The Dome

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 3 (v.1) - Chapter 3-

Submitted: April 21, 2013

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Submitted: April 21, 2013



Chapter 3- 

th May, 2020

Audrey is sat on the edge of her bed with her arms leaning on her legs. As she wears a yellow tracksuit bottoms with a yellow sports bra and yellow sneakers on her feet. She threw her hair up into two buns on the left and right side of her head. Her room door opens and she lifts her head to see Roman walk in. He looks at her with sympathy in his eyes as he knows what is about to happen.

“Morning Miss Williams” He greets her and walks further into her room to see the look of dread on her face.

“Morning” She replies deflated after a terrible night of barely getting any sleep. The gunshots outside scaring her awake every time.

“We are going somewhere new today” He informs her and she looks at him with a raised eyebrow.

“Let me guess is it the kitchen?” She scowls at him having had enough of all the isolation. Yes they get to explore anywhere they want where they have clearance and they get to spend time with their family. It doesn't take away the pain or loneliness they feel. Four days in “The Terminal” has felt like four weeks to them.

“Not quite” He responds shaking his head at her.

Audrey stands up off her bed and looks at him and says “Let's get it over and done with then”. He smiles at her and she follows him out of the room where there is a group of others in all different colours standing there. She joins them and sees twin sisters Zoe and Milah who she met two days ago in the cafeteria as they sat at the same table with them.

“Do you know where we are going?” Zoe asks while wearing yellow just like Audrey.

“Not a clue” Audrey shakes her head and looks at Milah who is wearing orange tracksuit. They follow the guards towards the staircase and they go down level two. The doors of the steel glass elevator opens to reveal like the rest of the building it was a extraordinary large room with white walls, white roof and white concrete floor. They step out of the lift and follow the guards to the centre of the room, the more they walk inside the more they notice. They see training equipment all around and Audrey's hear sinks inside of her chest. Her eyes shoot towards the twins and they look at her with the same fear. Audrey sticks with the twins as the guards disappear back up the stairs. A group of men and woman in black combat boots, black trainers, black combat trousers with an official look to them walk over to them.

“Everyone gather round” A woman with short brown hair shouts out to everyone. A group of over five thousand gathered together. Audrey see's them all glancing around wondering what is going on but one thing she did notice was there was no children around or old people. To her this was strange, in fact she hadn't seen any old people since the day after she arrived. It was like they all just disappeared but where?

“You are all aware of why we are here in “The Terminal”, There is a war out there and we need to be prepared for incase they invade us. You all know we are over-populated which unfortunately means you must face “The Dome”.” Heads quickly turn to one anothers in the crowd as they listen to what they say “ You must be wondering what that is, well we are going to place you all into a group of sixteen and you will be numbered from one to sixteen. If for example you were assigned the number three and number three got called out during the ritual. You would be greeted with a guard who will lead you off to see The Government and they will talk you through what will happen. There will be six of you from different groups with the same number and you will all be put in “The Dome”. The Dome is an arena in the shape of a dome, there is large amounts of seating around it. You walk in and are placed on a podium set at a different part of the area and in the middle of “The Dome” you will find weapons off all varieties which can be used to defeat your apponent.By defeat I mean kill” There are mumbles and grumbles in the crowd as they hear talk of this. “Six of you will enter The Dome and only one will leave. You must fight to save your life and that is why we are gathered here.” The man announces to them all.

“We are here to train you, for the next month you will come here every day apart from a Saturday and Sunday. If you listen to what we have to say and do what we instruct you may just make it out of this alive.” The woman in the exact same style of clothes as her colleagues informs them all. She keeps her arms crossed and her eyes scans around the room as she attempts to get a feel on everyone.

“This is Easton and Clara they are going to be in charge of the operations here. Easton will focus most his time on those who are wearing colours between Yellow and Green. Clara will be focusing on those who are wearing pink to purple. Me I'm Quinn and i'm here to make sure we get results. This place is no joke, if we think you aren't putting in enough effort or taking this serious you will know about it” Quinn announces to them all which causes more mumbles in the crowd. “Do any of you realise your life is on the line here. You could have to kill people you love, the family you grew up with or the friends you went to school with. You could be killed.”

Audreys Inner Thoughts; “I feel my heart beginning to race in my chest just like it has ever since I got here. Every time I feel like it's slowing down it starts up again. My palms fills with sweat leading me to wipe it against my trousers. I was trying so hard not to show I was afraid like Roman told me to but the thought of the words “You could be killed” drills in my head. The thought of having to fight to survive seemed so barbaric and irrational. The idea of my parents surviving all of this and having to lose me along the way. It breaks my heart, I'm not stupid I know i'm not going to live. The moment I go into “The Dome” there is no way i'm coming out. I like to pretend i'm strong but i'm not, i'm weak and they all know it. I can already see by the look in their eyes that they expect me to fail and I can't blame them.

Audrey brings herself back to reality and begins to listen to what they have to say.

“As you know many of you are wearing different colour of clothing. The government has observed you in school, out of school and they have concluded that those wearing yellow are seen as the weakest, people who are going to struggle the most. Next we have orange they are a level up from yellow, weak but have more promise. Then green is the third level must stronger but not strong enough. The government are going to test you, they know you aren't strong like the others and you will only be put in the dome with those who are believed to be as the same strength as you. Pink is the next level and is seen as stronger, then blue, then red then purple. If you manage to get all the way to purple and win at least ten fights you will be giving white clothing which makes you immune from the dome ever again. You can marry into the government, work for the government or work in the Sections which will include different kind of work. Every time you win a battle you level up to a different colour which is good but will only become that much more difficult when you enter The Dome.” Easton explains to them all making sure they all know what they are in for.

They all look around and see most of them are currently in colours varying from yellow to pink as it was a starter colour until they begin to train and then they will be placed in proper groups.

“On the wall there is pieces of paper that has everyones name on it and a name beside it. Again if this number is drawn out you will be entered into The Dome. Once you see your number, I want you to go to the flag that is the same number and wait until one of us or one of the teachers joins you” Clara goes on to say.

They all walk over to the wall and begin to break apart, heading off into different sections of the gym. Audrey approaches the board and finds her name and the number eight beside it. She turns around and spots the flag at training mats with a group of variety of adults between the ages of fourteen and fifty.She walks over to them sheepishly and joins them on the white mats that appear to be more new than the clothes they are being forced to wear. She wraps her arms around herself when a girl approaches her.

“Pretty shit feeling knowing they think we're weak huh?” She mentions to Audrey which catches her attention. Audrey turns her head and sees the girl with short blonde hair and roughly four foot seven who must be fourteen.

“There is thousands of us here and most of us are going to die” A man chimes into the conversation from behind them causing Audrey to turn her head and look at him. “I'm Lance”

“Audrey” Audrey introduces herself to them both

“And who are you?” Lance questions the girl having the same horrible feeling inside his chest as Audrey at the thought of teens going to die in this.

“Kawhai” She speaks up to them both and Audrey tilts her head at her. “Do you really think we are going to die?”. Audrey looks to Lance who looks in his early thirties not knowing what to say to her and he looks back at her. Audrey kneels down in front of her and puts her hand on her shoulder.

“Kawhai, I'm not going to lie to you I don't think we are going to make it out of here. Even if we do I don't think it's going to be as easy as they are making it out to be.” Audrey begins to share with her and she sees the fright on her face. “I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure you make it out of here.If it means we have to train longer than we are meant to then that's what we will do.”

“Thank you” Kawhai says to her with a smile.

Audrey stands up and Kawhai walks away through the crowd, Audrey looks at Lance who lets out a sigh.

“Poor girl shouldn't have to go through any of this” He exclaims not agreeing with what The Government is doing.

“No one should” Audrey agrees with him.

Audrey takes a step forward and looks around at all the stations including hers and something inside of her drops. A lump forms in her throat as she realises half of these people, half of these children are going to die. She looked around and sees people she went to school with and she can see the terror on their faces as they come to the same realisation as her. She turns and looks at those on the same mat as her then looks down and closes her eyes it all coming to much for her. As she stares down at the ground Easten approaches them and she lifts her head to look at him.

“I'm not going to waste my time by trying to say words that are going to comfort you or baby you so here it is. I suggest to you guys that you prepare for your death. There is eight million of us who are here in the boarder. Four hundred thousand of those belong to the government bringing us to Seven million six hundred thousand people to fight in “The Dome” there is sixteen groups which takes us too four hundred and Seventy Five thousand people in one group colour. Each time Six people go into the dome you are losing more people. Eventually “The Dome” will only be used when needed. When necessary but if you want to make it to that point you have one hell of a fight against you. Most of you are going to die” He announces to them all making it stick into their brains so that he doesn't need to keep going over it. As he hated this just about as much as they all did but for him it was like he him and the guards were about to send them all to their death like pigs to the slaughter.

“There is one thousand seven hundred and eighty five of you here right now. We are going to work with you all as a group before separate you into your age groups” He continues on.

Easten takes them to the elevator where he takes them to a separate gym where they work on basic combat skills that will help them fight in the long run. After a demonstration they are split into groups to keep working on what they have learned so far. Audrey spots a group of suits walk into the gym and gets distracted by them. Her opponent Malin tackles her down against the mat and pins her not allowing her to move.

“And split” Easten orders us and Malin takes her weight of Audrey's body and stands up. She holds out her hand for her to take a hold and she can't help but be compelled to grab a hold where she helps her up to her feet. Audrey walks off the mat and sees Easten calling her over, she lets out a quiet sigh before heading over. “I know it's hard but try not get distracted”.

“I couldn't help it” Audrey claims to him hating herself for looking so weak and being unable to fight.

“I don't need to say how important this is Audrey. In all honesty if you don't pick up your weight you are going to die out there” Easten expresses his opinion to her and her heart sinks inside her chest hearing it come from someone else's mouth that she won't survive.

“We both know it doesn't matter what I do I'm dead anyway” Audrey admits to him her feelings and she looks up to see a glimmer of pain in his eyes.

“You should get back to work” He suggests to her not having the right words to say to her.

Audrey begins to walk away from Easten where she observes the group of suits circle the gym as if they are looking out for the weak links in the pack. She walks off to the punching bag to distract her mind and begins to hit it repeatedly until her hand began to hurt.

“Group eight, heads up” Easten shouts out to them making the all stop including Audrey. She crosses her arms when she sees the men in suits and walks over to join the others.

“Miss Williams remind me never to mess with you. That's a mean punch you've got right there” Adrian Juan Jackson ( one of the high Government members) says to her.

“You don't have to lie I know I suck at it” Audrey refuses to believe what he has to say which causes small mumbles in the group.

“You are always working hard even when you don't have too” He mentions to her and she raises her eyebrow at him keeping her arms crossed at him.

“It's not like I have much of a choice do I?” She reminds him and she watches as a smirk grows on his face. She catches a glimpse of Easten glaring at her as if what she is saying is wrong and that she needs to keep her mouth shut.

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