The Dome

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 2 (v.1) - Chapter 2

Submitted: October 07, 2012

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Submitted: October 07, 2012




Chapter 2

Audrey begins to wake up as the drugs stop having an effect on her. She hears buzzing all around her and her head aches like she has a severe hangover. As she lays on a bed in a pure white walled, white roofed and white floored room, She begins to remember being thrown out of her wardrobe and dragged downstairs by a group of men. She keeps her eyes closed as if she were still asleep to see if she was in a moving vehicle. She soon realises she isn't moving, not one bit. She attempts to listen in thinking that perhaps there was some with her but the buzzing only intensifies in her ear. She opens her eyes and is blinded by the light on the roof. She squints her eyes until they are practically closed. She slowly opens them back up until her eyes adjust to the light. Once her eyes are adjusted she looks around feeling light headed and weak. She notices the room only has a single bed attached to the wall and a silver door on the right. She finds the strength and motivation to sit herself up a little trying to figure out where she is and why she Is here. As she sits up on the bed she looks down and sees she is still in her clothes from the day before but her shoes were on the floor beside her bed and she wrapped in a white duvet to keep her warm. She slides her legs along the bed until they dangle and touch the floor. There she notices a speaker in one corner of the room and what appears to be a camera in another corner. Her heart begins to race as the panic sets in of what is going on.

A loud beep sets off causing her to jump in fear.

“Welcome Ladies, Gentlemen and kids of all ages. Do not be afraid, Our president has been murdered and we as the Government have agreed in order to protect you from the world we must confine ourselves away to prevent ourselves being killed off in a deadly war that is taking place behind our walls. A war has started and we must protect ourselves but we are over-populated and the only way we will survive is to fight. We must make sacrifices for our future generations to learn from. We have built a wall around Washington in order to protect us, When you go outside you may hear gunfire but do not be alarmed. You are safe here.” The government announces over a mega phone.

Audrey sits back on the bed and presses her back against the wall, she pulls her legs up to her chest and she hugs them for comfort. She stares down at the floor frozen and afraid wishing that she could see her family. After a few hours she hears a buzz and her head shifts to the look at the door in a fright. She notices a figure standing there and her eyes widen and heart starts racing inside of her. The solitary door opens and a man steps forward wearing black combat trouser, black trousers and black vest strapped over the top. On his feet was black combat boots that lace up, he appeared rather muscular and strong. His hair was short and black and when you looked at him it would send chills down everyone's spine. He clunks his way in and Audrey shoots herself back towards the pillows cowering away of what they might do to her.

“It's okay” He pipes up to a scared Audrey as he carefully approaches her. She looks up at him in disbelief. “I'm not going to hurt you” He leans up against one of the walls and nods his head for the other guards to leave us alone.

“Where am I?” Audrey asks him sheepishly.

“You are in The Terminal” He answers her and looks around at the almost empty room.

“What's that?” She continues to ask him even though she is afraid she knows she needs answers.

“At the moment it's the place where everyone waits to find out their fate” He reveals to her, she looks up at him and squints her eyes at him.

“Their fate?” She replies to him getting the sense that it can't be anything good.

“You will stay here until you are situated some place else” He confesses to her looking her dead in the eye but in a slight gentle way.

“And then?” She continues to question him even though part of her doesn't want to know the answers.

“Then this place will be used for those who await to go into “The Dome”.”He answers her questions truthfully.

“What happens now?” She quizzes him having no trust in him or the process.

“You are going to get an examination to make sure you are okay” He shares with her and she closes her eyes having a feeling she knows what is coming next.

“You mean that i'm ready to fight” She corrects him being able to see right through him “To kill”

“To train” He responds to her and he walks over to the bed and takes a seat in front of her. “I'm not saying this is going to be easy but when you go out there I advice you to put on a brave face. Pretend you are not scared even though you are terrified inside and if the day ever comes fight for your life”

Audrey sits crosses her legs and sits forward to look at him less afraid as she can see a hint of genuine care.

“What's going on out there?”Audrey questions him and she looks out at the door as she hears the cries and screams from others.

“I'm not going to lie to you Audrey, a war has erupted. Whole countries are turning on each other. It's a bloodbath out there kid and we're in the middle of it” He confesses to her which sends even more fear in her that the world is at war.

“How do they know we are going to be safe here?” She asks in doubt and glances over at the camera knowing that someone has to be watching because why else would they insert a camera into the room.

“They have precautions” He replies to her and she looks over at him frowning.

“They planned this, but how did they know” She points out to him finding it strange that they were this prepared. How come overnight they managed to do all this? Surely there has to be more than they are saying.

“How did you wake up early?” He questions her as most other of the residents were out for three extra hours than what she was.

“Beats me” she shrugs her shoulders having no idea how it happened or why. Being perfectly honest she doesn't want to try it again to find out.

“Well it beats me too” He opens up to her and she lets out a sigh disappointed “My name is Roman Mclennan” Audrey smiles at him realising that perhaps he is just in the dark as the rest of them.

“Well I don't have to introduce myself because clearly you already know who I am” she lets out a smile and so does he.

“It's part of the job” He informs her and they take a moment to just sit and take it all in before he stands up off the bed and looks down at her. “We should get going, there is a strict time we have to stick too”

Audrey bites her cheek not knowing if she can physically put herself up to it and starts taking deep breaths in and out. She slides her self to the edge of the bed and puts on the orange pumps she was wearing the previous day. As she stands she looks down at her clothes and notices they are scrambled and no longer look nice and pretty like they once did. Roman heads towards the door and Audrey follows behind him as she continues to wish in her mind that she was dreaming. As she leaves her room she is greeted by the two other guards who just look her up and down as if they are assessing her. She crosses her arms and follows the blonde headed guard. Roman walks beside her as if it is meant to bring her comfort and a ginger headed guard walks behind her. As they walk Audrey's eyes are all over the places as she takes it in. She looks down the hall and all she can see is this pure white building with silver doors that has a little hole in front. The screams of the people she knows runs through her mind as if they were being tortured. Many of them beginning to be let out, begging to be killed. The more she heard the more sick she felt to the point where she started to think like them all.

“Don't let them get to you. You shouldn't be afraid” Roman whispers to her and she screws up her face at him wondering how she is not meant to be afraid when she is in an unknown building, in an unknown place knowing that one day she is going to have to fight or be killed.

They approach a steel glass elevator and the guard in front presses the button. As they wait another three guards arrive with a girl in the middle of them. Audrey stares at the terrified girl and can't help but feel bad for her. All she wants to do is run over to her and tell her that everything is going to be okay and that she doesn't have to worry but the truth is Audrey didn't even know herself. The guard behind Audrey puts his hand on her shoulder and gently nudges her towards into the elevator. She takes this as a hint and begins to walk inside with the guards practically glued to her hip. The other set of guards with the brown haired girl whose face was so puffed up and red you would think she had a severe allergic reaction comes into the lift.

“Going up?” My black haired guard asks them thinking we are most likely headed to the same place. They nod their heads keeping silent as if talking was forbidden. Her eyes glance at the elevator button pad and all around making sure she knows every nook and corner for incase one day she needs to make an escape. On the button pad if you want any higher than level 223 you need a special key card and fingerprint to gain access. Audrey hears a sniff coming from the girl beside her and she can't help but turn her head and look at her. The girl's clothes were torn, the strap of her nighty barely hanging on and her arms and legs were cut up like she had been running and fell. She senses Audrey staring at her and lifts her head to look at her. Audrey tilts her head at her and looks at her with tears in her eyes and gives the girl a slight head nod as if she was saying everything was going to be okay but this only made the girl be more hysterical than before.

“Be quiet” Her tall guard orders her as she holds her hands up to her face not being able to control herself “ I said be quiet”

Audrey's Point Of View-

His anger towards her is only making her worse but he can't see it. She's scared about what is going to happen to her and him acting like this is making things worse. I can feel my face screwing up in disgust at him, at them all. How could they sit and act like all of this is normal.

“Shouting at her isn't going to help you” I blurt out not being able to control my anger towards her guard any longer. There is only so much yelling and harsh words I can listen to him say to her before I snapped. I watch as he locks at me in order and jumps for me when Roman snaps out his arm and slams his hand up against the man's throat.

“Now Now Ricky calm down” Roman warns him not having time for his attitude and frankly I don't blame him.

“All i'm saying is she's scared. In fact she's terrified” I begin to say to them and I get a flower from Roman as if he wants me to shut up but I can't seem to help myself. Perhaps it's the adrenaline inside of me or the fear taking control “Imagine if you woke up in a boxed room that had nothing but a bed and told over a mega phone there is a war and we could die. The least you could do is comfort the girl”

Ricky relaxes and Roman takes his hand off his throat and stands in between me and the girl who is looking at me with gratitude for speaking up for her.

“You best watch your tongue girl or it might just get you into more trouble than good” Ricky warns me before stepping back in front of the girl he was with. I take deep breaths in and out and the truth is the entire time I was terrified that he was going to snap me like a twig. He could if he wanted too, I mean look at me it's not like i'm strong. I'd have no chance up against him, In fact i'd have no chance against anyone. That's what scares me the most.

The door of the elevator opens which reveals more rooms with silver doors but the walls up here were different. There was yellow walls, Orange walls, Green walls, Pink walls, Blue walls, red walls and Purple walls. Each all round a different room, I watched as people would walk in and out them. The residents of Washington looking fearful going in and some coming out looking completely different. Some have their hair cut, some no longer have their beards. I step outside the elevator and follow my guards thinking it was the best thing I could do since i'm already getting myself into trouble. The further we walk the more men in suits we see stationed out the rooms but why? Surely they don't think we're a threat. We stop outside a room where the walls were painted yellow but i'm so distracted by everything going on around me I don't take much notice.

“Remember what I told you, you don't have to be afraid” Roman repeats to me but they don't settle me instead they make me more anxious. What exactly is behind this door? And what exactly are they going to do to me? I look at Roman and contain all the emotions I feel inside of me. The man in the suit stood by the door looks at their badges as if he was checking that Roman had the clearance to step inside with me. He opens the door and Roman walks inside, I hesitate to go in and I can feel myself shaking my head in refusal. Roman turns and looks at me and I know I can't stand there that I have to go through but I can't help it. I just want to run away, I'm not the girl who is brave enough to walk in there with my head up high. I'm not the girl who has the courage to do this, I'm the girl who wants to run away. I'm the girl who wants to give up without even trying.

I tell myself to keep going and soon enough my legs follow along and I walk in the room. I'm hut with a strong smell of hairspray and deodorant, I screw up my face and cough at how strong the odour is. I look around and see what looks like hospital rooms with yellow curtains all around them. As we walk through I hear a scream and a grunt here and there and other times people begging them to stop.

“Could this be Miss Williams?” A woman asks as she approaches us wearing a yellow nurses dress and a white apron wrapped around her. Her short hair was in a ponytail with all the little hairs that are unable to go up hanging down. Her appearance although pretty made me feel on edge and distrustful of her.

“This is” The ginger hair guard answered and pushed me forward causing me to trip over my own feet.

“How steady are you on your feet?” She questions me as she approaches looking me up and down.

“Very steady” I answer slightly quite not knowing If I should trust her or not. Her appearance and the gentleness in her voice is telling me I should but I can't help but wonder if this is just some facade.

“Well let's not just stand around here, How about we get you taken care of” She suggests to me and I looking around keeping quiet. She looks at me as if she is waiting for me to say something. “Alright then” She turns her back on me and begins to walk through what appears to be nurses and guards.

She opens up a curtain and I stand beside her looking in at the single hospital bed that just lays there. No machines connected to the wall, only a few plug sockets on the wall but not too much suggesting they don't use a lot. I step inside and climb onto the bed expecting them to want this and I see a slight smile on her face over the fact she didn't have to tell me. Then again it is blatantly obvious. She closes the curtain leaving the guards behind the curtain so that is it just me and her alone.

“My name is Angel Beath and i'm going to be taking care of you today” She introduces herself to me and I nod my head at her with a blank expression on my face not really having a care. All that was on my mind was my family and if they were okay. “Okay, I'm going to do an examination. I know this may be uncomfortable for you but can you take off your clothes. If you would feel more comfortable feel free to leave your underwear on. We will give you a gown afterwards”

My eyes widen at the thought of this. Is this woman seriously telling me to strip down to my underwear without even knowing who she is. I was with my boyfriend for a year and I didn't even do that. I know then I was only fifteen but still... God Aubrey get over yourself. You are seventeen in a few months time, I know you are insecure about your body but you don't exactly have a choice.

“Okay” I agree with hesitation in my voice but the look in her tired eyes I can see how many others have had a problem with this before me. I jump off the bed and take off my shoes and I put my naked feet down on the cold floor. I untie the front of my beige skirt and drop it to the floor. I grab a hold of the bottom of my orange t-shirt and pull it over my head and throw it on the floor on top of my skirt. Leaving me in my black pants and red bra, the rest of my body on show and exposed for her too see.

“You can hop back on the bed” She informs me looking me up and down with make me want to cover myself up even more. I climb back onto the bed and lay down, I rest my hands on my stomach trying to hide it. Most people would say there is nothing wrong with the way I look but we all have insecurities about our body. My stomach just so happens to be mine. “I'm going to call in some fellow staff to help me out” I continue staring up at the roof hoping this will be over and done with soon enough. The curtain slides open and I hear chatter among them as they push a trolly into the room.

I focus on a place in my mind where my family is together have a stupid family meal that i've always hated and loved. Us all together having a laugh, some thing which seemed so little until you can't have it again. Well I don't know if I can't have it again but it sure feels that way. While in that place in my mind I let them poke at my teeth and gums and through out my body. Once I was given the all clear medically I noticed on the tray a bunch of brushes at my side. They do a full examination of my body before saying I was good to go but part of me didn't want to hear that. Part of me wanted to hear that I was unfit, not healthy enough but then again you never know what will happen to those who are unfit. The curtain opens and I notice a man in a suit looking over at me with a smile, I sit myself up and look at him.

“Hello Miss Williams” he greets me with a smile.

“Evening” I reply politely back while I continue to sit uncomfortably in my miss match underwear.I don't know what is worse the fact im in my underwear which just so happens to not match or the fact that i'm in my underwear and there is a guy I don't even know staring at me.

“I wanted to come and introduce myself to you. I'm Adrian Juan Jackson, I'm part of the high government.” He holds out his hand to me.

“We've met before” I pipe up to him remembering his face.

“Indeed we have” he agrees with me and I feel my lips tighten together.

“I apologise again for nearly hitting you with that door, I really didn't mean it” I apologise to him again still feeling guilty over it.

“No worries, I presume you were in a rush home to see your family” He accepts my apology with a smile

“Where is my family?” I ask him needing to know where they are and when I can see them.

“You're family is fine, they are waiting for you in the cafeteria” He informs me and a smile grows on my face in relief to know they are fine. “I'll see you aright”. I nod my head at him and watch him walk out the room as Angel stands with yellow clothes in her hands.

“These are for you” She hands them over to me and I take them in my hand.

“Thank you” I reply to her. As much as I hated being in this situation I have to remind myself this isn't her fault and That I can't take all my anger out on her.

I slide the yellow combat trousers on and sports t-shirt over the top of my underwear. I slide on my ankle socks and put my feet into my yellow plimsolls. Once I am changed Roman guides me to the cafeteria where on the way he warns me to be careful. As I get into the cafeteria I stand at the door feeling lost and full of sadness as I see people I know and love all around looking the same way as I do. Their faces red with crying or red with anger, people full of fear and that's when I see them. My mum and dad sat at a bench with isaac and Natalie's family. I feel myself practically race over to them my face beaming. As soon as my father saw me it was priceless, he pushed my mother off him and stood up off his chair and walked hastily over to me and embraced me in his arms.

“Dad” I say in relief that he is here.

“It's so good to see you baby” he whispers to my ear and after a good long minute of hugging one another we stop and I look to see my mother standing beside him. I lunge myself into her arms and hold her tight not wanting to let her go. Then I look at Isaac and we both know we don't need to hug each other to share how we feel we just gave each other one simple look that said it all. I take a seat in between Isaac and Natalie as I look at my parents and it felt like home which sounds strange. When we would sit at the dinner table we sat like this and it felt nice considering we have no idea if we are ever going to make it home.

“Do what they say and so help me god do not disobey them” My mother instructs me and I look at her with a raised eyebrow.

“What would make you believe I would?” I question her knowing she was meaning me and I know I don't always listen to to the rules but this was different. Here I get the sense that if I don't do what i'm told It might just end up with me getting killed.

“We all know you like to bend the rules” Isaac remind me and I nod my head agreeing but also can't help but feel insulted by that.

“Yeah to sneaking out the house. Do you really think I want to get myself killed?” I point out to them the difference from then and now

“Be careful both of you” My mother instructs us then she looks around the room feeling on edge and I can see how anxious she is. You can practically smell it off her. That's when I notice it we are all wearing different clothes. My mum was wearing orange and my dad and brother were wearing green, but what did this all mean?

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