The Dome

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 28 (v.1) - Chapter 28-

Submitted: October 28, 2013

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Submitted: October 28, 2013



Chapter 28 - 

I slide my feet out from under neath the covers and pull myself up. I let out a groan hating the idea of having to attend yet another ball. The process has become so boring and predictable. The residents practically just walk around while they are judged by their appearance. Men have come to the point of wearing tight shirts to impress the woman Government members believing the more muscles they show the less weak people will think of them. Even some of the women has started doing it. After the last ball women were warned that if they don't star wearing appropriate dresses then they will be sent for punishment. It had come to a point where girls thought the shorter and the more exposed the dress then the more The Government members would take interest. Some times it worked and other times not so much. I reckon about half the girls last time got sent home and were told they look like hookers. The president certainly wasn't happy that night.

I rub my hands against my face to waken myself up a bit and make my way to my mothers room where she will no doubt be. I knock gently on the door and get no response from her. I open it up and walk in to see her curled in a ball facing the wardrobe in her room.

"Morning mother" I greet her as kindly as i can. The hardest part of all this is i know she is in a bad place but just saying the wrong word or saying a sentence the wrong way can end in disaster. It either ends in tears or ends in fists being thrown around the room. Today i would prefer to have neither. Today i have no time for either. 

I walk round to her side of the bed and take a seat at her feet and put my hand on the duvet where her leg is. "Come on mom, let's get out of bed" 

"No" she shakes her head sheepishly staring at the wardrobe doors. 

"We have the ball today. You need to get out of bed" I remind her and the whole time i have to think about it as if i was speaking to a child. Soft and gentle. 

"I don't want to" She speaks out remaining in the exact same position as she was in before. 

I tilt my head and look at her and even though i want so badly to shout at her and shake her to sense i know i can't because it won't help. I can't tell her to snap out of it and that she needs to get over it because it will only make it worse. 

"I know you don't and i know you are going through a hard time but we need to wash and go to the ball" i begin to explain to her and i slide off the bed and kneel in front of her so that she can no longer look at the wardrobe. "Or they will punish us. 

"They can do what they want i don't care anymore" She responds to me before turning onto her other side. I take a deep breath in and try and bite my tongue as hard as i can. 

"You don't mean that" I stand up off the floor and walk round to the other side of the bed refusing to allow her not to look at me when we talk. 

"I do" She shrugs her shoulders and her voice breaks a little as the words pass her lips. 

"Mom, They won't just punish you it will also be Isaac, dad and me" I point out on her refusing to give up on her. She might have lost her will to keep going but i refuse to believe it. I refuse to let her stay in bed every single day and cry. To feel numb and hollow. I refuse to let her fade into a person she isn't. "They have had enough trouble with me mom, they could kill me". I look at her emotionless face as if me telling her that they could kill me has no affect on her. "MOM"

She doesn't say a words for another more minute before mumbling "I Know it's just"

I crawl onto the bed and take a hold of her hand and hold it in mine to show her she isn't alone. I''m here and i'm not going anywhere. " I understand but i'm going to stay with you.I'll help you" 

"Okay"she nods ever so slightly. 

I let go of her hand and walk to the bathroom and begin to run the shower so that it's nice and hot for when she steps inside. As it is running i come out of the bathroom and see Isaac standing by his door. "Is she alright?". I shrug my shoulders at him "I honestly don't know" I turn away from him and enter my mothers room and watch as she lays in her bed. This isn't my mother. That person there isn't my mother at all. It breaks me to see her like this. To see her so broken and upset, so distant from the world. I think today was the first day in a while since we've had a proper conversation and it consisted of a few sentences. I walk back round to her side of the bed and take the duvet of her body "Come on" I try and encourage her hoping it will help in some way but i have no idea if it will. I have no idea if anything i say will ever help. I reach out to my hand and i can see the hesitation on her face. The look that she wants to do it but she's too afraid. She rolls onto her back and reaches her hand out to me. I take a hold of it and help her up to her feet. As i stand in front of her i smile and i feel so proud of her. It might sound so stupid to people like why would you be proud of someone for getting out of bed but it isn't always easy for someone to get out of bed. For someone to have a shower and get ready. The things we think are easy aren't always easy for everyone else. I guide my mother to the bathroom, i watch as she climbs into the shower "Just sit down" I tell her knowing this will be easier for her. I close the bathroom door behind me and lock it not wanting my brother and dad to see her this way. Although she was still in her underwear this is something they don't need to see. Her body tenses up under the water and i sit on the side of the bathtub and rub my fingers through her hair "It's okay". My mother doesn't like to admit it but just like the rest of us she hates being touched by people. Even someone you love touching you can be the most terrifying touch of all. 

I let the water hit her hair a little more before reaching over for the shampoo bottle. I apply a blob into my hand and but the bottle down on the shelf. I separate the shampoo into both my hands before rubbing in gently into her scalp. "When was the last time you washed your hair?" I ask her as i rinse the grease and shampoo out of it. 

Her shoulders raise a little as she wraps her arms around her hairy legs. I knew she hadn't been washing properly but i didn't want to mention it to her because it would only make her hate herself more than she already did. Every now and then i will make a slight comment like "Mom, do you need more shampoo. I know you were running out" or "I got the toothpaste you like". 

I finish rinsing her hair out and just sit with her as she picks up the razor at the side. "I think we should make sure we look hot as hell tonight. Show all those boys what they're missing" I smirk at her to which she lets out a little smile to me. 

"You can go i'll be fine" she attempts to assure me and i look down at her and sigh. 

"I know you will be but perhaps i'm not" I answer her "Perhaps i need to be with my mom. Perhaps i'm hurting inside and i don't want to be alone"

"Okay" She smiles up at me. 

"I'll pull the curtain over and i'll sit on the toilet on my phone." I suggest to her to which she nods her head. To which i do. Once she is done we head back to her room and she puts on fresh underwear and her dressing gown. I sit her at her dressing table and blow dry her hair. Me and mom used to do pamper days all the time. We would do each others nails and hair but this is different. This isn't fun. This isn't talking about boys and school, this is silence. This is two people trying to find the will to keep going. 

"Angel is going to be here any minute which means we have to put on at least a smile." I inform her after glancing at the time. "Once we leave this house tonight we have to be smiling even if we feel nothing but hollow inside of us. Even if it kill us to smile we have to" She nods her head at me and i take the brush through her hair just like she used to do to me when i was young. 

Rose Sire Hall-6.59pm 

Me and Isaac stand with our childhood friends at a table as my mother speaks with The Palmer family. Natalie told them what was going on and they promised to look after her. 

"How are things at home?" Natalie questions me while wearing a long blue sleeveless dress with silver gems going down the dress at a slanted angle. On her feet she had white peep toe heels and a white clutch bag to hold her phone inside of. 

"A disaster" Isaac blurts out to them being honest about it all. Natalie brushes her hair off her shoulder and onto her back as she looks at the both of us and i let out a deep breath not really wanting to discuss it here. 

"What's going on? "Hunter asks us not knowing much about it. 

"Mom has fallen apart literally. I had to help shower her this morning" I confess to them all as i rub my hands together . 

"She looks happy tonight" Julious mentions looking over at her with Natalie's parents. 

"Some times we have to fake it till we make it" Isaac points out to them. 

"Are your mum and dad even talking?" Hunter questions us knowing about m dad cheating. 

"Only to yell" i admit to them and then take a drink from my glass to stop myself saying anything else. I know Isaac knows what is going on. If he didn't then he must be deaf with the amount of arguments that has taken place because of it. 

"Not exactly the perfect time to be doing it" Julious points out to us screwing his face up and he is right. 

"Tell me about it" Isaac exclaims having had enough. 

"Government approaching" Natalie abruptly chimes in to which we instantly change the topic to about dogs. 

"So then gonzo went tumbling into the sofa and tubbo crashes into his bed." Hunter lets out a laugh recalling the story and we all laugh a long with him. 

"Miss Williams" I hear as a hand touches my bare arm to catch my attention. I turn around and look at him "I was wondering if i could get a world with you "Graham Terry asks me. 

I nod my head at him in politeness "sure Mr Terry". I walk off with him through the crowd making sure to avoid all the Halloween decorations since it is October 31st. Everyone seemed to be loving this ball, perhaps because it was so different. I follow Mr Terry where he takes me to the balcony, on the way i say no word to him. As we guide our way through my eye catches President Greyson talking to some Government officials and i find myself wanting to smile at him. 

President Colton's Point Of View-

"So i told him, the best way to shut up her screaming is to chop of her head" I laugh to them "And within five minutes her scream was no longer heard". 

"That is a truly marvellous story" Count Horn chuckles to himself. 

"But we boys know other ways to keep a girl from screaming "I mention to them and as i finish i catch Audrey glancing at me as she walks through the crowd wearing a thick strapped low cut long dress that had a slit coming up her leg. Her hair was up and out of her face. Showing off that lovely neck of hers which i would so much like to kiss. She quickly looks away and continues on her journey to the balcony with Mr Terry... Wait a minute. 

"But we also know many ways to make a girl scream" Paulus jokes which gets a large laugh from the crowd. 

Audrey's Point Of View- 

"You look beautiful" Mr Terry compliments me and i smile at him as i say "Thank you". 

He takes a step towards me "I hear you are doing well in your training". 

"As well as i can" I respond as gracefully as i can to him. Training isn't a conversation i like to discuss anymore. 

"I hear many good things about you" he mentions and i can't help but screw up my face at his statement. 

I let out a little laugh "I 'm surprised. i tend to try and keep myself to myself"

"The Government talks you know" he smirks at me and i have no idea if that is a good thing or bad. I have caused a lot of bother for them. 

"Ah say no more" I tilt my head at him playing it off even though my heart was pounding in my chest. 

"There is something i wish to ask you" He mentions to me and i smile at him "of course". 

Footsteps come out onto the balcony "Graham" he nods his head at him "Miss Williams" He greets us with a small smile. 

"President"Mr Terry replies rather formal to him as if he intimidates him. 

"President Greyson" i say giving back a small and polite smile. 

He looks at Mr Terry before saying "May i steal Miss Williams?" he asks 

"I was just about to ask her something" Mr Terry begins to explain when The President shoots him a glare not giving him much of a choice. "But she is all yours". 

"How kind of you" Colton smiles at him and we both watch as Mr Terry Leaves the balcony. "Care to go for a walk?"

"sure" I accept his offer and we walk side to side in discussion as we head outside to the back gardens and walk down the paths to admire the flowers and fountain. 

"Do you know what Graham was going to ask you?" He questions me and i look at him and see an interest in his eyes. 

"No idea" I confess to him shrugging my shoulders. I look back out in front of me wanting to make sure i don't trip over anything and make a fool of myself like usual. 

"He was going to ask you to marry him" He informs me and i find myself choke on my own saliva. 

"Me?" I screw up my face in horror of the idea and look at a smiling Colton who is trying his best to stay serious "Yes". 

"It seems rather appalling a fifty eight year old man asking a seventeen year old to marry him" he expresses his distaste of the eye. 

"I didn't realise that's what he was thinking" I tell him as we walk round the garden. 

"You could say no to him" he begins to tell me "Then again if you agreed to marry him it would mean you would no longer take part in The Dome". 

I wet my lips and bite my lip hearing this "But if i married him i would no longer have my freedom" I remind myself and as much as safety would be nice, marrying Mr Terry wouldn't be what i want. 

"I couldn't tell you for sure but most likely" he confesses to me knowing Mr Terry more. 

I raise my eye brows at him "I find the offer flattering but i always believed i would marry for love" I open up to him a little. 

"I hope you do but there may come a time when you must marry for protection" he attempts to get me to see both sides but that's not me. 

"I'm too stubborn and strong headed" i remind him which makes him laugh "You are indeed. 

"I must thank you for taking me away from the conversation. Mr Terry is a kind man but"I begin to say before he interrupts me "But he isn't your type". 

"No i can't say he is" I agree with him. We make it back to the beginning of our destination and i look at him with a true smile on my face having enjoyed our walk. A roar of laughter comes from the ball. I turn to look at the building then back to the President who hasn't taken his eyes off me. 

"Unfortunately i should held back, my parents will be worried about me" I tell him and part of me didn't want to say it but knew it was the right thing to do. Plus i told my mother i wouldn't leave her for long. 

"Let me walk you" He offers and her holds out his arm for me to take a hold of. I pick up my dress so it no longer trails so i won't trip up the stairs and take a hold of his arm as he walks me back. 

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