The Dome

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 23 (v.1) - Chapter 23-

Submitted: September 05, 2013

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Submitted: September 05, 2013



Chapter 23 - 

The Dome- Friday 7th August, 2020

Audrey's Point Of View- 

I watch as my fathers body gets dragged out of the dome. His feet dragging against the sand like a sack of potatoes. How did it end up like this. My father and my best friend both in The Dome on the same day. Has someone got it out for me? Oh God i think i'm going to be sick. I run out of the crowd of The Dome and head towards the nearest bathroom trying to keep myself from throwing up everywhere. I just manage to make it to the bathroom stall before i throw up. I clutch onto the side of the toilet as i kneel on the ground. My stomach aches from the amount of retching i have done. I reach my hand out and pull off toilet paper and wipe my face. I throw the toilet paper down the toilet not taking much notice of the blood in the bowl. I flush the toilet and sit with my back against the wall of the cubicle where the tears come heavily out of my eyes. I hear the door of the bathroom open and i attempt to stop myself from crying any more when i hear "are you okay?" being asked from outside my cubicle. I wipe away the snot and tears off my face and leave the cubicle to see a woman in at least her forties standing there in pink and white. 

"I'm fine thank you" I lie to her. In fact my heart was aching and my head was splitting. 

"As someone you loved out there?" she questions me as i wash my hands in the sink. I look at the sink and then up at my reflection in the mirror as i answer "My father". 

"Did he?" she begins to ask and i know exactly what she means. I take me wet hands away from the sink and back up to the paper towels to dry them before managing to get the words out of my mouth. "No... he survived" i take a deep breath in "My best friend is due to go in there next" i take a gulp trying to think about having to watch it all. 

"Oh god no" she exclaims in horror. "Just plucked out from The Super computer to be a part of their next show". I turn my head to look at her and i stutter trying to find words to say. "Sorry that sounded insensitive"

I smile at her trying to make her feel slightly better "It's okay. I would have said the exact same thing". and it's true i would have done the same. 

"Are you here with someone?" She questions me and i look up at her trying so hard to keep it all together. 

"No" I answer her initially "My family are at work. They can't bare to watch it so they always send me". You know i've never really noticed how much times my family send me to these things so that they don't have to go. 

"I can stand with you if you'd like" She offers me but i instantly shake my head not wanting her to see me in such a state.

"Thank you for the offer but i wouldn't want to potentially get you into trouble"I turn her down politely. 

"No worries. I hope your best friend makes it out of there" she says to me  and i smile at her as i say "Thank you, i really appreciate it" and i truly was.

We both leave the bathroom and head back to the crowd that surrounds The Dome. I sit at my chair and rub my head, why does it hurt so much. I lift up my head and see Colton looking at my way. I can't help but coldly stare at him. I watch as he nods his head at me but i can't seem to stop a tear from coming out of my eyes. I take sniff in and lick my lips and hold them tight together. I look away from him no longer being able to look at him any longer. I look down at the ground and continue to rub my head. 

The sound for The Dome chimes as it's about to begin. I stand up off my chair and take a hold of the railing taking a grip of it as i watch Natalie walk out with five other competitors. The more i watch the harder i grip onto the railing and the more i feel like i'm losing myself. I lean forward as i watch Natalie being thrown to the ground. I hold my hand up to my mouth in a haze as the blade slices into her neck which shocks the crowd. "Natalie" I scream out. She grips onto her neck as the blood comes out of it. "NO" I scream as the crowd goes silent at the sight of her. Filled with anger i jump over the barrier and run into The Dome and towards Natalie's competitors. While running i pick up the hammer off the ground and go round killing them not a single thought in my mind apart from saving my friend. I ignore the gasps in the crowd and continue until only Natalie is left alive. After hitting the last competitor in the head with the hammer i drop it down on the ground and look over to Colton. "I will willingly take my punishment but just remember i broke no rules" I smirk at him before giving them all a wink. 

Colton stands up off his chair and angrily shouts "Get them the treatment now" 

Colton's Point Of View- 

I stand at the balcony and watch the girls being carried away to the medical Centre. That woman, i swear to damn god. 

"As from now on new rules will be enforced!" I begin to yell out in rage. "An electric barrier will be put in place. Anyone who jumps the barrier will be killed on sight for interfering and if not already severely injured by the barrier. " I take a deep breath in and look at them all "I must admit there was a flaw in the original rules i did no state no one could jump into The Dome and kill the competitors because truly we, I did not believe anyone would be stupid enough to do so. Baring that in mind during a Dome only the six competitors can enter The Dome and do the killing and only One will come out. If anyone dares tries to defy The Government or repeat what toke place here today it will result in your imminent death. If you ever try and out smart us it will result in your death. Loop hole or not. Tomorrow morning i will be making a new announcement declaring all the rules which will be enforced immediately." I announce to them all before storming away. 

Audrey's Point Of View- 

I stand by Natalie's bed side after she gets her treatment, bandages wrapped all around her neck. I had scans after The Dome but i don't really remember what happened. The door of the room opens as my dad storms in with a face of anger and his gown on with his bandages around the wounds on his hands and legs. 

"Have you lost your god damn mind Audrey" He yells at me and i look at him as i say "Yeah i might just have". 

"You could have gotten both Natalie and yourself killed" He points out to me and he is entirely right. What was i thinking. 

"she was practically already there"I blurt out to him. 

"Do you realise how serious this is?" He questions me and i cross my arms at him. 

"Of course i do which is why i am accepting my punishment. If either of me or Natalie is going to live it should be her" I explain to him but i know he won't understand. I wouldn't be surprised if no one understood. 

"Are you being serious right now" He glares at me as i rub my head with my hand in pain as i lean forward in my chair and look down at the ground. I let out a groan in pain.  "yeah i am and you know what i'm not even sorry about it"

The door of the room opens and The Government storms in causing my father to move out of the way. "Miss Williams please come with us" Niko Wauters instructs me and i lift my head up to look at them. "Of course" I say before standing up. As i make my way to the door President Greyson storms in and honestly he is the last person other than my mom that i want to deal with. 

"Never have i met someone with so little discipline in my life. To do that in front of a crowd like that and to disrespect your Government like that" Colton Yells at me. 

"Like i said i broke no rules" I repeat to him. 

"That isn't the point. "He grabs a hold of my arm trying to get me to understand. "If you do it then other people are going to think they can do the same" 

"Then you will just have to make a point to them" I bite back at him in anger. 

"Audrey for once shut up"My dad orders me and i roll my eyes at them all "I'm dead anyway so what's the point". 

I walk further out of the room with them. A doctor comes chasing after us. "President Greyson, I feel you should see this" he hands over the file to him. 

"These are the scans we have just taken of Miss William's brain.It would appear she has a brain bleed in the cerebrum part of the brain which could result in impulsive actions"Doctor Iglesias Winal explains to him. The president opens up the file and looks at all my previous scans. 

"What does this mean?" President Greyson questions him and i tilt my head to look at them.

"This means that this may not be Miss Williams fault after all" He shares with them and i squint my eyes at them.

 "How did this happen?"President Greyson questions me and i look at my dad. 

"Audrey tell them" My dad instructs to me. I bite my inner cheek. 

"I was in the terminal training with Eaton. I was focusing on one on one combat. Eaton was called out of the room because a fight erupted. I remember practising when a stocky guy approached me. He wasn't happy about something.... He offered to help me train while Eaton was gone but i refused knowing it would be foolish. The next thing i remember is waking up with a sore head on the ground in the training room. The guy was gone, Eaton found me and toke me to the Medical centre. They told me i had a concussion and let me go home" I relay the memory. 

"They didn't take scans and if they did they would have seen the damaged caused by the man" The doctor tells them.

"I want to see the training footage" President Greyson order them and a few Government members leave to get it. 

"Why didn't you tell the guards?"Ismene Theoland questions me and i look around the room starting to get confused as my head pounds. 

"Because i couldn't remember. I didn't want to seem weak or cause troubles or be blamed for it"I confess to them about how i really feel. "I know i can be reckless and i can be a bitch and sometimes i don't think before i speak but i don't know where i'm going with this... In fact what's going on?" i look around confused. Where am i? 

"She's been like this for a week. She has an appointment tomorrow at three fifty with the doctor" My father mention but i have no idea what he is saying. What appointment? What day is it?

"It's true, it says it in her file" Ismene confirms looking at the file after the president passed it off.

 I look myself up and down and notice all the blood on my clothes. "Why am i covered in blood?" I look up at Colton confused and there is a change in his face. Soon my body begins to uncontrollably shake, I feel the president grab a hold of me as my legs begin to give way under me. He lifts me up into his arms as he shouts "Get her to a doctor". He carries me over to a bad and lays me down gently on it as my body keeps on shaking until my eyes fall behind my head. 

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