The Dome

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 27 (v.1) - Chapter 27-

Submitted: October 27, 2013

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Submitted: October 27, 2013



Chapter 27  - 

Willow Creek High- 3rd September, 2020

I walk out the doors of the school and make my way down the stairs with my grey hand bag in my hand and carrying my purple folder in my other arm. I rush down the streets holding my grey suede jacket closed trying to keep some heat in and also covering my pink long sleeved blouse. As i walk i find my grey tight trousers restricting me from taking long strides and my pink shoes causing me pain on my feet with each step. All i could think about was getting home to my family and making sure they are okay. I'd be lying if i said i wasn't pissed off that yet again i'm missing another day in school. That i am being forced to leave my education. I continue to think of my conversation with Adrian and how weak he must think of me and my family... Mostly me. The fact yet again i had to be taken out of class and being told "Audrey, you need to go home". I was so confused in so many ways. I couldn't think in that moment until he told me. He looked me in the eyes with pity "As you are aware your brother was in The Dome yesterday. He is out of the hospital but both him and your mother is sick" and here i am heading home to care for them. 

As i approach my street my strides begin to shorten and i take my time getting there. I want to be alone, i want to not have people staring at me. I don't want people shouting at each other or all the disapproving looks. I don't want the judgement, the uncomfortable conversations. I don't want to walk around like everything is fine when it's clearly not. You know after my surgery i got asked a few times by my family if i was okay and i was honest with them. As soon as i went into Isolation i spoke to them but it became less. The less time the conversations toke place, the less messages which were sent. Coming home it still felt like i was in Isolation. Tension in the air, everyone at each other's throats. Mum giving every Tom, Dick and Harry into trouble for the littlest of things. Dad's mind was always some place else and Isaac he was all about work and this new girl he met. It's like at time they don't even remember i'm there. And when they do it's never a loving conversation, It's never a "Have a good day at school" or "Hope you have fun" it's always "Don't get into trouble", "Come straight home" "Maybe you shouldn't go out. You never know what could happen". As if it's a dig at me for what happened. Every time i mention going to the gym my mother shuts down and disapproves of it and send me to my room. I can't help but wonder if i'm the reason my family is this way. Did i go one step too far this time?

I close the gate and walk up the path of the house. As i approach the door i reach my hand out and take a hold of the handle and pull it down to enter. As i step inside i quickly notice the mess on the floor in the hallway. I close the door and gently place my hand bag at the bottom of the coat rack. I begin to step over papers, mud, broken plant pots and photo frames and follow the loud thumping from he kitchen as if knives were being thrown on the floor. I grab onto the door frame to keep a hold of my balance and look at my mother furious to see the mess of the house. 

"What the hell" i shout at her which startles her and she drops the drawer out of her hands. My mum looks up at me then back at the broken drawer laying at her shoe-less feet. "Get out" she mumbles under her breath. 

I take a few steps further in "GET OUT"  the anger in her voice spreads through my body and my first instinct is to follow her orders but i can't just leave her like this. 

"Let's get you to bed shall we?"I suggest to her holding out my hands. 

"No" She refuses backing away from me. 

"Mum look around you, look at the mess you have created" I point out to her as i look around the kitchen which i know i will have to clean up and repair. No way would i be phoning The Government to get them to repair it. That would mean more questions, them being in the house. My mother potentially being taken away from us. Not that i would let that happen. Knowing me i would come up with some lie saying i woke up from a nightmare and thought there was some one trying to kill me. Pass it off as PTSD. 

"You should be blaming your father. He caused it." She spits out at me in anger as she storms her way through the kitchen with carrying on with what i would call a temper tantrum. I follow her and attempt to grab onto anything she attempts to mash. 

"Mum Please" i call out to her as we fight over the blue crystal vase in the dining room which was my father's great grandmas. With as much force as i could i snatch it out of her hand and put it back on the table keeping my hand on it. I look her firm in the eyes "I get what dad is doing is wrong, but he is trying to protect us" 

"He is my husband" she yells hitting her hand against her chest several times. 

"I know" I yell back at her. I take a breath in in order to calm myself down "and i'm really sorry you have to see and go through this but you can't just give up" I take my hand off the vase and hold onto her wrists forcing her to look at me.

"MY husband is cheating on me" She pulls her wrists out of my hands and turn her back on me. "I don't care if he thinks it's to protect us, I never would have done that to him"

"Mum Stop it" I argue back with her refusing to let her implode this way. I can't help but wonder how long she has been acting like this. 

She glares at me and takes a step forward and slaps her hand against my face. "so what you're making excuses for him now" I wet my lips and turn back to look at her ignoring any pain that may be there. 

"No"Belted in front of her "I'm trying to save your god damn married before you both destroy it"

He starts walking towards me with a photo frame in hand of the four of us on holiday when me and Isaac was younger "Don't bother" she snaps and forcefully hits it into my chest. I put my hand up in time and take a hold of the photo and watch her leave the dinning room and storms up the stairs. I roll my eyes and walk to the unit that stores the wine glasses and place it back where it belongs. "What the hell happened to us" I shake my head as i stare at the photo before walking away. Boy have i got some work to do. My phone vibrate in my jacket pocket, i take it out and see i have a message. 

"Hi Audrey, Hope you don't mind me messaging you. I still have your number from when you were in isolation and just wanted to see how things are at home."Adrian messages and i linger looking at the message. What the hell am i meant to reply to that. "My mothers having a mental breakdown because my father is cheating on her". "My mother destroyed the entire house that i now have to clean", "I haven't seen my brother yet but i'm sure he doesn't know i'm home or cares". 

I bite my inner cheek trying to figure out what to say but every message i come up with in my mind isn't right. It's either coming across to bitchy, to weak or too angry and i can't do that. I tap my fingers on the back of my phone and respond "Hi Adrian, That's no problem at all. The house is a little chaotic right now, mum is having a bad day. Between her and Isaac i sure have my work cut out for me but nothing to worry about. Will be back to school tomorrow". 

I back off the messages on my phone and take a quick glance through my photos. For the first time in a long time i feel so unloved by my family, it's like i'm not even here. Before they used to yell at me for sneaking out the house and always had a watch on me but now i don't even think they would notice if i was gone. They had such disapproval over me having dinner with Government members. My mother of course said "I hope you didn't do anything to embarrass us. It would be truly horrifying if you weren't on your best behaviour. Your actions could really effect us all. You did the right thing by not turning it down though, they might have seen it as you thinking they aren't good enough for you to have dinner with. I would hate for you to be spending any more time with them than you need to but it would be good if you married one of them you know. They could provide you with a safe life, a good life. Oh dear i do wish you didn't attend. You never know what impulsive sentence would come from your mouth". 

The strange thing is no matter how out of place i felt that night it felt good. I felt happy. The Roshinad's were lovely and so was the company. I spoke with the President again which was rather pleasant. Miliah even told me to keep the dress and accessories i was wearing apparently "They look much better on you than they ever did on me". I tried to turn it down but she was having none of it and i was offered an open invitation to see Little Bradley when he is free. That night i forgot about my scar, i forgot about the tension at home. Although to start with they spoke about The Dome and politics it lessened through out the night to the point it was barely mentioned. Then i came home to Mum and Isaac arguing about Isaac getting whipped because he helped a child when he wasn't meant too. Mum kept banging on about "It isn't your responsibility. The child isn't yours to save". Naturally this didn't go down well with Isaac who called her selfish and heartless. Dad stepped in and the three of them ended at it and well me i got it too. 

I glance to the top of my phone and see another message come through "Take any time you need. Family is important and so is their health. Take it easy kiddo". One small problem with that statement i can't take it easy. Not with the mess of this place anyway. I put my phone down on the dinning room table and hand my jacket on the back on the seat. I hear foot prints coming down the stairs as i kneel down on the ground and gather the already broken photo frames and put them in one pile. 

"She's been like that all morning, ranting and raving." He begins to say to which i lift my head. 

"What the hell happened while i was away?" I question him needing answer and preferably the right ones

" I tried to get her to calm down but it only made it worse" Isaac explains to me to which i lift my head. "She just fell apart". 

"It's okay Isaac go back to bed" I tell him while gathering the photos in my hand. He waddles back out of the dinning room and back to his room and i close my eyes trying to stop the tears from coming. My family is falling apart, this is my life now and i hate it. Once upon a time they used to look after me and now i'm the one looking after them. 

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