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“So, as you all know- we have a few new students joining our school next semester,” Brianne, the principal that we appointed to Supernatural high, or what the rest of the world knows as Bellson High school, addressed the entire student body, including Saffron and I, in the hall.

People sometimes ask why I didn’t choose to run the school and why I, instead, attend the school as a student. Well the answer is simple, because I’m not leadership material and all that work would be irritating as hell to keep up with.

With that and keeping myself looking this gorgeous I wouldn’t have time to sleep…. Oh no, wait, this sexiness is effortless.

Yeah, I know I’m vain. That’s ok though, because denying that I’m perfect would be a lie.

Anyway… I do help in running the school, sometimes, but I’m just not the principal… I always meet the new students and I always check out what grades people are making. Brianne, or Miss Corson, is just the front girl for the school- the public figure who fits the image of principle. I hardly think I’d be believable as a principle!

“I want you all to make the new students feel at home; in fact it would be lovely if we could have some volunteers to be their personal guides for the first term…”

One or two hands shot up. One was Elisa Worley, the nicest person you’d ever meet- well nicest angel anyway. She even had that sweet girl look going on- all bows and frills and perfect smiles. She’d never ever stepped out of line.

“Thank you Elisa,” Miss Corson said, beaming at the girl.

Elisa smiled sweetly, bobbed her head- almost bowing, and then she put her hand back down.

The other hands up were Rowan Kirkwood, fairy and my sister; Saffron.

Miss Corson dished names out to Elisa, Rowan and Saffron and then we marched out of assembly and off to lunch time and our little cliques.



I have been in this place for practically a year now.  A place full of beings you could only imagine. I see people with wings, others with horns; some are incredibly fast, or strong. They have all sorts of powers. I even saw people with hooves for legs, people that in reality could never be normal, never even come remotely close. I was terrified when I walked through those doors then two blonde teenagers came to me. They told me I was an important asset to their school, that’s when I asked what they meant by “their” school. They smiled, their teeth were unusually sharp and I could have sworn they were longer than anybody else’s.  It turns out they weren’t teenagers, not even close, they were hundreds of year old. They said they were something called vampires. I personally didn’t have the slightest clue to what that was, but apparently they were very powerful, feared throughout the campus.  I took note to stay as far away from them as possible. I mean if I was forced to live here, I want it to be peaceful. 


They told me that I’ve found a place to stay a place I could call home, a place I could be normal and I believed them. I don’t know why but I desperately needed something, any ray of light to come out of those dark clouds that have been covering me since id awoken, and they welcomed me. They smiled in my face and I thought maybe, just maybe they are right, this would be my home.  I soon came to understand that I’d never truly be welcomed not even in a place like this, a place where demons and angel roam the halls freely, greeting each other, befriend one another, where all discrimination breaks down. I would never fit in, even the weirdest of weird couldn’t accept me, so I’ve given up.


I was placed in varies dorms with varies people, everyone that I stayed with demanded I leave. The Bells themselves seemed to want nothing to do with me. Nobody but them knew what I really was, and it was better off that way. I wish I could remove that memory form my own brain for at least without it I might be able to feel sorry for myself, but now I know I disserve this. I shouldn’t even be alive.


  Eventually, they realized the only way I could live here was alone. I was too different from everyone else.  I mean I was even older than them, that idea never seems to get into my mind. Technically I was but I have only lived on this earth for 14 years, while they have roamed it for hundreds, I don’t even come close to their expertise but oddly I felt I knew the world far better than them, better than anyone else ever could. They gave me a room all to myself, they said it was an honor but I knew otherwise. My room was hidden, nobody was allowed in, and I was only allowed out for classes. They controlled the doors to this vast space I soon learned to call home. I asked them to make it traditional Japanese style and they agreed. That made me more comfortable, it showed me that the present I had lived in wasn’t totally gone.  I was imprisoned in my own home, and that’s how I stayed and will stay. Trapped as a monster in a closed space where no one dared to enter. At least they didn’t put me on display for everyone to mock, I was truly grateful for that. And they took me away from the other people that hurt me so I was in great debt to them.


  I have remembered bits and pieces of my past, the more I acknowledge the more I come to hate myself. I wish I could just die but I can’t it would be disrespectful of me. This is the way I pay for their hospitality; I live even though every cell in my body wants to fade away. I have to bear with the curse of life but I know I won’t last long that is the new hope that moves me. I live awaiting the day I will be wiped off this earth. Just waiting.


  Today is the begging of the new school year, I am forced out of my room as everyone else. More people to come to hate me. I have to pretend that I am from present day a lot of things are still strange to me but I’ve learned how to manage. Now I walk around with a device called an IPod blasting music into my headphones, the only items I have come to posses. At least now I’m not odd at first sight. Here I go hopefully I could go on with my day ignored like any other, but maybe even that is too much to hope for.



My name is Saffron. I’m 12 years old and next week is my birthday, I’ll be turning 724.

Confused? Yeah, me too.

It all happened so fast; one minute I was Princess Saffron Helda Defranc of Luxor; Egypt. I had family, friends, adoring subjects, you know- I was the nation’s sweetheart. I had my vitality, innocence and youth. Next minute the vamps sprung like a damned plague on the palace and BAM just like that- I was an orphan- a rouge, covered in blood. There were corpses everywhere- and, strangely, I kind of wanted to eat them. Gross right?

You see, as of then; I was kind of dead. Well, undead if you want to be politically correct about it. The forever preteen, I wish I could describe how much that SUCKS, no pun intended!

There was only one thing that made me drag myself up and trudge through the blood and out of the palace doors,  which burnt me pretty bad by the way- before we discovered that only in the black of night could we leave, and that one thing was my big brother. Fellow deadhead, Leonardo, but we all call him Leo.

My name isn’t Saffron Defranc anymore, well at least not when I remember to tell people my new name; Saffron Bell. Sounds more inconspicuous and under this name, we’re no longer the crowned prince and princess of Luxor- but two ordinary students.

Kind of, apart from a few tiny factors;

1: We drink blood.

2: We’re immortal, we don’t age at all.

3: We’re allergic to sunlight.

4: We own a supernatural high school.

5: We could probably kill you with our arms tied behind our back, our eyes closed and while balancing a pile of plates on our head. Without any weapons, and you could have a huge sword…. Okay I’m sure you get it by now. We’re friggin’ tough!

Apart from the whole annoying diet problems and allergy problems and frozen in time crap, life was pretty cool though, I had friends- an education and an almost normal life.

But, like a hurricane, Kirstyn- all ‘winged and wonderful’ blew into school. Maybe I shouldn’t be so jealous- but I’m way too used to being queen bee to drop it like that. That little angel doesn’t know that this little bee can sting really hard. Watch out blood bag, you can blow out just as easily as you blew in, you know.



"Clothes. Check. Utilities. Check. Notebook. Check. Other useless stuff that are useful to me…check. I think I’m ready mom," I chirped

"Alright honey come over for breakfast then," she smiled. Dragging the suitcase we headed for the kitchen. The scent of my mom’s homemade chocolate chip pancakes filled the air. A plate of them and a cup of orange juice were already set on the table. I smiled and rushed over to my plate.

"Thanks mom," I said as I spilled my syrup on top of my pancakes. She smiled and sat down across from me mimicking my moves.

Chocolate chip pancake, syrup, and orange juice. it’s the best breakfast you can ever have, especially when it’s my mom’s homemade. Cereal was never my thing. I think a warm breakfast is always the best. Well, I guess it’ll be awhile until I can have these pancakes again. You might ask why, but there’s not much time for explanation so two words. Secret mission. Don’t worry you’ll find out more later.

I looked up at the clock that hung up above my mom’s head. It read 6:55. I looked at my plate. I was finished breakfast. I looked at my mom. She had a teary look in her eyes. It was time to leave. " Mom, it’s time for me to go to the bus stop." First day, boarding schools, and buses? A lie. I wasn’t at ease for saying that.

"Okay sweetie," we stood up and she walked over. "Be good in school. Make sure to call home if you need anything or if anything happens and how’s everything going." I nodded feeling my eyes water up. "I love you honey." I could tell she was trying to fight tears and I was doing the same thing.

I hugged her tightly saying ", I love you too mom."

"Are you sure you don’t want me to drive you?"

"No, it’s fine mom it’s not far from here," I tried to smile knowing that it was another lie. I grabbed any suitcase and duffle bag and headed for the door before the truth came spilling out. I said my goodbyes to my mom and told her I loved her again and walked out the door. After 13 years of living in this apartment I was going to a boarding school and it wasn’t even solely for the purpose of school.

I walked halfway down my street and was a dark car parked waiting for me. Putting my luggage in the back I got into the car. The same guy in the suit was waiting for me again. As he drove to school he went through the details of the mission again. It was basically to report the situation of the school and if there’s anything weird about it, and not to let anyone know what I’m doing. The only new piece of info was that I will have a partner in crime. Her name is Lea, but the down part is that I’m not allowed to be close around her when we’re around others or they’ll be suspicious.

His last words before I got out of the car were engraved in my head though. "Don’t forget your mission." My ‘yes sir’ didn’t seem to top it off, but I had to go.

Outside there were iron gates waiting for me. Bellson High school. It was a pretty normal looking high school. It was surrounded by trees, but I didn’t mind that. The place looked safe I smiled as I headed for the gates. Well I can’t wait to see how wrong they are. Or is it how wrong I am? 



“Come on honey you’re going to be late for the first day of your new school, we wouldn’t want that would we?” “No mom” I yelled as I grabbed my book bag and ran down the stairs. I’m going to a new school, which totally sucked when I asked my parents why they wanted to transfer me to a school so far away; they said that I had asked for it. I wasn’t all that shocked about their answer because well I’m two different people living within the same body.  I know this is kinda confusing and trust me you will never completely understand it but let me try to explain. I have what most people call multiple personality disorder. Yup you heard me right. I have no way to control my shift and barely anyone knows about this. You can tell why I don’t like to talk about it. When Amaya is in control I don’t know a single thing that happens, same thing goes for her. You see Amaya isn’t like me at all; we are like complete opposites, and now she’s done it to me again.


“Mom, can’t I just go to the high school my friends are going too?” “Sweetie when you get such an incredible scholarship you can’t just turn it down.”  “Ya but I’ll be away from you guys for so long, I don’t think I can handle that.” She bent down and kissed me on my forehead then gave me a big hug. “ohh Lea your growing up, you can’t expect us to always be there for you, besides this will teach you to rely on yourself more. If at the end of the semester you still want to leave then we’ll be right there to pick you up. Give it a try.” She said as she smiled. Parents, you know they are always right.  “Now come on sweetie we can’t keep the driver waiting.”  I picked up one of my bags and my mom took the other, we silently walked up to the trunk of the limo placing the bags inside.  I slammed the trunk shut then looked at my mom to see her tearing up. “I love you” I said as the first droplet came out of my eye. “I’ll miss you” I continued, but before I could finish my mom stopped me, put her warm hand on my shoulder then looked up at the endless sky. I did the same. “Stay strong” she said as she opened the car door, “and please try to make friends for my sake, be happy” I tried to put on the bravest smile I could but I was sure my mom could see through it. “I’ll try” I said quietly.  She kissed me one more time then closed the door. I was sure that will be the last time I’d see my mom for awhile. I had this feeling that the school I was going to was no ordinary school.


  “We are half way there” I hear the driver say. Finally a place where I can be independent. A place where my mom isn’t always telling me to do this and that. Ugh parents are so annoying sometimes, but I am finally free.  I’m probably one of the luckiest people in the world right now. I really couldn’t believe this. I mean one day I was all bored at one of those dumb book clubs Lea goes to, the next this guy in a black suit asks if he can talk to me. Here’s the best part he tells me I can go to this awesomely fancy boarding school for free, and above that I get paid. And all I have to do is confirm his superstitions about the school. Isn’t this awesome? I bet all he wants me to do is go and check if the cafeteria is using week old meat or something.  I’m meeting with him before I get to the school. But who cares ‘bout what it is, this is the opportunity of a life time.  Sometimes I can’t even believe my luck. Now all I have to do is sit back and relax. God I love my life.


“Miss Lea,” “Amaya actually.” He gives me a quizzical look. “Well I thought if I’m going undercover I should have a cool name.” “Ah huh” he says, “well ok then Amaya, you already know this is a spy mission, you aren’t going there for fun and games, this could be very dangerous.” ‘It’s just another adventure for me sir, I’m ready for anything” I say as I give my sensational smile.  “I’m glad to hear that, but this isn’t going to be like anything you’ve ever experienced before. You don’t know how important your part is.” “Don’t worry sir; I’ll try my hardest to be of the most use to you.” “Bright girl,” he says with a smirk, “confident too, I like you.” “Most people do” I reply as I raised my head higher. “You already know you’re not going in alone is that correct?” “Yes sir” I say immediately. OK so maybe I didn’t know that but that doesn’t mean I won’t have as much fun. “Good, pretty soon you are going to meet Kirstyn; she’s older than you so if you need any help go to her. But know this you are not supposed to be seen together when you’re on school grounds. You don’t know each other there, and your interaction is to be minimal, is this clear.” “Yes, I get it we could blow our cover. Now could you please tell me what we are really supposed to do there?”  “Young lady, behave yourself. OK well we suspect that the school if hiding supernatural beings, that’s its sheltering them, they might even be recruiting an army.” “I’m sorry sir,” I interrupted, “did you just say supernatural beings?” “I’m afraid so, like vampires and werewolves, they are not a mere element of fiction anymore.” I couldn’t help but smile; this is what I’ve always been waiting for. I never thought that this experience would get anymore cool but it just did.



Dear Parents and Guardians,

Congratulations, your child has been selected to attend Bellson High School. As you know this is a boarding school, so be sure to pack for the season until break begins. School will begin September 6th this year. Students are to be dropped off and meet in the auditorium by 7:30 in attendance of our opening ceremony speech. Please be sure that your child is here on time. Thank you have a great summer!

 Brianna Corson

Brianna Corson, Principal

Bellson High School

 I sat there reading the letter over and over again. Oh great now they send me to a boarding school to lock me up since they can’t deal with me at home. I smirked as I stuffed the letter back into the envelope and into my bag. Bellson High who in the supernatural world didn’t know that it’s a undercover school for supernaturals. If you fit the part then you get the role and wala Welcome To Supernatural High. Only the old man (my grandfather) wouldn’t know that I know. He would’ve never guessed in a million years that I would have friends out of his realm.

I slung my bags behind me and headed downstairs. Downstairs old man was tapping his impatient foot and old hag on the other side was fumbling with the house keys. "no need to act so nervous," I laughed ", You’re just so happy that you’re getting rid of me now."

Old man shot me a look and shouted.  "Don’t talk to your grandmother like that!" I snorted, rolled my eyes, and walked out of the door. Getting into the car I slammed the door with a loud BANG and watched as they followed. If any of you saw this match made in hell you would think they are just normal old looking nice people, but who knew their demonic powers are so strong and their hearts were so cold. I hate them, and best of all the hate me too. The whole car ride there was silent until we reached the school’s iron gates.

Old man’s threat "Don’t you dare try running away. We’ll be watching."

I ignored him and continued walking out to the iron gates. When I heard the car drive away I stopped. So they finally decided to send me to this hell of a place after all these years. Rumors had it that ghost security guards roam around watching us, so should I take my chances now? No, I want to stay here for a while to see what this school is all about. A few days of fun wouldn’t hurt. The swinging iron gates did make it tempting to though. I sighed and followed the trail that lead me to the school building. Welcome to hell.

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Secret World of Reality

This is AMAZING XD Thanks for the request :) KMU ???

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ya ill kyu im glad u liked it.thanks for reading

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I am so sad im not the first to comment but i got half way through then had to leave my computer :P but anyways this book is AWESOME like u and i really like this chapter and i love all the characters i had almost given up on this book im so excited u posted more keep it up :D

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sure we had some difficulties we lost one of our members but hopefully she will be back, and im glad you didnt give up on it. i love getting your comments on everything i do :).

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Leo: i like how in this chapter you find out he has personality, hes vain, but he has personality at least and he is sorta likeable in a way already in a funny he's into him self kinda way. there is a lot of potential for his character developing. my only gripe with him was that he ended too fast and with the bear minimum of detail.

nami: she has a special place in my heart, you have got me to care about her and as a author, if you can get a reader to care about a character, you have done a good job. im serious, she is depressing and sas in a way that you just hope that something happens that makes her happy. you do a great job with her and i found nothing wrong with her in this chapter at all. as a side note, your really good at first person perspective and you make me look at my own work with envy, im thinking of switching to first person now. in fact i am going to do it, thanks for the motivation, it will be better for my story this way.

saffron: i smiled when she said "ill be turning 724" just saying, its just generally good writing there. also want to say, after i read every character individually ive been coming back to write the comment, and now its a done deal, im rewritting my whole novel first person, because saffron is so likeable first person that my main character cant seem to be in third person. i found nothing wrong with her part. she is just awesome.

kirstny (spelt wrong) : i really have nothing bad to say about her, she is interesting enough that i want to get to know her more and what part she will play in this story. she seems likeable :)

lea/amaya: i wasnt sure what was happening with this character the first chapter. but now i know and wow she is going to be interesting. this who dynamic has been interesting for me and i even had an idea of a novel with the main character having multiple personality disorder. i like her straight off the back because of it, amaya sounds like she is going to be a fun character. nothing wrong with this part as well, just nothing but interesting things. great job. she might just be my favorite character now.

zane: he seems like a badass, not that he is a bad person but that he has lived in a hostel enviroment for so long that he had to develope a strong shell, plus his parents being murder doesnt help. he wants revenge and he is definitely an interesting character. if you have ever seen naruto, he reminds me of sasuke a little. nothing wrong with this at all either, maybe add a few more details, it seemed to be pretty brief.

im jealous of your work. you have inspired me to make mine a first person story, and i thank you for that. i really think you got something here, i will gladly continue to read even if your no longer author of the week, so please keep me updated. i think you have something special working here, so many possibilities.

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If you haven't noticed I'm not the only one who wrote this, it's a group project. My charectors are nami and lea and in the next chapter I'll be taking Leo as well I'm really glad you liked it and that it inspired you to goforthefirst person outlook I personally was never good at third person but I'm trying to learn it. You'r comment makes me smile and you got most of the charector right we don't make the povs that long cuz then the whole thing would be too long but we've come up with a plan to get around that. Just a heads up it might be awhile enforcer post our next chapter. Dude I just got o thank u for making me author of the week I really appreciate it :) can't wait till its your turn

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I came back for more and wasn't disapointed let me tell you WOW!!!
the caracters are great each in a special way my favorites so far are nami and lea saffron is interesting two keep up the good work and me updated

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