The Dome

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 16 (v.1) - Chapter 16-

Submitted: July 23, 2013

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Submitted: July 23, 2013



Chapter 16- 

Friday 19th June, 2020- Adeline's Supermarket

Henry's Point Of View- 

I push the trolley round the supermarket at Harper fills it with things we need like food, toilet roll and all the necessities. Ever since i told Harper about my affair our relationship has been rocking and we have been trying our problems but the kids are catching on that something just isn't right with us. When i look at her i still feel all those incredible feelings i have always had for her. I still look at her with amazement and awe but i just wish she would look at me the same way.... but i don't think she will ever be able too. 

"How about we make some vegetable stew this week?" I suggest to her as she approach the veg stands. 

"The kids don't actually like vegetable stew. They say they do because they know you love making it but in all honesty they can't bare to eat the stuff" She answers me and i look at her slightly surprised having never realised it before. I always thought they liked it, but then again they never ask me to make it. 

"What do you want this week?" I question her wanting to treat her to something that she likes and something she wants rather than it just being about the kids all the time. 

"Don't worry about me" She replies and i find myself raising my eye brows at her. 

"No, what do you want to eat this week?" I repeat to her in hopes to get a better answer this time. 

"Henry just make what ever the kids want" She goes onto say as she places fresh carrots into the trolley. 

"We don't have to have everything the kids want. We can have food we want too" I pipe up to her not seeing why she is being this way and she walks away from me. 

"What if we ended up giving them a meal they didn't want and they end up dying. What if our babies last meals was something they hated" she blurts out to me and i can see how much this must have been on her mind but i never thought about it that way. 

"You can't think like that" I tell her as i take a step forward which leads her to take one back. 

She turns her back on me and picks up a bunch of bananas and holds them in her hand. "I want to do everything i can for my babies before they die or before i die". My heart drops inside of my chest by hearing her words. Clearly she has been thinking about them dying... i think it's what's on her mind most days. She never lets them leave the house with out her saying "I Love You" to them and to her it doesn't matter if they don't say it back because at least she did and if she died she would die knowing that they know she loves them. We continue our way round the shops and i make sure to add foods in that my wife loves because even if she doesn't care i do. I want her to have everything she wants. I stare down into the trolley looking at what we have got and what we need when Harper calls my name "Henry". I look up at her and she slightly nudges her head and that's when i not only see but hear Zavanna approaching us from the side. 

"Henry, it's good to see you again" She brushes up against my arm and i try and keep my composure. My eyes latch onto my wife wanting her to know i only have eyes for her, I wouldn't know if she would believe me but it's true. "And Harper it's so good to see you alive and well". 

"Thank you" Harper responds politely as she always does. 

"Henry i was wondering if after your work i could meet you in your office?" She questions me and i take my eyes off my wife as she speaks and  i look at her. "I believe there are somethings we must discuss in private" She looks over at Harper and i do the same when she says "Nothing bad of course" With a slight laughter. 

"I'm not sure. I have to be home for the kids" I say to her trying to turn her down politely. The last thing i wanted was to meet her in my office. This conversation was awkward enough and i wouldn't want my wife to think anything is going on. 

"Henry, The kids will be fine" my eyes shoot over at my wife in confusion as to why she would say this too me. Surely she wouldn't want me to spend time with the one person who i cheated on her with. 

"Are you sure? I'd feel bad if i missed out" I go on to say trying to get an excuse out of it. 

I can tell by the look on my wife's face that as much as she was smiling it was killing her " It's fine, you do what ever you need to". 

"I'll see you at your office later" Zavanna mentions to me and before walking away i catch her wink at me. After she is out of ear distance i walk beside my wife. 

"What was all that about?" I question her

"You think i'm just going to let you walk away. We don't know what the hell could happen if you do" She informs me and i can hear the bitterness in her voice with every word that she says to me. 

"I can't go there again with her"I shake my head. It's impossible and it would be wrong. In fact it would only tear my family that much more apart than it already has. 

"You no longer have that option"She reminds me as she puts a carton of almond milk in the trolley. 

"Surely there is" I pipe up as i attempt to think of all the options but the truth was i couldn't think of one and that's when i hear her whisper "Probably death". My eyes widen by this and i can't help but feel shocked. Surely that couldn't be be the only option we would have.... What have i gotten myself into?

Willow Creek High- 2.30pm

Audrey's Point Of view-

As i sit in my last class of the day i feel myself playing with my pen. I know i should be working away but all i could think about is being at home. Next Saturday we have another ball which means on the Monday we will all be sitting by our tv's first thing in the morning to find out if we will be facing the dreaded Dome. You would have thought i would have started to get used to it by now after all we have been here Seven weeks. But each time i feel more anxious as i realise this is my life now. My name hasn't come out of the Super Computer since every one had to face The Dome and i know it's coming. I know at some point it's going to be me and i can't prepare myself for that mentally. It's one thing seeing and hearing someone you love's name come out but to hear your own. it's completely different. When it's some one you love  it breaks your heart because you know they have to face it and they could die but you, you're safe. You're either sitting in the crowd or your sitting at home separated by a TV. But when it's your name you are in that Dome, you can feel the gritted sand in your shoes. You can feel the blood on your hands and you can hear the noises of the people you are killing and that remains with you. 

"Miss Williams" I hear the teacher call out and i lift my head to look at her. 

"Sorry what?" I apologise to her and i bite my lip expecting to get into trouble. 

"I asked What is a Chemical compound?" She repeats to me and i look at her and bite my inner cheek. 

"Oh um..." I begin to explain and scrunch up my face trying to remember "It's a chemical substance composed of a lot of identical molecules that are composed of atoms from more than one element held together by chemical bonds". 

"Well done" She nods her head at me but i can't bare to smile at her. "I know a lot of you are exhausted, that you want to go home  but unfortunately you can't. I wish i could help you but there's nothing i can do. In a couple of minutes a Government Member is going to come walking in that door and you all need to look sharp as a knife."

As she finishes speaking a female Government Member comes walking in the door and although i wanted to stay slouched over in my seat i sit myself up. "It's time" She says and i look around at the other students who are just as confused as me. 

"Don't worry class, we are just going to the assembly hall." Mrs Miller announces to us. "Take your belongings with you". 

I gather up my things into my bag and when told i get up off my chair. I pull down my white skirt as it raised when i was sitting and adjust my white t-shirt so that i didn't look to scruffy. I move my hear to the left hand side and place my red hand bag on my shoulder and follow The Government Member to the assembly hall. Although many of us were walking with our friends we stayed silent because we didn't know if we would get into trouble if we spoke or not. You'd hear the occasional whisper but nothing to major and it would soon die out. I approach the assembly hall and we are allowed to sit where we like. I feel a hand pull me away to the side which makes my heart race inside my chest. Who the hell has a hold of me? As i am pulled off to the side i soon notice it's Hunter that has a hold of me. 

"Thank god it's you" I exhale in relief. 

"Did you think you were in trouble?" He questions me as we walk down the steps. 

"Wouldn't you if you were casually walking and then all of a sudden someone grabs a hold of you and pulls you off" I answer him with a raised eye brow. 

"Natalie has seats for us" He shares with me and we stop at a row of seats. We squeeze ourselves past everyone and find ourselves saying "Sorry and excuse me". We make our way over to our seat and we sit down. 

"Hey girl" Natalie smiles at me and for the first time since she entered The Dome she seems like she is genuinely happy. 

"Hey" I reply back to her and put my bag down on the floor at my feet. I glance around me and see the hall filling up. Normally i would be happy today is the last day of school but i can't help but feel restless. Once the summer holidays kick in what exactly is going to happen to us? I can't imagine it being a good summer holidays in the first place... how could it be. It's not like we can go anywhere. A group of Government Members walk on stage all wearing white and the hall instantly goes silent. I then spot Adrian walk onto the stage with them and i tilt my head. I can't help but feel conflicted about my feelings towards him. He's a good guy and he tries to keep me out of trouble but he is part of The Government and me nor anyone else is a fan of them. I have no romantic feelings towards him and if it wasn't for the situation we are in i would try be friends with him but i don't think i could do that. I don't know if i could be friends with someone who's job is to kill us.... Then again he works for the school, as far as i'm aware he has never hut someone. He's calm and patient with us, he would rather talk to you about it then beat you. 

"Good evening to you all." The tall male Government member that goes by the name of Christian Pelli announces to us all. "Unfortunately the President is unable to join us today but he would like to wish every single one of you a very happy holidays. We have a table assigned by the main doors for those who wish to take part in summer jobs which are NOT mandatory" he goes on to say and just those words was music to my ears.  "During the holidays you will be able to leave your house and do as you wish as long as you are home for curfew and are not causing trouble. We hope to see you all on the first of August when the new year begins"

"Are any of you's going to get a job" Natalie whispers to us both and i take off The Government members and look at her. 

"Nah, i'm going to stay at home. Do the cleaning and what ever while my parent's work" I answer truthfully but another reason why i didn't want a job is because my aim is i plan on training two to three times a day and i can't lose my focus. 

"I'm going to get one. Don' t think i'd be able to bare the idea of always being stuck inside and having nothing to do" Hunter puts across his thoughts.

"Yeah it's not like we can go on our road trips anymore" Natalie agrees with him having thought about it herself. 

"We will figure it out. Like we always do" i promise them because i refuse to let myself just give in. 

Natalie goes from looking at me and Hunter to staring down at her bag"Remember how we spoke about going to Seattle but we couldn't decide what to do so we left it. Looking back at it it all seems to stupid now" 

"It really does" Hunter agrees and she was right. It all does seem stupid now. 

I lean closer to Natalie and whisper "I think i'm going to do a little snooping"

"What do you mean?" she lifts her head up to look at me and i look at her and then at Hunter when he says "Don't be getting yourself into trouble". 

"Listen, if we figure out every part of this city. Where the wall ends, Where it starts. If there is any doors or gaps etc we could come up with an emergency escape plan for if needed" I suggest to them and it's been something that has been on my mind ever since we came to this place. In fact most people dream of escaping but to them it's dreams where as for me it's real. 

"That's a dangerous idea Audrey" Hunter points out to me and i already know how risky of a job it is but i need to do this. I don't want to end up dying here. 

"I know but wouldn't you rather have a plan that could save our families" I say while looking his directly in the eyes and it didn't matter what his answer was because i already knew. 

"I know i would" Natalie agrees with me and i shrug my shoulders. The way i see it i have two options, i could sit around and do nothing or i could sit around and find ways to survive. I know which one i would prefer. 

Henry's Point Of View- 

I head towards my office after a long day at work with a folder in my hand. I open up the door to my office and see Zavanna sitting on my desk waiting for me. I almost forget that she was going to be here, god knows what she could possibly want... Nothing good i suspect. 

"I wasn't convinced you were going to show" she pipes up to me as she stays perched on my desk staring at me by the door when i reply " Either was i" the whole day i have considered just doing a runner and heading home but the would have only gotten me into more trouble. 

"close the door "She instructs me to which i follow. I close the door completely shut and walk over to my filing cabinet where i place the folder inside of it and lock it back up. "What can i help you with?" I ask me as i walk over to my desk and lock away the safe keys. 

"You see Henry, I think we ended on  a rough note and i felt like we needed to talk it out a little more" she begins to say and she comes off my desk and turns to face me.  This is when i notice how professionally but also how hot and sexy she looked. As if before i arrived he popped open a few more buttons on her blouse and ruffled up her hair. "Get on the same page with one another. Reassure each other". 

I continue to stand by my chair  and try not to share any emotion on my face. "How can i do that?" I raise my eye brow at her not understanding what exactly i could do for her.  She takes a few steps forward until we are only a few feet away from each other. 

"I can assure you that i will continue to do everything i can to protect your family, especially those little kids of yours if you continue to satisfy my needs in any way i need you too" she proposes to me and every inch of me is telling me it would be wrong, every part of me is telling me to think of my family but by thinking of my family i have to choose to protect them or hurt them. 

"My family doesn't find out about this at all" I blurt out to her as i keep thinking about the words my wife spoke to me. 

"You have my word" she smirks at me and i walk over to her and kiss her. I place my hand on the side of her cheek and force her up against the wall. Our kiss only becoming that more passionate and thrilling. I hated the fact i was cheating on my wife but it brought me such a thrill, such excitementthat in those moments i stop caring. Where the idea of having my skin press against Zavanna's drives me insane and fills me with wonder and the idea of our relationship being a secret made it that more exciting.

© Copyright 2020 AnnieBirnie. All rights reserved.


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