The Dome

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 4 (v.1) - Chapter 4-

Submitted: May 17, 2013

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Submitted: May 17, 2013



Chapter 4- 

Audrey's Point of view

I feel the back of my head collide against the cold hard mat that lay under me and everything goes black. With my eyes closed i can hear the voices around me and i know i need to open them up again but it all seems to hard. My head is dirling from the punch that brought me down to the ground but i can't afford to lay here any longer. If i did it would just prove how weak i am. I open up my eyes and it all looks blurry to start with, i compose myself and see the people crowded around me. I press my hands on the floor beside me and begin to sit myself up.

"Easy Audrey, you could have a concussion" Harry Griffith informs me as he kneels in front of me. He takes his hand and rolls my sleeve up my arms slightly before putting his index finger and middle finger on my wrist to check my heart rate. Normally i would pull myself away and up as fast as i could but Harry has been a doctor for forty years so if he tells me not to do anything then i best not too. It feels like everything around me is spinning and i soon feel queasy but refuse to say anything.

"Do you think she can stand?" Easten calls out to Harry and i watch him turn his head to speak.

"I'm fine" I blurt out but even if i wasn't i didn't even care.

"In my professional opinion she is safe enough to stand up but i don't suggest any more punches being aimed at her. She appears to have a concussion so it would be best for her to rest up" Harry gives his opinion to Easten who appears to have a concerned look on his face.

As soon as i hear the words that it's safe to stand i do so and the doctor grips onto my helping me. I smile at him before saying "I don't need my bed, i need to keep going"

"It would be very irresponsible to do so" Harry informs me and i look and him with a slight sorrow in my eyes.

"I appreciate your help Harry but we both know i have to train" I remind him of our circumstances and he slides his hand into mine like a grandparent would do with their grandchild and he nods his head.

"Farewell but no one on one combat" he agrees to what i say even though i can hear the hurt in his voice while he says it.

I begin to walk away from the mat keeping my eye on Harry who is approaching Easten with a look of disgust on his face. I open my water bottle up at the fountain and begin to pour the water in as i listen to their conversation.

"A child should not have to pretend to be fine just so she can stay and train because she is afraid to die" Harry bites at Easten.

"You, me and Audrey know we have no other choice Harry. There is no where we could go to escape it" Easten points out to him which seems to anger Harry even more and with the corner of my eye i watch him storm off.

I put the lid back on my water bottle and turn around to see Easten standing there with a disapproving look on his face. I consider if i should go over and talk to him but feel my feet walking off into a different direction.

"Hey Audrey" Lance calls out to me and i turn my head to see him at the weights station. I walk over to him with my water bottle and watch as he puts the weights back where he found them.

"Hey Lance" I reply back to him with a smile.

"You okay?" he asks me as he gets up off the bench he was on.

"I'm good" I lie to him not wanting other people to hear how awful i felt.

"Looked like a pretty hard fall" He points out to me and i nod my head to him but the pain becomes to unbearable.

"Everyone looks so deflated, so tired. How do they expect us to be able to fight each other" I mention to him and my eyes soon glance over to the young teenagers in the gym. The guilt continues to build up in my knowing not all of them are going to survive. Innocent people. Innocent children.

"But that's what they want. They want us to be weak, frail make it that much easier to be killed."Lance agrees with what i have to say about everyone.

"Makes you think there has got to be an easier way to kill us all off." I half joke to him but part of me can't help wish that it were true.

At lunch time i walk through the hall with my yellow tray in hand. I walk through the hall and take a seat on one of the empty benches knowing it was most likely my family wasn't in the hall. In fact the past eight days i see less of them. Everyone's always so busy or occupied that some times i won't see them for a whole day. A month ago i wouldn't have cared but now being here i couldn't think of anything worse. I use my fork to eat my chicken curry while my head continues to thump. I hear a clunk of a tray off the table i'm sat at and i look up to see Natalie and Hunter getting ready to sit down. I give them a smile as they sit down.

"Long time no see" I say to them both. Seeing them slightly perks me up, making me feel less alone in this place.

"You look like hell" Hunter points out to me with his face slightly screwed up making me realise i haven't taken much care into my appearance as of late. In fact it's been more like wake up, have a shower, quickly brush my hair before running off to the training room. I think i've forgot what it means to take care of myself which seems stupid cause we've only been here for thirteen days.

"Well training is kicking my ass" I admit to them both about the struggles i'm having.

"It sure hasn't been easy. Our trainers have been putting us through our paces. Two days ago Seeley was doing the climbing wall and fell breaking his foot. He was in training today because apparently it doesn't matter if you have a broken foot." Natalie shares with me and i look at her in shock and worry to hear the words come out of her mouth.

"Are you being serious?" I question them not wanting to believe it. Could that mean Easten was giving me a disapproving look not because i stayed but because Harry told him that i shouldn't be there. Perhaps he thought that i was going to go back to my room which doesn't appear to be aloud.

"Yeah but the problem is he can't do much. The trainers just send him off to work on the weight which i mean is a good thing for his arms but he should be in bed." Hunter continues on to say.

"Don't i feel glad i didn't leave today" I smirk at them trying to lighten things up a bit.

"Are you guys scared?" Natalie asks us and i can hear the fear in her voice as she says it. My eyes cross to hunter and then back to Natalie and my mouth begins to form words.

"Yes, I'm terrified" I admit to them both and it feels like the atmosphere around us turns cold " At this rate i'll be dead before Christmas"

"Audrey please don't talk like that" Hunter begs me and i can see that Natalie feels the same was as i do. The look in her eyes tells me she has thought the same thing.

"What other way is there to talk about it?" I question him seeing no logical sense with my survival.

"You know as well as i do what is coming and there is no chance we are making it through all of this." Natalie agrees with me.

"You don't know that" Hunter says to us having a lot more faith that we do. He never did have problems with keeping up in gym, winning a fight or anything really.

"There is people who weigh between six stone to fourteen stone, some even larger in weight. They are going to destroy me." I point out to them and take a glance around the room at some of the people i am going to be up against.

"So you're just going to give up" Hunter pipes up at us both and i shake my head at them both.

"No but i'm also not going to lie to myself about the outcome. I'm going to work my ass off as much as i can." I express to them still having some fight still left in me.

"Have you guys seen much of your family recently?" Natalie questions us as she picks at her blueberry muffin in her hand.

"Honestly no" I answer her shaking my head and i look to Hunter.

"I haven't seen my dad since i got here. It's like every time i'm free he is busy. Then every time he is free i'm busy. By time we are both free it's past curfew and we can't see each other."

I look at them both and feel a sense of loneliness inside of me. A sense of longing to be with them. I never admitted to anyone before how scared i was but saying it to them make it all come to surface. All the feeling i have inside of me. I have to hide my emotions, I can't afford to well up and cry. I rub my hand against my neck not wanting to speak another word to them.

"In other words least we get to see all the hot guys with their tops off" Natalie pipes up trying to make brighten up the conversation.

"You both are lucky" I attempt to join into the conversation.

"I wish i could see girls with their tops off but most of them are too scared" Hunter grins at us both and i feel my eyes roll at him just like they always did when he talked about girls. That was the one good thing about our friendships the three of us could talk about any thing and we did. To start with i couldn't take to Hunter and his provocative words towards woman but when Natalie and Isaac was off sick or staying at the school to study it meant it was just me and him and we got to talking. The first few times it was awkward but then we let our guards down and i could see him as something other than just the provocative guy. He was sweet and caring and we both soon began to realise when the other was hurt. He became one of my best friends and like a brother to me. Natalie on the other hand we were always best friends since for as long as i can remember. We've all been friends for years and i couldn't imagine not having them but it could soon become a reality for me. If they die i will always think about those days where we walked home, it would always replay on my mind of everything i lost.

"Are you okay Aubrey?" I hear Natalie faintly say towards me and i take my eyes off my food and look up at them both.

"I'm fine, I fell on my head earlier but i got the all clear" I answer them and take a drink of my water to attempt to bring myself back to normal. My headache wasn't seeming likely to lessen any time soon and neither was the queasiness. "I'm going to go for a walk"

"We can come with you if you want?" Hunter offers me just as the bell goes off to inform us that some of the other number groups was going to be joining the food hall.

" No, you guys have a chance of seeing your family" I refuse to let them come with me and begin to walk off through the corridors. I walk and walk round the corridors not having any idea of where i was planning on going. As i walk through the corridors i see the faces of the tired Dome members. The look of exhausted in their eyes as they drag their feet to the foot hall needing sugar. You could see the improvement some people have made as they walk more taller than they did before as if they were boasting their success in front of everyone. Others like me had the look of fear in their eyes knowing they are going to most likely die.

I wonder through the hall for hours, sometimes taking a seat at the lounges or quiet areas and taking in the view of washington. At one point i ended up outside for fresh air like i did most days when it all became too much for me but the sound of the gunshots outside of the wall terrified me that i would practically run back inside. You would think that i would start getting used to it but every time i hear gun fires i get fears that someone is going to burst through the walls and storm us. Some times if i stand outside long enough it's like i can smell burnt flesh.

I soon find myself back to the training room with my water bottle in hand. My mind was so focused on my family and how much i missed them that i didn't pay attention to where i was going. I look around and see the gym is empty and i look up at the clock to see that it is well past training hours as it's seven o'clock. I continue walking and make my way to the punching bag thinking it would be best to work on my combat and after working on that i'll work on handling my weapons. That i seem to be better at but lets face it you aren't always going to have a weapon in The Dome. Actually i don't even know what will be in The Dome, none of us do. I place my water bottle on the floor and start to get to work focusing my mind on getting better.

"What are you doing here?" I hear a voice call out to me from behind, I jump getting startled and turn around to see Easten standing there soaking in sweat like he had just been working out.

"Is it forbidden?" I answer back to him not thinking it would be a problem.

"No but you are the only one i have ever seen here past training time. Everyone spends time with family or friends" He shares with me and i shrug my shoulders at him.

"I barely see my family, why waste time lying in a room doing nothing when i could be productive" I admit to him thinking it would be better to spend my time training.

"As you are aware the government is holding a ball before everyone's numbers gets thrown into their super computer. You have two days until the ball and i suggest you work hard because..."

"Because i'm weak" I interrupt him not letting him finish off what he has to say.

"I didn't say that" He shakes his head.

"But you thought it. I'm not stupid, I know it myself but just know if someone asks me to kill a kid i won't do it" I mention to him. I can barely stomach the thought of killing someone the same age as me yet alone some else who is younger.

"You won't have a choice" He attempts to change my mind and i close my eyes for a second before opening them again.

"I'd rather be killed than kill a child" I blurt out to him and in that moment i wasn't afraid of dying not if it meant a child got to live. I could see the worry in his eyes begin to grow as if he could hear the determination in my voice. 

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