The Dome

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 26 (v.1) - Chapter 26-

Submitted: October 22, 2013

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Submitted: October 22, 2013



Chapter 26  - 

The Dome- Thursday 27th August, 2020-

After four days of repetitive Domes it feels like i am losing my mind. The blood drives me in sane, the sight of their mangled bodies makes me want to constantly thrown up. Most of the time i hold it in until we have a break but it isn't always easy. Let's just say i've had a few outfit changes recently. I go home and all i can smell is blood and death as if it follows me. I can't even close my eyes without seeing it. Tuesday was an extremely hard day that afterwards i came home and i didn't say a word to anyone. I sat on my bed in shock. Six fourteen year old's up against each other. The tears they cried and don't get me started on how many people have shit themselves in there. The Government always laughs when it happens while The Crowd sit in disgust. They really picked the perfect punishment for me. I couldn't tell you how much times i've sat on the bathroom floor and cried to myself. The amount of times my family has had to sit with me as i cried endlessly. There are times when i sit here wishing i was dead because i just can't take it. But they won't care, they never do. 

It's come to the point i try and fade out, i try and not listen or watch. Some times it doesn't work and some times it does until the crowd roars breaking my concentration. This time it was the loud chiming of the ending of The Dome ending my concentration. I sit on the edge of my seat as i watch the guards walk towards the last competitor Italiano as he lays on the ground. Why isn't he moving? Is he? The guards kneel down next to him and place their two fingers on his neck. They look up at The Government members and shake their heads. I close my eyes and sit back on my chair disappointed. Another one six people dead for what? Do you know how much times i have sat here and watched every single one of the competitors die. No survivors and it's so annoying because what was it all for. They say one person makes it out but it doesn't always happen. I keep watch of The Dome as the guards dispose of all the bodies and i listen to the outrage of the crowd like they do each time resulting in a gun shot into the air and another into a crowd members head. As the second gun shot goes off i turn my head to the left to see a woman bent over the front of her chair. Her arms dangling down as the blood comes from her frontal lobe. I hold my hand up to my mouth and feel the sick coming into my mouth. I force myself to swallow back down and look away from her. I close my eyes and bite my inner cheeks trying to compose myself. I can't look, i can't.... I can't... breathe...i c-c-can'ttt. I open my mouth as i gasp for air when i get pushed forward from behind. I turn my head and quickly get up off my seat and just like the rest of the crowd i rush out as fast as i can. I begin to climb up the stairs and take a hold of my head as it begins to pound. With the rush of the crowd i accidentally bump into a government member. I look up at them unfocused "I'm sorry" i close my eyes and open them hasty. 

"Are you okay?" I slightly hear them say. I screw up my face still holding onto my head "I'm sorry, my head hurts and the crowd" i begin to say before they take a hold of my hand. With a hold of my hand they take me down the stairs and out The Government doors to some where more safe and quiet. I take a moment as i lean over taking deep breaths in and out. I stand myself up properly and get a proper look at them. 

"Mrs Roshinad"I blurt out is shock to see it's them. 

"Miss Williams" Wilmer smiles at me "Are you okay?" 

"I'm better thank you. I apologise for that. I'm still in the process of healing at the minute" I explain to them feeling quite bad about it. 

"Don't apologise dear" Miliah says as she puts her hand on my right long sleeved orange off the shoulder top that sits just about my orange tight around the waist but loose trousers. 

"How is little Bradley?" I question them dying to know as i can't help but always wonder if he snuck out again or not 

"He is a lot better now thank you" Wilmer answers me straight away and i find myself giving him a genuine smile before saying "I'm really glad to hear that. "

"We are having a dinner party tonight. You must join us so that we can thank you properly" Miliah suggests to me and i open my mouth to look at them. This would be a horrible idea. In fact the worst idea. Me stuck in a room with Government members. 

I turn my head to look at them both trying to find the right response "Thank you for the offer but i couldn't intrude"

"Don't be silly"Wilmer shakes his head at me as if i'm being stupid or something. 

Miliah wraps her arm around mine "You should come join us now" and begins to walk to which i have no other choice to follow as it would be rude to resist. "I can find you the perfect dress to wear" 

I instantly begin shaking my head at them as we walk down the corridor "I can easily wear one of my dresses" I mention already feeling uncomfortable the conversation and the idea of being at theirs for dinner. Wearing one of her dresses would just make it feel that much worse. 

"We insist" Miliah responds to me with more of a formal tone. This clearly isn't a battle i am going to win. I'll just have to go with what ever they want even if it's not what i want. Some times i think i would be used to this all by now but i'm really not. 

Roshinad House- 

I stand in the bedroom after having my make up re-applied  with Miliah as she walks towards the large white wardrobe. "I have the perfect dress for you" she claims but i can't help but wonder is there such thing as a perfect dress. Then again to them this is probably the perfect world so they wouldn't know. The chances are they are so used to having all the riches in the world that they wouldn't know what it's even like the be middle class. I stand still in the room as she pulls out a black low cut thin strapped dress. I smile at her as she lays it down on the bed.

"The bathroom is right there. if you need anything just give me a shout" she informs me and i pick up the dress off the bed and walk towards the bathroom locking the door behind me. I hand the dress on the back of the door and run my hand through the thin mesh which i can see my hand through. I sit on the toilet and unstrap my white heels from my feet and place them together on the ground. I unzip my bottoms and walk out of them and gently pull my top off my head making sure not to mess up my make up. I take the dress of the hanger and slide into the dress zipping it up at the side where it completely sucks me in and shows of my hips, waist and boobs. The bottom part of the dress has a cut up the dress to mid thigh on each leg showing them both off. I take a deep breath in and pick up my belongings from the floor and walk out the bathroom. 

"Put your things on the bed and let me see" Miliah orders me to which i comply. After putting everything on the bed i walk in front of her and show off the dress to which she smiles at me. "Absolutely beautiful" 

I smile back at her "Are you sure you want me to wear this?" I question her feeling out of place. 

"A beautiful girl like you deserves a gorgeous dress even if it's just for one night" She answers me before taking a step back. 

I walk over to the wardrobe and look at myself in the mirror and smile. As uncomfortable as i felt, i also felt some what happy. I look down a the bottom of the dress and in doing so as i lift my head i see my scar on show for the world. I take my eyes off i and close my eyes. 

"How about we hide that scar of yours?" Miliah suggests to me as she lays a pair of black peep toe heels on the bed for me and i smile at her as i reply with excitement "I would love too". I take half of my hair and pull it over to the other side hiding the scar completely which i couldn't be more happy about. The scar is just another reminder of my pain, of what i went through. "Everyone wants to see it huh?" she questions me from the dressing table and i take a step away from the mirror and sit on the bed to slide my feet into the heels. 

"Yeah , they all want to touch it. To ask me how i am. To ask me what i remember" I list off to her and while i speak to her it's like i hear empathy from her. Her face doesn't look cold and bitter it's more warm and open. 

"Everyone sees it as a shiny new toy" She expresses her opinion to me "Let's not keep anyone waiting shall we?". I nod my head at her and take a hold of the black clutch bag and follow her back down the halls. Everything i ever thought about how the inside of a Government House was wrong. It's ten times better. It's filled with golds, marbles, the best of the best. I shouldn't be surprised but yet i always am. I hold onto the black railing as i walk down the marble stairs with a hold of the bottom of my dress. From there we head into the large dining hall holding ten other guests. I walk in and from that moment i realised how out of depth i was. So many Government officials here. So many people who most likely hate me. I keep my composure and carry on and even though i get a slight look here and there it doesn't seem too bad. Like they have been warned of my arrival here. Surely that wouldn't stop them from being rude. If anything it could make them worse.

"Audrey you are sitting next to General Hiltory" Wilmer informs me and i walk over to my seat and greet the General with a smile "It's a pleasure to meet you General" 

"and you" he responds back to me with a smile and we both take a seat back down. As i finally take a seat i am able to see the faces of those on he other side of the table. Bang in the middle was President Greyson. No doubt he had to be here. Just my luck. I look away from him feeling that my the palms in my hands have begun to start sweating. 

"Thank you all for being here today, we both appreciate it very much. Without each and every one of you we wouldn't be sat here today with smiles on our faces" Wilmer toasts with his champagne glass in his hand. He looks over my way and nods his head at me. Of course he is referring to me saving Little Bradley's life. Not many people know about that night. In fact i wouldn't be surprised if they kept it all hush hush and away from the media. Naturally i don't blame them from hiding it. He takes a seat down as the food starts being served. As we begin to eat our  carrot and coriander soup the slurping from down the table begins. I attempt to ignore it but it only seems to get louder and louder even over the conversation between Wilmer and War Hero Porter Colson. I dip the gold spoon into the bowl being careful not to scuff it and allow the soup to slide itself on. I raise it up to my mouth and place it in, the warmth from the soup made me feel happy inside, it reminded me of winter. When ever it was a cold day dad would make us soup to come home too and it was great. Especially on those days with snow. I lower the spoon from my lips and allow the soup to glide down my throat. As i am putting the spoon back into the bowl i hear another slurp and this time i can't help but look up and down the table to Westie Yorkle  who is peacefully minding his own business as he eats away or should i say slurp. I have never heard someone being that loud before. Good god where was he raised with wolves? I take my eyes of Westie and begin to take them back at my bowl when i catch President Greyson looking my way. I put the soup into my mouth and lower the spoon back to the bowl when he smiles at me then looks down at Westie as if it was bothering him just the same. I can't help but form a smile on my face before snapping myself out of it. I need to stop with this. I need to get home as soon as possible. Away from the table talk, the looks especially from The President. 

After our main course we were given time to relax and let our stomachs settle before dessert to which only suggests to me it's going to be glamorous and over the top just like the rest of the meals. I can think of so many people who would die for food like this right now. I take a drink of champagne from my glass and look around me as people begin to break away. Some going for a cigar break, others talking sports and politics and although i am sat with a nice group who are discussing education and arts i'm just needing a break from it. "Excuse me gentleman. It appears my legs seem to have fallen asleep" I excuse myself from the table. I receive nothing but smiles and head nods back from them and i depart towards the large window which sat behind the row of the table i was sat at. Although so far away. I stand at the window with my arms gently crossed over my stomach and holding onto my sides as i admire the view of the city. It really is a beautiful place in both light and darkness. 

"So you are the young lady who saved Bradley?" I hear from a voice as the walk towards me. I take my eyes off the window and turn my head and smile. 

I tilt my head at him and shrug my shoulders" Guilty". 

"What a lucky boy" President Greyson adds in but i don't understand what he means by that. 

I shake my head not seeing it as anything other than being a good citizen "I'm just glad he is doing well now". 

He raised his eye brow at me and leans on the other side of the window sill opposite me. "You really can't take a compliment can you Miss Williams?" 

"I just did what any other human being would do" I confess to him not seeing it as a big thing. I don't deserve to be praised for it. 

"I just fear if it was anyone else and they found out who he was that they would use him against us" Wilmer explains to me as he walks over with three glasses in his hand. 

The president takes two of the glasses out of his hands freeing the other one up. I look at Wilmer confused, would some one really do such a thing? "I never thought about it that way" i confess to them "I didn't think The Government would have fears. 

They both let out a chuckle which sets me off guard "We aren't all heartless Audrey" Miliah says to me as she joins us and puts her hand on her husband chest. I open my mouth realising what i just said. 

"I know.I'm sorry i shouldn't have said that "I quickly blurt out an apology not wanting them to take it the wrong way. Not only would i have offended The President but the two people who invited me to dinner. Why am i always like this? 

"Don't apologise dear" Miliah begins to say with a smile "We all know what you mean. 

I press my lips together and attempt to calm my breathing down as i look at all three of them. "I find myself apologising most days for things i say". I take my eyes off them and glance out the window. It's the one thing that i hate about myself, god i can feel myself welling up. Not here , not now. 

"That brain of hers doesn't always know when to stop speaking "President Greyson adds in and i look up at him to see a genuine smile on his face as he looks at him. 

"It's a bad habit of mine which i am keeping under control" I reply to them "It's a lot harder than you'd expect". 

"We all have our struggles keeping our opinions in. It's all about finding the right time to express them" Wilmer advices me and i smile at him. It's as if he understands what i'm going through and my struggle. 

"Oh dear lord, Preston Burkock is trying to steal the china again" Miliah gasps as she looks over her husbands shoulder. Wilmer takes a step back "Please excuse us". 

Wilmer walks away and before following Miliah leans in close and whispers "He's a good man, if only he'd stop trying to steal all our belongings". She leans back and follows after her husband leaving me alone with The President again. 

"For you" He says holding the glass out towards me. I look up at him and smile.  I put my hand out and place my hand on the glass accidentally gliding my finger over his. I keep my eyes on him as he take his hand off the glass and put the glass up to my lips and take a sip from it. "Thank you" slips out my mouth and as i say it i can't help but notice how some times his eyes can look so cold and stern but right now they look so warm and gentle. The kind of eyes i seem to get lost in. 

"You fit in well around here" he compliments me which makes my eyes widden a little at the thought. 

" I don' know if i should take that as an insult or a compliment" I respond to him unsure of what he means. 

"Perhaps both" he smirks at me and i can feel myself wanting to smile so much but i stop myself as much as i can "Wow, Thanks". I attempt to sound nice but also confused at the same time which comes across. I raise my finger up to my face and slide the hair off it and to the side to get it out the way. 

"Miss Williams" He says with a softness in his voice and he raises his eye brow at me and i bite my inner cheek. I wish i could stop being so drawn in. It's like i can feel my body wanting to draw closer to him, To be stood in front of him. For him to whisper in my ear. To have his hand on my back and have those goosebumps spread up my body. 

"Audrey" Miliah calls out and he closes his eyes and shake his head. 

"Never can get peace and quite" he says to me as she walks closer. 

I let out a small laugh "What do you expect when you are at a dinner party?" He nods his head like he is actually agreeing with what i've said. 

"Bradley would like to see you" Miliah informs me and i look at her surprised by this. Then i look back at The President. 

Colton's Point Of View-

I take a deep breath in "Go, It can wait". She beams at me with a smile and follows Miliah off to go see Bradley. I keep my eyes on her the entire time as she walks away. As she approaches the dinner table she puts her glass down and turn back to look at me. She looks conflicted, like she wanted to stay but wanted to go. Bradley seems to have that charm on people, making them run to him meanwhile i seem to make them run. I look away and stare out the window. I close my head and lean my head back on the window sill. She did look ravishing tonight i must admit. I couldn't keep my eyes off her and her chest being out wasn't the only reason why even if it was a bonus. I know myself i want no harm to come to her, for no blood to be drawn from her body but i can't save her. Even if i wanted too. 

© Copyright 2020 AnnieBirnie. All rights reserved.


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