My Unearthing Miracle

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Chapter 38 (v.1) - Chapter 38- Mind Over Matter

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Submitted: May 15, 2019



Chapter 38- Mind Over Matter 

VanderVall Academy- Friday 21st December,2017- 8.34am 

Car Park- 

Kathryn walks out of one of the towns shops in a pair of light blue jeans that has holes at the knees, a white t-shirt that has a red rose sewn on at the left side  and a blue denim jacket over the top, on her feet she put on light blue pair of trainers and her hair tied in a bun so that if she needs to do a runner it will be easy for her and heads towards the car park while Zackery walks along side her they walk over to their car the black Audi. Kathryn has two small bags in her hand as they head for the car 

"Thank you for doing this" Kathryn says to him as she heads for the driver seat of the car 

"No problem,  I can drive" He pipes up not liking the idea of any one other than him driving 

"I got this" Kathryn shakes her head not handing over the keys. 

She gets in the driver seat of the car and puts her seat belt on, she puts the key in and turns the ignition on and looks at Zackery with a smile. He climbs into the passanger seat with an unsettling look on his face and puts on his seat belt. She begins to drive off making her way back in the direction of the school

"What exactly did you pick up that was so important?" Zackery questions her 

"I wanted to grab something for the girls after everything we have been through they deserve it" Kathryn answers him as she drives through the streets faster than normal to make sure they can't be spotted.

Zackery keeps fidgiting with his hands and moving his legs. 

"Sorry, it's just i get nervous when someone else is driving" He shares with her

"Want me to pull over?" Kathryn asks him sensing he really isn't comfortable. 

"No it's okay" Zackery shakes his head 

"Get out" Kathryn says pulling over to the side of the road, she takes her seat belt off and Zackery gets out of the car. Kathryn climbs over into the seat and into the passanger seat allow Zackery into the driver side. She puts the seat bealt back on, Zackery climbs into the car and closes the door and puts on his seat belt. He puts his hands on the steering wheel and as he begins to drive Kathryn notices his body start to relax.

"Be honest with me, do you really want to kill Jesse?" Zackery questions her glancing over at her every few minutes 

"I don't want to but i don't think i will have a choice" Kathryn answers him looking down at her hands.

"Do you still love him?" Zackery asks her wanting to know what her feelings towards Jesse are and if they have changed 

"No" Kathryn shakes her head "On the day my parents died he wanted to drain me of my blood and as soon as we got back i caught him and Marly all over each other. Then he attacked Wilson in the corridor for no reason which lead to him throwing Alice and Ella across the corridor and him slamming his hand into my face and holding down my arm where he was prepared to bite my neck again. Then i found out he cheated on me for the first six months of our relationship which is a dick move. Oh and then he drowned me and killed me and that's been going on for 2 weeks or what ever and he's been torturing my best friends at every chance he gets plus god knows who else he has hurt so no i certainly do not love him or feel any kind of romantic feelings towards him" Kathryn reminds him of all the things Jesse has put her through

"Would you still love someone who did all that?" Kathryn adds in 

"No i wouldn't" Zackery shakes his head

"Now he just scares me and makes me hate him" Kathryn shares with him 

"But you still wouldn't kill him" Zackery repeats to her

"It's complicated, it would be like Danny doing horrible things, would you kill him?" Kathryn turns the question on him to see what his response would be 

"Like you said you wouldn't want to but you wouldn't have a choice" Zackery uses her words, Kathryn looks out the window feeling on edge that any one might jump out and attack the car. The streets have gotten better since the boys started going out and clearing them and with Justin's hunter friends turning up was even better. 

"I'm guessing he isn't your date for ball then?" Zackery questions her with a smile on his face 

"Definetly not, i would rather burn my dress than go with him" Kathryn shoots the idea down 

"Who you going with?" Zackery asks her interesting to see who she chose 

"No one, i am a strong independant woman who needs no man to be her date to a christmas ball"  Kathryn answers him not caring that the fact she doesn't have a man to go with. Her and Ella had already previously agreed that they would go together seeing as neither of them had someone to go with. 

"How about you, which lucky girl will be by your side?" Kathryn asks him but she already thinks she knows. 

"I'm not taking anyone, I'm a free man" Zackery answers her 

"I can't wait to hear on Sunday about which girl you toke back to your room" Kathryn shares with him knowing even if she didn't want to hear about it she would still end up being told every single detail. 

"You'll be the first to know" Zackery begins to say before stopping "you know what i don't think you will" Zackery changes his mind to which Kathryn looks at him confused 

"I know Danny will be the first to know" Kathryn replies shrugging her shoulders 

"I mean, i've been putting on an act for the past few weeks... You see the thing is there may be a chance i might actually love someone" Zackery begins to confess to her 

"Is that so?" Kathryn pipes up already having an idea of what he is talking about

"But she doesn't want me and i'm too much of a screw up for her to want me" Zackery expresses his feelings 

"You got to show the girl you love her then, stop screwing around with other girls. Be there for the girl when she needs you and when she doesn't need you. Compliment her and make her feel special. She would have to be stupid to turn you down" Kathryn shares her thoughts about it. 

"Are you just saying that to make me feel better?" Zackery asks her feeling her words aren't real 

"I'm telling you the truth" kathryn answers him giving him a friendly smile 

They drive back through into the school gates and head back to the car park. Zackery parks the car in the exact same spot it was in before they left. Kathryn takes off her seat belt and gets out of the car with the two bags in her right hand and her purse in the other hand. As they make their way back to the front doors of the academy, Dallas spots them walking through the doors and approaches them. 

"Where were you guys?" Dallas questions them his eye brow raised 

"We snuck out" Kathryn tells him the truth 

"What?" Dallas blurts out 

"Yeah we snuck out into town to pick up a gift" Zackery explains to him.

Kathryn looks at Dallas in the eyes still feeling guilty over the fact she didn't tell him the truth but inside she knows it was still the right thing to do and if she had too, she would do it all over again if it meant protecting him. 

"I'm sorry for lying to you again" Kathryn apologises to him through Telekenisis. 

"I know you don't have to tell me things but i wish you would" Dallas tells her wanting her to be honest with him about things rather than him finding out everything from other people. 

"It's hard for me to be open about these things" Kathryn says to him as she thinks about what she has been through and seen in the past 

"Your the first person in a long time i have let care about me that i have let into my life and i guess hearing you were in trouble and didn't come to me hurt me. Then when you said you didn't tell me because you were trying to protect me, my emotions became the better of me. I was angry" Dallas begins to express to her "It felt like you couldn't trust me" 

"I do trust you, i just didn't want you to become someone you hate"Kathryn tells him and the side of mouth curls up to a small smile.

Dallas walks over to her and pulls her into a hug, they both wrap their arms around each other. Zackery looks at them both confused not understanding what was going on because he didn't know they were talking inside her head.

"Thank you for being the best friend i never knew i needed" Dallas whispers into her ear 

"Thank you for being mine "Kathryn whispers back to him and they pull away from each other and take a step back. 

"Now don't go getting into any fight, can't have you face cup up for the ball tomorrow" kathryn jokes to him 

"Shouldn't i be the one to tell you that" Dallas smirks at her, Kathryn smiles back at him and Dallas, her and Zackery begin to walk into the great hall door. 

"Mind telling me what that was all about?" Zackery questions her pulling her back so Dallas can't hear her 

"Telekinisis" Kathryn whispers to him and smiles 

"You two?" Zackery adds in feeling confused, Kathryn nods her head then sits down at the table in between Dallas and Zackery and Across from Alice and Ella. 

"I have something for you both" Kathryn says to the girls and hands over the bag to them "Don't open it here" 

"What is it?" Alice asks with a smile on her face feeling greatful for what ever it was 

"A gift from me to you as a thanks for getting me through the past two weeks" Kathryn reveals to the girls 

"Thank you" Ella says to her as she places the bag on the table beside her. 

Justin's Office- 3.19pm 

Kathryn is sat in Justins private office with books open on the table, she stands up off the chair and walks around the room to look at the pictures of all the previous Headmaster's of the school. She smiles looking at Justin's photo then walks over and stands in front of Justin's parents and begins to wonder what kind of people they are, or should i say were. Kathryn hears a knock at the door and watches it open, Sarah comes walking into the room wearing a long grey skirt that sits just below her knee with a dark kind of pink long sleeved blouse that is a little low cut, on her feet he has pink plain pumps and her hair in a pony tail. If any other person saw her they would think she was a professor at the school but that wasn't the case, Justin gave her some spare clothes that were lying around until she was able to go out and get her own. 

"Sorry i wasn't expecting anyone in here" Sarah apologises heading back out 

"No it's okay, you can stay. I'll leave" Kathryn says to her, Sarah turns back around and smiles at her. 

"You don't have to leave, i was just coming to collect a book your father was leaving out for me" She tells her walking towards the desk. 

Kathryn turns her back and looks back up to the photo, she wraps her arms around her as she continues to think about her family and how much she would love to meet them all and get to know them which goes into how much she misses Catherine and Seth. 

"I can't imagine what it's like to lose a mother you loved but if you ever want to turn to someone other than your dad and friends to talk i'm always around" Sarah offers her with a smile, Kathryn turns her head around. 

"Thank you" Kathryn says to her nodding her head. 

Sarah begins to walk back towards the door of the office 

"You know my feelings are so comflicted.  One day Catherine and Seth were my parents and then the next i was whisked off to a new school and find out that in fact my parents are Ophelia and Justin. Before they died i missed them a lot and it broke my heart but i eventually found a way to get through it and i started to get to know Justin. Some times i feel bad for forgetting about them" Kathryn confesses to Sarah 

"Your dad never imagined this life for you. When he first found out about you he was scared out of his mind but he pulled himself together and was there by Ophelias side the whole time. After you were born he wouldn't let you go, he wouldn't let you out of his sight. He couldn't wait to watch you grow up" Sarah reveals to her as she walks over to her looking up at the portraits. 

"Your great-grandma and great-grandpa, Gideon and Maybelle  were so excited to meet you. I think they met you once and that was it" Sarah continues to share with Kathryn 

" I feel like i missed out on so much of my childhood, so much of my life" Kathryn tells her and takes a seat back down at the desk 

"So does your father, he wishes things could have went differently for you. He wishes he could have been through it all with you" Sarah says to Kathryn holding onto the book 

"I feel like my whole life has been a lie, my parents, my boyfriend. I loved my mum and my dad but i've started to notice a pattern forming that every person i love or loved seems to die. My grandparents, my mum and dad, my two best friends and soon Jesse" Kathryn expresses her feelings 

"It's not your fault those people died" Sarah attempts to make Kathryn feel better about it 

"I think it's just best for me not too love at all and that way people don't get hurt" Kathryn suggests to her 

"you can't not love people, you need love in your life" Sarah reminds her 

"Even if they end up getting hurt and killed?" Kathryn replies feeling skeptical about allowing herself to get close to people 

"Yes" Sarah answers, they both hear the door open and Justin walks through 

"My two favourite girls in one room" Justin says entering with a smile on his face. 

"We were just catching up" Sarah tells him with a smile. 

Justin walks over to Sarah and kisses her forehead then walks over to Kathryn and does the same. 

"I best get going" Sarah says to them while holding up the book in her hand

"I'll see you later on" Justin tells her with a smile 

"Are you going to the ball tomorrow?" Kathryn blurts out and stands up off the chair 

"I am" Sarah answers nodding her head 

"If you want, you can get ready in my room. Ella and Alice will be there but you are welcome to join us and help us get ready and we can help you" Kathryn offers her with a smile. 

"Thank you, i'd like that" Sarah accepts the offer then walks out the room closing the door behind her leaving Justin and Kathryn to talk. 

"Thank you for that" Justin says touching her arm feeling greatful at how welcoming Kathryn has been to Sarah 

"I thought it would be a great bonding experience for us" Kathryn confesses with a smile

"What you reading?" Justin asks her as he leans over her shoulder 

"A book about being able to talk to someone through your minds" Kathryn answers him showing him the front cover about the book 

"For a project or self knowledge?" Justin questions her 

" Self knowledge" Kathryn answers putting her pen down on the table and lifting her right leg to her chest. 

"What do you want to know?" Justin asks her as he takes a seat at one of the chairs in front of the desk where normally the pupil sits 

"How is someone able to read your mind and talk to you with out no one else hearing what is going on?" Kathryn questions him lifting up her pen 

"Having someone be able to read your mind and talk to them within your mind if one great power. You must have a real emotional connection with that person for it to even work" Justin begins to answer her 

"If someone wanted to do it how would they go about doing so?" Kathryn asks him while writing down what he says 

"Not everyone is able to perform such a gift. In fact it is has become rare over the years. I suppose to make it work you would have to be in control of your mind, you would have to focus on who you want to let into your mind and in the beginning when you are training keep eye contact if you are more skilled you can be miles away from the person all you have to do is think of them and it will let them in" Justin explains to her how it works 

"Wow" Kathryn replies smiling 

"What's your interest in this power for?" Justin asks her and leans forward on his chair 

"I've done it" Kathryn reveals to him 

"Who with?" Justin asks her with a proud smile on his face 

"Dallas" Kathryn tells him

"I should have suspected it" Justin says to her still smiling 

"Some times i just let him in with out realising it, i think to start with it was when i was feeling vulnerable and hurting and now it's just whenever. Some times just when i look at him" Kathryn reveals to her father 

"When was the last time you did it?" Justin asks her  practically standing in excitement 

"This morning, i apologised for keeping something a secret from him" Kathryn answers 

"You know Kathryn, i love you but you need to stop taking Dallas for granted. If you keep hiding things from him then he might walk away" Justin shares with her 

"I don't mean too, i just can't help it" Kathryn sticks up for her actions 

"Dallas respects you, he sees you as a friend and he tells you things. To many others they either get the respect or friendship. If you have his respect don't be disloyal or treat him like trash, if you have his friendship don't betray him. If you have his trust don't break it because once you lose it, you never get it back" Justin advices her 

"I never plan on being disloyal or treating him like trash, i would never plan on betraying him or breaking his trust" Kathryn shuts down the idea 

"I'm not saying you would but what i'm saying is Dallas doesn't respect a lot of people, he only friends a certain few and he never tells any one anything. To have all three is a big thing"Justin explains what he means to her 

"I know it's a big thing and i respect that. Me and Dallas just have troubles telling each other the big things like if someone has hurt us or if we are going out into town because we know how the other would react" Kathryn shares with her father

"What a pair you two are, One minute you are arguing and the next minute you are protecting each other" Justin points out to her with a smirk 

"It's what we do" Kathryn smiles at her father 

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