moving on UP!

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - The beginning of a new life

Submitted: April 21, 2013

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Submitted: April 21, 2013



once sophie left the house April started talking to jake about sophie and Danielle had lots of questions in  her head she wanted to ask but she decided because she has nice mannors to let April and her father talk. Danielle went up stairs and started to write a list of questions she wanted to be answered while Danielle started writing down some questions she heard April and Jake arguing down stairs but didnt no what so she keep on writing. Mean while. Jake and April are arguing about Sophie and Danielle.

"Jake did you no she was comming"April said in a deep voice

"No i have not seen her in years so how was i meant to no she was comming down here to talk to me"Jake said getting angry.

"Why did u mention Sophie to Danielle we were all good as it is" April said getting frustrated.

"i didn't no what else to do and its her mother she at least should no who her mother is and not just her step mother who she thought was her mother and what did you need to tell me that was this important." Jake replied being curious.

"ohh it dosent matter i will just tell you after as i see you are going to be busy since sophie is comming back ill just leave."April announced with a tear.

"let me walk you to the door then" Jake said being polite.

" why just so you can see sophie and show how much a gentel man you are" April asked with a frown on her face.

" so what if i am, but i am just trying to be polite at the same time"Jake said with a smile.

Jake walked April to the door and opend it he then walked her to her car he then seen sophie in the corner of his eye. she came back for something.

"Bye April" Jake said being nice.

"Bye Jake i will phone you after " April said with a smile.

April then drove off in her car to go home it was not long after that sophie came over and started to speak to Jake she wanted to no somethings and wanted to ask them face to face to both Jake and Danielle.

"Hi Jake is it ok if i come in"Sophie said with a smile/

"Hi Sophie yes sure please come in its nice to see you again." Jake then replied with a smile

both Sophie and Jake went into the livingroom. the tv was switched on.

"Danielle hunny Sophie is here to talk to you a moment is that ok"Her father shouted from down stairs

" Yeah dad ill be straight down"Danielle shouted back down stairs

Danielle then hurried down stairs and ran into the living room she then walked over and sat next to her father.

"I was wondering if it is ok if you can forgive me for leaving you it wasn't my choice my mother made me she said i was not old enough to have a life yet or a family so i left you and it was the worst thing i could of done in my life so i was wondering if you could possibly forgive me."Sophie said hoping for forgiveness

"Of course i can forgive you  mother because you are my real mother and i love you with all my heart but i just want to no why you left it so long to tell me "Danielle said in a questioning tone of voice.

"i never came before because i didnt think you would forgive me but now you have and maybe we can be a family again only if you Jake want us to"sophie said replying 

"Danielle can you let me and your mother talk a moment"Jake said politly

"sure ill be upstairs if you need me"Danielle said happily

Danielle walked upstairs into her room and went on her laptop and was speaking to her friends.Sophie and Jake then started talking about it.

"Jake i am sorry for leaving you it wasn't my choice"Sophie said with a tear.

" It is ok i forgive you but how do i no you wont just leave again"Jake said upset

"I wont leave you as i love you and always have"Sophie said with a smile

"I love you too but we will need to take Danielle to places and get to no each other more"Jake said happily

Sophie and Jake then sat next to each other and Jake kissed Sophie to show he can forgive her no matter what .Sophie and Jake then planned a day for him ,Sophie and Danielle to all go out and have fun together and to also to get to no each other more.

"Sophie would you like to stay over for supper"Jake said politly.

"yes that would be nice i will help"Sophie said very happy.

"Can i join in" Danielle asked hoping for a yes

"Yeah of couse you can join in it will be fun all of us cooking together"Sophie and her father both said at the same time

So Danielle ,her mother and father all cooked super together all at the same time like a normal family.They put the pasta in the pan and put it on the cooker. They put the chicken on a tray and put it in the cooker and had to wait for that to cook.Sophie then started to cook the vegtables in the pot.Once the food was almost done Jake put out the plates , forks ,knives,spoons, cups and naptkins on the table and they started to put the food on the plate they got juice and started to eat it. The door bell then went So Sophie wipped her mouth and got up to answer the door at the door was April.

"Hi April what can we do for you"Sophie said politly

"Hi Sophie is Jake there "April said in not so happy mood

"Yeah ill go get him for you"Sophie replied

"ok "April answered

"Jake darling Aprils at the door for you "Sophie said in a sweet voice.

Jake got up from the table cleaned his face and walked to the door.

" Thanks sweetie go enjoy your dinner i will only be a minute"Jake said in a sweet voice

"Ok dont be to long i will miss you"Sophie said being cheesie

April and Danielle could tell how much they truly love eachother and how much they missed eachother.Sophie came back to the dinner table and sat down Sophie and Danielle started talking while Jake was at the door.

"What do you want April i am having dinner with my family"Jake said

"I need to tell you and Danielle something"April said happy

"Tell Danielle but i dont want to no and if your going to say what i think you are then im not the person you need to talk to"Jake said knowing what she was going to say.

"Fine get Danielle ill talk to her"April angrly said.

Jake went back to the dinner table and told Danielle that April wanted to talk to her.Danielle went to the door while Jake sat down and talked to Sophie.

"Danielle i'm pregnant and your father if the babys dad"April said happy

"No April my father if not the father of your baby he hasn't seen you in 4 months so unless he secretly went to see you then i dont belive one word your saying"Danielle replied annoyed at April

"He is the father he has been lying to you the whole time"April said trying to convince Danielle

"No April he hasnt you have now leave i dont want to talk to you"Danielle said really angry 

Danielle shut the door before April could say anything.Danielle then calmly walked back to the dinner table and sat down to the table.Once they all finished there dinner they all started to clean the dishes and splashed about with the water in the basin.

"How about we play a game"Jake said if your not in a hurry to leave Sophie

"off course i can play a game but which one"Sophie replied

"How about pictinary"Danielle said it will be fun and you too would enjoy it 

"Sure that sounds fun hunny"Jake said giggling.

They played pictiary then Danielle decided to go to bed as she has had a few busy days with meeting her mother and things .Jake and Sophie carried on playing they had wine and they had to much they both stumbled up stairs into Jakes room.

"now that we are getting closer and things how would you feel like moving in with us me and Danielle"questioned Jake

"yes i would love to move in with you and Danielle"Sophie replied exitingly

They both fell asleep and as the night went on it turned into the morning it was Saturday morning the day were Sophie,Jake and Danielle all decided to go out together. Danielle got up at 10:00 and heard her dad and mum speaking so she decided to go down stairs and make them both breakfast and wrote a note saying Congratulations it will be fun having you around mum.Danielle walked upstairs knocked on their bedroom door she walked in and handed over their breakfast and walked out they both staired at eachother and read the note.Danielle got changed while her dad and mum were eating breakfast.They all went down stairs once ready and started to talk and things.

"Hello how was your sleep last night mum and dad"Danielle asked smiling

"Well my sleep was splended last night"Jake replied

" I agree with Jake it was Splended "Sopihe replied

"Thats great when we going shopping?"Danielle asked

"Go grab your coat and we will leave now if you want " Dad said

"Danielle we will meet you in the car"Sophie replied

"Ok dont be to long and dont  get into too much trouble"Danielle replied

Danielle went into the car and waited not for long then she saw Sophie and Jake comming so she fastend her seat belt and waited they all got in the car and went to the shopping mall.While Sophie and Danielle were clothes shopping Jake was in a jewlery shop looking at rings and necklaces.Jake then phoned Danielle asking what to do>

"Hello"Danielle replied to her phone 

"Hello are you alone at the moment"Jake asked

"yeah mum is looking at bags"Danielle said

"i am looking at rings but not sure if i should get one what should i do?"Jake asked

"Go with your heart dad"Danielle answered

"ok bye hunny"jake replied

"bye dad see you at the car"

Danielle and sophie then went to meet Jake at the car they had so much bags they werent sure if they were all going to fit into the boot of the car but it did.They went home and put all the bags away and had their dinner.Danielle then got a text message from April saying lets hang out but Danielle never replied to her message.after a few weeks no one got in touch with April so April decided to go to their house instead.They heard a knock at the door so Jake went to answer it.

"Hello"Jake said surprised

"Hello" April said happy 

" Do you want to go to my family cabin this weekend you and Danielle no ones their it will be fun well Danielle does need time away for a while and sophie is out this weekend so yeah"Jake replied

"ok thats great you no were it is i will see you their bye" April then Walked away.

Jake went and told the girls the girls got excited and Danielle went to pack her bags.Sophie started getting ready to go to her parents for the weekend and Jake and Danielle got ready for going to the cabin.Sophie was getting ready to leave so was Jake and Danielle.Danielle went to the car and was waiting for her dad when she was being noisie and opened a little drawer and saw a ring and a necklace she was so happy but seen her mum and dad comming and closed it.

"if i get back earlie i will come to the cabin and join you to have fun"said sophie

"ok i hope you do get back earlie as well"replied Jake

"have fun mum"Danielle replied

Jake and Danielle drove off to the cabin and Sophie also drove of but to her mums whenJake and Danielle got to the cabin they saw Aprils car and  they also saw April standing  at the door with a man standing beside her Danielle and Jake looked at each other shocked.

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