The Dome

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 11 (v.1) - Chapter 11-

Submitted: July 02, 2013

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Submitted: July 02, 2013



Chapter 11

beside her and her mum and brother across from them. She turns her head looking around zoned out as she remains in silence. While zoned out she doesn't hear what anyone is saying around her. She watches as people she knew grieves over people they have lost or over the nightmares that haunt them. Today is the first day where no one is entering The Dome and dying. Audrey watches as some of the officials come walking into the food hall and she turn my head to look at her mother who is fidgeting in her seat. She soon realise it wasn't from nerves but because she was making sure she looked presentable. Harper's eyes soon shift onto Audrey and she instantly knows she wants her to do the same but doesn't see the point in it. They didn't care about how they looked they cared about who is going to die and about them putting on a show. Audrey nods her head at her mother and tucks her long sleeved off the shoulder yellow top into her matching yellow and black skirt as she attempted to hide most of the remaining bruises. 

A loud bell rings which grabs everyone's attention in the hall. The room goes from loud and chaotic to dead silence. They all lift their heads and look at the black tv screen which soon turns on. Harper takes a hold of her sons hand afraid of what is to come. 

"Good morning Ladies, Gentleman. Boys and girls. We as the government would just like to make an announcement to congratulate those of you who have survived the dreadful Dome. We understand this much be a very difficult time for you all. Our hearts go out to those of you who have loves someone you have loved. Whether it was a sibling, a child, a parent, a grandparent, a cousin, an aunt or  uncle. A best friend or a partner, we are deeply sorry. At eight o'clock tonight we the government will light candles to honor those we have lost at this difficult time. "President Greyson begins to announce as people in the room weep for their loved ones. "We understand your hate towards us but know we are only trying to protect you. We are still overpopulated by a great amount and will regrettably continue to draw people to enter The Dome but as time goes on it will lessen. I can promise you that. We have plans in action for what is taking place behind those walls... We know you may be frightened but we have your best interests in hand. If you don't believe us then go to the entry to the outside world and look for yourself. We are going to do all we can so that we can have a safer world for us all to live in. I assure you that when the day comes where the wall doors are opened we will be entering a new world. A world where we will no longer have to live in fear. A word which is equal and we continue to fight for what we believe is right for you and for ourselves. At eleven o'clock this morning we will be doing sixteen minutes of silence to represent the sixteen groups." He continues to go on. 

Audrey turns to look at her dad who is trying to conceal the terror on his face by these words. 

"Now with better news we have been working endlessly in Antoroux Panolia to restore homes and buildings. Each and everyone of you will be able to leave The Terminal and go to your designated home with the people you love. In the upcoming months if you wish you can request a place for yourself. The schools have been upgraded to the best of our ability where those of you eighteen and under will go to. We only have some rules we wish you would respect. 

1- There will be curfew for every single one of you for ten o'clock every night. A friday night and saturday night it will be eleven o'clock if you are an adult or out with an adult. Otherwise children under the age of eighteen it remains at ten o'clock. If you are caught out of your house between ten and quarter past ten you will not be punished as we all know some times we can lose track of time and sometimes we are a little farther away from home. We have watches we will be giving out to which you can wear which will give you a warning at nine o'clock then another at half past nine and then at ten o'clock a small alarm will ring to inform you of curfew. 

2- For those of you eighteen and under school is mandatory. You have no choice and are expected to be there unless you are ill, you are facing The Dome that week or a member of your family is dying. Only some of you will be chosen to go to university depending of which job you intend on taking. 

3- When The Dome is in process if you are called to be in The Crowd you must attend. 

4- Work is mandatory unless you are unfit or a single parent of young children. We have new jobs for you all as well as some old ones. 

5- When you are at home or at school you can wear any clothes you want as well as any colour you wish it doesn't matter of your Dome colours. During Pe, Training, The Dome, The Dome, Being in the crowds watching the dome take place or the ball then you must wear your Dome colours. 

Your usual activities will take place just like before with the exception of not being able to leave antoroux Panolia and having some rules. We hope you manage to find peace. Good day to you all. "President Greyson announces to them all from his desk in the white house and gives one last smile to everyone before the screen turns to black. 

"This is a good thing" Isaac pipes up to his family. Harper turns her head to look at Henry not sure what to say. 

"It is. It means we get to be a family again and spend time with each other like before" Henry jumps in and smiles at them. Audrey stands up off the bench and begins to climb out "Are you okay honey?" 

"I'm fine" She nods her head at them and continues to walk away from them. 

"You should go after her" Isaac suggests to his mother seeing that there is something wrong with his sister.

"She's going to be okay. Probably tired that's all" Harper replies shaking her head and the truth was she knew that perhaps Audrey wasn't okay but she couldn't bare to talk about it. 

Audrey's Point Of View - 

I make my way down the corridors when i hear Hunter shouting from behind me. I turn around and see him trying to catch up to me and i stop so that he can. 

"You alright?" he asks me and i can sense the concern in his voice. 

"I'm okay. It just feels strange you know." I answer him and i had this unsettling feeling inside of me. Like why would they allow us to roam freely when they have control of us all here. 

"You headed to your room?" He questions me and i nod my head at him as we walk together. 

"Yeah i am are you?"I answer with another question. 

"Yeah Mum and dad want to make sure i am packed as quickly as i can. The first sight they see to get out of this place they are going to take it." Hunter explains to me and i turn to look at him knowing my mother feels the same. 

"Do you think when we leave this place that me, you and Natalie along with some of our other friends are still going to see each other?"I ask him having no clue what the new school is going to be like. 

"They can try and separate us all but i will make sure i still see your annoying ass" He smirks at me which makes me feel a little better about the idea of it all. 

"Part of me can't help but be afraid of what's out there you know" I admit to him as i take a glance out of the window as we walk through the halls. 

"Audrey, it's going to be okay. You're strong and you are going to get through this and me and Natalie are going to be by your side at the end of this thing." The way he talks to me sounds so ensuring then i feel him pull me into a hug. I wrap my arms around him and take it all in. Hunter wasn't really someone who went around hugging people for him to do so it meant a lot and i really needed it.  "Now we are going to go to our rooms and we are going to pack up our shit and find our new homes. Tell Natalie and Isaac that the four of us are going to meet at the bridge on dumbary road on Sunday the twenty fourth which is in two days time." 

"It's a deal" I smile at him and we head off to our rooms. 

I get to my room and begin to pack up the minimum clothes and supplements that i have. The night we were taking from our homes we left everything behind. Photos, personal objects, clothes and when we came here we had nothing. Just as i was finishing off i hear a knock at my door and i turn my body round to see Roman walking into my room. 

"I just wanted to check up on you" he mentions to me and i take a seat down on my bed. 

"I'm okay" i answer him and he raises his eyebrow at me "I'm okay." 

"Okay then i'll believe you" He replies to me and i shake my head laughing at him but the truth is it's hard to know who is okay around here anymore. 

"I'm always going to be your guard but i won't see you around as much unless you are near The Terminal or need protecting" He begins to say to me and i look at him nodding my head understanding what he is saying to me. "Look after yourself Audrey" 

"You too Roman" I express to him with a smile but i could tell how much he hated this. How much he hated his job. 

"You know where i'm at if you need me" He says and i turn my head to look at him. 

"I'm going to avoid this place as much as i can" I tell him not feeling like coming back here all the time would be a good idea. I have some of the worst memories here and i don't want to relieve them. 

"I don't blame you" He goes on to say and i take a deep breath in and look at him again. 

"Is it going to be safe out there?"I blurt out needing to know the answer. 

"You are. The government are staying true to their word" He answers my question and i tell myself to believe him because if i try to find all the holes in their story i will drive myself insane. 

"Thank you" I say grateful. The clock turns eleven and a bell tolls to let everyone know it's the sixteen minutes of silence. Roman writes "I should go, Work doesn't stop for nobody" on a piece of paper. He stands up off the bed from beside me and begins to walk to the door. I sit on the bed and close my eyes as the memories of The Dome flash in my head. As the memories of those i have witness die in The Dome from my hand or from another's continue to appear. 

At Seven o'clock i stand on the path looking at my new home. It wasn't anything like my old one. My first home it was nice but dated, the garden flowers always bloomed and looked nice which made the house look good but we didn't have much. These houses looked much nicer but still old. My mum and dad were already inside along with Isaac but i couldn't bring myself to it yet. I turn my head and look at my new neighbours who are doing the same. Some of them going in straight away and those who hesitated. 

"Audrey" I hear my dad call on me and i take a deep breath in and walk down the path and take a step inside. I look around me and the house was completely furnished. Our photos were on our walls and so was some of our belongings. 

"It's so good to be able to be a family again" My dad says as him and my mother hug each other. 

"I never thought i would see the day" She smiles up at him and they give each other a kiss. 

Meanwhile i continue to walk through the house looking at everything, every step i step part of me hesitates in fear it could be booby trapped or there is cameras but i try tell myself not to think about it because if i did it would only impact my mental health more than it already has. I'm paranoid as it is but if i let these thoughts consume me then i'd be extremely paranoid and i can't do that to myself or to my family. 

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