The Dome

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 15 (v.1) - Chapter 15-

Submitted: July 17, 2013

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Submitted: July 17, 2013



Chapter 15 - 

School Gates- Wednesday 10th June, 2020

Audrey comes out of the school doors wearing black lace trousers that are straight until the bottom of the trouser that puff out that has a silk lining under neath. She has a blue slightly low cut strappy top that is tucked under the trousers. She has a long choker around her neck and blue pumps on her feet which has a tiny heel to it that clicks when she walks. Her hair was done with a slight curl to it. As she walks over to Natalie, Hunter and Gianno she throws on her black blazer jacket and carries her hand bag on her shoulder with a long strap. 

"As i live and breath has Audrey came out of school on time" Hunter mocks her and she glares over his way. 

"Shut up" She spits at him in a joking way. They all start walking home and Gianno tries to stick by Audrey's side having a lot of trust for her and protection from her. 

"Anyone else have a pretty crappy day?" Audrey asks them all and they all just raise their eye brows as if it's no surprise to anyone.

"Today is class Andres got hauled out of this seat after back chatting to the teacher. He was pulled to the front of the class where two guards came in. He was told to take off his shirt and we had to watch him get whipped five times. It was horrific" Natalie shares with them all and Audrey sees Gianno look at her in horror. 

"Is he okay?" Audrey asks her feeling sickened by the idea. 

"He is. He won't be in school tomorrow" Natalie answers her. 

" I wouldn't be surprised it he doesn't open his mouth again in class" Hunter mentions to them all and they all knew he was right. Natalie herself was even scared of answering a question in class. Audrey turns her head to look at a extremely quite Gianno. 

"Are you okay?" she whispers over to him and he lifts his head up to look at her with fear and terror in her eyes. "It's going to be okay" she attempts to assure him but she knew it didn't matter what she said because she might not be right. 

They continue their walk home before bumping into two guards "Are you three okay?" They asks them and the four of them stop in their tracks awkwardly. 

"Yes we were just headed home" Hunter is the first one to answer. 

"Can we walk with you?" They offer them and their eyes widden. 

"We appreciate the offer but we are going to be okay" Natalie turn down their offer politely just wanting to get home. 

"If you're sure" The guard replies which makes them uneasy. 

"There is no law about walking home from school with your friends right?" Audrey questions them wanting to make sure it is actually safe. 

"No we do not" The guard shakes his head at them. 

"So it's safe for us to keep going them" Hunter pipes up to them trying to get them away. 

"Yes it is" They nod their head. 

"Have a nice day" Audrey smiles at them before gently taking a hold of Gianno's arm and walking away while Natalie followed staying silent as she doesn't want to get into trouble. 

"Bye"Hunter smirks at them and head off with the group. 

Audrey and Gianno walk in a seperate direction from Natalie and Hunter to get to their homes. Audrey secretly argued with Hunter earlier in the day to make sure Natalie got home safe because she knew her friend was struggling. 

"Gianno are you okay?" Audrey questions him again. 

"I'm fine" he answers her with a smile. 

"I'm always going to be here if you want to talk. I know how hard it can be to talk to your family so i'm here" Audrey offers him which brings a smile onto his face. 

"Thank you" he says as they approach their houses. They both spot  his brother standing at the front door waiting for him. 

"See you tomorrow kid" Audrey gently nudges his arm before walking up her own path. 

"Good day at school bud" His brother greets him with the door opened. 

"It was better"Gianno replied finally getting used to the atmosphere and changes around the school. 

Audrey approaches her front door when she hears "Audrey, can i talk to you for a moment?"  Audrey backs away from the door and walks over to the wooden fence where she is met. 

"I just wanted to thank you for making sure my kid brother got home safe" He thanks her. 

"Honestly it's no problem at all" Audrey answers him because ever since the first day they met it's become like an unspoken bond where they sit next to each other on the bus and Audrey let's him sit by the window so that he doesn't have to be afraid of people touching him. They sit outside together and wait and they walk home together. For Gianno it was comfort and protection and for Audrey it was the comfort and the idea of making sure he was going to be okay. 

"Gianno has really struggled with the changes around here. After the first time he was in The Dome he barely made it out. He wouldn't even let me touch him. He wouldn't let me hug him, give him a high five or mess up his hair like i always did. He would either duck, cry or scream. He's getting better with it and i think having you around is what has been good for him" He expresses to her and Audrey tilts her head at him. 

"I feel the sense of need to protect him, to make sure he survives. I don't want anyone to hurt him" She admits to him and she can see by the look in his eyes how much this meant to him. 

"Sorry i've not formally introduced myself yet. I'm Gianno's brother Alasz" He introduced himself to her. 

"Well you already know i'm Audrey" She smiles at him not feeling the need to do the same. 

"Yeah Gian can have quite a big mouth some times. What ever you do don't tell that kid your secrets" He smirks at her and she can't help but smile. 

"I'll take that advice" She nods her head at him. 

"See you around Audrey" he says before backing away down the garden. 

"You too Alasz" She repeats back to him before stepping into her home. Every time she walked in the door from school she felt relief because she didn't have to fear getting punished for saying the wrong thing. 

Town- 9.30pm- Audrey's Point Of View- 

I walk through the streets of Anteroux Panolia with Natalie and Hunter having just parted with their school friends after their phones buzzed to warn them of curfew in half an hour. 

"Tonight has been so refreshing" Natalie shares with us with a smile on her face as she relaxes with her self while wearing a pair of dark blue jeans and light pink hoodie to keep her warm which is the first time in a long time she relaxed on what she wore. she didn't feel the need to go all out with make up, clothes etc. I felt myself doing the same because it was just us, it felt like old times again apart from we weren't sneaking out for booze and to party... well not yet anyway. 

"It's a shame that Isaac couldn't come" Hunter mentions and looks over my way. 

"Ever since he got his new job he's been hanging out with his work colleagues. I think he also wants to stay on everyone's good side you know. Plus The Dome completely wiped him out." I explain to them and i completely understand where Isaac is coming from. In fact i would probably do the same. 

"Soon enough i doubt even you will see your own brother" Natalie jokes to me and i let out a little laugh before saying "You're probably right". We continue to walk home trying to find the best streets to go down especially now that none of us are situated in the same living area as before. We turn the corner on a street when i notice a little boy standing in the street in his pyjamas. "What the hell" i feel myself blurting out to my friends before walking over. "Are you lost?" I call out to him and he turns around to show his face to me. 

"No" he answers me and i kneel down in front of him. 

"Where's your home?" I question him wanting to make sure he gets home safely. 

"I'm not telling you"  He shakes his head at us "I won't go back, I won't" he repeats to us and i turn to look at Natalie not knowing what to do. 

"You need to go back or you'll get into trouble" I attempt to explain to him the best way that i could. 

"No i won't. I'm going to run away" He shares with them as he looks around the street. 

"Listen to me, if you try and run they are going to kill you" I find myself no longer beating around the bush. I needed to get this kid home safe before something bad happens to him. 

"So" He replies to me and i take a deep breath in as our alarm at nine fourty five goes off. 

"Guys we are running out of time" Natalie pipes up to us and i look at the boy and then back at her. 

"Natalie it's okay, go home" I advise her not wanting her to get into trouble.

"I can't leave you out here" She initially shakes her head. 

"Go" I say a little louder to her. 

"Message me when you get home okay" she nods her head at me and i nod my head back at her "You too". 

I soon turn my head to hunter as Natalie walks away in the direction of her house "Hunter go with her" i practically beg him. 

"No, I'm not leaving you out here" He refuses and i find myself glaring at him. 

"If we end up being out after curfew i'd rather take the punishment than you" I admit to him not really caring about what happens to me. 

"I won't" He continues to say and i stand up and turn to him. 

"Hunter, Look at me" I shout at him "You can't face punishment If you want to get a job guarding the wall"

"Audrey i don't care" She spits back at him

"Go i've got this. If i get punished i will be fine but you, this is your life we are talking about. Without being a guard you are stuck being an engineer, a teacher, stuck behind a desk or i bet you anything because of your strength they will force you to become a trainer"I remind him of how much he has to lose. He looks at me knowing i'm right  but being the good friend he is he has to fight his better judgement. "No now go"

"I hate you right now Audrey" He glares at me before quickly giving me a hug. 

"So be it" i shrug my shoulders knowing he will get over it. I turn around and look back down at the boy who is looking up to me. "Now little guy, where do you stay?" 

"The big white building" he answers me vaguely and my mind automatically thinks of The Terminal.

"You stay in The Terminal?" I question him feeling very on edge about the idea. 

"No" He shakes his head at me. 

"You stay in the big white house?" I  question him thinking of the Government Houses. 

"yes" He smiles up at me and i feel my hear drop in side my chest. 

"Oh dear lord".  I take a deep breath in and pull my phone out of my jacket pocket and message my mum "I just found a lost kid who stays in the Government House. I'm going to walk him home. Don't worry". I slide my phone into my back pocket after seeing my mother reply "Be careful, we could have lost Isaac this week we don't want to think about having to berry you" and pull my jacket off my arms and look at him. 

"Here have my coat" i tell him and slide it on him as well as my scarf. I zip up the jacket and although it was extremely long and huge on him i didn't care because he stopped shivering. I take a hold of his hand and we begin to make our way along to the Government houses and i knew instantly i was going to be out after curfew but i didn't care. After five minutes of walking i feel his little hand tug on mine before he lets out "My legs are tired". Go figure. 

I lean down and pick him up and carry him in my arms. I soon hear a little rumble coming from his stomach. "Do you want a lolly pop?" 

"Yes please" his face lights up at me and i give him the lolly and a small bag of sweets that he can eat. 

"What's your name?" I ask him as we continue on our journey. 

"Bradley" he answers me fairly quickly and i look at him with a smile. 

"Hi Bradley, I'm Audrey. How old are you?" I continue to question him trying to get enough information as i can out of him. 

"Six" He answers me and i turn my head and say "Wow you're a big boy aren't you" to which he lets out a little chuckle "Not big enough for cookies before supper". 

"Well I'm really big and i'm not even allowed that" I joke back to him trying to make him feel safe with me. As curfew ends i soon see guards forming on the streets and as soon as i see one near me i can't help but shout at him. "Excuse me" He turns to look at me and i can see by the look on his face he is angry. 

"What are you doing out here so late? It's well past curfew" He points out to me disapproving. 

"I Know. I found this lost kid" I begin to explain to him. "He says he lives in his words "The Big White House". His name is Bradley and he is six years old" 

"Thank you miss, His parents have been searching for him" He nods his head at me with gratitude that Bradley had been found. 

"Can you walk with me so that he can get to his parents safely . Plus i wouldn't want to get into trouble for giving a Government member their missing child" I ask him. 

"Of course mam" He nods his head and i can't help but feel relief at this because i knew he could have taken Bradley out my arms and told me to walk home where i could have bumped into another guard and gotten into trouble for it.

The guard reaches for his walkie talkie "Bradley has been found by a young girl. We are taking him home". 

The guard walks me to the Government members home where i keep a hold of Bradley in my arms sucking on the lolly i promised him. We approach the house and are let in by the guards. I stand in the middle of an extravagant hall with the guard beside me as a woman come rushing out some doors to us with tears flowing out of their eyes.

"Where did you find him?" The woman asks looking at the guard as she rushes over. 

"This lady found him" He answers truthfully to my surprise. 

"Is this your mommy?" I turn my head and look at Bradley who looks at me back. 

"Yes" he answers me. 

"You want to go hug her" I suggest to him to which he answers "No". 

"I bet she would love one" I tell him with a smile on my face at him. 

"Ok" he nods his head and i let him down on his feet and he runs off to his mum and gives him a hug and she picks him up and bounces him around in her arms. 

"My baby, oh my baby" She lets out emotional to see him. 

"Where did you find my little boy?" She questions me and i look up at her and take a deep breath in first. 

"I was walking home with some friends, we were on Dumbarton Street when i found him" I begin to explain to her. "I asked him if he was okay and asked him where he stayed to which he told me. I told my friends to go home because i didn't want them to get into trouble for being out past curfew. I gave him my coat and asked his name and his age so that i could give the information to a guard when i saw one. Oh and i gave him some sweets and a lolly pop. I'm sorry if he's not allowed but his little belly was rumbling and i couldn't ignore it"

"Thank you so much" She puts her son down on the feet and launches herself into my arms. 

"It's no problem at all. I'm just glad he was able to get home safe "I admit to them having done it with anyone. She gently takes a hold of my hand and i see the smudged make up on her face which makes it clear to me how distraught she has been. 

"Please allow my husband to drive you home" she offers me and i shake my head at her. 

"It's okay i can walk" I politely turn her down.

"If you go outside you're going to freeze plus we owe you one" She points out to me and by this point i feel like i can't turn her down so i respond with "Okay." I stand in the hall ways minding my own business as  Bradley's mother fetches his father. A man comes down the stairs and to where i'm stood with a black fancy coat wrapped around him and my own coat in his hand. 

"I believe this is yours" He mentions to me and i nod my head at him. 

"Thank you" I say quietly as i take it from his hands and pull it onto myself. For once in my life i have never been so thankful to have a coat, my hands felt like they were about to fall off and it was almost impossible to hide that i was shaking from the coldness. "How about i get you home to your nice warm bed". I gently nod my head at him keeping quite trying not to let my belly rumble and say all the wrong words. He walks towards the main door and opens it to let me out, i stand there looking up at him confused. "Are you just going to stand there?" he asks me and i open my lips and say "Normally the Government member goes first" he lets out a loud humph and he knew what i was saying was right but he shrugged his shoulders "I insist". By those words i find myself walking out the door and he leads me to his car. We both get in and he begins to drive me back home, while in the car i notice it says ten forty five on the clock.  Boy i really am out after curfew. 

"Are you warm enough?" he asks me and i nod my head at him while keeping my eyes on the road. "Bradley has had difficulty adjusting since the wall appeared. He's been having nightmares over the gunshots " I hear the words come out of his mouth and i turn my head to look at him confused. I never once considered Government Members having problems adjusting to our new world, especially since they created. 

"I'm really sorry to hear that" I apologise to him feeling sympathy towards Bradley, after all he is only a child. 

"I feel helpless you know" He expresses his feelings and i can't help but feel confused on why he would be telling me this. 

"I might be crossing the line here but maybe you should get him to see a therapist" I suggest to him but Bradley wasn't the only one who needed to see a therapist. Almost every resident here did but he isn't going to care about us because we aren't his children. "In this place it's easy to feel scared and alone. it's easy to want to run away and never come back"

The car begins to slow down and i can see the concern on his face. "We don't know many people who hold such a degree" he says and i roll my eyes at him without him seeing. 

"Have you asked?" I question him even though i know the answer but i can't allow myself to come off as rude to him. I lick my lips and attempt to have a nicer tone in my voice "I'm sure if you as The Government reached out to the people and offered jobs as therapists, physiotherapists, midwives, nurses and doctors other than just those in The Government and pay them you would be surprised by how many people step forward" 

"How do you know this?" He questions me and in my mind it seems so simple but to them they are blinded. 

"People haven't come forward because they are scared. They are trying to fit into this guideline that's been put in place. I bet there is many nurses working in the fields for food, on clothes or as teachers just to make sure they have a safe job." I begin to explain to him "Until they know that it's okay to work in medicine then they won't step forward". 

"You are very opinionated" he goes on to see and i soon clamp my lips together and close my eyes realising i've said to much. 

"I know it's my down fall... my mother always told me that my mouth would get me killed" i share with him and as a child i never believed her but now i know it could. 

"Your mother must worry about you a lot"i lift my head up and look at him and take a breath in. 

"Don't all parents" i answer him trying not to speak to much about the people i love. 

"Very true Miss Williams" He smiles at me "Ah home sweet home" he pulls the car to the front of the house and i take my seat belt off. "Again thank you for saving my little boy. Take care" 

"Thank you for the ride home. I would do it again in a heart beat if it meant he was safe. You take care too" I politely respond back to him before climbing out of the car. I close the door to the car behind me and i walk up the path to my front door, i step inside and as i am closing the door i see him still sitting there watching me. As soon as i close the front door i hear the car drive away as quick as he could. I begin to walk to the stairs when my mum comes walking out the living room. 

"Is everything okay?" She blurts out as soon as she sees me and examines my face to see if there are any marks. 

"Yeah" I answer vaguely just wanting to go to my bed and get changed out of these clothes. 

"Did you get caught?" she continues to ask me questions as i walk upstairs. 

"The child belonged to one of The Government members" I share with her and i see the expression on her face change as the words "oh" forms from her lips. 

"They were extremely grateful and gave me a lift home" I explain to her and i see a smile form on her face when she realises i wasn't punished and i give her a little smile back before heading into my room. I count myself extremely lucky for it because it could have gone entirely different. 

© Copyright 2020 AnnieBirnie. All rights reserved.


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