The Dome

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 9 (v.1) - Chapter 9

Submitted: June 22, 2013

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Submitted: June 22, 2013



Chapter 9- 

The Terminal- Harper's Room- 20th May, 2020

Harper tosses and turns in her bed, she kicks her legs out and mumbles to herself in her sleep. At times she lets out a little cry to herself as she says her children's name. “NOO” She shouts in her sleep and her head flips from side to side as she becomes distressed.

Harper's Point Of View-

The whole room spins around me as i lay on the ground of The Dome. I can hear my children screaming at me to get up but it feels impossible to move. It's like i have this weight on top of me that is making it impossible to move. My eyelids begin to become heavy as i lie there and every part of me just wants to give up and i begin to let myself. I begin to relax my body as i wait for someone to come along and finish me off. Over the crowd i hear a voice call out to me "MOM". I open my eyes and see my boy being forced to watch from the crowd... I can't let him see me die like this. I hold my hands out in front of me and i see something strange about them. One my left hand stings like a bitch after it was sliced. No doubt there will be sand inside the wound but both my hands were blood red and my clothes looked like i had just slaughtered someone ruthlessly. I grab the closest weapon to me which is a cane and stand back up on my two feet. I look down at my feet and see the body of a man who appears to be in his late forties. The look of horror still pressed on his face as he lays there. I turn my head and notice it is only me and two other competitors left. I have to fight my way out of here. 

I begin to find myself running towards the teenage boy where i smash the cane across his knees making him tumble to the ground. With the cane now broken in half i lean over the boy as he begs for his life "Please, don't do this" he cries to me but i tune out the words he says. I take one of the broken parts of the cane and stab it into his chest as hard as i can. The tears from his ocean blue eyes fall out and run down his face. I watch as the life disappears out of his eyes altogether. 

"This is someone's child. Someone's little boy but i did what i needed to survive and i hope his family will be able to understand" I tell myself trying to find a way to accept what i have done. I lower the cane to his side and i lean over his body, i take my index and middle finger on my right hand and close his eye lids to make it look like he is asleep. I take a deep breath in and stand back on my feet. I feel myself turn towards the crowd and nod my head at them to share how sorry i feel. 

I soon notice a gun laying on the ground and make my way towards it knowing Brutas will be right behind me intending on making me his neck kill. As soon as i pick up the gun i make sure it's ready to fire and i turn around to see him standing six feet away from me both holding a gun in our hands. I quickly raise mine and fire at it aiming at his head but i never was a good shot. As i let go of the trigger my left shoulder gilts itself back and i fall on my back. My head bounces off the ground along with my body and i find myself looking up at the night sky. I feel a sharp pinch come from my shoulder and i turn my head and look at it and see a gaping hole. I let out a little smile to myself  before getting a fright as the cannon is shot from the distance. I grab onto my shoulder and sit myself up to realise i'm the last one alive and i don't know how. I stumble my way to my feet and i walk over to Brutas and kick into him making sure he was dead. I was right to say i'm a bad shot. The bullet completely missed his head and clipped his artery. 

I blink my eyes and find myself lying on the hospital bed in the medical centre. My bullet wound bandaged up as the blood seeps through with excessive movement. I lay there feeling no guilt for the lives i have taken but relief to be alive. The curtain of the bay room opens and i see two men in white suits appear in front of me. I turn my head to look at them and refuse to play nice with them like i would. 

"Congratulations on your win" The tall one says to me and i shoot glares along his way. How can he congratulate me on killing innocent people. 

"Thank you" I attempt to be polite with him not wanting to cause more trouble for my family. 

"I've never seen someone kill a child with such ease so early on"The shorter one says to be with a evil smile on his face. How can they take such pleasure from this. 

"It's a fight for survival, age doesn't matter in my eyes" I reply to him shrugging my shoulders before wincing in pain having forgotten the fact that i had just gotten shot. 

"I'm sure there is going to be two hurt parents out there" The tall one steps forward and i look at him in disgust. 

"They can't blame me for being put in a situation where we are forced to kill each other" I snap at the both but soon lower my tone. 

"You could always just not fight"The shorter one mentions to me as if he could sense my anger and i soon remember he goes by Gil. 

"And what kind of entertainment would that be" i smirk at them with a raised eyebrow. 

"You are most certainly correct" The tall one nod his head at me as if he was impressed with how quickly i turned the conversation around. 

"Some times we do need a little bit of entertainment and excitement to keep us going up there" Gil mentions to me and i attempt to keep my emotions in check. 

"Ah yes because you must have such tiring jobs" I sarcastically reply to them and i sit myself up off the edge of the bed. 

"That we do" The tall one nods his head as if he didn't get my sarcasm. I put my head down and roll my eyes at them. I blink my eyes and everything becomes hazy before Isaac appears in front of me. 

While in the Food Hall i look across from me at the table and see Audrey and Henry laughing with each other. I take a sip of my water to keep myself hydrated. 

"It's going to be okay" I hear her say to me and i look up at her and i can see the worry on her face. 

"I know" I nod my head at her but the truth is i don't know. When all of this first started i was the most worried about how Audrey was going to react but so far she appears to be the one who has handled it the best. She has found a way to comfort us all after we have faced The Dome. I've never seen her cry about it, not in front of any one of us yet. 

"Isaac you best make sure  you get out this thing alive" Audrey jokes to him. 

"You think i'm going to let you prove that you are stronger than me. I think not" He laughs back to her and i let out a little smile not because of the joke but because it was good to see them laugh again. To tease each other... as much as i once hated it, it feels good to hear.

"now now children, you must behave. We wouldn't want to upset your mother" Henry pipes up and i look at him and tilt my head and it hits me. We are never going to be the family that we once were. I'm never going to be able to rewind the clock. 

"Promise me that no matter what happens here we will always be family and love each other" I feel the words come out of my lips to them as i look round the table and i can see their faces change from happiness to sadness. "Promise me" 

"Of course Honey. You and the kids mean everything to me, i would never do anything to jeopardize that" My husband responds to me and i look into his eyes with tears in mine.

"We're the Williams. We stick together" Audrey assures me as she reaches over and takes a hold of my hand and i feel Isaac slip his hand into my other one and takes a tight grip. 

"Everything's going to be okay" He says to me and i turn my head to look at my son. I soon find myself dazing off into a different place. I can't help but look at my family and think about how lucky i am to have them. But this won't last forever and i know that. Soon enough things will change. We will change, the people we are have begun to disappear. We will become ruthless people who will do anything to survive. 

"Hey mom" I hear my daughter call on me "me and dad's got to go. Are you going to be okay?" I find myself being drawn back into reality. 

"Go ahead"I respond to them and i watch them begin to get up and walk away. I turn to look at my son and i hold my hand up to his face. "I have to find a way to survive in this place. I have to look after you and your sister and if killing anyone who stands in my way i will do it and some day you will realise you will have to do it too" 

"Not if i can help it" he responds to me and i can see the determination in his eyes. 

"You say that now Isaac but you haven't been in there" I shake my head at him and i can't help but remind him that he doesn't know what it feels like and i wish he never had to know but our lives no longer work that way. 

"If Audrey can do it then so can i" He goes on to say and i shake my head at him. 

"Audrey wasn't given the option. Those younger than her were already dead" I continue to remind him of what it's going to be like out there but i can still see the determination in his eyes. He stands up off the bench and he hugs me. 

"I won't" He whispers in my ear and i can feel my heart break inside of my chest. I close my eyes as i hold my son in my arms the tear runs down my face. 

I open my eyes and jump up on my bed. My clothes are soaked from sweat from the nightmares i bare in my sleep. I feel my heart pound inside of my chest and i attempt to slow down my breathing as i grip onto the bed sheets. We always take life for granted in the outside world but here i take in every moment i can, the good and the bad. There is one long road ahead of me and i need to find a way to keep going. I can't let myself or my family give up. 

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