My Unearthing Miracle

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Chapter 53 (v.1) - Chapter 53-Miami, Here We Come!

Submitted: June 11, 2019

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Submitted: June 11, 2019



  Chapter 53- Miami, Here We Come!

VanderVall Academy- Sunday 4th March, 2018

Front Doors- 5.48am 

Kathryn stands at the front door of the Academy doors while Zackery and Danny put the suitcases in the back of the car. Kathryn is wearing a blue pair of high waist jeans that has three buttons at the top and a white top that has a cut in the middle of it showing off some clevage and light pink flowers over it, on her feet she has a pair of light pink trainers on and her hair is down in a slight curl from the day before. Kathryn also has a light pink leather jacket on over the top to keep her warm since it is a bit cold. Justin walks out of the academy and over to his daughter with a smile on his face. 

"You going to miss my face around here?" Kathryn asks him in a joking matter 

"Of course i will" Justin answers her and it's true because for the past 5/6 months he has saw her face every day and spoke to her every day and her not being around would feel strange to him. 

on her face 

"Be safe and don't get into any trouble"Justin advices her not being able to help his fear that she will get hurt when she is away. 

"I will try my best to stay out of trouble" Kathryn assures him not wanting to get in any fights while she is away 

"Good, I don't want you coming home in a body bag" Justin share with her thinking of all the ways the trip could go wrong 

"Oh dad, you're not getting rid of me that easily" Kathryn laughs to him and gives him a hug, she holds onto him for a minute not wanting to let go but she does and he gives her a kiss on the forehead. 

"I Love you so much" Justin says to her with a smile

"I know" Kathryn replies and turn around to look at the car "I should get going" 

"Be careful" Justin repeats to her and watches her walk away. 

Kathryn gets to the car and stands at the door with one hand on it she smiles at her dad and turns her head catching Dallas stood in the distance, she gives him a friendly gentle smile and a head nod then gets into the car and closes the door behind her. She puts on her seat belt and turns her head to look at Alice who is sat in the middle wearing a chequred above knee tight black and white skirt that has a zip down the top front of the skirt with a long sleeved white jumper on that is tucked under the skirt. On her feet she has on black boxed heel boots and her hair is down in a slight wave. Ella is on the other side of Alice beside the window wearing a black long sleeved top that only covers her boobs and a pink above knee skirt that sits at her belly button. On her feet she has on black ankle boots and her hair is down and straightened.  Zackery and Danny are at the front of the car driving and a body detail car was in the front and back of them. 

"Please tell me we are going to have fun on this holiday and no moaping about" Zackery pipes up to them all and directly looks at Kathryn 

"I promise this holiday is going to be fun. I have no inentions of moaping around." Kathryn promises them all. 

"Party, Party, Party" Ella shouts out in a excitement to which they all join in.

Down town Miami- 10.06 am 

After getting to the North Carolina airport at 7 then spending two hours waiting for their plane they landed in Miami at half nine and have finally made it to Down Town Miami and to Kathryn's new condo. Zackery parks the car up the drive and they wait in the car to make sure the coast is clear. They hear a knock on window as a sign that it is clear to get out, Kathryn takes off her seat belt and gets out of the car. She looks around the place with a smile on her face and pulls the keys out of her coat pocket. 

"Kathryn this place is gorgeous" Alice says as she looks around the outside of the condo. 

Kathryn walks up to the door and unlocks it  and opens the door, while the others grab the suitcases. Kathryn walks in the house and looks around seeing it for the first time since buying it, although she had seen photos from the real estate agents after he had sent her pictures of what the house looked like with all the furniture she had asked to be place in, it looked different in person. She walks through the corridor and comes across the kitchen, she opens the back patio door  and smiles at the site of the pool and can't wait to get in it. Ella joins her over at the patio door with a smile on her. 

"I love this place" Ella informs her looking out at the view 

"me too" Kathryn agrees enjoying the fact that she has a place in Miami that she can go to when she needs a time out. 

"Bed rooms?" Danny asks from standing at the stair case  needing to know where to go 

"Yeah right"Kathryn replies and shows them upstairs to their rooms, she then walks into her taking her suitcase with her and dumps in on her bed. She opens up the door in her bedroom letting the wind from outside in and allowing her to go on the balcony at any moment. 

As she stands at the balcony she takes her phone out of her back pocket and takes a photo of the view loving every moment. Once she has finished taking photos she looks at her phone to see a message from Sarah. 

"Hi Kathryn, hope all i well. Please send your father a message as soon as you can to tell him that you are okay x" Sarah message said, Kathryn goes onto her messages with Justin. 

"Hey dad, Just got into the condo. We are all safe and just about to unpack." Kathryn messages her father letting him know everything is fine. She comes out of her messages and goes onto Dallas' messages.

"Look what you are missing out on" She messages him and sends him a photo of the view from her room within seconds she gets a reply 

"Looks stunning, would loved to have been there but wanted to give you some space" Dallas replies to her, Kathryn looks at the message and takes a deep breath. She puts her phone back into her pocket and leans on the balcony bannister and looks out at the view taking it all in. 

"No moaping about"Kathryn reminds herself 

VanderVall Academy- Justins Office- 12.43pm 

Dallas is sitting in Justin's office on the sofa with Justin in front of them, both holding a whisky in their hand.

"Guessing you were shunned from the holiday"Justin pipes up to him 

"No, I thought it was best if i didn't go" Dallas shares with him thinking she would want the space away from him. 

"I know you slept with another woman and I'm not going to pretend I am happy about it because I'm not" Justin expresses with him 

"I know and i apologise immensily, I feel guilt and shake for what I did" Dallas repeats as he has done for the past few days. 

"I know that but i also know that you felt your judgement was being clouded when you were around her so you ended it for good to make sure your sole purpose is protecting her with no distractions which i admire you for" Justin expresses with him 

"Thank  you" Dallas replies looking at the glass

"But promise me once all this is over you will stop putting your life on the side for other people especially me and my daughter" Justin brings up to him 

"Yes sir" Dallas nods his head not sure if he is willing to make that promise. He sits on the sofa and thinks to himself about the words Justin just spoke to.

Dallas Inner Voice- 

"How can i make a promise to stop putting my life to the side for other people, for Justin and Kathryn when they saved me. Justin showed me and offered me a life here, he helped get my soul back when i didn't realise i wanted it. Although i stay loyal to Alfonso, i hold more loyalty towards Justin. As for Kathryn i would happy put my life to the side if it meant she would be happy and she was safe. I know to some i may sound rediculious but i have a duty to protect her, i swore to protect her and ever after she is out of harms way i will continue to do so, but for now i will just have to make her hate me." 

Down Town Miami- 5.37pm 

Kathryn's sitting outside in the garden at the table wearing a tight above knee leather skirt that has ties all down the middle front of the skirt, she has a red bralette that tied into a bow and material comes down from it with a black leather jacket over it. She wore red peep toe heels that are open at the front and tie up to the ankle. Her hair was down still in curls from earlier in the day but have flattened out due to the humid air. Zackery  comes out of the house and walks over to her and puts his hand on his back and takes a seat beside her. 

"You okay?" Zackery asks her feeling worried about her mood having noticed how upset she has been the past 4 days. 

"I'm fine, just waiting for you lot" Kathryn lies to him with a smile on her face 

"I know i said no moaping about but you can talk to me about it if you want" Zackery corrects his words 

"I'm fine Zackery, I promise" Kathryn lies to him again but he pretends to believe her. 

Kathryn stands up off her chair and picks her phone up off  the table, She heads inside and Zackery follows after her watching every move. She spots Alice grabbing a glass of water while wearing a purple lace bralette, a black leather above knee skirt that has ties at the sides of the skirt along with purple heels on her feet. Her hair had a pleate around the back of her head that goes into loose curls and a purple denim jacket over the top of her bralette to keep her warm. 

"The guards are checking the car out and then we are free to go" Danny announces to them all as he walks into the kitchen putting his black jacket over the top of his t-shirt. 

Kathryn looks at them and sighs beeing fed up over the fact that the guards have to check everything before the leave the house or enter. She grabs her black cross body bag from the side and heads to the front door and sees Ella getting into the car and opens the front door to head out. 

"Cost clear?" She asks them to which she gets a head nod back from them. 

She walks out of the door leaving the others inside and heads into the front of the car where Ella is already sitting in the back seats wearing a lace green bodysuit and a black swuade skirt that has a little cut up the left side. and black boxed heel ankle boots on her feet. She applied green temporary colour to the bottom half of her hair and has it down in curls with a green cross body bag sitting on her lap. 

"We seriously need a good stiff drink" Kathryn pipes up to her which makes Ella smile 

"Just one more like 5" Ella corrects her with a smirk on her face wanting to enjoy their spring break. 

Kathryn watches them all walk out the house and rolls down the car window and takes the house keys out of her bag. 

"Lock up" Kathryn says throwing the keys out of the window to Danny who catches them 

"Don't tell me i'm sitting in the back seat" Danny groans at the idea as he locks the door 

"Get over it Danny, it's just a seat" Zackery rolls his eyes at him and gets in the driver seat of the car.

Alice also gets in the back of the car again sitting in the middle when Danny gets in he sits beside Alice at the door, Zackery begins to drive the car off into town to restraunte Fratelli Milano. The group enjoys their supper and heads out for drinks afterwards. 

Floyd Miami Bar-

Alice, Ella and Kathryn managed to convince the bouncers to let them in even though they are under age. Danny and Zackery were grabbing a table while Alice was in the bathroom and Kathryn and Ella were standing at the bar. 

"What can i get you two beautiful ladies?" Travis Nelson a bartender asks them as he walks over 

"Can we get two gin and lemonades, one vodka and cola, One Vodka lemonade and one jack daniels with cola" Kathryn asks leaning on the bar with her purse in hand 

"Anything else?" He asks the girls with a smile on his face 

" 5 shots of tequila" Ella blurts out which makes Kathryn glare at her 

"Seriously" Kathryn says to not liking the idea at all 

"Come on Kathryn, we're here to have some fun" Ella replies to her with a grin on her face then both girls wait for Travis to come back with their drinks. 

He eventually comes back with the drinks and puts them in front of the girls, Kathryn hands him the money and he puts it in the till then writes something down on paper. He comes back to the girls and slides it to Kathryn. 

"My number" Travis shares with her and a smirk, Kathryn smirks at him and picks it up. She puts the paper in her mouth and carries the 5 glasses in hand while Ella carries the shot glasses. 

"Get in there girl" Ella smirks at her as they get back to the table. 

Kathryn puts the glasses down on the table and takes the paper out of her mouth, she glances at his number and slides it into her purse. She turns around and looks at Travis to see him already looking at her from the bar. She turns back to her friends and takes a shot of Tequila to get rid of her nerves and emotions. As much as she was grateful for Travis taking an interest in her and giving her his number she wasn't feeling ready to get back out there. She still felt the need to be loyal hoping that when she got back to the Academy her and Dallas would be fine again. 

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