My Unearthing Miracle

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Chapter 30 (v.1) - Chapter 30- Birthday Wish

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Submitted: April 08, 2019



Chapter 30- Birthday Wish 

VanderVall Academy - Wednesday 6th December, 2017- 3.21am 

Public Pool - 

Kathryn is laying in the pool of her own blood still knocked out after Jesse attacked her. 

Kathryn's Dream World- 17 Years and 8 Months Ago 

Ophelia comes running down the school corridor in a fret the look of fear written all over her face. She barges Justin's bedroom door open and walks in slamming it behind her. Justin jumps up out of his sleep in a fright and sees Ophelia stood at the edge of his bed. 

"Ophelia what the hell are you doing here?" Justin asks her as he sits up on his bed looking at her confused. 

"We need to talk" Ophelia says to him with a serious tone in her voice 

"Can't it wait until breakfast or class?" Justin asks her just wanting her to leave his room so he can get more sleep. 

"NO, Justin it can't wait" Ophelia shouts at him in anger. Justin looks at her worried sensing something isn't right. 

"What's going on?" Justin asks concerned about her 

"I'm pregnant" Ophelia confesses to him as she puts her hand on her stomach feeling the heart beat of her baby. 

"What do you mean?" Justin replies to her in shock not fully grasping at what she is getting at. 

"Knocked up, bun in the oven. I'm pregnant with your baby" Ophelia reveals to him looking down at her stomach . 

"Are you sure?" Justin questions her feeling doubtful that this is real 

"Yes Deadly" Ophelia answers him and walks over to him. 

She takes a hold of his hand and puts it on her stomach. 

"Just listen" Ophelia instructs him.

Justin closes his eyes with his hand on her stomach and listens not expecting what to hear. Within seconds he can hear the baby's heart beat and moving at the touch of his hand. 

"How is this possible?" Justin asks her feeling confused having this never happened before 

"I don't know"Ophelia shakes her head not understanding any of it either only that in 9 months time she is going to have a baby in her arms. 

Ophelia lets out a little smile to Justin then she turns her head, the room turns clouded and Justin disappears. The room transforms into the pool area where a young Ophelia sees Kathryn laying in her own blood ready to give up. She walks over to her body and kneels down beside her and puts her hand on her back and gently shakes her. 

"Come on Kathryn you have to wake up" Ophelia begins to say attempting to wake her daughter not understanding how she knows this girls name or why she feels an urge to protect her. 

"The longer you're out the more vulnerable you are. Please just wake up" Ophelia begs her continuing to gently shake her. 

"It's okay to be afraid but you have to wake up sweetie" Ophelia encourages her.

Young Ophelia puts one hand on her stomach and keeps the other on Kathryn's back and closes her eyes wishing that she would open her eyes. Praying that it wouldn't be the end for this poor innocent girl who had no idea who she was. Not knowing how important this young girl laying in a pool of blood would be.


Kathryn slowly opens her eyes and looks around realising where she is, still in the same place Jesse left her and in this moment she realised this was the last straw. She was no longer willing to forgive him for what he has been doing because in that moment she realised the person she loved left her for dead. Left her to suffer, left her to bleed to death and walked away. He walked away from his friends and the people he cared about. He decided to hurt them and betray them and this time she wasn't willing to forgive him. Not after all the pain he has inflicted and continues to inflict. Laying on her stomach she puts her hands out infront of her  into the blood and sits herself up, she sits on her knees and touches her head with one of her hands then puts her hand out infront of her and sees the blood. The blood still coming from her head not willing to stop, she takes a deep breath and looks around her not knowing if she should feel greatful for still being alive or dreading the fact that her eyes have opened and she is still alive. She puts her hands back on the ground and pushes herself up allowin her to stand. She looks down at the blood and shakes her head, instead of leaving the blood there for someone else to clean up she drains the pool and grabs the mop cleaning the floor. Getting rid of all existence of the blood and all evidence that any thing toke place that night.

Once the blood is cleared the fills the pool back up, dumps the mop back into the corner where it was positioned before and stumbles to the door. She takes a hold of the door handle  with the dry blood still on her hand and pulls the door open. She stumbles her way to her room head on hand to attempt to control the bleeding making sure that no drops of blood drops to the ground. She gets to her bedroom door and goes in closing the door behind her looking around the place making sure there is no blood around. Once she is in her room she shakes her head frustrated that this happened and heads straight for wardrobe she swings the door open and grabs a box from off the top of her wardrobe. She goes into the bathroom and pulls out the sewing kit. She stands at the mirror and puts a towel in her mouth biting down on it and begins to sew the back of her head shut stopping the blood. She winces in pain having not taken any pain relief. Once she had stitched herself up she takes off her clothes and climbs into the shower. She turns the water on and justs the water hit her, she looks down at the bottom of the shower watching the blood wash away down the drain. She gently brushes her fingers through her hair more blood comes out.

"Stupid, useless son of a bitch" Kathryn yells out in pain after accidentally touching her wound. 

After the blood has cleared away she climbs out of the shower and grabs her towel, She dries herself off and puts on her dressing gown. She takes a glance at the time 4.14am and throws herself into her bed  stomach first not bothering to put on anymore clothes or bother drying her hair. As soon as her head hits the pillow she closes her eyes and instantly falls asleep. 

Kathryn's Chambers- 8.38am 

Kathryn wakes up feeling rough and in pain, she lets out a little groan thinking to herself that perhaps she should have taken some medication before falling asleep. She pulls herself out of bed  and looks at herself in the mirror.

In frustration she begins to get angry with herself "You stupid reckless little slut" She says to herself disappointed with herself. Instead of getting emotional or angry she turns her tv and puts on her spotify playlist the first song that plays is "Someone you loved" by Lewis Capaldi. She looks around her room looking for her phone then realised she must have dropped it during the attack knowing there is nothing she can do about it right now she decides it's best to get ready for her day. As she opens up her wardrobe she sees a dress hanging on a coat hanger from her father seth which she wore last year for her birthday when it hits her. Today is her birthday. Today 17 years ago she was brought into this world and she can't help but feel angry about it. Questioning to herself why? Why did she have to be born? She soon realises she isn't going to get any of the answers she wants and decides to go about her day pretending that nothing happened last night and that today is like every other day. In her mind no one is getting to find out today is her birthday, the less attention that is drawn to her the better. 

Although she was willing to pretend this day was no different to the others she also wanted to make sure she looked good and felt good about herself. She puts on a white pair of high waited jeans that had holes in her knees, along with a blue and white  long sleeved stripped blouse that had thin lines of yellow strips through it that sits just above her her belly button and is slightly low cut at the front. She puts her white high top trainers on her feet with white ankle socks. He hair in a middle pattern with  loose curls with parts from both sides of her hair coming together at the back with a blue diamonte clip holding it in place. She pulls her light yellow crossbody bag out of the wardrobe and throws her keys into it. She has a face of make up on a little more than usual to hide the bags under her eyes and to also make sure that the hand print on the side of her face from the 26th is also hidden. She has nude eye shadow on not wanting it too look too bold. She throws the nude lipstick into her back in case she needs it through out the day before heading out the door she makes sure the cut at the back of her head is covered so that no one will notice. Once she is ready she pops some pills into her mouth and uses water from the side of her bed to wash it down. She continues to cough up water like she has done all night so places tissues into her bag to make it less obvious. She puts the bag on her shoulder and heads out her room, as she is walking to the great hall she looks all around her paranoid her blood might be stained some where or that she might come across her phone on the ground. 

Great Hall- 9.23am 

Kathryn comes walking into the great hall a little later than usual, as she is walking Jesse delibretly gets up off his table and walks towards her. 

"You look nice, did you do something different with your hair?" Jesse taunts her with a smirk. 

Kathryn chooses to ignore him and attempts to walk past him. 

"Not so soon sweetheart" Jesse says and puts his hand out in front of her. "I thought we had a great time last night, didn't you?"Jesse whispers in her ear. 

"Oh yeah what a blast" Kathryn glares at him. 

"Happy Birthday sweetheart" Jesse wishes as he leans forward and whispers in her ear. 

A shiver is sent down Kathryn's spine feeling repulsed to have him so near her. To have him so close to her neck after everything he had done to her. Dallas walks over to the pair feeling the tension between them. 

"Is everything alright?" Dallas asks Kathryn worried that something is wrong 

"Nope, he was just leaving" Kathryn answers shaking her head then quickly stops herself, she pulls a tissue quickly out of her pocket and coughs up more water. Jesse looks at her with a smirk at laughs. 

"I think it would be a great day for a swim don't you?" Jesse suggests to her with a smirk as she wipes her mouth with the tissue 

"Why don't you go for one then" Kathryn rolls her eyes at him and barges past him. 

Dallas blocks Jesse making sure he can't get to her then sits down at the table. Kathryn sits beside Danny and Zackery not wanting to be too close to Dallas because he will automatically sense something isn't right. Talk about sensing Kathryn looks up at Alice and sees a concerned look on her face while she wears a red ripped pair of waist jeans, a black t-shirt that has a buckle at the front with red trainers and a black back pack. Her hair is in a tight high pony tail. Kathryn gives a little smile and nod to show she is okay. 

"We were trying to get a hold of you what happened?" Ella asks Kathryn feeling concerned about her while wearing a black ripped pair of jeans that had jewels all over them that sits just below her belly button and a light pink wool t-shirt  along with a light pink trainers and back pack to match with her straight hair down. 

"I lost my phone yesterday" Kathryn answers them with a shrug of the shoulders. 

"You never lose your phone" Danny points out to her finding it odd 

"Yeah you and near about everyone else in this place always have it in your hand" Zackery agrees with Danny not understanding how it could have happened. 

"I'm thinking i left it in the library or maybe cooking class after i left. I dunno" Kathryn lies to them not having any idea of where her phone acutally is considering the last time she had it was when she was in the corridor moments before she was attacked.

Kathryn gives the girls a look to show she has something to tell them. 

"What is with you girls, honestly you have been so strange lately" Zackery points out to them 

"Never did i expect to hear that you throw a boiling hot pan of soup at Jesse during cooking class yesterday" Danny tells Kathryn feeling shocked at he swirls the blood in his glass around. 

"I didn't expect it either" Kathryn laughs feeling impressed with herself that she actually did it. 

" It was quiet the show" Ella replies to the boys with a smirk feeling proud that Kathryn lashed out at him. 

"I'm just done with him, done with everything about him. Kill him for all i care and i wouldn't even shed a tear at this point" Kathryn informs the boys with anger in her voice 

"Why the change?" Danny questions her feeling confused due to this boy once upon a time being the love of her life 

"People change" Kathryn  says with a look of emptiness on her. 

"I'm just glad you finally decided he isn't worth your time" Dallas pipes up to her

Kathryn doesn't eat or drink anything instead she just looks around her, she catches a glimpse of her father who looks at her with a smile on his face feeling proud of this day. That she managed to make the age of 17 and not having turned. She smiles at him feeling happy to have him in her life because even though she has been tortured and continues to lose people everyday she will always be able to count on her father to have her back because after all it's her dad and what dad would dare hurt his little girl. Not this one that's for sure. Kathryn looks back round at her friends and picks her bag back up putting in back on her shoulder. 

"I'm going to head to class, see you guys later" Kathryn says to them as she stands up. 

"You haven't touched your food" Alice mentions to her feeling concerned. 

"Not feeling hungry" kathryn smiles at them before heading out of the great hall.

At the great hall doors she ponders for a moment trying to decide if she should head left towards English class or go right out into the courtyard and not bother going at all. She goes to go towards the courtyard but decides against it knowing that if she skips class more people will begin to ask questions, questions she isn't willing to answer. She puts her game face on and pretends her head isn't thumping, that all she wants to do is down a bottle of vodka or kill the bastard who hurt her.

VanderVall Academy- 

Party Committee Room - 11.59am

Kathryn is sitting at the big black comfy chair at the desk she always sits at in the room the girls always go to for their committee meetings. She looks at the photo frame she keeps on the desk one of her and Justin and one of her, Seth and Catherine. She sits waiting patiently for the girls to arrive thinking in her head what she is going to say to Alice and Ella. The question is does she tell them the truth and tell them Jesse attacked her and drowned her or tell them she fell in the shower and hut her head. As she is waiting she begins to uncontrollable cough causing the water to come back on her causing her to choke on it. She leans over the bin knowing she has to get all the water out that she possibly can. She continues to make herself cough up the water. She stops caughing after a few minutes and pats her mouth and chin with a tissue clearing up the water. She sits back down on her chair when Alice and Ella walk in and close the door behind them. 

"You have roughly 3 minutes to explain what you wanted to tell us before Marly and her groupies arrive" Alice blurts out quickly to her 

" Jesse attacked me last night, drowned me, killed me" Kathryn confesses to the girls 

"Looks like i wasn't the only one then. He snapped my next in the middle of the corridor and dumped me in the hall" Alice shares her experience 

"and he put his hand through my chest" Ella joins in 

"He's after us, he wants us to suffer and he isn't going to stop." Kathryn shares with the girls sensing his plan 

"We have to stop him "Alice pipes up 

" Really how, if we kill him we are in big trouble" Ella points out to them knowing that they could actually get killed along with him 

"We have to find a way, we need to stop what he is doing" Kathryn pipes up knowing that one way or another he needs to be stopped and he needs to be stopped now before he hurts any other innocent being. 

"How about we meet up later and talk more about this" Ella suggests to the girls knowing this is a conversation that needs to be talked in depth and not just briefly. 

Alice and Ella sit down on their tables and Marly, Peyton and Sophia come walking into the room with smiles on their faces. Peyton and Sophia head to their tables while Marly walks over to Kathryn. Peyton was wearing black trousers and a burgandy crop top along with burgandy heels to match and her hair in a slight wave down. While Sophia had black leather trouser on and a flowery top, black heels and her hair in a curly pony tail. 

"I was wondering if you and i could have a word in private?" Marly asks Kathryn as she stands at the desk she had on a pair of dark blue jeans that had near rips on them and a red t-shirt that she tied at the front, on her feet he had black and white trainers on and a black backpack over her shoulder with her hair in a braid. 

"Alright give me a minute" Kathryn agress and give her a head nod. 

"We have roughly two weeks until the Christmas ball let's just make sure all the decorations have arrived and we have drawn up where it is all going to go. Plus we need to start putting up the Christmas decorations too" Kathryn instructs the girls needing to be ready

" Me and Ella will sort through the Christmas stuff while the other girls do the ball one" Alice suggests thinking that it's best if they split it up getting more work done in the process. 

Kathryn nods her head in agreement then pulls Marly out side for their one on one. 

"I know we don't get along and we don't exaclty like on another but i just wanted to say that you didn't deserve what Jesse did to you and i'm sorry. I didn't know he was with you when i was seeing him and as soon as i found out i broke it off with him" Marly apologises to Kathryn feeling bad for the part she played. 

" I'm going to choose to believe you because honestly right now i can't be bothered with any of it. I'm done with Jesse and if you want him then you can have him" Kathryn says to her not caring about him at all. 

"Trust me i don't want to be with him not like this and i never thoguht that i would see the day i where he gave his soul away to someone else" Marly shares with Kathryn feeling shocked at what he did 

"I never liked you and i may never like you but the thing is Marly i think you're just a person in pain trying to make a call for help so i accept your apology and hope that the both of us can just move on from this" Kathryn offers her the chance to be civil and nice to one another. 

"I promise no more screwing any guys you get with" Marly promises her feeling guilty 

Kathryn gives her a little smile before they head back inside the room to the rest of the girls. 

"Tomorrow the witches are banding together to make it nice cold and snowy" Kathryn informs the girls as she walks back to her desk and sits on the edge while Marly sits down on her seat.

"Is that also the day where we have to decorate the school by ourselves?" Ella moans at the thought of how much work it is going to take 

"Girls look around the room, we are beautiful women. I'm sure we can convince some dashing looking men to help us out" Kathryn smirks knowing her and the girls can wrap their fingers around the boys if they need to. 

 "You want us to use the boys?" Peyton questions her wanting to make sure she heard her correctly 

"Buy them hot chocolate or a drink afterwards. Don't lead them on making them think they have a chance if they don't because that wouldn't be fair" Kathryn explains the girls what she means. 

"She does have a point we are more likely to get more stuff done with help" Marly agrees with what Kathryn has to say. 

"Since when did you two start agreeing  on thing?" Alice questions them feeling shocked

"About 4 minutes ago" Kathryn jokes to them with a smirk on her face 

Ella looks over to Kathryn with a look of skepticism not being able to trust Marly or her actions. 

"We have 40 minutes to kill why don't we just start on the Christmas stuff right now?" Kathryn suggests to the girls 

"There is so much to do where would we even start?" Peyton questions Kathryn 

" Let's just start on this corridor and work our way around" Kathryn replies shrugging her shoulders not really knowing what else to do. 

The girls walk over to the tables that has the Christmas wreaths laid on them and head out the room to begin decorating. 

Training Gym- 1.56pm

Kathryn is sat on the gym floor with her back against the wall with her earphones in listening to music while she waits for Dallas to show up. She has her black tracksuit bottoms that has a thick white strip down down the left and right side of the bottoms, she had a matching cropped jumper on her sleeves rolled up a little higher. She had her hair up in a messy bun and black and white trainers on her feet.Her gym bag was sat on the benches  beside her water bottle and punching gloves. She sits there with her eyes closed reliving the moment again and again in her head of the moment Jesse decided to throw her in the water. When ever she sees the memory of him drowing her she screws up her face like she is in pain like she can feel every single thing he is doing to her. She opens her eyes back up and begins to cough again, the last of the water working it's way out of her system. She pulls the ear phones out of her ear and throws the phone down on the ground before lunging herself at the bin, she puts her hands on the side of the bin and coughs up the water trying her hardest not to choke this time.

A minute later she stops coughing up the water and uses her hand to wipe her mouth. She pulls herself up off the ground and walks over to her bag where she takes out the purple towel and dabs it on her face to dry it up. She throws the towel back in her bag in anger that this is still happening but getting even more angry with herself over the fact that she continues to get angry. She walks back over to the corner of the room where she was sitting originally and puts her earphones back in.  Dallas comes walking through the door in his black tracksuit and white t-shirt, he sees Kathryn sitting down in the corner and shakes his head at her. 

"You could have been training while you waited?" Dallas points out to her, Kathryn over hears him and takes the earphones out of her ears and looks up at him. 

"Yeah i could have but i decided against it" Kathryn shrugs her shoulders not giving a damn. 

"Let's not waste time then" Dallas says to her as he dumps his stuff to the side and goes over to the treadmill. Kathryn gets up off the floor and leaves her phone where was sitting and joins Dallas at the treadmill. 

" Why do i have a feeling you are about to make me do a brutal work out?" Kathryn mentions sensing that the look in his eyes tell her so. 

"Just making sure you're ready" Dallas answers her as he begins to run. Kathryn climbs onto the treadmill beside him starting off with a slow jog. 

"Promise me you won't hit my head at all today" Kathryn asks of him not wanting to one burst her stitches and two having him find out what toke place last night. 

"Why?" Dallas questions her pressing the buttons on her treadmill making her go into a run. 

"Sensitive that's all, perhaps a little tender" Kathryn partly lies to him as she picks up the pace.

" Drink?" Dallas asks her with a concerned look upon him 

" No not at all, Haven't touched the stuff since my mum and dad died " Kathryn shakes her head straight away 

"Good, don't want you getting up to any mischief" Dallas smirks at her 

"No none at all. Keeping my way out of trouble" Kathryn lies to him knowing fine well she is far away from staying out of trouble as possible and he can most likely sense it too. 

Kathyrn looks at the mirror infront of the treadmill and she just stares at herself. As she looks at herself she can only help but feel weakness, pain, lonliness and angry. All she sees is a pathetic little scared girl who needs her daddy to save her every time some thing goes wrong. She begins to take those feelings and power it into her run motivating herself to keep going. She goes faster and faster and faster to the point where she is nearly stumbling over her own two feet because she cannot control herself. 

"Slow down" Dallas advices her feeling concerned at how fast she is running for a human. 

Kathryn ignores him blocking him out as if he isn't running beside her like he doesn't exist at all. Dallas jumps off the treadmill and shuts off hers knowing that she can't handle the speed. Knowing that something is going on inside of her head that she doesn't want him to know about. 

"What's the hurry?" Dallas jokes to her trying to make light of what ever is going on 

"Sorry i guess i was just trying to run away from my life" Kathryn replies as she comes to a stop. 

"I know a thing or two about wanting to run away about wanting to escape it all but it really doesn't help. What ever you are hiding or what ever you're worried about you got to tell someone about it" Dallas urges her not wanting her to end up like him

" I want to tell you i do but it's complicated" Kathryn replies with a shrug of the shoulders. 

"Do you trust me?" Dallas questions her as she climbs off the treadmill putting her feet back onto the ground. Where they head towards the punching bag, Kathryn throws on her punching gloves and begins hitting the bag while he hold it. 

"You know i trust you" Kathryn answers him with a small smile 

" Then why do you continue to hide things that are clearly messing with your mind" Dallas mentions to her not understanding why she won't just tell him what is going on. 

"Because as much as i trust you, it's still really difficult for me to talk about these things with you or anybody. You know as well as i do how difficult it is to talk to someone about what you have suffered" Kathryn reminds him that he is also shut off just like her. 

"You're right i don't tell people what is going on but yet you seem to get it out of me anyway" Dallas says to her with a tight grip on the bag.

"One day i promise to tell you all my secrets" Kathryn grins at him 

"You better" Dallas gives her a little smile back. 

Kathryn continues to punch the bag as hard as she can to get out all the frustration she feels inside. 

"You know when i died i remember the look on my families faces moments after my funeral" Dallas begins to tell her 

Flashback- Dallas's Funeral-

Dallas stood as far away as he could to make sure he wouldn't get noticed to make sure that his family wouldn't spot him. He could see his mum  crying out for him begging for him to come back to live. He could see the girl he loved Cheryl holding onto his mothers hand assuring her that everything is going to be okay and that they will get through it together because they both lost someone they loved. Someone they thought was going to be in their lifes forever but people change, people tell lies and people die and there is nothing we can do apart from accept it and move on with our lives. 

Dallas contemplates walking over to them to comfort his family but instead of tears he looks at their faces and sees smiles. Dallas watched from a far as his mum and Cheryl walked out of the graveyard laughing and giggling to one another like nothing happened. Like they hadn't just berried their son or their boyfriend and a switch went off inside of him. A switch telling him that he wasn't good enough and that his family didn't actually care about them because lets face it if they did they would be on their hands and knees begging and praying for her son to come back to her but she wasn't it was the opposite. It was like she was happy that he was gone, like she was happy that she no longer had to be around for him and in a way she was right because 5 days after the funeral his mother Wendy was gone. Packed away her belongings and moved across the world but not for the reasons Dallas believed she was haunted by the memory of his death that she couldn't bare spending another minute in the place she one called home, in the place where the people she went to church with killed her son, her little boy.

Dallas stood in the house he once called home and looked around at the beige walls and wooden floors all he could see was it's emptiness and it brought nothing but pain to him so he did the only rational thing that he could think of in that moment. He sent the house alight and watched it burn from across the street. He stood and watched the poor innocent boy he once was burn and all of his memories along with it because he no longer felt the need for them. For any of them and he felt okay with that.


Kathryn is stood punching the bag while Dallas is holding onto it to make sure it doesn't come back and hit her.

"Have you spoke to your mum since you died?" Kathryn questions himwanting to know more, wanting him to go into more detail not only about his mum but about his life and what he used to be like even if he believes that person doesn't matter anymore. Even if he believes that person died in the fire. 

"Not one word" Dallas replies to her his face showing both regret and guilt at the thought. 

"Maybe you should. I'm sure she would love to hear from you" Kathryn suggests to him to call her and meet up to perhaps see if they can get their relationship on the right track but he doesn't seem to impressed with the idea. 

"No and i would be fooling myself to believe otherwise" Dallas informs her knowing that it is best to stay clear of his mother because he is the one who will end up getting hurt and he isn't prepared to go through that again. To see his mother look at him with the face of hatred and disgust, that was the kind of look he never wanted to see from his mother again. 

"I'm sure she misses you" Kathryn attempts to make him feel better 

"She is doing far more better without me in her life than what she was when i was in it. If she truley missed my then why would she never go to my grave with flowers. Why does she pretend if i don't exist?" Dallas poses another question to Kathryn already knowing an answer in his mind even if it may not be the right one. 

"Perhaps i'm not the best person to talk to mothers about considering my situation" Kathryn mentions feeling out of her comfort and speechless. 

"Yeah perhaps talking to you about it was the wrong move" Dallas replies with a slight hurt thinkng she means it in another way 

"No, i want you to talk to me about it i just don't think if you want advice or anything about your mum that i would be the best person to get it from" Kathryn repeats making it more clear what she really meant. 

"I've said it before and i will say it again we are two messed up people who just can't seem to figure out what the hell to do right in this world" Dallas says to her letting go of the punching bag to give her a 5 minute break. 

"One of these days people won't look at me and see someone who is fragile and damaged instead they are going to think damn that girl was strong and managed to live life" Kathryn promises herself that she will improve her life one way or another. 

"If you could, would you go back into time and change your life. Change the outcome?" Kathryn questions him not sure how he will repsond as she throws the gloves over at the bench 

"I don't know, if i went back i could end up screwing it up a million times more than what i originally meant to and that would be worse so perhaps i would leave it" Dallas responds to her question trying to think about it but not really knowing himself what he would do if he had a choice "would you?" 

"No, i gained a very loving father and friends. I found out who i was and yeah there is troubles along the way but i would rather go through them than go back in time and live a life that was a lie" Kathryn answers him truthfully not regretting anything so far since the day she drowned. Kathryn thinks to her self in that moment and really thinks about how different her life could be and a part of her does wish that none of this would have happened. That the past few months have only been a dream and that soon she would open her eyes and it would all be over but this time it's not the case. This time it's real life and there is no running away. 

VanderVall Academy- Great Hall- 6.33pm 

Kathryn is back in her clothes from this morning and her hair back down with a bit from each side of her head coming together at the back to hide her stitches.  Ella and Alice is sat beside her all being aware of Jesse's presence in the room and being ready to attack him if he goes for them. The girls made a pact that unless absolutely necessary the will not walk in the corridors by themselves and they would stick with each other to make the odds of them being attacked lower. Dallas, Danny and Zackery are siting on the opposite side of the girls munching down all the food they can get their hands on. Kathyrn has her fork in her hand while she plays with the last two remaining carrots that are left on her plate. 

"What's that your dads got?" Ella points out as she looks at Justin walking over to them with what appears to be a cake in his hand 

"Oh god no" Kathryn whispers under her breath but they all pick it up due to their hearing abilities and look at her confused. 

"Looks like a cake to me. Wonder who it's for" Zackery replies to them eyeing it up. 

Kathryn spots Jesse out of the corner of his eye with a smile on his face and blows her a kiss. She looks at him creeped out and looks away from him hoping the awkwardness with soon disappear. Justin walks over to the table and puts the cake down in front of Kathryn. 

"Happy birthday baby" Justin says to her with a grin on his face. He kisses her forehead and looks at her so happy that he is finally able to spend one of her birthdays with her even if it could be her last. 

"Thanks " Kathryn grins up at him and looks at the cake with icing and sprinkles around it feeling happy over the fact that he has put in the effort to get her one. 

"Why didn't you tell us?" Alice asks Kathryn giving her a bit of a knudge annoyed wiht her for hiding it 

"I didn't want a big fuss"Kathryn replies to the group after blowing out her candle. 

"I let a gift for you in your bedroom" Justin informs her as he puts his hand on her right shoulder standing behind her. 

"Thank you but you really didn't have to get me anything" Kathryn shares with him feeling a little guily that he has went out of his way to buy her some thing 

"You're my only daughter so of course i'm going to but you something" Justin smirks at her hoping to himself that he is getting this dad thing down. "I'll leave you guys to it then but tomorrow we will talk about the pot of soup shall we" 

Kathryn smiles and watches her father walk away out of sight then looks down at the cake. She then looks over to Dallas and can tell he isn't too impressed with her. She looks at him for a moment before their minds connect together. 

"Why didn't you tell me earlier?" Dallas asks her feeling confused why she didn't tell him in training now feeling guilty for how much he pushed her and most likely making it her worst birthday she has lived. 

"I didn't feel the need to say anything. It's nothing special just another day" Kathryn shares with him shrugging her shoulders while she hands them all forks to dig in to the cake. 

"I spent basically the whole session taking about my past and training you harder than ever" Dallas reminds her of earlier on in the day and all the work they did. 

"I wanted to hear about your past and besides i wouldn't have wanted you to go easy on me just because of my birthday. I didn't want special treatment" Kathryn tells him 

Dallas looks at her with slight disbelief knowing there is still something going on in her mind. Knowing that while he was in her mind he could feel the fear but couldn't figure out why.  Kathryn looks away at him and she digs into the cake like the rest of her friends. As her and her friends are eating the cake more people leave the great hall feeling slight jealousy and not understanding why she got a cake when Kathryn spots her dad standing up off his chair and stairing at the double doors. She then looks round and sees a woman with long brown hair wearing red trousers, a red lace body suit with a red blazer and red strappy heels stood there staring at him. Kathryn looks up in disbelief realising who it could be. Kathryn puts her fork down and gets up, she walks over to the woman with a smile on her face. 

"Hi, I'm Kathryn" Kathryn introduces herself tto the woman 

"Hi Kathryn, I'm Sarah. I believe we spoke on the phone a few times" Sarah greets herself and shakes Kathryns hand 

"I'm so happy you came. Wow, it's great to meet you" Kathryn says to her feeling shocked that she is actually here and stood in front of her.

Justin comes over to the two girls in a flash feeling confused and conflicted about how he feels. 

"Sarah" Justin says to her in shock but with a smile on his face happy to see that she is stood in front of him 

"Hi Justin " Sarah smiles back at him then gives him a hug missing him after so many years of them being apart. 

"What are you doing here?" Justin questions her 

"I invited her, i told her how miserable you seemed and how much you missed her and i obviously convinced her enougth to come" Kathryn confesses to him with a smirk on her face 

"I missed you" Sarah informs him as she puts one of her hands on his face 

"Kathryn sorry can you give us a few minutes" Justin asks Kathryn wanting to talk to Sarah in private and out of the ears of every othere student left in the great hall. 

"Sure, See you guys later" Kathryn says before returing to her table.

Sarah takes a hold of Justins arm and they take a stroll outside to get reaquainted with another. 

"I thought you said you would never come back here" Justin reminds her of one of the last things she said to him 

"No i said to you i wouldn't come back here unless you finally found her because it hurt me too much seeing you so hurt, so broken like that" Sarah expresses how she felt back them 

"I loved you Sarah but you walked away" Justin says not knowing what to do 

"Just because i left doesn't mean i stopped loving you Justin because i didn't stop." Sarah expresses her feelings to him hoping he still feels the same 

"I still love you but we are different people after what happened and what has been happening with Kathryn it made me realise that i no longer see the good in people anymore or the good. I really don't. I have learned over the years to always expect the worst and that is the difference between you and i because you see the good in them all. You see the potential. It takes me a while to see that now" Justin shares with her his thoughts 

"Which is why we are so good together. Like ying and yang, we keep one another balanced and remind each other what is still out there" Sarah pipes up not willing to give up on him 

"Kathryn is my number one priority" Justin informs her wanting her to have all the information 

"I totally respect that and i would be the same. I have love for that little girl too" Sarah reminds him how she was there the whole way through the pregnancy holding his hand and helping him get through it.

"It really is good to see you" Justin smirks at her and gives her another hug happy to be reunited with her once again even if he doesn't know what this could mean for them. 

Kathryn's Chambers- 7.48pm 

Kathryn was lying in bed with a pair of pink pyjama shorts that has sloths over them and a black t-shirt that has a sloth at the front. She toke the clip out of her hair meaning it was all down but now it was in a side pattern and most he hair was on the left side of her head. Her pink silk dressing down was laying on the edge of the bed for is she ever needed it and her pink fluffy slippers at the side of her bed easy to slide her feet into. In her hand she held a locket that contained a picture of her and her dad that she could hold onto and keep with her. She has her tv on playing the tv show NCIS with a pile of snacks beside her just waiting to dig into them. She sticks her hand into the tub of BBQ Texas pringles and ate them. Having already accidentally eaten half she looks down and makes a face then shrugs her shoulders not caring. She hears a knock at the door so puts the tub of pringles on the side unit and licks her fingers.  She slides her slipper on and puts on her dressing gown. She walks over to the door and opens it up to see the group stood there  with snacks in hand. 

"You didn't think we would let you spend the rest of your birthday on your own?" Ella says to her with a grin before walking into the room. 

"You guys didn't have to come here. I was fine on my own" Kathryn attempts to assure them 

"Clearly" Danny replies as she looks a the tub of pringles, the bag of maltesers, choclate orange and minsterals that is laid on her bed. Kathryn closes the bedroom door once they are in  and walks back over to her bed where Alice and Ella have already made themselves comfortable. 

"I guess you best make yourself at home" Kathryn instructs them realising that after all this time if they have some thing on their mind that they want to do they will do it.

Kathryn takes off her dressing gown and slippers and crawls back into bed. 

"Heres the remote" Kathryn throws it on the bed allowing anyone to change the channel and put anything they want on. 

"We found your phone" Dallas informs her throwing it on the bed to her. Kathryn smiles at him feeling thankful that he found it but was too afraid to ask where incase any questions ended up popping up. She left the phone in the exact same place that it landed because she just wanted to take a moment to feel greatful for what she had.

Kathryn sat in her bed and looked at her two best friends who was in the bed with her and smiled, she looked over to the three boys chilling on the sofa and she felt safe like today was a success. She realised that today went better than she expected it to, instead of being sad and moaping around the whole day she had fun which was becoming a rare thing as the days go by. Even though she was unsure of what she might face in the future she was ready for it because she could always count on her 5 best friends to have her back even if it is just to laze about in pjs all day watching tv. In this moment she was happy she was still alive 


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