My Unearthing Miracle

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Chapter 54 (v.1) - Chapter 54- Spring Break

Submitted: June 12, 2019

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Submitted: June 12, 2019



Chapter 54- Spring Break 

VanderVall Academy- Tuesday 6th March, 2018-

Dallas Chambers- 8.43am

Dallas is asleep in his bed while the rain pours down from outside his bedroom window. 

Dallas Dream- Flashback 2015

The Sacred Eternal Flame Coven- 

Dallas is sat in the first Medium chair behind Alfonso as his Second hand man while Lluca Bottcheur was in the second Medium chair to the left right of Dallas. Behind Dallas on the two small chairs that are slightly to the side  is  Eren Des Pit  beside her is Marik Deminger and the two on the other two smaller chairs being Lluca is Urien Bagshot and Cobern Villenueve. Elfride Gunars is standing on Alfonso's right side ready to care for any need he might have and care she does. Elfride has become some what close to Alfonso on an intimate level, had it been anyone else she would have been tossed out of the Coven for her sheer lack of respect and unwilling to perform her duties but Alfonso took pity on her and used her beauty. 

A woman by the name of Adela McCreery is on her knees in front of the coven while two of coven followers Dutch Bolivar and Celeste Krell hold her down with their hands on her shoulders not allowing her to move or give her the chance to run away. 

"Adela do you know why you are here with us today?" Alfonso questions her with this hands interwined together looking down at her. 

"Please sir, Please have mercy on me. I will do anything you want from me" Adela begs for her life to be saved by them all. 

"Begging isn't going to get you any where" Dallas pipes up to her looking around at the other High coven members who are shaking their heads with a disinterested in her plese. 

"Please I beg off you" Adela goes onto say 

"You broke rule number 5- Turning Human Children into Vampires or werewolves will result in punishment with the possibilty of death" Alfonso reminds her of the laws

"I can be useful" Adela pipes up trying to convince them to let her go 

"What use could you be, You fed on a 3 year old child and when you realised you were killing her you turned her instead. In the hopes that it would save your skin but here we are" Alfonso says to her shaking his head in disgust 

"It was an accident"Adela pleads out hoping she will be believed 

"An accident is accidentally killing someone over the age of 18 while on a feed, every one knows not to feed on children because the are far more vulnerable and more likely to die after two drinks" Dallas argues to her getting angry over the idea 

"My brother is right. You could have fed on the childs mother or father but you chose a child. A defensless child" Alfonso agrees with what Dallas has to say 

"What shall be her punishment?" Urien asks Alfonso looking at Adela on her knees 

"Death" Alfonso announces and gives Dutch and Celeste the go ahead to kill her, he looks to the left side of the room where Athanasia Thorson walks over to Adela with her hand reaching out. She soon twists her hand causing her to choke and gasp for breath.  Celeste lets go off Adela leaving only Dutch holding her down by the shoulders and she takes a wooden stake from the side and stabs it into Adela which leaves a pile of Adela's ashes on the ground 

"Clean it up" Alfonso orders looking around the room not caring who cleans it as long as it gets cleaned "Then send in the next Felon" 

Dallas looks over at Alfonso with a smirk on his face getting pleasure out of seeing these people suffer for the offences they have commited. 

"The night is still young boys, Let's see what mischief we can get outselves up to" Alfonso says to the High Coven Members with a slight chuckle in his voice.

Down Town Miami -Kathryn's Condo - 11.39am

Kathryn and Alice are chilling by the pool, Alice's lying on a towel on her sun lounger herblack shorts and Black tank top with a white logo at the front is hanging at the top of her sun lounger and she is lying there in a green two peice swimsuit that has a cut out around her stomach and a slight cut out at her boobs, her hair was down in a slight curl and some of it is in a pony tail, her sandels were on the ground and wearing her sunglasses to block out the sun. Kathryn was lying on a towel while her blue demin short and white cropped short sleeved t-shirt  that has buttons all down the front was on the top of her sun lounger. She was wearing a matching purple galaxy bikini that has a slight cut out down her cleavege not letting everything show but just a little, her hair was down straightened with her sunglasses on the top of her head. Like Alice her sandels are on the ground to the side out of the way.  The two Boys Danny and Zackery are messing about in the pool splashing each other with the water and playing with the ball, Ella comes out of the house with three cocktail glasses in her hand. Ella is wearing a white pair of denim shorts, a cropped low cut short sleeved pink top, her sunglasses were on the top of her head and her hair was wavy with pink sandels on her feet.

"Yass girl, I've been looking forward to these" Kathryn says in excitement to see Ella carrying the three cups and cocktail jug. 

"Gimme, gimme" Alice says sitting up on her sun lounger and reaches out to take the jug from Ella's hand. 

Kathryn holds the glasses while Alice pours the cocktails into the cups and she puts one cup beside each lounger, Ella takes off her shorts and t-shirt and rests it on her sun lounger which shows off her pink and black bikini.

"Where exactly is ours?" Danny calls out to them feeling left out 

"Make your own" Ella replies to him screwing up her face 

"Oh cheers, how nice of you" Zackery says looking at the three of them wanting a cocktail as well.

Kathryn feels her phone vibrate on her sun lounger and she picks it up expecting it to be her dad then realises it is Dallas. She slips her sandels onto her feet not putting them on properly and looks to the girls. 

"It's Dallas" She says getting up off the sun lounger and walks inside to the kitchen area away from the others. 

"Hello" Kathryn answers the phone 

"Kathryn" Dallas says with a slight happiness in his voice to hear her 

"Dallas" Kathryn says his name as her heart begins to pound

"How are you?" He asks her genuinly wanting to know how she is since he hasn't been around to see her 

happy to be talking to him 

"I'm ok" Dallas answers her " I wanted to phone you because i think we should talk" 

"Yeah" Kathryn replies not knowing where he is going to go 

"I told you before all i'm going to do is hurt you and you know i am right so i am doing what i know best." Dallas begins to say then stops him self to take a breath "I'm stepping away, I've decided we need to move on from each other for both our sakes". 

Kathryn doesn't reply straight away "As much as it pains me to actually agree with you, you are right" She replies to him 

"Did i just hear you say I'm right?" Dallas picks up on in shock to hear the words come out her mouth 

"There is a first for everything" Kathryn laughs to him "But don't expect it to happen again" she repeats the same words he used to her about being nice and complimenting her.

"I hope you know i'm trying to do what is best for you" Dallas tells her needing her to know he is doing it for her 

" Least it happened now rather than me falling for you" Kathryn replies to him lying to herself because it still hurts the same. 

"You should go and enjoy your holiday" Dallas says to her not wanting the conversation to go on longer and for them to realise that they do miss each other. 

"Try not miss me too much" Kathryn jokes to him 

"As if i could miss the bickering" He jokes back to her with a genuine smile on his face 

"Good bye Dallas" Kathryn says to him 

"Good bye Kathryn" Dallas repeats her words and she hangs up the phone. 

Kathryn puts her phone on the counter and puts her hands on the counter and leans down to hide her disappointment. She pulls her sunglasses off her head and puts them over her eyes, she picks her phone up off the counter and heads back outside. 

"What just happened?" Zackery asks her straight away 

"He's moving on" Kathryn answers and sits back down on her sun lounger she takes off her sandels and swings her legs on the sun lounger to relax. 

"Girl, he has moved on and so should you" Ella advices her not wanting to see her friend wait around for a guy like Dallas as Kathryn chugs her cocktail then refills it. 

"I am not going to get hung up on a guy who cheated on me and has already moved on. There is no point" Kathryn says to them all wanting to get past it 

"Good" Danny agrees with her as he rests his arms on the side of the pool beside the girls. 

"I'm here to enjoy my holiday and i will deal with it all when we get back" Kathryn tells them all wanting to enjoy herself. 

Mcgill's Bar- 12.48pm 

Dallas is sat at the bar alone with a bottle of beer in hand, he looks over and see's a girl with long blonde hair sat a few seats down. He looks away and back down at his bottle trying to get over what he said to Kathryn on the phone, regretting every word he said. 

"You waiting for a friend?" She asks him to which he picks up his head and looks over to her 

"nope, you?"  Dallas answers with another question 

"Nah, they're all up at the school. I needed 5 minutes away from them all" She answers him and he turns and looks back at his bottle

"I'm Kayleigh Myska by the way" She introduces her self and moves up one seat so that she was sat beside him 

"Dallas" he answers bluntly 

"I've heard about you around the Academy" She pipes up to him with a smile on her face 

"Probably all bad things" He responds to her and takes a drink from his bottle 

"Yeah, I also heard you are dating the Head Master's daughter"  She shares with him wanting to get to know him 

"Dated" He corrects her and takes another drink 

"It ended?" She says in shock considering the last she heard they were quite close 

"yup, i thought she cheated on me so i cheated on her" Dallas confesses with his eyes remaining on his beer. 

"What she decided she didn't want to be with you?" She asks him wanting to know what exactly happened 

"Given time she would have but i told her we had to move on because i'd only end up hurting her instead of protecting her and i won't do that to her" Dallas confesses to her 

"Seems like you really care about her" She picks up on his feelings 

"I suppose i do but i made her father a promise i would protect her at all costs and that is what i'm doing" Dallas goes on to say to her 

"Looks like you and i  are alike, we can't have who we want the most" She shares with him thinking of a witch back in the Academy. 

"Just our luck" Dallas replies to her and stands up off the bar stool 

"Leaving so soon?" She asks while she observes him 

"You can come if you like" He offers as he walks out of the bar to which she follows after him. 

Dallas and her talk all the way back up to school, she asked him questions about his personal life which he refused to answer like he usually does because he does not know her and certainly does not trust her. They make their way through the corridors when they hear arguing taking place in the courtyard to which Dallas hurries out to see the Vampires gathered in one section of the courtyard, the werewolves sectioned in another and the witches in another section. 

"You expect that by doing a bit of magic will kill Ophelia" Tejay Elwels a were wolf laughs at the witches thinking they will be inferior in the fight against Ophelia 

"Oh and you think the werewolves who can barely control when the turn will be able to control themselves and not cause more damage than needed" Zorion Broz a witch sticks up for many like him 

"Let's face it, the vampires are the most usuful in all of this" Hari Hayword claims with a smirk on his face 

"First of all, Hari you nearly attacked Paulie Fisher the other week because she cut her thumb on a peice of paper and you couldn't control your blood lust" Dallas begins to shout out then looks to the wolves "Half of you can't fight without turning humans into wolves which is going to be helpful how?" He continues on to say "And some of you can't even do a simple disappearing spell so in my eyes none of you are ready or worthy to be in a fight against Ophelia" Dallas shouts out to them all just as Justin walks out in the courtyard with Greg 

"We appreciate your Selflishness and Bravery to want to join the fight against Ophelia but like Dallas said none of you are prepared, you have more chance getting yourselves killed than anything else" Justin yells to them all as he stands in the centre of it all 

"We are currently coming up with a plan that can benifit us all, we will soon begin proper training for those of you willing to fight for our cause" Greg shares with them all making it known that they haven't forgotten about the students 

"When exactly will that be?" Hari shouts out to them angry of waiting around 

"In a few days time training will begin" Justin announces to them all and walks out of the courtyard leaving them all stood there whispering about what is doing to happen. 

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