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Chapter 3 (v.1)

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Chapter 3 My parents were sitting on the coach and once I open the door they called me into the living room. So I went in. My dad or the guy I used to call dad looked very frustrated. My mom looked at me and said ”Aleks what you did today was very inappropriate, you should apologies to your father this instant, what has gone into you I’ve never seen you like this.” I glared into her eyes and immediately know that the chief didn’t tell her that he told me the secret. However, before I could say a word my step-dad said”I’m not his father nor are you his mother dear, he is just a disgrace to this family, but its our fault that we took him in when he was living with a thousand other children all living in one room. Now I understand why his parents left him, he’s useless I envy his parent for not having to deal with this grace.”

Once I herd him say that I just couldn’t stay quiet. I blurted out “ All I’ve ever done is listen to you all my life, I never disobeyed you, I tried my hardest to be perfect only to please you so you could be proud of me but I guess that’s just not good enough for you. Just for your information all I have become is your creation. You are the one that made me like this!” By the time I was done the whole family was there, staring at me. I looked from my mom to both my sisters then a tear ran down my face and ran up to my room. I was devastated by what happened.

Lying on my bed I could still hear the voice of my foster dad saying “what a shame he wants us to have pity on him, he thinks he’s so innocent.” Then this laud laugh burst out. I could hear the joy in his laugh. He thought that he broke me but I wasn’t willing to give up that easily.

After less than a minute he came up to my room and said I was grounded, he added that I was never allowed to see or speak to Ray again. Then he added that he will be taking away my stuff, all of it, and that I wouldn’t be going to school anymore. As he left the room he said “all you privileges will be given back to once you get your mind working and decide to join the army.” I rebelled quickly saying” that’s never going to happen” “alright Aleks, as you wish but we’ll see how long you can put up with this.” he whispered back. Then I faintly herd him mumble “I’m sorry Aleks, but this is for your own good.”

I stared at him as he walked down the stairs, there was this colossal grin whipped on his face. He was happy, pleased to be torturing me. But that grin would soon turn into a frown as soon as he realizes that I wasn’t going to join the army, at least that’s what I kept telling myself. Nothing in the world would make me change my mind. But I was so dumb then.

Days passed and Mr. Monotint did everything he said he would do. The only time I would see other human being was when my mom would come to my room to bring me food to eat. Each time she came she would apologize then recommend me to give up and just listen to my father and I’d always thank her then tell her that I couldn’t because it’s just not right. Sometimes I’d be so frustrated that I’d ask her why he even feeds me. She’d look at me with her teary eyes and say he wants you to be strong when you join the navy.

Every time she would leave, tears would come down my face I brought myself into this, and now I couldn’t get myself out. But I had to be strong; all I could do was prey that his conscience got a hold of him before my commonsense got a hold of me .Unfortunately that didn’t happen I broke first.

After I couple of months I couldn’t take it anymore. I mean I was imprisoned in my own house. Every day I would hear- my used to be fathers -devious laugh. It just drove me insane, so insane that I actually started thinking that it might be a good thing if I went to the army. I started telling myself that I wasn’t doing anything here where as if I went to the army I could try to convince people that violence isn’t the solution and I started to believe that very theory.

That’s what made me call my dad up to the room, at first I was a bit unsure but as soon I saw his face I was confident that I couldn’t spent another second with that man. I screamed out “you finally got what you wanted, I’m ganna go, I hope your happy.” He looked at me than said “I knew you had some logic somewhere and I’m glad it finally came out. I’m proud of you son.”

As soon as I heard him say those words a feeling of anger ran down my spin. After all he’s done to me he still calls me his son. I looked cheekily at him then said” now can I go to Ray’s house, I need to say good bye to him.” He answers sarcastically” you and your friends yeah you can go” then walked out of the room. For some reason I felt that some feeling as when I first saw him, the felling that I was scared of him but that I also wanted to stay. I shacked off that feeling and walked out of the room.

As I made the first step out of the room I feeling of freedom came upon me, a feeling I hadn’t felt for months, and I couldn’t help putting a smile on my face. I walked down the stares, and then looked at my beautiful sister’s faces’. I’d missed them. I went and gave each one a hug then left the house.

I stood there at Ray’s door, I didn’t know if I should knock it or not. I was scared that he wouldn’t comprehend with my position, and go totally nuts. You see there something I forgot to tell you about Ray, something very important. Ok here goes, he had a brother. You might wonder why I’m saying had, well it’s because his brother died when his college sent him to Iraq to see how the American solders have taken control of the country. At first he refused because he didn’t want to leave his younger brother alone but then Ray urged him to go, so he went. Once he reached Iraq, he entered a Taxi so he could go to the hotel his classmates were staying in. At the time he got out of the car the officer mistook him for the driver and shot him. So Ray was majorly against wars.

So I waited a bit then took a deep breath than held my hand up and knocked on the wooden door. Seconds later Eric opened the door, and then asked me what I wanted I told him I was Ray’s friend and wanted to talk to him. He called Ray, and Ray came down the staircase. He came up to me and shook my hand .Boy did I miss our special hand shake. I looked at him then just blurt it out- I didn’t want to wait another moment to tell him -I told him that I was joining the army, he stared at me then laughed out “you gatta be kidding me.” But when he saw the serious look on my face, he just started screaming” I can’t believe you’d do this, you of all people, you promised that you’d always be there for me. And then you still got the nerve to come up to me and tell me even though you knew how badly I would hate the idea and how badly I would start to hate you! Your pathetic Aleks just get out of my house, and I never want to see you again! You’re just like your father, now get out”

I knew he would get mad but I didn’t think that mad. I looked up at my best friend then walked out of his house. All that was going through my head was that I couldn’t stand another second with my foster dad. Shows you how life changes, for my whole life as a kid my dad was my role model, my best friend, my brother, my conscious and my soul .However, now he’s my worst enemy I totally hate him. It’s so awkward how life turns thing upside down, I mean just a couple of months ago everything was perfect but now I’m living within a war, and I knew that this is the worst war that I would ever face, nothing could be more painful than this.

Happiness is such a strange thing sis. So many people take it for granted. You know this world is such a strange place million of people see joy in there lives on the other hand, million of people don’t even get close to it. It feels like however good you are your bound to have some bad luck, and well that bad luck might, just might turn into disastrous things. Nevertheless, the biggest disaster that could ever happen to you is to get hurt from your loved ones. And if it comes from your dearest friend and family it’s not just a disaster it’s a heart brake. Once your heart is injured it will stay injured for all eternity, and there will be nothing you could do to change it. Then because of your wounded heart it will slowly change the way look at the world. You will eventually see the world as the wicked place it is. Once that happens you won’t be that good person you used to be, you will evolve into the cold, cold monster that was always locked up inside of you. You’ll stop caring about anything. Finally you’ll wake up from this trance but when you do you’ll realize how evil you’ve acted then start regretting everything that happened. Your conscious will never leave you alone then you will fade away in misery. Unfortunately I think that’s what’s happening to me, until herd of you.

You know its funny, I couldn’t stay being hurt from my dad but for my one sake I hurt my friend, the closest thing I had to a brother after he had been hurt by so many people before me. Guess that shows you how selfish I am. I am a real jerk and I’m just as bad as my foster parents.

Ok I might be over exaggerating but that’s what I felt like, and I assume that’s what happened to Ray as well. So I went home sad of course, but I tried to put a smile on my face. Unluckily my dad saw through my smile and looked at me then put his hand on my shoulder to try to comfort me, I just throw it off and yelled” I don’t need your compassion! You’re the reason all this happened in the first place “then ran up to my room.

It was a long night I didn’t get any sleep. I stayed up all night just thinking about what Ray said, and whether he was right or not. Was I really like my faster dad? I kept asking myself was I that cruel, then I shook it off of course I wasn’t , if only Ray realize what was happening to me , then I knew he’d agree. I was leaving tomorrow, I couldn’t believe it. I was going, I didn’t know how it would look or how it would feel to be there, they told my dad that they were sending me to war immediately, it seemed that they counted on my dad to train me and he did a very good job at it. He did it in such an intelligent way that I didn’t even notice it. We were going against Russia, I had herd Russia was a beautiful place, and wondered how it would look in war.

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