Kitty Wolf

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19 year old Kitty Carson's life was stacked up perfectly, she went to law school, had a nice home, and high ambitions. But one day that all changed one day. The day she discovered that she was an animal telepath. Suddenly her life had new potential. She could be a vet, a zookeeper, an animal trainer even. It seemed to be perfect, until the day she held on too long. Now she'll learn that everything is not always as it seems. The first in the Kitty series. "PERCEPTION BECOMES REALITY, AND REALITY BECOMES PERCEPTION"

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter One

Submitted: August 02, 2013

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Submitted: August 02, 2013



My name is Kitty Carson. I'm 19 years old. I am an animal telepath, this is my life.

AUGUST 17th, 2015

Kitty woke up at dawn, as she had been ever since the incident. Ever since they killed her. That was Kitty's secret that she'd never told anyone, and probably never would. They'd think she was crazy. They'd throw her in the nuthouse, she was sure of it. So she never told anyone about herself, about her. Kitty roused herself out of bed to look at the clock. 4:01am. 'Why is it always 01?' She asked herself. Kitty had had another nightmare. Her first nightmare was on July 31--The night they killed her. Kitty had never had nightmares--not before this anyway. Not even when she was a little girl. But now she had them every night. She came to Kitty every night in her dreams. She haunted Kitty. The wolf  caused them. As was said before, Kitty is an animal telepath. She talks to animals, they talk to her. Kitty hardly got any sleep now. The wolf came to her trying to talk to her in her dreams. She had no idea why the wolf came to her. Why she haunted her. Maybe it was the guilt, maybe it was the ghost of her, or maybe it was something else. Still the constant question that was always there. Why? Why? Why hadn't she broken the link when she was supposed to? Why had she held on? Why didn't she leave before it was too late? Maybe that was why she had nightmares. Maybe that was why she couldn't sleep at night. Kitty was always asking herself the question. A question she fully knew the answer to. She refused to accept the answer. The fact that it was all her fault. She visited the same night over and over and over. Asking the question, hoping to find a new, different answer. 





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Kitty Wolf

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