The Dome

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 18 (v.1) - Chapter 18 -

Submitted: July 29, 2013

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Submitted: July 29, 2013



Chapter 18 - 

William's House Hold- The Basement- Saturday 4th July, 2020

Audrey's Point Of View- 

I continue to train every single day just like i did in The Terminal but i still feel weak. I still feel like it doesn't matter what i do because it will never be good enough. Each morning i'm down here beating the living hell out of the punching bag. After school i go to the gym and practise with the trainers and after supper i make sure to get an hour work out in. There's times where i'm like damn girl you're getting strong but then i get called to watch The Dome in the crowd or watch it on the tv and it makes me realise i'm still weak. I'm not at a level where i can be happy. I'm not at that level physically where i don't have to worry about being weak. There's nights where i have nightmares about going back into that place. I have nightmares of getting whipped and beaten to a pulp and it terrifies me to the point i beg for death. It gets to the point when my dream self and my conscious self both wish for death and it's wrong. I always tell everyone not to give up but here i am giving up. Normally you would never expect someone to understand why you are feeling this way but i can guarantee anyone who has been inside that Dome has felt or still feels the same way as i do. I try and take my anger out during training but it never seems to help. In fact i feel like it only ends up building up because i can't hurt the people i want. I can't hurt the government. Even if i wanted too i don't think i would have the guts to do it. I could of killed Bradley but i didn't. I could have sent a message to The Government and ended this all but in the back of my mind i have to remind myself that they are protecting us from outside dangers. I pick up a blade  and begin practising as much tricks as i can with it. As i train i hear the door to the basement open and footsteps coming down the stairs. I turn around and look to see my father standing there watching me. 

"As proud of you as i am, you should be upstairs getting ready" He mentions to me and i glare at him and get back to training. "I know you don't want to go but we don't have a choice"

"I don't think i could turn up to one more stupid ball and pretend to be happy knowing full well that The Government is planning on killing us" I acknowledge what he is saying  but i couldn't help but speak the truth to him. 

"Audrey, I know how difficult this is for you and how much you hate it but we don't have a choice. You're mother is in the living room waiting for The Government official to turn up. Every time one of these balls show up you and her end up arguing so i ask you as kindly as i can if for once you can just go and do what they say" He addresses the tension when it comes to the topic. 

"Okay" I exhale and i put my blade back from where i got it. Once it's safely locked away i turn around and look at my father as he remains on the same spot. "Is this what the rest of my life is going to look like?"

"I hope not" He answers me and i can tell by the look on his face that he doesn't believe what he says. It's as if we all know that the wall is never going to come down but we don't want to believe it. We want to have some kind of hope but how can we?

"That's what i'm afraid of" I confess to him. The truth is death doesn't fear me. Death would be like finding peace. Around here knowing that you can die and get away from it all is music to our ears. Living like this terrifies us all. Having to watch the people we love die, watch our neighbours, former students and kids all die. None of it's fair but we can't do anything other than do what they say. I shrug my shoulders at him as i walk upstairs and i pass by him and head to the bathroom to grab my shower. 

After my shower i went to my room and found Angel waiting patiently for me, her and Leona Pekee did their examination to make sure i was in good health and able to qualify for in case my number appears out of the super computer. I ended up falling into a kind of daze where i didn't really pay attention to what they said or did. I just let them get on with what they needed too. As much as i like Angel i know that seeing her is never for a good reason. I know that every time i see her it means i could be about to witness my impending death.

"That's you done Beautiful" Angel informs me and i come out of my daze and look up at her with a smile on my face. 

"Thank you again Angel, you really do work wonders" I compliment her and her work. Even though i hated everything this ball stood for i was grateful for the hard work that Angel and her team put in. It can't be easy for her to do. 

"I look forward to the day you no longer have to wear yellow. You look great in the colour but i am one hundred percent sure you suit better colours." Angel gently nudges my arm and i nod my head at her. 

"Yeah it's not my go to colour" I admit to them and it's a nice colour and i would wear it just not all the time like i have too. 

"That's our buzzer, sorry girl but we have to move on to our next client" Leona shares with us and i stand up off my chair and smile at them. 

"Thank you guys again, i look amazing because of you two. See you later" I say to them with my wardrobe wrapped around me and i walk them to the front door with their belongings. 

"Have a good nice and i hope to see you again" Angel pulls me into a hug and i feel myself hugging her back. We pull ourselves apart and she takes a hold of my hands for a couple of seconds and i shrug my shoulders at her. "If it happens it happens. Don't worry about it" I whisper to her so that my family can't hear me. 

"I hate doing this" Her eyes begin to fill with tears. I knew this was hard for her but i didn't know how hard. 

"Angel baby, we really have to go" Leona puts her hand on her shoulder and Angel nods her head and turns her back walking out the door. I close the door behind them and head back up stairs to my room. While in my room i take off my dressing gown and hang up in my wardrobe. I take my yellow silk tight dress off the hanger and pull it up onto my body. I pull the thin straps up onto my shoulders and pull up the zip at the size. I sit on the edge of my bed and slip my strappy white heels on my feet. The room to my door opens and my mother comes walking in wearing her first green dress since she won her dome. 

"The bus is coming to pick us up in fifteen minutes are you going to be ready?" She questions me and i lift my head up to look at her. 

"I don't have much of an option, i kind of have to be" I remind her and every part of me just wants to stay in bed and refuse to go but i can't afford to face the consequences of what could happen. 

"You look beautiful" She compliments me as i get up off my bed and pack my belongings into my white clutch bag.

"Tell me one good reason why i should wear a dress?" I ask her. I look myself up and down and i hate how i look and i hate how i feel. 

"Because President Greyson has ordered us too" She answers me  and i raise my eye brows at her "Audrey, we know we can't afford to disobey orders" 

"Mum i get it. If i don't do it i could end up in the dome but by doing this it makes me hate every part of me" I confess to her as we hear noises from outside the house. " We should go". I pick up my clutch bag and make my way out of my room leaving her standing there. 

I make my way down stairs and see my dad standing there in his pink suit. I grin at him at how handsome he looks "I still can't get used to seeing you wear pink". 

"Just don't" He shakes his head at me as i get to the bottom. 

"It's brings out the colour in your eyes" I mock him not being able to help myself. 

"Get outside with your brother" He orders me and i laugh my way outside.

"Did you get shunned out here for laughing too" Isaac mentions to me still laughing to him self as he stands talking to Alasz and Gianno. 

"Apparently he doesn't like the fact it brings out the colour in his eyes" I chuckle to myself while making my way over. "Sup Gianno" we do our handshake and once we are down i look to see his brother looking at me confused. 

"You guys have your own handshake?" he looks at us both back and forth. 

"Don't tell me you're jealous" I smirk at him to see him tilt his head a little. 

"Perhaps i could be" He responds back to me. 

"Too bad, you're not cool enough to have one" Gianno disses him which makes me laugh even more. 

"Mum, Dad The bus is here" Isaac shouts towards the house to let them know. My face of laughter quickly disappears and i look at Gianno who looks terrified. 

"Gianno, You want to sit with me?" I ask him feeling the need to protect him. 

"You don't have too, he can sit with me" Alasz pipes up and i shrugs my shoulders at him. 

"It's our thing. We're bus buddies" I go on to say and i see Alasz smile at me as he mouths "Thank you". 

"What you all just standing about for?" Our mum harps on at us and i roll my eyes at our neighbours expecting it to be a night filled with getting into trouble for doing all the wrong things. I follow Isaac down the path and to the bus. I climb on the bus and see Gianno sitting by the window where i slide myself in next to him. Originally my mum gives me a confused look before my dad whispers something in her ear which leads her to smile. 

Rose Sire Hall- 8.32pm

President Colton Greyson's Point Of View-

I make my way through the hall with a glass of champagne in my hand. As i make my way through the hall i can't help but pick out people i believe to be weak with my eyes. I can't help but see those who cling to their parents afraid that if they move they will be shot dead which is completely absurd. I wouldn't dare do it in a crowd.

"What a beautiful ball President Greyson" People say to me as they pass by. Of course it's a beautiful ball, the hall is filled with gold and we all look beautiful. I knew getting The Government Members to wear white was a good decision. Black would have been too depressing, too dark but white, it's more pure just like the world will be once we are done with it.  My oh my who could that be talking to Mr Terry. Beautiful lady indeed. I think i might just have to find out for myself. 

I walk over to Mr Terry and the closer i get the more i notice her long silky smooth brown curled hair. One side tucked away showing of her neck. Her dress on the other hand was just to my taste. Not too short to be classed as undignified but not too long that it doesn't show of her true body curves. A beauty indeed. I can see why Mr Terry would take such an interest in her. Time to find out if her personalty and face matches her curves. 

"Good Evening Mr Terry" I approach him with a full glass of champagne in hand from which i take a sip. 

"Colton" Graham Terry greets me and takes a step back from her which is when i see her face for the first time and beautiful couldn't describe what i saw. No amount of use of the word would do her justice.

"Who have we here?" I glance at Terry and then back at the girl who i can't seem to take my eyes off of. 

"President Greyson, My name is Audrey Ava Williams" she introduces herself with such clarity and clearness in her voice. She didn't stutter with a single word and she didn't look afraid like many of those i have spoken to in the past. 

"It's a pleasure to meet you Audrey" I smirk at her when Graham pipes up "I shall leave you two alone". 

"It's always a pleasure to see you Mr Terry" I share with him as he walks off. I position my body so that i was facing her. "I'm glad to see someone as gorgeous as you is still alive"

"Thank you President Greyson" she replies and i can see her trying not to blush under her make up. It surprises me how well she is able to keep eye contact with me and to speak with such clarity. 

"I don't believe i have seen your face before" I mention to her. Surely if i did i would have remembered it. Her face is surely not one to be forgot. 

"I haven't had the pleasure of facing The Dome in a while" She clarifies to me and i nod my head at her now seeing why. 

"You are one of the lucky ones" I smile at her and it would be a terrible sight to see. 

"Luck will only get me so far" She speaks up and i can't help but feel impressed by her. 

"That you are correct" I maintain the conversation wanting to get a sense of what kind of person she really is. "Are you alone here?" 

"No i am joined by my family" She answers me not even bothering to look around to see if she can see them or not. Perhaps she doesn't feel intimidated by me. If that were too be true then it would only make my interest in her grow that much more fonder. 

"You best get back to them or they might worry about you" I suggest to her believing it would be wrong to keep her from her family even if i wanted too. 

"Thank you" She smiles at me. Could this be a genuine smile? or could she just be smiling at me thinking it's what i want?

"I'll see you around Miss Williams" I smirk at her as i put my hand on her lower back not being able to resist the temptation  and as i do so i can feel a chill being send down her spine as her head turns to look at me and with such softness in her voice she says "Goodbye President Greyson".  We both head off in different directions, i turn around to watch her walk away to which he looks behind her shoulder back at me. I must admit this girl has really tickled my fancy. There's something about her that i can't quite seem to be able to resist. Perhaps it's the idea that she doesn't seem afraid of me or because she can hold a conversation with me. Even with a touch she didn't shudder away from me like most would. Interesting. I shall see you around Miss Williams, you can count on that. 

Audrey's Point Of View- 

What the hell just happened? My heart is pounding in my chest and feels like it's about to leap out at any second. I just had a conversation with the president and part of me wanted to run so far away from him but i was too interested in what he had to say. His voice luring me in and his touch... oh my god he had his hand on my lower back. I nearly caved in that moment. Did that really just happen? 

I find my way back over to my parents and finish what ever was in my brothers glass that quick that i can't be told not too. 

"Do you realise who you were just talking too?" Isaac questions me as i put the glass back down on the table. 

"Yes i do" I answer as calmly as i can. 

"What did he want?" My mother begins to interrogate me and i should have known this was coming. 

"A pleasant conversation mother" I admit to her not having anything to hide about what happened. 

"Be careful Audrey" She warns me and i know this is coming from a good place but i really don't need to hear it. 

"Mum, all i did was have a conversation with the president" I repeat to her in hopes it will calm her nerves. 

"The same President who can't take his eyes of you" Isaac smirks at me and i soon find myself blushing. 

"I need to find Natalie" I blurt out to them no longer being able to listen to them. I find Natalie sitting with her mum and dad two tables down and i join them. They ask me all about my conversation with the President and i tell them the truth and i can tell by the look on Natalie's face she is thinking the same as my brother but right now i'm not sure i really want to hear it. "Come walk with me?" 

Me and Natalie go for a walk around the hall to get away from everyone and it felt good to have time alone with her. 

"Seriously what happened?" She questions me. 

"What i told you was the truth, i just missed out the bit where he put his hand on my lower back" I open up to her knowing she would have no judgements towards me. 

"Damn girl" She smirks at me. 

"The worst thing about it was, i turned to him and we were so close to each other and i just wanted to kiss him. It was like he was luring me in and i had no control over myself" I express to her and she interlocks her arm with mine. 

"I wish you did" She lets out a little laugh to me but i could only imagine what would happen if i did. It felt right to be talking like this, like the old times when we would talk about boys and our problems. I wish it wasn't so complicated now. 

"Oh look there's the guy i opened the door on" I point out to her as i see Adrian approach us from down the hall. 

"Audrey, please tell me you are staying out of trouble" He greets us with a smile. 

"I am" I answer nodding my head and in my mind i was behaving. Other people might have other opinions on the matter but i didn't care. 

"Why do i find that so hard to believe?" He goes onto say which gets a laugh out of Natalie. 

"You should have seen her a good solid six months ago. She was far worse." She pipes up which makes him smile. 

"Adrian this is my best friend Natalie." I introduce the pair to one another "Natalie this is Adrian. He is a government member who is a really nice guy". 

"Nice to meet you Natalie" She holds out his hand to which she shakes "You too". 

"Don't worry Adrian she isn't as much of a trouble maker as what i am" I grin at them both and as the words come out my mouth President Greyson walks past and we both catch each other's eyes and i watch as a small smile forms at the side of his mouth which gets my heart racing again. 

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