The Dome

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 17 (v.1) - Chapter 17-

Submitted: July 26, 2013

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Submitted: July 26, 2013



Chapter 17- 

William's House Hold- Wednesday 1st July,2020

Isaac's Point Of View-

I remain lying in bed staring up at my white roof in my bedroom even though my alarm has already rung. I know i should get up and get changed but i don't have it in me. Watching my mother in The Dome yesterday made me come to the realisation that it doesn't matter how strong we think a person is when you go in there all bets are off. Truth be told i don't even know how she managed to survive. I think that has got to be one of the bloodiest Dome's anyone has ever seen. The sand was covered, it was like a slaughter house. People torn to shreds, parts of their bodies in different directions. Their organs lying in places they shouldn't be. It was traumatising to those who watched. When i saw mum she was holding onto her stomach trying to keep her intestine inside of her. As soon as the bell rung for The Dome to be over i have never seen the guards rush over so quick. I didn't think she was going to make it but luckily for us she did. They opted to keep her in the hospital over night to keep an eye on her so it's down to me and Audrey to pick her up today. The most worrying thing is i have no idea how that Dome has changed her. It could either make her stronger or it could make her want to give in. You would automatically think it would be make her stronger but i've seen strong guys giving up in here. I've seen people who you never thought would they gave up. It's not just the case of surviving in this place. It's what happens once you come out of The Dome. It's the constant memories that play in your head, the screams and the cries they stick in your head. Even though you survived and you are no longer in that place it still feels like you are. You feel like you're constantly trapped in there and there is no way to get out.

 Yesterday my ex-girlfriend was placed inside The Dome with my mother...just a tad awkward. When it came to Demi i really liked the girl, she was my first proper girlfriend and she was everything i wanted in a person. She was beautiful on the inside and out and she had the biggest heart. I could tell this place was changing her so i spoke to her and she said "I wish i could go back to when things were easier. When i felt safe in your arms, when my biggest problem was remembering to take my birth control pill"I could tell by the look in her eye how The Dome had broke her. I couldn't tell you when the last time i saw her beautiful smile was. Now i will never get to see it again. I always believed that me and Demi would have gotten back together again. I knew it wouldn't have been this year because we were both going to different University's and trying to find our place in the world but i did believe when we were twenty five we would have found a way back to each other. I would have given her a house she always wanted and i would have helped her raise her brothers and sisters. Demi grew up less fortunate than everyone else, she lost her parents in an air plane accident and she was left to take care of her three brothers and two sisters. .She could barely keep a roof over their heads and food wasn't always easy to come by. I agreed to babysit her siblings so that she could go off to work and even after we broke up i kept doing it. I knew how important her job was to her, i knew how important her family was to her. Now she's gone and those kids have to go to the Homing Centre where the will hopefully be re-homed into a loving family. Part of me is glad she isn't here to see it because it would have broken her heart. As soon as stepped inside that Dome she knew she didn't stand a chance. If she wasn't killed by Robbie the hacksaw then she knew my mother would have. Fortunately for me my mother never got the choice, it sounds stupid to be relieved over it but when i look at my mother i can't blame her for Demi's death because she didn't die at her hands. My heart aches for Demi and her family and i wish there was more i could have done but i couldn't. Now i have to spend the rest of my life knowing the person i love is dead and there is no way she is coming back. I will never get to see her, to hold her again. I will never get to see her smile or the twinkle in her eyes when she talks about something she loves. I won't get a sniff of her perfume as walks by. I won't get any of it, it would be like she never existed and to a lot of people she didn't but to me she was my world.

I hear a knock at my door and turn my head to look at it, i slightly sit myself up. I quickly wipe away the tears off my face when i hear "Isaac you best be up. We have to go pick up mum" Audrey shouts at me from the other side of the door. 

"I'm up" I respond back to her and thud my head back down on the pillow. The truth is i didn't want to pick up mum, i would rather avoid that place but i can't let Audrey go there by herself. Dad keeps telling me to keep an eye on because him and mum don't believe she can keep her mouth shut but the truth is Audrey doesn't say much to The Government members. Hunter told me how she completely backed off of even answering a question in class. Then again she goes through stages like that when she doesn't want to talk to anyone. Some times i think they are too hard on her, always waiting around for her to screw up.

At eleven thirty me and Audrey walked through the halls of The Terminal as we were escorted to the hospital wing by a guard on either side of us. We go to the bay our mother is in and see her sitting on the bed waiting for us. 

"How are you doing?" I question her needing for her to say something positive. 

"I'm all stitched up if that's what you are asking" She answers me. 

"How about we get you home?" Audrey mentions as she walks over to the bed and grabs my mothers bag off it. I take a step forward and hold out my hand for my mother to latch herself onto. She stands herself up and we take a few steps forward when my phone begins to ring. I take it out of my pocket and see work is ringing me. 

"It's work, i have to get this" i inform them and i walk my mother back over too the bed where she can take a seat and rest while i answer my phone. "Hello" 

"Isaac, we know you have the day off today but we really need you to come into work" My boss informs me on the phone. 

"Can it wait an hour, I have to get my mum home from the hospital?" I question and i hear a sigh on the other end. 

"One of the big Government members is here and they are throwing a rampage. We really need you" He goes onto say and i close my eyes knowing what i need to do. 

"Okay i'll be there as soon as i can" I respond politely back on the phone. 

"Thank you" he expresses in relief. I take the phone away from my ear and turn around to look at Audrey and i tilt my head. 

"That was work, they need me to come in ASAP" I share with them and Audrey raises her eyebrow at me annoyed by the situation and i can't blame her. I promised her that i would help mum get home but now i can't. 

"You best get going, wouldn't want you to be getting into trouble now" My mother pipes up and i take a few steps forward and look at her "I'm really sorry". 

"Don't be dear, You can't help that you have been called in but what you can help is that you get there in a reasonable time" She goes onto say and i nod my head before heading out of the room.

I take my mothers car and drive myself to work, I wish i could have left the car with Audrey but in order for her to start driving it would mean she would have to learn with Government Members and she isn't feeling in the right place of mind for it. None of us blame her in fact we want her to take her time and do it when she feels comfortable but it would still be nice you know. As soon as i got to work i dug straight in, as i sit at my desk i spot one of Demi's brothers crying out for her. I look around me and notice no one is moving to help him or is too busy. I put the office phone down and head over to him. I kneel down in front of him and smile. 

"Are you okay?" I question him and he lifts his head to see me and shakes his head. 

"Where's Demi?" He answers me with another question. 

"Your sister is in a better place. Do you remember when Lucky went to sleep" I begin to explain to him in a polite and kind way. 

"Yes " he nods his head at me. 

"And we took him to the special farm didn't we? When Lucky woke up he was able to run about freely again, he was no longer in pain. The same thing happened with your sister. Demi went to sleep and she woke up in Heaven. She's with your parents and Lucky now"  I explain and i place my  thumbs on his face and wipe away his tears. 

"I don't want her to leave" He creeks upset by the idea. 

"Mr Williams" One of The female Government members calls me over. I turn my head and look at her, i raise my three fingers as a signal i would be over in a couple of minutes. 

"I know you don't and i don't either but we don't have a choice. She's already gone" I feel him fling himself onto me and he hugs me, i hug him back as i attempt to keep all my emotions together. "I'm going to take you to a very nice lady okay" we both come apart and i take him to Roesitta's desk where he can play with toys until The Homing centre can figure out what to do with him. I walk over to the Government Member and i can tell straight away she isn't happy. 

"You called" I say with a smile on my face. 

"Why didn't you come sooner?" She crosses her arms sternly. 

"A little boy was crying" I begin to explain before she interrupts me by saying "And?" 

"Do you expect me to be ruthless and leave him there?" I bite back at her and her lack of care for the boy. 

"When i call you i expect you to come over" she repeats to me and i feel myself scrunching up my face together. I know myself it isn't the right response to have but i can't help not being able to grasp what she is saying. 

"Come with me Mr Williams" She orders and she hauls me off to another room that has a belt laid out on the table. I look up at her having a suspicion of what is about to happen. "Take of your shirt" 

"All this because i helped a crying child. Isn't that my job?" I question her and this time i don't hold back on what i want to say. I take off my shirt and raise my eye brows at her waiting for a response. 

"Tie him to the pillar" She orders the two guards and they both approach me and drag me to the pillar where i don't bother trying to fight. 

"I don't understand how you can work in a Homing Centre when you clearly have no care or heart for them" I spit out at her wanting to say my piece. 

"You have crossed the lines Mr Williams and you will learn to abide by what we say" She shouts at me but i shrug my shoulders at her. At the end of the day it didn't matter if we obeyed them because we would still get punished in the process. I can feel the cold arm against my back before the whip comes thrashing against me. I let out a squirm and clench my fists as hard as i could. I didn't try and fight back or try and get lose i just let it happen and even though the burning sensation and the pain on my back only gets worse. On the fifth whip i hurl my back as the pain radiates through me. 

"Perhaps next time Mr Williams you will listen to what we say and do as we ask" She glares at me as they untie me from the pillar. I turn around to look at her and try to look at her with no emotions on my face but i can't control the anger i have inside of me. "I'd be careful about what you are about to say Mr Williams" she smirks at me which only makes my anger grow. 

"May i have my shirt back?" I ask politely even though the bitterness in my voice shows through. 

"We will send a nurse in to attend to you wounds then you may go back to work" She informs me as she lays the bloodied whip on the table and walks out the door. As soon as she leaved i close my eyes and let out an inner groan from the pain. I put my hands down on the edge of the table and hurl my self over and look down at the ground. 

William's House Hold - 5.34pm 

I walk through the front door of the house and place my suit jacket on the stair Bannister. I walk to the kitchen and peer my head inside "It's just me" I greet my family with a smile and turn around and walk back out the door. As i make my way towards the stairs  Audrey comes chasing after me. "Isaac". I stop walking and turn around to face her trying to hide the pain with every movement i make. 

"Isaac what the hell happened?" She raises her voice as she pulls up my shirt, i try and avoid her but she managed to get a hold of it and sees my wounds. 

"I should have gone over when she called" I respond to her vaguely before walking up the stairs to which she follows me and i should have known she would never be able to leave this alone. 

"What happened?" she repeats to me and at the top of the stairs i turn around and face her knowing our parents can't hear us. 

"Demi died in The Dome yesterday. Today her little brother Leckial  was crying because he wanted nothing more than to see her i comforted him. One of the officials called me over and i ignored her to see to Leckial and she seen it as me defying her and The Government which resulted in a slashing" I tell her the truth about what really happened. I know if i didn't tell her she would harp on about it and say something to our parents which is the last thing i want. 

"Take of your shirt. I'll get the ointment" she smiles at me and i look at her and shake my head "You don't have to"

"And you think i'm going to let you do this alone, no thanks. Plus i'm pretty sure we don't want mum finding out about this or it will cause her to worry" She adds in and i nod my head knowing she is right. 

"Fine" I hesitated not wanting anyone to get involved in the first place. Audrey walks off to the bathroom to get the ointment while i go into my room and take off my shirt and the old bandages from earlier on in the day. Audrey comes back into my room and i hear the gasp come from her mouth. "It's fine, i promise" 

"She sure made a mess of you" She points out and i sit down on the edge of the bed and let her rub it onto my wounds. With every touch she makes i wince from the pain but neither of us make a comment about it. Audrey understands me and my reasons but if my mother found out she wouldn't see it the same way as us. 

"How's training been?" I question her as she applies the bandages to my wounds. 

"Kicking my ass like normal" She answers me as she shows me the bruises on the knuckles. I can tell by the puffiness on her face that she has been crying. 

"Why am i not surprised?" I smirk at her and she smirks back at me as we both know how much of a struggle it's been for her. Every part of me wishes for her sake that things get better but in The Dome it doesn't always come down to strength, you also have to be smart, you have to be light on your feet and you need to make compulsive decisions on the spot. If you can't then you'll die. 

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