please them.

My dad was very though on me, he always wanted me to be the best, and I was. I was the best at everything, I was good at school, I was a jock, and everyone wanted to be my friend. I was Mr. Popular. I had the life that everybody dreamed of. Nevertheless, I wasn’t that happy I always felt like there was something missing, something that would mean the world to me, something more important than everything I had but I could never think of anything. Until one day it hit me.

Once I went up to my dad to show him my report card. He looked at it pleased then glanced at me and patted me on my shoulder saying that is my boy. Then I don’t know why or how I just opened my big fat mouth and blurted out \"am I?\" My dad just froze I didn’t know why but he just sat there staring up at me. Then said frustrated\" Don’t you ever say that again of course you are my son, why wouldn’t you be! You should be ashamed of yourself for even having the slightest doubt about that, now just go to your room, I've had enough of your silly ideas.\" I looked at my dads green eyes, then apologized and went to my room. While I was sitting there I started to think what a fool I am, I mean I have the best life ever, its perfect but I was always trying to find a mistake it all seemed too perfect to me, I was always trying to ruin it, it’s like I didn’t appreciate everything my family gave me. But I don’t know what got into me then it was like there was another person inside of me that said every thing, not, not Aleks, at least not the Aleks I am, and have always known.

Another question popped into my head other than why I had said that, but why my dad got so pissed, there was no real answer I guess it was just that he thought I was saying I wish he wasn’t my dad, and that I’m not proud of being his son.

The next day I went to school and everything was normal I forgot about everything that happened that night and so did my dad. Once I reached the school I found Ray waiting for me there. He had something in his hand but I couldn’t see what it was from far away.

You might be wondering who ray is so let me let you in. Ray is my best friend since the 3rd grade. His dad recently died and then his mom married this Eric dude, and well soon after his mom died as well. So now he lives with his step dad. Nevertheless, he’s still an awesome person yeah he went a bit isolated once each of his parents died, but he is all right now well almost. Even after all this happened to him he is still the most honest, and loyal person I’ve ever met. I’ll always be there for him and him for me. Nothing can break us apart.

Back to what I was saying. So I reached Ray and he told me that he had just bought 2 tickets to “Rock out” and that he wanted me to come I directly agreed, I mean who would say no to “Rock out” their the best band in the state. For some reason when I saw Ray I started to think of what happened yesterday but then I realized that I was over obsessing about everything, I mean my dads moody he’s like that no reason to stress over it. I just started laughing and went to class.

Then something I wouldn’t have ever imagined happened. Something unbelievable, something so awkward, that even if you told it to Einstein, he would have gotten confused. The cat was out of the bag. I don’t know why but my dad told me the truth. He told me that….that that I am an orphan! Here’s what happened. It all started when I went home. He was waiting for me at the door. There was a massive smile on his face. I asked him what was up. Then he looked at me satisfyingly and told me he had big new. So I walked in and sat on the couch and asked him what it was.

It was a major surprise I couldn’t believe it .He had enrolled me into the army, the most disgusting, useless job in the whole world. I mean all it does is ruin people’s lives. And if you think otherwise well look at the world today and you’ll get what I mean.

So I defiantly refused and looked at him shallowly I couldn’t believe he would even think of such a thing, but than I remember that was the same job he had years ago. Even though I told him that I didn’t want to go, not just didn’t want to go but wouldn’t go. After what I said to him he just looked at me and screamed out “Shame on you, your not allowed to disobey my orders, you should thank me for what I’ve done I gave you a future. I can’t believe I put through calling you my son all these years.”

Then he stopped for a moment, I felt he was about to say something big and he was. He said” you’re just like all other orphans a useless excuse for a child. You’re just pathetic.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. Did he just say I was an orphan, or was I just hallucinating? Either way I was extremely confused, I mean was I really an orphan, or was he just kidding but I couldn’t handle hearing him any more so I just went up to my room and slammed the door shut. I didn’t know what was happening then but I now know that my whole life was a big fraud. I also discovered that how hard I tried I’d never had a word in what was going to happen to me, it was all designed. I couldn’t believe it but when I looked back I found out that I had never made a single decision one my one but that was going to change right now. I wasn’t going to the army, and never will that was something I was sure of then. I didn’t want to be his servant anymore.

After I was done talking to myself I looked at the time then remembered the concert I put on my jacket then left the house. My dad was standing at the door he said I was grounded for disobeying him, but I just ignored him and kept going. I left to the concert, where I caught up with Ray and just standing there with my best friend by my side and that great music playing, made me forget everything that happened and go into a totally different world. I had a wonderful time but what was ahead of me would make me dread that moment.

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