The Dome

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 13 (v.1) - Chapter 13-

Submitted: July 16, 2013

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Submitted: July 16, 2013



Chapter 13 - 

Palmer Household- Monday 1st June, 2020- 7.30am 

Audrey is Natalie's house having her breakfast as they prepare for the live video of The Selection. Audrey and Natalie are sitting in Natalie's bedroom as they look at their skin in their mirror. Neither of them decided to wear make up on the day of The Selection for in fear that someone they love is selected to enter The Dome.

"Did you enjoy the ball?" Natalie questions Audrey as she packs her bag for going to school. 

"What can i say? It was a beautiful ball but it seems tedious. They throw a ball and it's lie they are celebrating our up and coming death" Audrey replies to her truthfully. 

"They are because it means five less people to feed and Five less people to care for" Natalie agrees with her best friend quite bitterly. 

"Girls, It's on"Natalie's father Etain shouts from downstairs. The two girls heads instantly turn to one another as their faces fill with dread. Neither of them say a word to each other and instead they both just stand up and head down stairs. They join Natalie's mum Loretta  and Etain who are sat next to each other hand in hand. The two girls sit on the other sofa together when the black screen appears and President Greyson appears on video. 

"Good Morning Residents of Anteroux Panolia. We are faced with our first Dome in two weeks. We will only be choosing one number out of the super computer this morning. Today Government Member Marta Di Fervus is in control of the super computer." The President announces through a live stream. 

Natalie and Audrey take a hold of each other's hands as they sit on the edge of their seats. "The first number selected from the super computer is.... Number  Five."  Natalie's mouth drops as her number is revealed on screen. The words " Good Luck to you all and remember the key to survival is to fight" fade into the distance as she barely listens to a word anyone else says. Natalie lets go of Audrey's hand and walks out of the living room and back upstairs to her room as she attempts to hide her sadness. Audrey shortly follows after her. 

"It's going to be okay" Audrey pipes up as she walks into the bedroom to see Natalie holding her head in her hands. 

"I'm scared Audrey" Natalie admits to her friend "I don't think i can do it all again". Audrey can hear the hurt in her voice as she speaks. 

"I'm going to volunteer to be there. I'm going to route you on" Audrey replies to her as she takes a seat beside her. 

"You don't have too... I don't expect you too" Natalie looks up at her friend and as much as she loves the idea that she would do that for her she also doesn't want her to be there to see her being killed or killing others. 

"You are my best friend. I would do anything for you" She says to her. 

"I don't want you to have to see me die" Natalie expresses her fears. 

"I am not going to watch you die" Audrey mentions to her refusing to believe that Natalie will be killed. 

"You don't know that Audrey" Natalie brushes her fingers through her hair as she attempts to think about what she is going to do. 

"I believe it and i believe in you so that's all that matters to me" Audrey shakes her head at her not wanting her to hear it. 

"How did i become so lucky to get a best friend like you" Natalie smiles at her as the girls lean against each other. 

"You didn't have much of a choice" She smiles back at her thinking on how the pair became friends. 

"That i didn't". Natalie goes from looking at her best friend to looking down at her feet as the fear rushes through her body. 

Wednesday 3rd June, 2020

Natalie's Point Of View- 

I sit on the bed in The Terminal after facing The Dome. I still have blood dried into my scalp after i refused to let the nurses tough me any more than they already had. As soon as they made sure my bones were fine and i had no internal bleeding i jumped off that bed and demanded them to let me go. Because of my behaviour they wouldn't let me leave this place without an adult. The door of my room opens and in walks a guard "You have a visitor" he exclaims and as soon as he moves away from the door i see Audrey bolt into my room and i feel her arms wrap around me. My whole world still felt like it was in fast forward. 

"Boy am i glad to see you" She whispers into my ear. 

"It was horrible Audrey" I blurt out as the memories continue to replay in my head. The way their bodies dropped to the sand, the way the blood poured out of their body and the look in their eyes as they would take their final breath. "They way their bodies just fell to the ground". 

"I know "She says as she pulls away and we both go to sit down on the bed. 

"Did you hear the screams from that woman?" I question her as the memory of the mother and daughter were in The Dome together. 

"I did" She answers quietly and i can tell she seems as disturbed as me. 

"I can't keep doing this" I shake my head at her and fidget with my fingers unable to stay at ease. 

"I know but we don't have much of a choice anymore" she reminds me and i know she is right but it makes it all hurt that much more. 

"We do. We could end it" I continue to blurt out to her not really thinking much about it. 

"Natalie we can't kill ourselves. We have to think of our families" She replies to me and i look at her in silence for a while. 

"I have but i can't keep seeing them go through this" I say to her having thought about it in grave detail since coming out of The dome. 

"If you die, your mum and dad have no one left" She reminds me but i can't let myself think this way. 

"They can live without me" I tell her even though part of me is lying to myself. 

"Your mum yes but if you died and your mum died your dad wouldn't know what to do. He can't cook, he can't really clean and he certainly can't do washing." I listen to the words she says to me but it breaks my heart to do so. "He would fall apart and you know it". 

"He would be fine" I lie knowing he really wouldn't. 

"Who are you trying to kid" She says to me as she stands up off the bed and leans against the white wall across from me. 

"Myself" I admit to her and bite the inside of my cheek. 

"Exactly"She lets out a little smile at me. 

"It's been a long day" I admit to her  and shrug my shoulders at her. 

"You should go home and sleep" She suggests to me and i feel myself nod my head at her. 

"That i will" I nod my head. The door to the room opens up and my mum and dad walk in. 

"Let's get you home Sweetie" My dad mentions as she opens up his arms to me. I stand up off the bed and walk over to him and hug him. 

"Can we give you a life home?" My mum turns and asks Audrey. 

"No i'll walk" She refuses as she shakes her head. 

"Are you sure?" I ask her and i have hesitance in me to let her go out alone. Before the wall was built walking home was nothing special, we didn't have to worry about what was going to happen if we were alone or worry about being killed. 

"Yeah" She assures me. 

"Take care of yourself and message Natalie when you are home" My dad orders her with a smile and my parents are just as protective of her as me. 

"I will, Bye Natalie" She shares with me and i turn my head and look at her. 

"Bye Audrey" I turn my head and look at The Terminal bedroom door. I feel a sense of anxiety come over me and fear rushes in. Every part of me wants out of this place as soon as possible but the idea of leaving this room and facing people also haunts me.

Audrey's Point Of View- 

After Natalie leaves with her family, i wait around for a minute then I take my body off the wall and walk out of the room. As i walk through the halls of The Terminal i am reminded of how today my best friend has faced the terminal and although my father's name has not yet been chosen there is still a possibility. Anything can happen in those six days and anyone's name can come out of the Super Computer. As i wake my way to the exit i come across a group of guards and Government member and i soon see Roman leading them as they laugh with one another. 

"Audrey, i didn't expect to see you around here" He expresses his confusion to me and i stop and speak to him. 

"Natalie was in The Dome earlier so i needed to be with her" I explain to him as i feel all their eyes on me. 

"How is she?" Scully Rochno the male Government member asks me and i turn my head to look up at him and the words "be polite" rush through me even though i want to punch them all in the face. 

"Alive" I answer bluntly to which i receive a glare from Roman. "She is doing well. She is headed home with her family to get rest and recover"

"You must wish her congratulations from us" Elmar Schultz, the female government member instructs me. 

"I will" I nod my head continuing to be polite with them even though it's practically killing me. "It was a pleasure meeting you all but my mother will be expecting me home for supper" i attempt to get away from the group without being rude. 

"Then don't let us keep you" Scully smiles at me. 

"Goodbye" I say and begin to walk past them as they all say "Goodbye" back to me and Roman gives me an awkward smile. As i begin to walk off i soon hear "Miss Williams you must let one of the guard take you home" Elmar calls back out to me and i turn around and look at them. 

"Thank you for the offer but i like to walk and i couldn't take them away from doing their duty" I turn them down not being able to think of anything worse than to be dropped off home by a Government member. 

"Don't be silly" Scully shakes his head and i can tell they aren't going to leave this alone. "You can take Ricky". My eyes soon turn to Ricky the guy i remember meeting in the elevator and it was fair to say we weren't keen on one another.

"Really you don't need too" I insist trying as hard as i can to get out of it. 

"Ricky walk her home" Elmar orders him giving neither of us a choice. 

"As you wish" He nods his head and walks over to me. 

"Goodbye" I respond to them politely and i walk off with Ricky by my side in disappointment. 

Ricky walks me home and on our walk we remain completely silent and filled with awkwardness before i say "You don't like mt do you?" i turn to look at him and see him scowling as usual in his white uniform. 

"I don't like your sudden out bursts and your need to fix every problem "He answers me and i screw up my face at him. 

"It isn't fixing a problem. The girl was terrified the least you could have done was said it was going to be okay" I share my point of view. 

"And lie to her, What's the point?" Ricky poses a question to me and i feel my anger growing inside of me of his lack of empathy. 

"Because it's called being human and having empathy for people" I Let out at him and i no longer seen the point in holding my feelings back. 

"You'll soon learn around here it's pointless having empathy and allowing yourself to feel for others" He mentions to me and i raise my eye brows at him. 

"I'd rather still feel than be cold" I feel myself bite at him and his way of thinking and perhaps his way works for him but not me.

"Then it's your head on the platter" He glares at me and i feel myself walking further away from him when he grabs a hold of my arm and pulls me back "I said i would walk you home so there's no point in trying to run". 

"I'm not running" I argue back with him and i see him rolls his eyes before letting go of the grip on my arm. 


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