Louise and the mysterious gang

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little bit of action love and heartbreak. please read and enjoy.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Louise and the mysterious gang

Submitted: March 25, 2013

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Submitted: March 25, 2013




Louise and the mysterious gang

I sit here waiting for someone to come and get me out from where ever I am. It feels like I have been here for years but I know it’s only been days. All of a sudden I hear a noise it sounded like a thunder storm. Then out of the blue I saw a figure stood in the door way (he looked like an idiot the way he stood). After a few minutes two more people joined him, they spoke quietly I couldn’t hear them clearly. Minutes later they spoke to me “sorry we are late, how are you” said the man I think he was the leader.  They told me that they were here to get me out “what are your names” I asked “my name is Jack and this is David and Rose”. When I heard this I was shocked. David spoke “we are here to get you out of this place but we don’t have much time”  I ran as quick as I could, when we got out side I nearly fell to the ground with the sun beaming down.

The car was waiting across the road someone was sat in the car waiting for us to come out. When we got to the car I looked back and I saw a group of men chasing us, they started shooting at us. Jack started to shoot back and shouted “GET IN THE CAR NOW!!!” we did as we were told. The driver started the car, jack got in the car and we went fast, it felt like we were going faster than the speed of light. The next few hours I slept, when I was coming round I heard Rose speak to the driver “Donna where the hell are you going” Donna replied “a short cut back”. When I had fully come around every one stopped talking the radio was on low,  “ we are nearly there now” said Jack, it sounded liked he was in a bad mood. Donna started to slow down I couldn’t see much through the window as they were nearly blacked out but from what I could make out it was dark out there. I hear Rose whisper something to David but Jack heard them and sent them a look to say shut up and I am mad at you and at this point Donna said we had arrived

Later on that night I was told everything by Jack, when he had finished I was crying he said “don’t worry we will find whoever killed your parents” at this point Rose was sat with me I asked “are you some kind of secret police” Donna said “no we are ....” jack had stopped her with a dirty look and Donna had gone away while David was laughing at her.  By the time it had sunk in that while I was away someone had killed the two people I loved the most. David was now bored as he was now acting like a child but everyone ignored him.

Over the next few days I was struggling to cope with the fact that my parents are dead. In the afternoon I had a nice chat with David “where’s Donna” I asked David replied “don’t worry Louise she will be back soon, by the way we think that the same people who killed your parents took you but please don’t tell Jack I told you” he said this as he was worried. I didn’t see Jack or Donna all afternoon. I decided to take a walk but as I reached the door I heard someone shout my name I turned round and it was Jack. When I saw him my heart skipped a beat I think I am in love, “where do you think you are going” he asked

 I replied “out for a walk”

The look on his face said enough he was angry “NO YOU ARE NOT WE DIDNT RESUCE YOU FOR NO REASON” said Jack. By this point I was scared I went over to him

“Tell me more about what happened to me and my parents” I asked a simple question but I got a similar look that I saw him give to David the other day. After a few minutes of staring at each other he walked away I followed him a few seconds later but on the way I saw Donna I think that Jack had sent her to stop me from following him as I couldn’t see him anymore. I asked Donna of what happened to me and my parents and who was behind it all. She didn’t say a word and she changed the subject so quick that I didn’t realise what was going on. After this I decided to give up on that no one was going to tell me.

When I woke the next morning everyone was sat around the table it looked like they were having a meeting. No one had noticed that I had arrived and they carried on. Jack was nearly shouting at everyone, they all looked scared. Then they was a knock at the door that sounded like a bang, Jack told Rose and Donna to take me to a different room where it was safer as he has now noticed that I was there. They did as they were told. David and Jack waited until we had gone and then went to open the door. I heard raised voices and a little gun fire but I was not from David or Jack and not from whoever is at the door “I know that nose any where it’s not gun fire” said Tonks, Rose knew what she meant. After a while Jack came in to the room he looked tired “ it’s safe to come out now they have gone” he said Donna asked “ is he back” Jack nodded and they went of giggling like school girls. I wounded who they were on about but then it was obvious, Matt came round the corner he was cut but not as much as Jack. We got introduced and then they were another meeting this time I was involved. Not much was said I think most of it was said before what happened; I was really bored of not being able to go out or having any contact with the outside world.

After a few months had past everything had settled we are all like a big happy family. I was talking to Jack I asked him “can I join your group I have nothing left for me out there anymore” Jack was shocked at what I asked “yes but on one condition” he replied I asked what the condition was “will you marry me” I was surprised but I was only going to accept if he told me what happened. On the other side of the door everyone was listening. So Jack told me everything about my parents and what happened to me. I gladly accepted his hand in marriage. In a couple of weeks we were married and were truly happy. I got told what the group was about and everyone was happy and we carried on as normal

Many years later I was thinking back to what happened on that terrible day witch then became happy towards the end. I found that I couldn’t remember exactly what happened so I just let it go. I talked to Donna about what happened she couldn’t tell me anything. Later on that afternoon we went on a mission but as it was far from base we had to set off early. When we had finally arrived it was dark so we couldn’t start till the next morning. Jack was up all night on the phone to Matt trying to get him to come; hours later he convinced him to come Jack had a smile on his face. When Matt had arrived we had a meeting then started the mission. When we had finished we all went back to base.

When we got back to base we found that it had been broken in to the looks on every ones faces were astonished. The boys went in first too check everything is ok but minutes later they emerged looking shocked “its them they have come back again” said Jack. I knew what he was on about, it was the people who took me and killed my parents. We all agreed that we most go somewhere else for the time being in case they came back. Days went by and noting happened, until the day we went back we all thought it was safe to go back but we were wrong. There was a man stood in the room “who are you?” asked David. The man didn’t reply, Rose and Donna had not seen the man saw as they were the last ones in, when they saw the man their faces changed so quick. The man spoke “hi my name is Ben I am here to talk to you about a government matter they need your help”. As Jack was the leader he spoke on behalf of the group, we all settled down after talking with Ben but Jack told us to go away while he managed the situation. So we all went Rose Donna and I could hear raised voices. David came running in to the room and asked what was going on “we don’t know” said Donna Rose said “sounds like its finished now” BANG!! Just as Rose had finished her sentence, none of us wanted to go out there. BANG!!!  There was another gunshot we all ran out there to find that Matt had came during the argument and had shot Ben and the he had shot back and hit Matt in his arm. David ran to Matt’s aid we all wanted Ben out but he died a few minutes later. With a dead body on our hands we didn’t know what to do, Jack was in one of his deep thinking moods none of us dire disturb him. No one talked for hours David called a meeting by this time Matt was ok, after an hour sat in the meeting Jack finally spoke “ we have to get out of the country, soon enough they will see that Ben has not returned and they will come looking for us, it’s the same people who tried to kill Louise last year” Donna let out a little scream “where will we go” asked David  Jack replied “we can go to New York I have a friend called Mac he can help us out over there” we all looked and agreed that it was a good idea.

Days later after we have packed up all our stuff and made sure that no one knew we were there and we need to hide Ben’s body. By the time it was time to go Matt was well enough to travel thanks to Rose and Donna looking after him. Jack and I were not with the rest of the group, we were talking quietly in the corner where we always went. After a year of marriage I never really knew him but I know that I love him whatever the case as he is my soul mate. David and Donna came over and sat with us “is it time to go” asked Donna Jack nodded. No one really knew how we were getting there but then Jack said “we are not going by plane but by boat” Matt’s face lit up at the sound of boats as he loves sailing round different places. Everyone else looked up set by this “we can’t go by air as they have every connection possible can with security and staff at every airport in the country but if we go by boat they  don’t have any oversee in the docks or who comes in or out on boats” said Jack.

So we set of, the docks were not that far away so we walked. Once on the boat Matt drove and Jack navigated. Even though it will take longer for us to get there it meant that I could get to know everyone a little bit better. Days later we were nearby now it will only be a matter of hours before we get there. These hours went by so fast we didn’t have time to talk. We had arrived Jack was happy when we got off the boat we hear a voice “Jack over here” the man said. It was Mac who was helping us to get going we are all so happy to see him. David and Matt got our stuff of the boat and took it to the car; we travelled for miles it took forever. When we had finally arrived the placed looked destroyed “no one ever goes to this place you should be safe here, don’t worry it looks bad but it’s not as bad inside” said Mac. Donna laughed load it made every one jump. Matt and David took our stuff inside. Once inside there was a man waiting for us “everyone this is Danny he works with me he is helping you out as well” Mac said Danny was really cute and good looking. When we heard this we could relax a little, once we were set up Rose Donna and myself went looking round the house. On our way round we could hear a number of noises. Donna was scared at the big scream we heard Rose and me we laughing as we thought it was Matt or David messing around. But it turned out not to be them as they both came running to find us “did you scream” asked Matt who was first there “no” we all said. We went back to find Jack Mac and Danny they  were all sat around the table so we went and sat with them. We told them what happened they all started laughing they knew it wasn’t real it was kids messing around in woods behind the house

Hours past all of us bored out of our minds we didn’t know what to do as there was no electric so we couldn’t watch TV. Everyone had gone up to bed Mac and Danny had gone home, Jack and me were still up we didn’t say a word to each other. Night turned into day, everyone was up by seven. Danny came without Mac “he got dragged in to a meeting” said Danny, we all sat around waiting for Mac to come a few hours later he came but he didn’t look happy. No one spoke for hours but we all wanted to know what happened but no one had the nerve to ask him. We all got sent away as Jack wanted to talk to him in private. So we all tried to listen at the door but they were talking so quietly none of us could hear. Danny came to listen so we thought but he went in to the room we all hid so he didn’t see us.

The afternoon didn’t go just as we would like all of us bored so we decided to play hide and seek. David was the first to count as the house was so big we had plenty of places to hide but Donna had come up with an idea that if we all hid together it would make it harder for David to find us “but we don’t stay in one place I found some secret passageways so we can go to any room in the house” Donna told Rose and me. Then out of the blue I had an idea “is there one to the room where they are talking” I asked Donna nodded with a smile on her face we both had the same idea. As we headed down the passageway the voices got louder “we will all have to be quiet” whispered Tonks. As we stood there we could hear every word that was being said. It was near the end of the meeting when we had to run back so we didn’t get caught but Rose had a feeling that Jack knew we were there. When we got back Jack was looking for us “MEETING Now!!” said Jack. When I had arrived at the meeting Matt was sat there waiting for us I hadn’t seen him since the day we had arrived. When Jack arrived the meeting started “we have been found by the people who we ran from, there is a leak in the group” Jack said Rose asked “who is it” Matt started to stand up “SIT DOWN NOW!!!!” Jack shouted “the leak is Matt that’s why we had the meeting to try and sort things” BANG!! “Out” Jack finished talking he looked shocked. We all looked at Donna where we thought the shot came from but it turns out it was David “we need to get out of here now!” Jack said. We all moved quickly

We had run back to England but not for long. We only went back to get some more of our stuff that we had to leave behind “where will we go now” asked Rose David replied “far away as possible”. When Jack came in from keeping an eye out he started to move some stuff “we will have to go back to America but to Miami”. So we went to Miami and everything went good. Months past and everything was quiet. To me and Jack this was like a honey moon so we enjoyed every minute together and got to know each other better. We lived in Miami for a number of years and then we moved back to England.

The new enemy

Things started great. There was no fighting arguing. Jack and I were now getting on better than ever. David and Rose was now engaged no one ever knew that they were in love, Donna is living with them, now we had all moved back to England in a small village. All though we are all settled where we are we had to move again so we can carry on with our work. The news of our move made everyone so worried that things would start all over again

The day had come it was time to move. David and Rose were selling their home as they were persuaded by Jack to come with us. We travelled for hours, seemed like it would never end. When we finally arrived the place where we were going to be based looked really like the place we had last time. Jack was on the phone, David over heard what was said and came rushing to tell me “Jack is recruiting some people again, do you remember what happened last time?” David said in a rush. By the time he had finished I was off looking for Jack but by no surprise he was nowhere to be found, so I called a meeting and told everyone what I knew they were all shocked. Donna and Rose were nearly crying as they were hurt the most after what happened last time.

Months passed with no sight of my other half, no one was worried until the day a letter came, and to this day we had never received a letter as no one knows we are here. Donna was the one to open the letter she read it then with the look on her face we could tell it was bad, no one would ask her what the letter was about after a couple of hours we all gathered and David read the letter out loud. Everyone was scared but not me I knew this was Jack he was writing in a code that only I knew about.

When I was alone I read the letter to myself and the message was clear he was bringing some one back with him, and his name was Darren. The letter also said I had to tell the others about the new member but not about the secret code. So I called a meeting and told everyone about Darren and when he said he will be arriving with Jack. Not one of the others was happy to hear this news. Many days went by with no sign of any one, then one day there was a big commotion outside I went to go and see what it was. When I get there it was Jack and Darren they had arrived the car they used to get home was now on fire. Jack was not very happy “we were followed back we need a meeting now” he said so I called a meeting and we were told everything what was going on. In the next few months we laid low, Darren starting following me around but no one noticed I think he fenced me. Then one day Jack noticed what he was doing and told him to back off “what has it to do with you?” Darren asked, this then turned in to an argument Jack finally told him that we were married. Things calmed down after this, you could feel that things were not right with the atmosphere in the room, no one was themselves.

Thing felt weird nothing felt right. David not as funny telling jokes and laughing all the time, Rose and Donna not as cheerful. This only last for a few months while we all got use to Darren being around. While Jack was gone we had to carry on without him. There were hard but we had get them finished, “what did you all do while I was away?” asked Jack

“Carrying on with work and why the hell didn’t you ring me?” I replied there was silence in the room

“I ran out of credit” he said

“Why didn’t you use a pay phone then” I thought nothing more was said. The missions were in a few days, these pasted without a job. With this one particular job it was the most dangerous of them all as we had never had any job like this before.

With this being the most dangerous we had to prepare with care. Darren was now an official member of the group so he was now able to come with us on missions. The job went great without a hitch which makes a change. When we got back to base we all looked at what had been left for us to find “cars back there, are they waiting for us to return” David asked, at the sound of this everyone was scared. I looked round to see Jack but he had gone again. This happens all the time but it felt different, “this doesn’t feel right” I told Rose and Donna they both agreed. Months passed without any word from Jack this was normal but it still doesn’t feel right he normally gets in touch somehow. With the things that have happened with his absence it was starting to scare a few people. In the days that followed Darren was acting strange then one day he was nowhere to be found I called a meeting and told them what had happened and they all agreed that it was all mysterious

 Nothing had happened Rose was now scared about Jack not being around, it was so quiet. No one was themselves, so worried about what might happen, we hardly talked to each other. During the next few days I started to think about what was going to happen, will this be the end of our group with this thought I was nearly crying it was too much, we needed to do something. David and Rose were talking quietly in the corridor; I told them my idea of sorting out what has happened.

Jack woke up, how long had he been there, he felt like he was still drunk and where was he. Then he heard someone coming it got louder and louder. There was a bang. Jack finally got up to go and have a look around and soon noticed that there was no way out of this dark miserable place. Talk was heard like it was right outside but there was no door or was there. He then heard Darren thought he was on his side and he was, had Darren got out is that what all the noise about he thought.

Back at base I called a meeting for all the group there was a big fight between David and Rose. No one had ever heard them shout like that at each other it was horrible. Donna started the meeting we had to spilt David and Rose up to prevent any more arguments. Hours later the meeting ended but nothing was sorted. That night the wind was howling and the rain was crashing on the window. I couldn’t sleep with the noise and knowing that something wasn’t right I was determined to find out what it is.

The next day I went looking in the office to see if there were any clues as to where Darren and Jack were. The button on the answer machine was flashing

“You have till tomorrow to pay us 1 million dollars or your precious Jack dies, we will ring you with further instructions”

I was so shocked to hear this; I didn’t know that the others were standing there. They heard everything.  I called the meeting to order, I told them that we have to save Jack

“I bet Darren is involved in this and he was sent to us as a mole” David said angrily

The meeting had finished we had decided to go and rescue Jack and see whether it was true or not about Darren, I hoped it wasn’t

Jack now more awake saw that Darren had come back in to the room and was injured it turned out that he was on the bad side but he betrayed them so he got a good kick in. the room looked different Jack thought, he was right the room looked even smaller than before.

At base the phone rang I picked it up they said

“You need to bring the money to the warehouse at the end of Trigon road at 12pm tomorrow or else, come alone not with your gang” and they hung up

 I was so frightened I didn’t know what to do so I told the others and we came up with a plan that I would do as they said but the rest of them will be nearby.  The day came when we had to go and get Jack and bring him home, so we set off with the money but it was all fake I hope they don’t check it. As we got nearer I got more nervous, but I knew that I had to do this for Jack. Finally I got there and it seemed strange no one around then I heard what sounded like a commotion and I was a body fly out the window I knew in an instant that it was Jack he was alive, so I called for the others to come and we went to help him. When we got to him, he had already broken out and started fighting with them to try and get out.

“Go in there and get Darren he is injured and then get ready to run on my command” he shouted Rose and Donna went and got Darren who was half dead while David and I helped Jack. Moments later we heard Jack say run so we did and we are glad we did the warehouse is now on fire as Jack decided that he would blow it up for fun as he wasn’t in a good mood.

Back at base Darren was in the medical room where his injures was being taken care off and he didn’t look too bad after, Jack and I took the usual routine of not talking to each other all night, till he asked me how I was, I knew he would break the silence. A few days later we were talking all day and all night he told me how Darren had helped him get out even though he wasn’t on our side. I was so happy that he had helped my Jack. We both agreed that we will have a break a small holiday together as a group and Darren could come, so we then booked a holiday to Spain. We all needed a break after the time we had the past few months.

Never again Jack

The holiday in Spain went really well, had a good time. Donna decided to stay there as she had found a guy who really loved her. When we got back things went back to normal, I felt like we never had a holiday. Jack was in one of those moods where he wouldn’t talk to anyone, this really annoyed me. David and Rose was unpacking when Jack called a meeting, Darren was late, Jack wasn’t impressed by this, “we have got another task to do before the end of the month” he announced,

“That only leaves us 3 days” Darren pipes up

“Can we really trust Darren, he’s only been in the gang for two minutes” David said he often spoke before he thinking, but everyone agreed with him.  Jack soon put an end to that he shot a look at David, I was nearly laughing so was Rose. Jack told us what the task was, I knew what was coming, I was not happy, so I got up and left before the meeting had finished. Jack and only Jack knew where I would go this is because he went to the same place, the roof. This is where we would spend our sleepless nights talking looking at the stars like any normal couple but it never lasted long. When he came up to the roof I wouldn’t talk to him, I just sat there watching the sun set which was nice that night. “I know this is hard for you but they need to be sorted out and quickly” he said calmly I just ignored him we were going after the people who killed my parents, this really reminded me of my past and Jack could see that.

Darren came up to the roof “I know some people who works for them and I know what happened to you and your parents, I can take you to them” he left Jack and I looked at each other with shock “can we trust him you know I like him but can we really trust him” I asked.  The silence returned and Jack left me to my thoughts I knew that he was sat around the corner thinking about me. Our anniversary was coming up and I can’t believe that it has been 10 years already, what I could get him; he is hard to buy presents for. I wonder if he remembered he hardly ever remembers.

The day came, Jack was up before sun rise, that’s normal for him but I knew that something was wrong. So I followed him down stairs, turns out he had a surprise for me, he had remembered for once in his life. I went back upstairs hopefully he didn’t notice I was there. I saw David on the way back he just smiled and carried on walking. The day went by so fast but it has been the best in a long time. Darren and Rose were playing cards when I walked passed “have you seen Jack anywhere” I askedbut no one knew anything. I looked in all the normal places but he was nowhere to be found. Finally he appeared, he then took me outside and there I saw a new car “this is for you, thank you for being with me all this time” he says. With a tear in my eye I said “thank you” and we spent the remainder of the night together.

 Back to work with only a day left will the deadline of the task but Jack managed to get us more time somehow but we needed it. Darren was officially inducted to the group again but this time it was for real we knew he wasn’t working for any one. We all organised what needed to be done, Jack and Darren talked about the layout of the building. The day came when I had to face my past but with Jack by my side I knew things would be ok. The task had to be done at night so we waited till then; I was so scared in the car Rose had to calm me down. No other mission had made me feel so nervous like this one. The job had to be done either way. We got there and the building was in total darkness, it also looked so familiar and I don’t know why. David and Jack went first so that they could cut the wires for the lights and the alarm. It was good to see Jack back in action I had missed him when he was gone.

When inside we went in groups David and Rose went one way, Darren and I went another and Jack went on his own. Darren and I were in charge of finding the security office and taking charge of the CCTV but things didn’t go to plan, we were ambushed on the way. Darren was knocked out trying to protect me, and then I got knocked out. Jack was just around the corner but he didn’t hear anything but he knew something was wrong.

When I came round I knew exactly where I was. It was like all those years ago before I met Jack and the others. The room had changed a bit; well it would have to with the mess it was left in last time with all the gun fire. I could see someone in the corner I hoped it was Darren but it wasn’t, something about him seemed familiar though, and “do you remember me” he asked.  I didn’t answer him, I was thinking of a way out, remembering all that Jack had taught me but I couldn’t think clearly. He asked again but this time more violent. I was scared and nodded yes; the smile on his face was like a cheesier cat.  As he got closer I recognised him more he was the one who tried to kill me before. I thought he was dead David had shot him I knew he was dead I made sure of it or does he have a twin that we didn’t know about. I was so not ready to face him on my own, I needed Jack with me but I didn’t so I had to carry on and try on my own. I had managed to get my hands free before he got to close, he hadn’t noticed so I tried to get my gun but it was gone “don’t even bother looking for it” he said showing me my gun, he made sure that my hands were tied again. He showed me the gun again but he didn’t know that it was a fake we planned this just in case. “what’s your name” I asked, but this simply fell on deaf ears, then he came right up in my face and hit me, I really wanted to hit him back but I had to time my attack. I got my hands free again it was so easy.  He hit me again and again, I could now see Darren across the room he had been shoot and unfortunately he was dead at this moment. I knew it was time to fight back.  The last time I had a fight with this guy I lost but with all the training I knew I had a chance of winning. He tried to hit me one more time I blocked the attack and knocked him to the ground. I got the real gun out of Darren’s pocket he made the mistake of not checking him, he got up it was like trying to fight a professional. I had no choice but to shoot him. The gun dropped out of my hand as I had never had to shoot someone. Jack came running in the room I ran into his arms and started crying.  I don’t know whether it was it was over or that we had lost a member of the gang. David soon showed and told us that the body wasn’t Darren it was a decoy he was alive somewhere in the building, then he came round the corner with a smile on his face. He looked at the guy that I killed “that’s him who killed your parents and he tried to kill you” he told us. We tried to get out of the fire door but it was blocked. When we turned round there was someone there I recognized him it was Ben who Jack had killed before or so we thought. We were all scared then Rose turned up behind Ben and she hit him over the head so we could finally get out of the terrible place and get back home. As we started to try and find another exit Ben started to come round, I looked back and saw him moving so I grabbed a gun of David and shot him, this time he was dead.

 Back in the car we were all ok, trying not to think about what had happened, “never make me do that again” I whispered to Jack, he just smiled, I knew what that meant, and we were only part way through the job. Back at base I went to sit on my own in the same place Jack followed me but I just ignored him. After what he had put me through I never wanted to talk to him again. It was meeting time again, I didn’t show, didn’t miss much when Rose had told me what had gone on.

No one knew what the next part of the job was not even Jack who normally knows what’s going on. Days went by without Jack or me talking, it was like we were back at the start of our relationship. Finally he made the attempt to talk but it was only to Darren and David who was playing cards. I left to sit on the roof, it’s the only place I feel I can let out my emotions without any body knowing. Jack was already there waiting for me, he must have gone a different way.

“We need to talk, it’s not fair on either of us all this silence” he said

“You started this” I replied

“How” he asked looking puzzled

“Do you really have to ask!!?” I told him. Then he realised what he had done and said “sorry”. We made up and sat and watched the starts together.  David pops up “have you told her the next part of the job yet, not long to the dead line” Jack looked like he could kill him, David once again put his mouth in to action before his brain.

“What’s the next part” I asked

“The next part is we have to kill one of our own who is very dear to us all, I didn’t want to tell you this soon” Jack said calmly. I didn’t catch most of that as I had fallen asleep. Jack went and got some blankets and he stayed with me all night holding hands.

He woke up in a fright and I shot up at the sound of him leaving, “what’s the matter” I asked

“Nothing” he replied “need to finish the job are you in or out” he carried on.

“Do I have a choice” I asked, he gave me a look as to say no. we both went down stairs to see the others sat there ready to go back out. Rose told me we had to kill Donna, they found out the day before. The task meant that only three of us could go, Jack was definitely going and so was Darren, Rose didn’t want to go and neither did David so it was up to me who had to go but I wasn’t happy.

 We made plans to go and visit Donna in Spain. What she didn’t know that the guy who she had fallen in love with is Darren’s younger brother, who said he would help us, his name is Timmy, they looked nothing alike, so this was a good plan. Jack got in touch with Timmy and told him the plan. On our way there we were deciding who and how we would kill Donna, “I will do it on one condition” I said

“What is it then” Jack asked

“Why” I told him

Darren looked at Jack with the element of surprise that I didn’t know already, “we have noticed that she has been passing on information on to our enemies” said Jack, so we got on with the job in hand.

Timmy will take Donna on a blind date to a remote location where we told him to take her. We would hide somewhere near but out of sight and wait for the right moment. I would only get one shot and I need it to be perfect. The time had come Donna and Timmy had arrived, now was the time to take the shot, it was on target and the job was done time to go home. On our way Timmy caught up with us, he was good looking I can see why Donna fell in love, if only I wasn’t married I thought. On the plane home Jack and myself was talking “is that the end of the job, or is there anything else I should know about” I asked

“No that’s the end” he replied, I sighed with relief

“Never put me through that again” I asked and he nodded with agreement.

When we returned, David and Rose were waiting for us. They had some news for us. But they waited till we got back base. On the way back every one is silent apart from Timmy who singing along with the radio. When we got to base we could see that things wasn’t right, they told us what had happened while we were away. The base has been wrecked, David and Rose had a fight and now they were getting divorced and leaving the gang. We all were shocked, but it was up to them. So they left and we never saw them again, Jack was so upset.

The hunt for the replacements for David and Rose had begun. Timmy wanted to join much to Darren’s disappointment. Jack wouldn’t talk to any one again as he was really upset as David and he has been friends for so long. Timmy and Darren were messing around like brothers do when there were sudden outbursts from Jack “will you to stop acting like children!!!”, Timmy wanted to say something back but I told him not to it would just make things worse. That is what I have learned over the years is not to make him angry any more than he is as he can become very aggressive.

Finally Darren is going to let Timmy join the group, this was the best news we have heard in a long time. Jack was now happier after he had got off the phone with the one person he won’t tell us the name off, this made me suspicious. But on the other hand it made him happy.  We need to find one other person but it was hard to choose as we could advertise the job in the paper or at the job centre like any other people. We had to watch people who we thought were good enough to tell our secret to. There were many people on the list but that soon got smaller as some of them were not what we were looking for. We are looking for someone who we can trust, who we can see that they look after others before themselves. Overall someone who we can see that they are right for the gang.

Jack was showing Timmy round and telling him the rules and everything, he looked very interested in what Jack had to say.

“It’s good to see him taking an interest in something and acting like an adult” said Darren I just smiled and carried on with my paper work that was taking for ever. When they were finished a meeting was called to discuss who we think is right for the job. It lasted for ever, no one could decide on one person to take the job, the list got down to three people so Jack came up with the idea that we put them through a test but they wouldn’t know that it was a test and the one with the best results will get the job. But how would we get them to do the test? That’s going to be the hardest thing. The longer we sat there the harder it got to think of the test they would do.  The day came when the test, we managed to get them to come and take the test they think it’s for going back to work as they have not had a job for a while and their skills need testing.  First they had to come up with a solution to a situation that we had given them, while watching I saw that one of them was not right for the job as they didn’t understand so I indicated to Jack who was also watching. The second part of the test was to see who was good under pressure, there was only one person left at the end of the test who was the right person for the job, his name is Dale Smith, and from the look of his CV he is the perfect candidate. There was one last test for Dale, the rest had gone home. He passed the last test with flying colours, “can you come back tomorrow please you have the job” asked Jack, Dale looked puzzled but agreed to come. 

The next day came and Dale was on time, but none of us was there, we had to go on a job that we only got told about during the night. When we finally got back he was still waiting for us, “Where do you live” asked Dale. No one answered as we don’t want him knowing that we actually lived there. So we started to train Dale and make him part of the group, this takes a long time.  Even though he was doing so well with his training as was turning up on time Jack was still unsure about him “there’s something about him I just don’t like, but I don’t know what it is” he told me. 

Dale has now finished his training and was waiting for Jack to tell him what his new job is, so Jack told him what we did but he just blurted it out and Dale walked out Darren and Timmy went after him and brought him back and on the way they explained to him what Jack had said. When they were out Jack and I had a talk “did you have to say it like that” I asked

“That’s the only way to tell people, you off all people should know that” he replied I walked off not in the mood for arguing with him. Later he came and apologise to me and we spent the rest of the night together watching the stars.

Now the group was complete and was happy. Nothing was going to go wrong not again I hope. But when do things ever go right. Dale was still puzzled about what his new job was but he soon knew not to ask so many questions. We went out in the car to show Dale the area that we protect. He looked very interested in what we do and he agreed to the pact to keep the secret.

We waited for days for the next job; this gave me time to finish the paper work that I never finished. Darren and Timmy went playing football in the park while Jack and Dale were talking in the meeting room. All of a sudden the phone rang and Jack went to answer the phone and it was Darren “come quick we are being attacked by them” he said, we went as fast as we can. When we got there the fight was still going on but Darren was not in sight Timmy was all alone and needed help quickly. Jack went to help Timmy while I took Dale to look for Darren but he was nowhere in the park, we started to worry. The last time this happened Darren was badly hurt, why does nothing go right for us.

Days went by without a word from Darren it wasn’t normal not to hear from him. Jack knew what where going on but he wasn’t telling anyone. He finally went off on his own I have been expecting it for a few days now; there was nothing that anyone could do to stop him from going.When Jack returned he had no luck in finding Darren. Was there any hope that he will return.

Weeks turned in to months and still no word from Darren. Then one day he turned up without any warning. When Timmy saw him he was so happy with his brother’s return. Jack and Darren were talking in the office we tried to listen in but we got caught and sent away. Jack called a meeting and told us all about what happened to Darren, turns out he saw his parents who he had not seen since he was a child when they gave him and Timmy up for adoption. So he followed them and confronted them to ask them why but it took longer than he thought. Timmy ran off as he was only little when this happened and he is upset. Darren went after him “do you want to know what happened” asked Darren

Timmy nodded “ok, there is only one way to tell you this; our parents gave us up because they were splitting up, and wanted to give us the best life possible. Now if you want to meet them I will take you, it’s no problem”

“Right that’s it I want nothing to do with them after what I have heard, but I want to see them for one last time” Timmy told Darren, so they organised with Jack for a day off, he gave them the day off but normally he doesn’t give them off. So they went to where Darren saw them last. “I don’t want to talk to them, just watch them” Timmy said so they just stud there and watched their parents.

Dale was not happy with having to wait around for the next job to come along, “you’ll get the hang of waiting around for the next job” I told him, I should know it took me nearly a year to understand everything but Dale was doing well. When Timmy and Darren came back Jack rushed into the meeting room where we were all sat waiting for the next job, “is there a job” asked Dale

“No, it’s time we split again and return in a few months” replied Jack, Dale looked puzzled.

“Why” asked Timmy

“As we have been found by the most unbeatable gang in the world and we need to go now, Darren and Timmy you go back to Spain, Dale take this pill and go home you look ill, and we will go back to New York, no one will find us.” Jack told us, the pill that he gave to Dale will wipe his memory of all what has happened, he will not remember any of us. So we packed at left no one knew exactly how long it will be till we meet again. I really hated this but it came with the work and being married to Jack.

So we all went our separate ways. We all went to different airports so no one could follow us, Jack and myself was the last to leave the base as our flight wasn’t till late at night which was better as I could not stand flying in the afternoon with a long flight. The time came when we had to leave again, Jack made sure that there was nothing left that could connect us to the base or anything that could tell them where we had gone.

On our way to the airport there was a holdup the traffic was really bad “told you we should of set off earlier” I told Jack who wasn’t very pleased with the comment and he pulled his face and I couldn’t help but laugh. Finally we got to the airport just in time really, on the flight there was a guy who was sat near us and he kept looking at Jack. This was starting to scare me a little as he looked familiar.  But I couldn’t place him anywhere; Jack had finally noticed him and told me to stay where I was while he went to talk to the guy. What Jack had forgotten is that I never do what I am told and I never let him go anywhere dangerous on his own especially when I want to know what is going on as well. 

“Who the hell are you and why are you watching us” asked Jack.  I remember where I know him from, its Darren and Timmy’s older brother he moved out when he was 17 before Darren and Timmy went in to care but why has he come to look for them now. 

“I am looking for Darren and Timmy, they are my younger brothers, my name is Mark and this is Lachie “ said Mark now I defiantly know who he is but he doesn’t remember me thank god or Jack will angry that I kept it from him that I lived on the same street as them when we were kids.  But I know Lachie from somewhere, he was there the night the boys went to care but I have seen him before that. Any way I wanted to go and sit back down as we were about to land.

So we landed and so we went to home but on our way through the airport we saw that the guys were following us so we had a little change of plan, when we got a taxi to our house we asked if he could take us the long way so we could try and lose them. when we arrived at the house our neighbour was there waiting for us and Jack saw that the house was broken in to “three men came earlier I think they were looking for you Jack” said the old lady that lived next door, Jack asked if we could stay with her for a few days while we fix the house. In the days that came we fixed the house and everything was going as planned until the day when I took ill. It was really nothing to talk about I was fine after a day or two rest. Jack was so worried. Then on that fateful day we saw that there was a group of men stood outside, and then it hit me I knew Lachie from he was their cousin and his brother is Mike. This really made Jack mad how they found us. We went outside and I saw that they we all there Mike must have gone to Spain and got Darren and Timmy to come here. But I knew they weren’t traitors as they gave us the sign that we had taught them. Jack went back in the house followed by Mark and Lachie by this point had a gun showing, I had to wait outside not my choice of course but Jack told me I had to.I knew that something was wrong when only two came back out after a while. When they left Darren and Timmy stayed with me and I went looking for Jack, only thing I could hear was someone saying helps me. Finally I found Jack and he was shot, I didn’t know what to do but cry. Seconds later he died, I really wanted revenge I know it was them who did it. “we need to finish this once and for all, need to get David and Rose back but I don’t know where they are but I know that Jack kept a book with all the information in that we need” I told Timmy and Darren. The boys told me everything that they knew about their cousins and why they decided to kill Jack. This is because they blame him for everything that happened to Darren and Timmy. So we set off on the mission to get revenge for Jack.  I went looking for the book I found it finally after hours of looking; it was in the bag that no one was allowed to go in. In it had all the information that I needed to find David and Rose.  This was going to be hard as they didn’t want anything else to do with each other or the group but under the circumstances I hope they make an acceptation. 

I told the boys that we had to go back in a few days, in the mean time I will contact the others and tell them what had happened and what the plan is. The plan is to we all meet up and come up with a better plan than I have as I don’t think that my plan will work. After I had finished on the phone to David and Rose they both agreed to put their differences aside and help which was good. Days had passed when I finally come to terms with the death of Jack I couldn’t believe he had gone, the only one that I really loved. I don’t think that I can live without him I miss him so much.  When we got back David was waiting at the airport to take us back to base, it was so hard going back there without Jack but when we got there Rose had not arrived yet but there was signs that someone was there. I looked inside and who was waiting there but Jack, he must have faked his death so that we could try and get away from everything. I was so angry but happy to see him I couldn’t stay angry at him for long. 

“Why did you do that to me Jack” I asked he didn’t respond but walked off towards the roof so I followed him. But he wouldn’t say anything on the way when we got there something didn’t seem right “the reason why I faked my death was to keep you safe, why the hell didn’t you tell me you know Darren and Timmy they told me that you did, they said if I didn’t do as they said Lachie was going to kill you so there was a fight and the gun fired but the bullet hit the wall and they thought it hit me so they left, what else haven’t you told me” he asked

“I didn’t know it was them till I saw Mark on the plane, I am so sorry, but you haven’t exactly told me the whole truth have you” I replied

By this point we were both angry in time we sat there and talked it through without arguing and sat there all night talking without any distractions. It was good to catch up, Jack more himself now. David and Rose was talking the next morning we didn’t know that she had arrived, now everyone is back together it feels great.  Things looked so normal that we decided to wait a few days to start planning this is so that we could all catch up and have a good time. So we started planning the attack on them Darren told us all he can remember about his older brother and his cousins, as he was only young when Mark left he can’t remember much but what he had was useful. We know knew why Mark left home, he left home as he wanted to join a group that wasn’t shall we say nice in any way, when his parents found out they argued and that’s when  he went and left his younger brothers to go in care. Turns out that he did join the group and now is in charge of it while Mike and Lachie was his second in command.  Jack had sent Timmy to go and get some stuff from shop, to think about it he had been a long time the shop is not that far away. Darren went to look for him, within seconds he came running back in, “they are here, need to get out of here now, no sign of Timmy they must have him, you have to help him” he told us. Jack was already on his way out the door when we caught up to him. He was always ready for a fight no matter who it was with. When they saw that Jack was alive they soon saw that they had a fight on their hands and so the final battle started and ended very quickly. Everyone in the group was fine, but so were Mark Lachie and Mike something had happened that stopped anyone from getting hurt. Timmy soon came back to use when he had managed to escape from them.

“Darren, Timmy come and join us you have a place waiting for you please come back to the family” mark told them

“I will never join you or your stupid little group. By the way you are not my family not since that day when you left me and Timmy to go in to care and you didn’t bother to find us” Darren said and by this time he was so angry

“Fine then I still counted you as family but now you are nothing to me and the others what about you Timmy” he asked

“I have my family right here” Timmy replied I think he meant the gang which I found really cute

“Have it you way then, I never want anything to do with you ever again” said Mark.

 When they were about to leave mike turns round “please think about this again come and join us, he didn’t mean what he said about not being a family any more, please we need you”

“you don’t have a chance in hell of either one of us joining the group I will do anything in my power to bring you down and to protect my family that you are no longer part of, now go or else I will get you done for trespassing” said Timmy so  they left and nothing else was said.

In the next few days that come things were getting back to normal, David and Rose was getting on better now no more fighting between them. No one knows what will happen next but we are going to be ready for anything now we are all back together. 

The spy in the camp

Jack was so happy these days and it makes me wonder if he is up to something again. Darren was taking Timmy to the cinema as we all had the day off which was a once in a life time chance. Jack and I stayed home and caught up on paper work which was all a mess, it took for ever to finish but between us we managed. David and Rose was still getting on well things is looking good for them. Jack was had just finished the last of the paper work when he called a meeting. But we had to wait for Darren and Timmy to come back, they must have gone for a few drinks or something after the film but it shouldn’t take this long. By this point we were all worried especially after what happened a few months ago. Finally they turned up drunk as anything; it was funny to see them like this. Jack wasn’t very happy with them so the boys went to bed and we could hear them singing all the way. The look on Jacks face was a picture, he wasn’t very happy at all; I could see that there was going to be trouble tomorrow.

The next day Darren and Timmy wasn’t very well at all “serves you right what were you thinking” asked Jack “leave them alone you were young once” I told him. This started an argument which in turn then leads to us not talking to each other for days again. I really thought that we had gotten over this but obviously not. Rose and I went for a walk in the park, I could see that Jack had followed us and was trying to hide behind a tree. I think that he want to talk to me so I told Rose that I will go and talk to him and catch up with her later.

Days later when Jack had finally talked to Darren and Timmy there was a knock on the door, I went to see who it was, when I looked I couldn’t see anything but  a car speeding off and I figure just lying there, he wasn’t moving at all. I called for Jack to come and check I didn’t want to go on my own. Something didn’t feel right “don’t let the boys come out here, it’s their cousin Mike” Jack told me but it was too late they had already saw. Darren ran off Timmywas about to go after him when  David told him “he needs to be on his own for a while, he has had a hard time with what has gone on, best to leave him, trust me I know how he feels” so Timmy stayed with David. Jack was on his way back to base helping Mike he was badly injured and he looked like he was really ill as well. After a long rest he was ready to talk. Darren still hadn’t come back, will he do something stupid, and I then got a text from him asking to meet in the park but not to tell anyone “just going for a walk” I told Rose.

The park was about 5 -10 minutes’ walk. When I got there I could see Darren sitting on the swings, he didn’t look very happy. I was thinking why he would want to talk to me and not his brother. “The reason I have asked you to come is that I feel that you are the only one I can really talk to. I know what happened to Mike. It’s obvious who is behind it, it was only a matter of time” he told me so we talked and I managed to calm he down. There was a noise came from the trees “I thought I told you not to tell anyone” he asked me

“I didn’t, Jack must have followed me” I replied but it wasn’t Jack it was Mikes brother Lachie. He must have followed me to the park.

“Darren I need your help, Mark has gone off the rails, take it you have seen what he has done to Mike, I’m next that’s why I am here I need your help” he told Darren

“How did you know where I would be” asked Darren

“Lucky guess I know that you came here as a kid when you were scared “he replied but Darren didn’t believe him and pulled out his gun, I didn’t have mine left it back at base again. Lachie seemed shocked at this and to Darren that he was unarmed but he still didn’t back down “you are coming with us not as our foe but as a traitor, Jack can decide what to do with you, by the way I will have that gun that is in your pocket” Darren said. So I got the spare gun and we walked back to base, on the way I texted Jack and told him what had happened. Turns out that Rose had told him that I had gone out and not taken my gun, he was so mad but even more with Darren for running off. When we got there Jack was waiting for us. He took Lachie to an interview room where they talked for hours. I imagine most of it was in silence. I was talking to Mike; he was feeling a bit better. He told me that Mark had gone off the rails, killing people close to him and hurting the ones he loves. He also told me that Lachie was not to be trusted that Mark has sent him to spy on us and report back to him. I was confused why he would say that about his brother. The stories matched and they seemed well rehearsed.

Jack came out of the interview room he looked tired. I told him what Mike had told me, “that sounds rehearsed but I don’t believe what he has said, Lachie told the truth all way through the interview” he told me. I wondered what was going on but I am determined to find out what.  Jack still hadn’t decided what to do with Lachie and Mike, now that he is well enough, “can’t keep them here” said Darren during the meeting, “we have to for their safety as well as yours” said Jack

“If they annoy me I will not be held responsible for my actions then” said Darren getting angrier by the second

“You will have nothing to do with them, keep well away, do you understand?” asked Jack. Darren looked like he was going to start a fight “got it” said Timmy while he was getting Darren to sit back down.

“We will move them to the part of the base that we don’t use any more, I will keep an eye on them” said Jack. So we moved them it was so dark and damp down there that’s why we don’t use this part of the base any more. Lachie and Mike didn’t look like they were happy with this place but they had to put up with it till Darren comes round a bit which might take a while.

Meanwhile Timmy wants to be involved with this situation but Jack won’t let him but he keeps trying.  Darren is spending more and more time on his own, wouldn’t talk to anyone not even his brother. I tried to talk to him but he just walked away. I went to the roof to try and think things through, Jack was just standing there, “what are you doing” I asked

“Trying to think how to sort this mess out” he replied

“Same I am worried about Darren I think he should leave for a while till this is all over” I told him

“No he needs to stay here so we can keep an eye on him, I hope he doesn’t go looking for Mark” he said. Just then we heard the door slam shut. When we looked Darren was walking off. Jack went to go and get David and follow him. Rose came up to the roof, we talked a while, then we heard shouting coming from the office. I went to go and see what was going on, when I got to the office I saw that Mike and Lachie was arguing, they saw Rose and me and they stop arguing.  David soon returned with a message from Jack “come quick and bring everyone need help” he said, so we gathered everything together and set off. A few minutes later we got there. I saw that Darren and Mark were fighting each other, I managed to stop them “what is this going to achieve, is this how you both show your younger brother how things are he looks up to both of you.  Stop this now and we can sort things out” I told them

“we can’t it’s too late” he said and pulled out his gun and before I knew it I  was standing in front of Darren in pain and I could hear Jack shouting and firing back, I had been shoot.  Mark was dead. Darren tried to stop the bleeding; I can’t remember much as I passed out with the amount of blood I was losing.

I woke up a few days later in hospital, Jack and Darren was there and they looked like that they haven’t slept in a while. Jack was happy to see that I was getting better. He told me what the doctors had told him. It was difficult to remove the bullet and I was lucky to be alive. Mike and Lachie came to see me on the day that I was allowed to come home. When we got home everyone was waiting, had a little party but I soon got tired and was still ill to go on any mission it will take time to get back to normal.  Had to have regular check-ups with the doctors, Jack came with me most of the time. Things were going well I could soon go back to work, but I could only stay in the office and finish the paper work. Jack was being over protective and I love him for that but I wish he would let me go out with them on a mission I just get so bored talking to Mike and Lachie, there’s only  so mu7ch you can talk about with them.

Timmy and Darren came back earlier than everyone else one night, it seemed liked they had ran all the way. I thought something was wrong. Turns out they had gone on a run. The others were still out in town, David and Rose were looking at sales and Jack was sorting out some business, they should be back soon. When Jack returned I asked to speak to him in private,

“What’s wrong” he asked

“I want to come back to work properly, go on missions, no mo

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