The Dome

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 21 (v.1) - Chapter 21 -

Submitted: August 18, 2013

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Submitted: August 18, 2013



Chapter 21 - 

I make my way the white corridors of The Terminal and each time i step into a new corridor my heart almost drops to the floor. To think i once lived here for a month and some how managed to make it by without having anxiety attacks every day which amazes me. To me this place it's my nightmare. Stepping foot in this building is never good and you never really know if you are going to walking back out. Luckily for me today I'm only here to see the Medical doctor. He wants to check if all my wounds has healed since being in The Dome. It's been sixteen days since i was last there and every night i still have nightmares. It's as if every time i begin to get over the nightmares and my fears. When i stop becoming so jumpy and alert all the time then myself or someone i love gets entered into The Dome and it brings it all back. And even though i may not be in there just by watching it makes you feel like you are there. Your heart is racing, the sweat is dripping off you and although you are not being hurt you are thinking of the people you killed and what it was like when you were in there. Mum tries not to watch The Dome's take place unless absolutely necessary and i don't blame her. Some times if someone in our year at school is entered into The Dome my whole year has to go to the theatre and watch it take place. You tend to hear a lot of gasps, tears and at least one person pukes. Our original teachers hate that we have to go through it but it's not like they can tell the guards no. If they did then they might have just signed their own death certificate. 

"Miss Williams" Dr Valko Simons calls on me and i lift my head up and see her standing at the door way. I lift my self out of the chair and walk into her doctors office. "I've got your test results back. Bar some bruising you are looking pretty health. How is that leg of yours?"

"It's better. Still hurts at time when i've done too much training but i'm thinking i'm on the right path again." I answer her truthfully and as much as it scares me to be healthy enough to potentially re-enter The Dome least if i do then i will be going in there with full use of my body. 

She walks over to me as i lay on the bed in her office as she checks out my leg"That is good to hear. I'll put you down on the computer is 90% fit for combat" She informs me and i nod my head at her. 

"okay" I say and i watch as she clicks on my profile on the computer and i can't help but want to see what ever it says on there. I sit myself back up and pull my blue skirt back up my legs and pull the zip up at the front so it stays in one place. I tuck my white and blue flowered thick strapped top under my skirt to keep it in place and slide my feet into my blue shoes. I stand by the bed when she turns to me and says "You are free to go Miss Williams" she gives me one last smile as i grab my blue hand bag off the bed and carry it in my hand out the door. As i leave the office i see the waiting room beginning to fill up with all the patients that need to be cleared for full health in order to take place in The Dome. I try not look at any of them because the fear in their faces only send shivers down my spine. Instead of stopping and speaking to people i know i practically aim to run out of The Terminal without drawing any attention to myself. 

I turn a corner which takes me to the main hall that one of the main glass elevators stand. I continue walking when i see Roman and Ricky walking in the direction towards me. 

"Staying out of trouble i hope" Roman calls out to me as they approach. I smile at him and then look at Ricky who looks more pissed off than usual. I have two choices i could be myself and be sarcastic and be a dick or i could be respectful and careful about what i say next. 

"I am. I had an appointment with the doctor" I answer choosing the second option. I see some lines on Ricky's face disappear at my response making me think that perhaps i said the right thing after all. 

"Why do i find that hard to believe" Ricky pipes up as the lines reappear. It was good while it lasted i suppose. 

"You are more than welcome to check my body for an punishment marks but other than the ones from the Dome or injuring myself during training you won't find any" I offer him as i open up my arms allowing them to do a full body search. Part of me knows i have to change people's opinions of me, i can't let them see me as some kind of threat because it's landing me in trouble. 

I seen Roman shaking his head and i turn my eyes on him as he comes out with "We don't need to look"  but i can assure you that Ricky's opinion would differ. 

"The president is looking for you two boys" One of the Government members say as the elevator doors open to him standing there with a less than impressed look on his face. 

"I wouldn't want to keep you both away from your work so i shall be heading off" My eyes widen thinking i might have perhaps just gotten the pair into trouble for talking to me. God why am i such a burden. 

"Sorry we were just on our way up" Roman apologises to the man and i feel myself biting my lip not knowing what the hell to say. 

"You better be" The Government official scolds them. Ricky walks off to the side and Roman follows him as i mouth "Sorry". I sincerely hope they aren't going to get into trouble from  some thing that is my fault. 

President Colton's Point Of View- 

I sit at my desk in my office at The dome patiently waiting for two guards who are meant to be trusted but yet don't seem to know how to turn up on time. Perhaps they both need to invest in a god damn watch to keep them on track either that or a coffin. 

"Where are they?" I glower at my men becoming a little too impatient. 

"They are on their way Mr President" Jaquelie answers me and i feel my breathing getting heavier as the elevator pings and begin to opens. I sit forward in my hard resting both my arms on it and interlocking my fingers together. 

"What toke you so long?" I ask them with a disapproving look and tone in my voice. I could practically smell their fear as they stepped out of the elevator. It was repulsive but yet so enjoyable. 

"sorry sir we got a bit side tracked by someone" Roman apologises to me and he is a good worker i must admit. A bit soft at times but he does what he is told and does it correct. 

"Do we have anything to be worried about?" I question them both as i raise my eyebrow. 

"No Sir, It was a brief conversation with the woman before heading on our way" Ricky answers me and i trust both the boys words. Ricky doesn't take any body's crap. He can be a bit too heartless and cold but it's good when i need someone killed because i can just send them his way. 

"Who is this woman you speak of?" I continue to question them wanting more information on the matter. 

"One of my duties" Roman pipes up remaining completely calm as they stand with a straight posture and their hands behind their backs. 

"Please continue" I mention with a bitterness "I would love to know which woman has both of you boys stopping for a conversation when you should have been making your way to see me". 

"Miss Williams Sir" Ricky blurts out and i could tell he wasn't giving Roman any kind of chance. Wait. Miss Williams, why does that sound so familiar.

"Any change this happens to be Miss Audrey Williams?" I question them and watch as Romans eyes widen a little which already answers my question before ye says the words. 

"That would be right Sir" Roman nods his head at me and i take my arms off my table and lean back in my chair. Miss Williams what am i going to do with you. Keeping my men busy when they should be with me working. 

"Well boys i'll let you off this once." I announce to them which brings a surprise to them "I happen to know what it's like to bump into Miss Williams. She can distract anyone with that tongue of hers"

"Thank you sir" Ricky mentions to me as the last of my words pass my lips. 

"One last thing. why was Miss Williams in The Terminal?" I ask them out of curiosity as the thought of her at the ball passes in my mind. 

"She had an appointment at the Medical centre" Roman explains to me which begins to make sense. 

"Ah yes, Today is health checks" I remind myself. Perhaps i need to pay Miss Williams a visit. Even just to ease my mind of curiosity "Now boys onto business. How's outside the wall looking?". 

Audrey was on her way out of The Terminal when she hears a group of little kids training. She stands by the door and looks in. "Are you lost?" Eaton her training at The Terminal calls out to her from behind. He was passing by when he caught her watching them. 

"No, I heard noises and i couldn't help myself" Audrey admits to him trying to not lie even if it was to save her skin. 

"I recognise you" Eaton mentions to her trying to figure out from where he has seen her face from. 

Audrey smiles at him and says "You're one of my trainers" which helps Eaton see sense. 

"That's why you look so familiar" He gives her a slight smile back. "How is your training coming alone" 

"I'm alive aren't i" Audrey answers him truthfully which the answer surprises him a bit. 

"You are" He answers bluntly "Anything you are struggling with?

Audrey bites hers inner lip trying to figure what to say and the right way to say it before coming out with "don't take this the wrong way but you work for the government and because of that very reason i don't feel like sharing my weaknesses with you." 

"I appreciate your honesty" He looks at her slightly surprised by her statement but can understand the sense behind it. she doesn't know if he can be trusted.  "If you ever did want help you could tell me" he throws out the offer anyway to be nice as it is also his job. 

"Thank you but for now i'll figure it out for myself" She shrugs her shoulders brushing the offer off. 

"You do realise i could just watch you in training and figure it out for myself" He pipes up to her with a laugh. For him it would be easy to figure out but it would be harder for her to accept the help. 

"That's true but i don't think you have the time to watch me all day" Audrey reminds him thinking she has outsmarted him. 

"Perhaps not" Eaton replies to her before saying" Either way i hope you work it out". 

"Thank you, fingers crossed it will" She smiles at him practically praying for it. 

Eaton takes a look through the glass panel in the door as he says "Although i'm pretty sure i already know what it is" 

Audrey's head turns to look at him as quick as she could "You seem quite confident"

"I believe i'm right" He smirks at her which puts her slightly on edge. 

"You'll just have to figure it out for yourself" she responds to him 

"If i'm right by saying that your weakness is one on one combat then i suggest you figure it out pretty quickly. You can't afford to rely on weapons in there. " He advice's her "You've always been quite lucky to have them around just think about what could happen if there was none"

"You seem to have it all figured out" Audrey huffs out having no idea what she is meant to do. 

"You just need to do the same" He adds in before opening up the door of the training room and taking a step inside which quickly shuts up the loud kids on the spot. 

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