Chapter 29: Chapter 29-

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 29 - 

I stand by the window in the living room gazing out of it as a loud chime plays to inform us that The President is doing a broadcast. I look away from outside and look at the tv as The President appears. I look at my brother who is sat with his feet on the sofa and his head looking down. Mom well she couldn't bare to watch it so i told her i would go up stairs and break the news to her. You know i thought i made some kind of improvement with her on Saturday but after my dad disappeared last night she sunk herself back to her bed and hasn't moved since. I was even at the point i was trying to force her to eat something and i understand she has no appetite but i can't just let the woman starve. 

"Good morning Ladies and Gentleman of Anteroux Panolia. I hope you all had a good time on Saturday at the ball. I certainly did. I hope you are all well today. Before the selection i have a few announcements. First is that we are still seeing a rising amount of inappropriate clothing not only at the ball but in the streets. We have already warned you that this behaviour is not acceptable and you will be punished. We have standards to stay by and i will not have my residents looking like a bunch of tramps because they think they can get a Government Member on their side. If this is the case i suggest you open a strip bar where there your efforts will not go unnoticed and The Members will take pleasure in going. But i suspect that is not your intentions. Second Today is going to be a special Dome. Because so many of you have disobeyed many rules wither it is your clothing, curfew or your blatant guard of disrespect we have no choice but to punish innocent people until we get our point across. The first part of the punishment is those who have refused to listen to our orders are automatically taking part in a special Dome. A Dome just for those who disobey us and our rules. We want a peaceful country and because of your actions we have no other option but to step in. The normal Dome which will be taking place will go ahead as usual but who ever wins The Dome will not be coming out." The President begins to announce and i frown my eye brows and look to my brother confused. what the hell does he mean? 

"They will say in The Dome and given a couple minute rest before five new competitors will enter and they will have to fight again. You must be thinking this is unfair of us to do but until you do as you are told we have no other choice. Because of certain members of the community thinking they are better than everyone else an extra six people to one Dome will die. Now think of it this way. We were meant to have four scheduled Domes. Meaning forty four people will die today instead of twenty. We as a government are sickened by this but if you refuse to listen to us we will have no other option but to keep doing this. Is that understood!" The anger in his voice raises. He takes a deep breath in "Now onto the selection". 

Roya Orisbon walks over to the super computer and hits the button. "The number today is....eight" I keep my eyes on the screen and watch The President. The Super computer starts up again and he begins to call out some of the names of those taking part. I cross my arms together and dig my nails into my arms as hard as i can in fear as my heart rate becomes stronger. "Audrey Williams" He announces with a subtle sound of disappointment. Many others wouldn't hear it but having heard it many time while in conversation with him she picked it up clearly. 

"Audrey" My mom says at the living room door having pulled herself out of her bed. I turn my head to look at her hiding all the emotions i can. I look back to the tv and take deep breaths in and out. 

"I wish you all immense luck. I know today will be a challenging day for you all but just remember the key to survival is to fight" He announces to us with a change in his voice as if he is pleading us to fight for our lives.Or me? Surely not. I'm being foolish he's talking to us all. He will be doing it for a bit more entertainment. For more pleasure. The President lingers on the tv for a couple more minutes before a loud chime goes off and the screen goes black. I look to my brother and mom with a smile on my face "It's okay" I shrug my shoulders at them. 

A day later on Tuesday the 3rd of November i walk down the stairs of my house knowing both my dad and brother weren't here and my mother couldn't bare to look at me. At half eight i am picked up by two guards to take me to The Terminal where i spend my day until it's time for me to enter that dreaded place.

Henry's Point Of View- 

I slide out of Zavanna's bed and pull my clothes back onto my body. She sits up on the bed and raises her eyebrow at me "I have to go Zavanna" I tell her. 

"No stay" She begs me and i can tell be the sweetness in her voice she wants to have more fun but i can't do it. 

I pull my shirt onto my chest and look at her as i button it back up. "My daughter is facing The Dome today. I can't miss it" I explain to her and tuck my shirt into my trousers and buckle my belt to hold them up.

"Okay, but before you go can you go into my office so i can give you something" She asks me and i nod my head at her as i tie my shoes. 

Once fully changed i walk to her office with her behind me, i open up the door and enter to which she closes the door behind her.

"What is it you need to give me?"I question her looking around the room. I hear a loud click at the door and turn my head to see her slide something under the door. "Zavanna, what they hell are you doing?" I shout at her in anger. I storm over to the door and attempt to open it which only confirms my suspicion that she locked it. "I need to be with my daughter. 

"I don't think so" she smirks at me and gives me a wink before walking towards her desk. "I want to have some fun today so until you make me have fun then you aren't going anywhere". 

"I'm being dead serious, let me the hell out of here" I continue to yell at her not seeing the funny side to this. 

She licks her lips and stands at her office desk. She looks at me with a smirk and drops her robe onto the floor "Do what i say and i'll let you go". 

Audrey's Point Of View- The Tunnel Of Death 

I lean my back up against the wall in The Tunnel Of Death and attempt to slow my heart beat down. Every part of me feels sweaty and i haven't even done anything yet. The glass elevator opens and out comes our family member but yet i see none of mine. Thankfully i have two great best friends who support me. "Damn girl, you've got a lot of work to do" Hunter points out to me as they approach and he pulls me into a hug not giving me much of a choice. I wrap my arms around him and find myself not wanting to let go. I look over to Natalie with fear in my eyes and force myself into her arms. I let her go and look at them both. "I'm not coming out of there"

"Your body will you just won't be breathing" Sharxe one of my competitors attempts to intimidate me. 

"Ignore him" Natalie instructs me as she scoffs at him. 

"Guys I'm not joking. He's right. Most the time i barely survive one. There would be no way i would survive two"I remind them as i think back to my track record. 

"Stop freaking out" Hunter exclaims as he grabs a hold of my arms in attempt to relax me. 

"Wouldn't you if you were in my place. And to make things worse my brother is at work. He refuses to take the day off, my dad isn't here and i wouldn't be surprised if my mother can't pull herself out of bed" I list me reasons to them. Which shuts them up "What a great way to say goodbye to your family". 

"That's not really a goodbye" sharxe interrupts again to which i glare at him because even though he was right he isn't nor do i want him to be part of this conversation. 

"Exactly. What a way to say goodbye like not having a goodbye" I agree with him. I tilt my head at them and take a breath in as my eyes fill with tears. "least i get to say goodbye to you two". 

"To think we have been friends since we were kids."Natalie responds to me with a smile as she takes a hold of my left hand. 

"And that we made it this far without being arrested" Hunter jokes which cheers us up a little but the three of us know my chances in there and it's looking pretty slim. 

Three guards come walking over to us all "Time to go" they inform us all and the three of us share one last hug together. We pull ourselves apart without saying anymore words and i watch as they walk away with Natalie hugging into Hunter the entire way back to the elevator. As soon as the doors open i look away from them not being able to look a their faces. I turn and face The Dome entrance and me with the other five competitors line up and walk towards it. 

"Look i'm sorry your family never showed" Sharxe whispers to me "But i also can't let you win out there". 

"May the best person win" I whisper back to him. We head out into The Dome and towards the podiums, i stand at mine as it faces the exit of The Dome. I turn my head to the right and look at The Government members like i always do so that they remember my face. I take a deep breath in and look back at my competitors with my game face on. I put my hand out to the right and take a hold of my knives. 

The President stands up at the balcony and stands in front of the microphone "Welcome All. I President Greyson along with my fellow Government members would like to wish all six competitors luck today and hope for your survival. At the sound of the cannon you may begin" He announces. As he says this my eyes turn to another seventeen year old girl Karla Hammond and she looks around at everyone in panic. I squint my eyes trying to see what weapon she has in her hand but i can't seem to make it out. The cannon roars into the crowd and seconds later i hear what sounds like a pin drop before being thrown back off my podium with a large force. My body bounces off the ground as he sand fills the air. I close my eyes as i braced for impact  and my ears begin to ring. The sound of the once cheering crowd has fallen silent. I open up my eyes to see a large cloud of dust and sand in the air. I roll over onto my hands and knees and grab a hold of my knives again trying to make out what happened. I place two of my knives into my belt to keep them in position and hold the other two in my hands. I try and pull myself up but feel far to disorientated. I crawl a little forward hoping the podium will help regain my balance when i begin to smell something burning... a fire? Why would someone have fire? I finally reach what appears to be the podium, i put my hands on it and push myself up when my hand falls down on it from under neath me. I look down and notice it isn't the podium. I pick it up only to notice it's a cut of and mangled leg. I quickly let it go and bring myself to my feet refusing to show my vulnerably sides. As i get to my feet and the dust begins to clear i realise it was grenade. Karla had a grenade in her hand. I look around and see missing parts of bodies from those who were close to her. I begin to run away from the podiums not wanting to get caught out and hurt in a fog that i can't see clearly in. As i run i feel a sharp sensation in my leg. When i look down i see a large gash on it from he explosion and if you looked close enough you could see the muscle inside of it. With no hearing and barely being able to see properly i find myself looking around my in a panic not sure where anyone is. Hell someone could come up behind me and attack me and i wouldn't know. 

Instead of standing around i go back towards the fog figuring everyone else but be feeling the same as me or too injured to move and the closer i get i prove myself right. I spot Ryland and Marcy fighting on the ground with each other. Ryland with a missing hand and Marcy with both her legs being torn off. I squint my eyes and focus the best as i can. With my knife in my hand i take aim at them and throw my knife in Ryland's direction. As i watch i can't make out if i manage to hit him or not before feeling a sharp pressure against my ribs. I clutch onto them and look around to see Brown to my right with a angry look on his face. I transfer my second knife from my left hand to the right and without realising it i had let the knife out of my hand and Brown was clutching onto his next. I limp over to him as he stands and take my third knife to impale him in his chest. He mouths something to me but i can't hear a word he says and i look round me to see everyone on the ground. I look around trying to figure out who is still alive and i have to take my chances and check for pulses even thought this is one of the most dangerous things i can do. As i move close to he podiums i see Sharxe was blown up just like Kayla and sivel. I hold my hands to my chest as i try and remember who's left. I just killed Brown so who's left. 

Ryland and Marcy... I stumble my way over to the bodies and see Ryland with the knife in his trachea. I couldn't have done that but perhaps Marcy did. With the fog mostly gone i find Marcy's body in which she appears to be screaming in pain. I kneel down in front of her and i can see how wet and puffed up her face is from her tears. I take my last knife out of my belt and look down at her as she nods her head. I close my eyes and slam the knife into her chest and twist it trying to make it as quick as possible. I open up my eyes again and see her looking so peaceful. I force myself to stand back up, i look around at the crowds who appear to be cheering at me. I look at The Government's balcony as President Greyson stands and looks like he is speaking. I squint my eyes and hold my hand up to my ear. I point to myself and shake my head and point to my ear trying to signal i can't hear. I try and tell them "I can't hear" but i can't even tell if they can hear me or not. I turn around and see a guard approaching me with a bottle of water in his hand. He signals for me to drink as the bodies get removed from The Dome. I watch as they leave the bloodied weapons back at the podium. Slowly as i watch my hearing begins to come back to me  as i sit on the sand i glance at my wound and see the damage. I take the water and pour it over it having figured out they aren't going to let me get medical attention. I look over to the crowd and see Natalie and Hunter standing together with a smile as they look at me. One down and One to go. 


Submitted: October 29, 2013

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