The Dome

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 12 (v.1) - Chapter 12-

Submitted: July 07, 2013

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Submitted: July 07, 2013



Chapter 12- 

William's House hold- Monday 25th May, 2020

Audrey's Point Of View- 

I stand in front of my wardrobe staring at my old clothes and new ones that have been placed in there from The Government. I had a whole section that was just yellow and it was revealed that every week we would get a new outfit of our colour. I take a deep breath in as i attempt to figure out what to wear for the first day of school. How strange does that sound that i'm going back to school. Never thought i would see the day. Yesterday me and Isaac met up with a couple of our friends and none of us realised how much we really needed it. Because It was Isaac's last year at school he was told he didn't need to go but because of his brains he got an offer to go to University which he accepted. He would have been a fool not too. 

"Audrey hurry up" Isaac shouts to me from down stairs and i quickly pull out a pair of black tight trousers that ties up at the front and throw on a off the shoulder green top that is baggy on my stomach. Before heading down stairs i put on my green trainer and black leather jacket and grab my black hand bag and head down stairs. "About time" he says as i get to the bottom of the stairs and i pull my hair out from under my jacket and rest it on top.

"I'm here now shut up" I glare over at him and notice that our parents were already gone. 

"You're going to be okay" He attempt to reassure me and i look up at him as i bite my inner cheek. 

"I should go. I wouldn't want to be late" I pipe up sheepishly really not wanting to leave and i could tell he didn't want me to leave either. I smile at him and begin to head out of the door.  I stand outside of my house where i'm meant to get picked up by the bus and i see many other students begin to gather outside of their house. I sit on the wall of my house and i feel the phone that was designated to every member of Antoroux Panolia buzz in my back pocket. I pull it out and look at it. 

"Take care of yourself today sweetie" My mother sends me and i let out a little smile over the fact that she cares this much. Another message appears on my phone. 

"Dear Audrey, We wish you a good day at school. Your bus will be arriving at your house in two minutes." Signed The Government. My heart begins to pound in my chest at the sight of this message and i begin to come off it and hold the phone in my hand. My next door neighbours front door opens and out comes a boy in black trousers and a red hooded jumper on him. A man stands at the door waving goodbye to him. I clock eyes with him and i let out a friendly smile to which he attempts to give one back. The boy comes walking down the path and stands at his wall. I look over at him and can't help but say something. 

"Hey" I say to him which grabs his attention. "I'm Audrey" i smile at him as i remain on the wall. 

"Hi, I'm Gianno" He replies back to me and i can tell he seems unsure of me and he looks around at all the others on the street. 

"Seems like a bit much huh?"I begin to say "I swear the school best have good food on and none of that disgusting stews they always had" i attempt to make the awkwardness go away and make it known i'm friendly. I watch as he lets out a little smile on his face. 

I hear the bus appear on the street and i climb off the wall and step forward. The bus stops three houses down and i make my way over. As i reach the bus i pull out my id card that has my name, my Dome number, my house number and street name along with my age and the year i'm in at school. I step on the bus and show the woman who gives me a friendly smile. "On you pop dear". I walk on the bus and head towards the middle of the bus and take a seat beside the window. I put my bag down on the floor in between my sweet and i just stare at the house that the bus was sat in front of. I feel a weight on the seat and i realise someone had sat down beside me and i turn my head. I see it's Gianno and i smile at him. I could feel how on edge he was as people came onto the bus and he tried to keep himself to himself and not touch anyone. When ever someone did he jumped a little afraid. 

"How old are you?" I ask him and i looks down at his feet. 

"Fourteen" he answers me and i close my eyes having realised he must have survived The Dome. 

"I'm sixteen" I reply back to him still trying to make him feel comfortable. The bus soon began to move and everyone sat in silence because no one knew who each other was. We soon began to approach my old school and happy memories from that place appeared in my mind and it made me feel slightly better about it. I was in the same kind of region as before and i was at my old school which made it all less daunting on me. The bus soon comes to a halt in the parking lot and we all climb off. I come out of the bus and make my way into the school where i automatically see pieces of paper on a board which told us where our registration class was going to take place. I scan the paper and find out im in History 4AB. 

I take a step back and begin to make my way to the class room and i can't help but spot the changes that had taken place. The walls weren't cracked, there was fresh paint on the wall and all the classroom looked completely brand new. I walk up the stairs to my regi class and find myself bump into Adrian again. 

"Miss Williams" He says as if he was pleased to see my face. 

"Why am i not surprised to see you here?" I reply to him and he walks back up the stairs to me and pulls me to the side where we let other people walk by. 

"Least you didn't hit me with a door again" He smirks at me and i can't help but still feel embarrassed by this. 

"I count myself lucky with that" I share with him dreading to think of the possible punishment i could have faced. 

"If you saw me that day and knew my intentions would you still have been sorry?" He questions me and i tilt my head and think about it a little. 

"Yes, I'm not a complete bitch" I answer truthfully at him. 

"Can i give you some advice?" He mentions to me and i bite my lip a little not feeling sure if i really want to hear it or not. 

"Sure" I agree to it with hesitation. 

"The Government the have watched everyone. They know people's behaviours and what kind of person they are. Audrey you're a good kid you really are, who sometimes  make bad mistakes and can't keep her mouth shut. My advice is be careful and if someone in The Government or teacher, trainer or whatever says something you don't like don't bite back. Don't sneak out that much either or it will get you in trouble and i mean it. Some people i work with don't care about hurting you and they won't think twice" He shares his thoughts with me. 

"I think i've been doing good so far but i'll take that advice" I reply to him

"And if you ever meet the president by nice"He adds in and i raise my eyebrow at him.

"I am nice" I claim to him. 

"No whips, no sarcastic tones. Just be nice" He repeats to me with a stern look on his face. 

"Of course" i nod my head and agree at him. "Now before you get me in trouble i best get going". 

He nods his head at me "See you around Audrey" he speaks to me before walking off. I turn around and watch him walk down the stairs before carrying on to my classroom. 

Henry's Point Of View- 

I work away in the engineering building making sure all the systems were up and running properly. I walk around looking at the generator for the power and make sure everything is in tip top shape which it appears to be. 

"Henry" I hear my name being called out to me and i turn around to see The Female Government member standing behind me. 

"Hello" i greet her with a smile thinking it was the friendliest thing to do. 

"How are you?" She asks me as she walks in front of me. 

"Happy to be alive"I answer her truthfully. 

"Yes i did think that. And you children?" She goes on to say and i keep my eyes on her. 

"They and their mum is alive" I answer making sure she is well aware of my wife. 

"They must be so happy" She smiles at me. 

"I suppose they are" I reply but i never really took it into consideration that they were happy to be alive. How could they be happy when they are scared of what is to come. 

"I would like to give you an invitation to come dine with me this week" She offers me and i feel my eyes squinting at her thinking this can't be true. 

"You want me to dine with you?"I question her thinking i perhaps misheard her. 

"Yes i would" She clarifies and my face continues to look at her surprised. 

"I thank you for the invite but i don't even know your name" I mention to her not really thinking it would be a good idea. 

"All you have to do is say yes and i'll tell you" She teases me and i look at her and shake my head because i know it would be wrong but she's nice. She's beautiful actually and she reminds me of my wife a little. 

"Yes"I blurt out 

"Yes, You want to dine with me or yes you want to know my name?" She questions me and part of me still can't decide. 

"Yes to both" I answer her . 

"I was hoping that would be your answer" She smirks at me

"What can i say? You are quite persuasive" I smile back at her. 

"Just think by having dinner with me you are just ensuring your family are safe" She mentions to me and i look at her and i can't quite decide if i've just made the best or worst mistake.

"Ah yes my family" The words stumble out of my mouth. 

"I'll give you a call"She strokes my arm before walking away. I look around and not really knowing what else to do. "Oh and it's Zavanna" she calls out to me as she walks away. I start going back to work needing to distract my mind from my wife, my children and now this Dinner with Zavanna. 

I open up my eyes and find myself looking up at a baby pink ceiling. I turn my head and find myself in silk bedding with Zavanna asleep next to me. I had far too much to drink at dinner last night. I remember at quarter past five i was picked up from work by one of Zavanna's men. I remember having an amazing diner with steak and wine. Perhaps one too many glasses. Soon enough i found Zavanna coming onto me and to start with i knew it was wrong and i shouldn't do it but then something changed. Maybe it was the  wine or maybe it was the thrill and excitement of it all. I lay in the bed naked with the baby pink sheets pressed on me. I just stay there feeling too awkward to move. It would be too disrespectful of me to disappear on her. But the longer i lay here the longer i think of my wife... the wife i vowed to love and cherish. The woman i vowed never to hurt and now look at me. I close my eyes until i feel a hand glide upon the hair on my chest. I open them back up and turn my head to look at Zavanna. 

"Hello sleepy" She whispers to me, i try and let out a little smile at her but i find it hard. "You want to have some more fun?" 

"I should get going. Audrey will be worried about me" I pipe up to her trying to make an excuse to get away without being rude about it all. 

"Are you and Audrey close?" She questions me and i look in her eyes and take a deep breath in. 

"Yeah we are. When my wife went back to work and Audrey came home from school she would help me with making supper. She would always help me clear up. She's my daughter. You know how father's get with their girls." I explain to her but i know i'm more harder on her then i am Isaac. 

"Daddy's little girl?" She smirks and me and i feel myself smiling at the idea. 

"She loves me and her mother equally. We all get on in our own different ways."  I pipe up not knowing what to say. Audrey she doesn't like making it known she has a favourite. 

"Sounds like a special kind of love to me" She mentions and i see the look in her eye change to sorrow. 

"You don't have children?" I question her as the pain in her eyes only grows stronger. 

"No" She shakes her head. 

"Do you want children?" I question her as i sit up on the bed and soon she does the same. 

"This isn't the world i would wish to bring them into"She answers me and i raise my eyebrow at her surprised. 

"A world that you and your Government created?" I remind her to which i soon get a glare. 

"We didn't start the war. Yes we created the wall and The Dome but what is going on out there that wasn't us" She barks at me and i soon find myself biting my tongue. 

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean it to come out so" I begin to say before she interrupted me. 

"Rude, distasteful." She blurts out to me and i bite my lip and close my eyes realising i might have just gotten my family into trouble. 

"I really am sorry. I didn't mean it" I apologise again to her. 

"I think you should perhaps go" She says to me as she slides off the bed and pulls on her pink silk dressing gown. I sit forward on the bed. "I should" I get out of the bed and throw my clothes on. 

"Let yourself out" She snarls at me before locking herself in her bathroom. As soon as i've finished getting my clothes back on i leave her room and find my way to the front door with a guard escort. He drives me home and i stand in the path looking at the front door. Every part of me wants to go in but every part of me is too ashamed. I place my hand on the handle of the door and let myself inside where i hear grunts coming from the basement and i look towards the door wondering what the hell is going on. I walk towards the door when my wife comes out the kitchen with a apron tied around her waist. 

"Don't worry it's just Audrey and Isaac training before supper." She informs me before planting a kiss on my lips. She pulls away and heads back to the kitchen where i stand there stunned and frozen as the thoughts of my betrayal rush through my head. How will she react to my infidelity. How will my children react to my betrayal to their mother. Their love  for me would soon turn to hate and i can't bare the idea of it. 

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