The Dome

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 22 (v.1) - Chapter 22 -

Submitted: August 28, 2013

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Submitted: August 28, 2013



Chapter 22 - 

Willow Creek High- August 1st, 2020-

Audrey's Point Of View- 

I step off the bus with Gianno and see Natalie and Hunter waiting for me standing by the main doors. I approach the pair with a smile on my face "I'll see you later" Gianno tells me before walking away from me. I keep my eyes on him wanting to make sure he is safe before looking back at my friends. "Why is it that every first day of school every single girl puts in so much effort to look good?" Hunter questions us and i let out a little chuckle "because it's the first day" I continue to laugh. 

"It's just a thing we do" Natalie adds in and he screws up his face at us. 

"But i guarantee in three month time you won't be putting in that much effort" Hunter adds in as he makes his way to the front door and he was right. We put in a lot of effort for a month and then we just give up until Christmas and then again at the end of the year. 

"Well this is our last year here" I mention to them both as we make our way to the assembly hall as instructed.

"Then we have to figure out what the hell we are going to do out there" Natalie responds to me and i can hear the worry in her voice. 

"We best make it a good year" Hunter suggests and i find myself smiling at him. Before all of this he would have said "At this rate we will all be held behind" he would take the mick but with Natalie being so afraid and on edge all the time he knew he had to be careful about what he was saying. He didn't want to make her more scared or think she was going to die. 

We get to the assembly hall which is already filled with students and practically smells of sweat already it's practically has me gagging already. I sit next to some kid to my left and Natalie on my right and next to her is Hunter. I put my bag on the floor at the bottom off my feet and keep my leather jacket on. I have a quick glance around the room to see which of our class mates made it. A loud chime plays to quite us down before The Government walks on stage. "Here we go" I roll my eyes to Natalie. Then face the front. Why is it that ever since the ball he seems to be every where. It would be nice to go a few days without seeing him. I place my hands in front of me and find my self sitting up properly and no longer slouching. What am i doing? 

"Good morning." He speaks his first words and like that first time i spoke time. My heart is racing inside of my chest. My have gone all sweaty again and soon enough i'll find myself blushing. "I would like to wish you all a good luck this year. This year you will face many things especially those of you who are spending your final year here. You will face some of your hardest difficulties yet and we hope you do so with ease. We have added new lessons for those who wish to become part of The Government in the future or work in one of the specialities that The Government over see. One dear friend of mine recently told me of how useful therapists, physios and other medical specialities can be. We are now seeking out students who would take an interest in these courses and jobs" 

Wait a minute. Perhaps Mr Roshinad did mention it after all. I wonder what he said. Why am i still thinking about this. Focus. 

"We are here to help see you through to your future and help you get the best possibilities that you can. Help us by helping you" President Greyson continues on when i hear Natalie pipe up "Do you think he believes the words he says?"

"Don't they all believe what they say" Hunter whispers back to her. I take a deep breath in as i keep my eyes on President Greyson "I think they believe they are trying to give us the best future but wither they are is another question. 

"We would like to wish you a good luck and hope you manage to make it to the end of your year safely" He continues on

"Doesn't it sound so" Hunter begins to say to us before i add in "Hypocrytical... They want us to make it through the year and yet they are still killing us off"

"Careful they might hear you" Natalie whispers to me starting to get worried at me talking so badly of them

"Ah yes Natalie because The President and The Government  are going to hear my whispers thirty rows back" I add in and i get she is worried but unless they have planted secrete mics around here that we don't know about then i'm pretty sure we are going to be fine. 

"You never know" She shrugs her shoulders to me and i turn my head and look to see her worry. 

"I swear the more time we spend here the more paranoid you get" Hunter picks up on to which she lowers her head.

I think Hunter seems to realise that what he said might have hurt her as she apologises "sorry, i really can't help it. It's all just getting to me you know".

"We get it" Hunter says to her trying to understand to her. I lean over and take a hold of her hand so she knows she really isn't alone. 

After our Assembly we get sent to our class to which for me and Natalie it was Art. We sit at our stations given to us by the teacher and i some times just some times i heavily dislike those teachers who don't like you sit with your friends. As i sit at my desk with my pencil in hand slowly sketching alone i see a pair of black shoes in the corner of my eye approaching the class. "Sorry to interrupt Professor Ayers but i was wondering if i could see Miss Palmer and Miss Williams in my office" I hear a mans voice say and i lift my head to hear my name when the teacher says "Girls" knowing we over heard. I turn my head to look at them and see it's Adrian standing with him. At the sight of him my heart begins to pound thinking i've done something wrong. I look over to Natalie who looks just as nervous as me and walk away with him. 

"Are we in trouble?" I find myself blurting out to him nearly causing me to trip over my own feet as i couldn't keep it inside of me anymore. 

He turns his head slightly before saying "No" which makes me screw up my face. Why have we been pulled out of class them? 

"Are you sure?" Natalie repeats wanting to make definite sure and in all honesty i wouldn't be surprised if i was in trouble. 

"You girls aren't in trouble i can assure you of that" he responds to her in a calm tone which seems to relax her a little. 

We get to his office and he takes a step inside and turns around to look at us both before letting us in.  "Natalie perhaps you would prefer we speak alone." He suggests which makes me even more worried about what he might say. 

"Anything you have to say to me you can say with Audrey" she refuses and i turn my head to look at her and before i can say anything he responds to her "Are you sure?" to which she nods her head. 

"Natalie i can leave" I tell her not wanting things too be awkward. 

"If it's something bad i want my best friend here"she insists and at this point i don't even bother trying to argue with her because i just won't win. 

"As you wish" he nods his head and lets us into the room. There i see President Greyson sat in Adrian's chair. Oh god here goes my heart again. 

"Good morning ladies. " he greets us with a smile and i try my best not to react to it but Natalie being Natalie said "hello" with a smile on her face. While me i looked at him with a stone cold face. Or at least i tried too. "Today there was a delay in The Selection because The Government wanted to greet all their students back to school. Miss Palmer you were one of the names selected. 

How can he just say that with such ease. Wait a minute. Natalie. 

I watch as the words "I understand" forms from her mouth. 

"You are free to go home to your family. Someone will be in touch with you about the information on which day you will go in "Adrian explains to her and i can't help but feel devastated for her. I can't imagine how she must be feeling. The poor girl is terrified of that place. 

"I understand" she repeats and i can tell by the look on her face that she is in shock. I wish i could leap in front of her and hug her but it will only make things worse, make her seem weak and i can't do that to her.

"Are you okay?" Adrian asks her and i can hear how genuine he sounds. Even though he's part of The Government he is one of the most caring ones there. Quite rare. 

"I'm fine" she answers him. 

"Just because i am sat here doesn't mean you can't show us how you feel" President Greyson mentions to her and i can tell that deep inside of her she wishes she could just kill him. 

She puckers her lips together and then licks them "In all honesty Mr President i would rather go in there and get it out of the way with". 

"We understand you are free to leave" he nods her head at her. 

As she takes a step back i turn to her and say "I'll text you". 

Adrian walks over to her with a note in his hand "Give this to your teacher".  She accepts the note and walks out his office leaving me in there alone with them. I stare at the door then back to Adrian having a horrible feeling inside of me when he pipes up "Your request has been approved. 

I tilt my head at him and frown confused. What request? "What request? I didn't make one?"  My eyes look from one to another. 

"Mr Terry came to us both saying you requested this friday off" President Greyson explains to me. 

"I'm sorry Mr President but i genuinely do not know what you are talking about" I express to them shrugging my shoulders. What request are they on about? I didn't put one in. 

"You have no plans for Friday the seventh?" Adrian questions me. 

"My plans for Friday was go to school, Eaton wanted me to train with him because he has been trying out new approaches with me then afterwards i was going to watch a movie with my neighbours" I explain to them my plans but that isn't anything i needed a request for. 

"That's all?" President Greyson questions me with his eye brow raised. 

"I know it's not exactly exciting but it's the truth" I continue on to say. 

"I believe you Audrey" Adrian mention which makes me feel a bit better "Perhaps this could be Mr Terry's way of making sure you are free" 

"I really don't understand what is going on here but i have no need for that request" I say to them wanting them to take it back and why one earth would Mr Terry want me to be free? 

"Why don't you use the day off to go support your friend at The Dome" The President suggests to me which sinks my heart realising Natalie is going in there." 

"Audrey it might be easier you being there rather than sitting in school" Adrian attempts to explain to me but i really don't know what to do. 

I take a deep breath in before agreeing "Okay".

"You are free to leave" The president dismisses me and i look at them both as i say "Thank you" and i begin to walk toward the door to head out when i hear Adrian say "Audrey, If you need a moment to gather your thoughts feel free to take them before going back into class". I turn around to look at him and give him a half smile. 

"Thank you but i'll be fine" I turn him down before turning back to the door. I put my hand down on the handle and walk out closing the door behind me. I begin to walk down the hall. As i walk i pull down my black leather skirt feeling rather uncomfortable and smooth my deep purple collared sleeveless shirt. I hear footsteps behind me but i keep on walking. 

"There's a difference between saying you are fine and meaning it" He says to me from behind. I close my eyes and take a deep breath. Why is he following me. I turn around to look at him to be polite. 

"President Greyson i mean no disrespect but i'm fine. Even if i wasn't fine i wouldn't exactly be telling you that" I inform him. 

"Why not?" He questions me and i can tell he has a look of curiosity on his face. 

"You're the president" I say more calmly and nicely "My job is to keep my mouth shut and do as you say". 

"If that's the case then i demand you tell me the truth about how you feel" He order me and i open my mouth slightly at the fact he just used my own words against me. 

"Smart move. Like i said i'm fine" i answer him quite bitterly this time. 

"You don't seem it" he points out to me and by this point i don't even want to try and hide my emotions. 

"My best friend is going into The Dome for the third time and for the third time i am going to be standing in the crowd watching this take place " I place my hand on my head having a pressure feeling coming from it. "You want me to be honest, i'm pissed off more than anything"

"I appreciate your honesty and i can understand why you feel that way"- He nods his head at me which only makes me feel more angry. 

"I'm sorry but you really don't" I shake my head. How could he possibly understand. I clench my eyes together and open them up again "My apologises Mr President for my out burst. It was wrong of me and i have a sore head so i really should be getting back to class" 

"Adrian told you to take your time. Why don't you take a walk with me?" He offers to which i find myself turning down quite quickly. 

"I'm sorry but i'll have to turn down your offer. My education is really important and like you said we should be making the best out of it which i intend to to" I turn down his offer. 

"As you wish. You truly are dedicated Miss Williams i'll give you that" He smirks at me which makes me feel a little giddy inside. 

"Hard work is the key to survival "I mention to him slightly tilting my head. 

"That and the will to fight" he adds in and of course he has to say something about fighting. 

"Good bye President Greyson"I tell him as i take a step back and begin to walk away as he calls out to me saying "Goodbye Miss Williams". 

© Copyright 2020 AnnieBirnie. All rights reserved.


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