Chapter 1: REDELS ON THE EDGE (chapter 1-3)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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( i am not very good at spelling, sorry every one if thre are mistakes :P )


This novel your about to read is for the rebellious, the brave, the junkies, the misfits, runaways, no ones, the fighters and the young. And the three teens in this story fit this profile. There story takes place in a small town of Selkirk. The three teens are

Annie = the invisible girl a junkie, a rebel, a fighter she doesn’t care if she’s dead or alive and neither dose her mother. All her high school life she has been use and abused and slowly forgotten. Lives in a motel with her drunken mother. Short at 5, 5 with long black hair, almond green eyes, high cheek bones, a rough nose it had obviously been broken and at years old 16.

Jeremy =the boy forgotten he lives in a trailer alone his dad live in his car going town to town looking for work, women, and whisky. Mother unknown, his older brother checks up on him here and there other then that he’s on his own. Jeremy is tall with brown curly hair that’s cut short he has gray eyes large nose and bird shape face he’s 17. He tall at 5, 7 with bad posture he ware his jean‘s low and a leather jacket looks for a high when he’s down.

Colin= the boy no one wants around gets in trouble at school a lot he’s 17 and a junkie, a fighter a real rebel no tells him anything because there really no point anymore. Colin is short at 5, 6 with medium build broad shoulders an army style haircut with an oval face and dark drown eyes, small nose and a sexy deep voice.


Chapter one

The bus was quit this mourning and cold every one was bundled up in there winter clothing. I walked down the aisle to the back of the bus. The only one was Jeremy; Colin had most likely been suspended again.
“Hey Jeremy, what up.” I said to him.
“Nothing mush just cold.” He sounded as if he was sick and he smelt of POT, witch I love.
“Can I sit with you I’m so cold.” I asked for I was only wearing a sweater.
“Sure, you want to sit by the window.”
“Can I,”
“Yeah,” he got up and let me slip into his seat his spot was warm. I sat down a put my knees up on the seat so did Jeremy.
“Do you know where Colin is?” he asked.
“I was just about to ask you that.” I said me and Jeremy were always worried for Colin he was always getting into trouble we been there for each other ever since the world outcaste us. They sold almost all there shit to bail me out and me out of jail. Jeremy and I did the same for Colin. And I have taken Jeremy off the streets. And they have taken me in when I’ve had problems. We didn’t talk much we knew each other so well that are weekends weren’t really new and if they were we said so. That’s when the bus stopped suddenly. Kendal the bus driver opened the doors and stumbling in came Colin. He kept his hood on over his face and he was all over the place. Jeremy got up quickly but Colin dropped to the floor before Jeremy could get to him. Colin’s face was cover in blood and was all bruised. I got out of the seat to help him Jeremy get him up we put him in the back seat beside us. I got my rag out and poured water out on to it and started to wash him up. But it was no use blood still trickled down his face. With each spot I washed something worse was reveled a bruise as bark as the night sky or a gash made by what I think to be a knife. Kendal kept looking back and giving us death stare.
Colin mutter something but his face had swollen so much that he couldn’t talk well.
“What is it Colin what happen come on speak up?” Jeremy was trying to get him to talk.
“Tommy and his guys jumped me down at Tracks.” Colin said the track were a hang out for junkies. It was an abandon railroad cart that people put a couch, table, and three chairs in there, only about 15 people fit in there. But no one is there any more because of Tommy, captain of the football team. A about two years ago two junkies kicked his ass and ever since, him and 10 other guy just beat the shit out of any mist fit, junkie, or rebel that pass him.
“Tommy was there and beat the shit out me and cut my face up and stabbed my leg.” Colin said well clutching his leg.
I opened my bag and got out my bandage set that I carry around for problem just like this one.
“Move your hand, and role up your pant leg I’m going to clean it up and bandage it.” I told him and he moved his hand and his pant were soaked in blood and his hand was covered in it.
“Jeremy go and get some paper towels from Kendal.” Jeremy left quickly. Colin lifted his pant leg and blood fell from his leg like rain droplets. I washed the cut and dried it I made a large bandage the cut was huge.
“Here I got the paper towels.” Jeremy handed them to me and I dried the cut once more and then bandage on. I clean all the blood on the floor and gave him one to wipe his hands.
“Thank you guys,” he said.
“What the hell were you doing at tracks? “ I demanded of him.
“I went down there because Donny wanted to talk to me. When I got there I was jumped by Tommy and Trevor. Donny rated me out for kicking Tommy’s locker in.” he told us, I could not believe that Donny would rat us out he was one of us. But now he’s a snitch he will pay for it by all of us. The one rule the junkies have, never snitch.
“I’m going to slit Donny throat, the bastred.” Colin said and Jeremy agreed the one thing they hated, we all it hated was a snitch.
The stopped and pulled up to the public school. Me and Jeremy got up then helped Colin. We let him slump over our shoulders we made our way down the aisle when Kendal stopped us.
“If any of you kids ever get on this bus looking that again. I will bust your ass; this is a bus not a wrestling ring, dope smoke hang out or any other of B.S of yours it bus and its mean to used as one, got it!” she was very strict about it and pointed her fingers.
“Yes, we understand.” We told Kendal and she nodded her head.
“Is he ok,” she asked, even thou we weren’t the best children on the bus she still cared.
“Yeah but Tommy is not going to be.” Jeremy said and walked off the bus with Colin I looked at Kendal in a please forgive us way and ran off after them.

We got on the other bus to go to the high school. We went to the back none of the other high schooler would sit back there, because of me and Colin fighting history. We walked to the very back of the bus. I went to slip into my seat but someone was sitting there she was new.
“What the hell do you think your doing?” I asked her she was going to get her ass kick.
“Um sitting what do you think?” She said acting cocky, bad idea.
“Get out my seat of I will pound your face.” I told her and that would be the only time.
“You don’t seem so tough.” She said and just looked at me.
“Alright,” I said and pretended to turn around but instead I pull back and sucker punched her in the face. I graded the collar of her coat and swung her out on to the aisle.
“You sit in my seat aging you won’t get up.” I told her but to make sure it got threw. I graded her back pack and dragged her to the front and put her in the seat behind the bus driver. I took her hair and pulled her head back and said in her ear “hope you have a good first day.” I went to the back again and sat with Colin.
“So I guess this means we’re skipping today.” Jeremy asked us.
“Yes today I don’t want to be any where near Tommy today.” I told them I knew that Colin would want to kick his ass.
“If Tommy didn’t have those guys. I would kick the shit out him. He wouldn’t live to see daylight.” Colin said I knew what he said was the truth. Tommy had no real power what so ever. Even thou on the football team all he could do is through and run he sucks at defense and thing to do with strength. The bus pulled up to the high school every one stayed in there seat and we got off first. We made are way into town.
“I wanna go to the other side I want some smokes and an energy drink.” Jeremy said so we went down to the other side there was one gas station and a few smoke shack’s and chip wagons.

“And a small fries thank you.” We wait out side of Frenchy French fries for our launch Jeremy gotten a hotdog and fries and Colin a hamburger and I got a small fries.
“Here you go guys enjoy.” The lady said, Jeremy put mustard on his hotdog and we left. We’re going to a tree fort to that we built as kid over 5 years ago but it still stood. It was in the middle of the woods on the other side of town. We climb up the tree trunk and into are old hang out. I went up first and Jeremy fallowed me and Colin him. I went and huddled in the coroner as soon as I got up there. Jeremy and Colin came close and we just ate are launch.
“Damn I’m cold,” I said as I watched my breath in the cool winter air.
“Here then you can start this one up.” Jeremy handed me a joint and I pulled out my lighter. I lit it up and inhaled deeply Jeremy always had grade a quality Cush. I passed the joint around and held the smoke in I let it out slowly I liked to watch the smoke raise out of my mouth.

Chapter 2

Beep, beep the alarm went off on my phone, an hour late. We would never make it to the bus on time.
“Hey, guys wake up where an hour late.” I shook them and they groaned.
“Wow that joint really took a toll on us.” Colin said and he shook his head and got up. Jeremy stretched and yawned.
“Wait you said we’re an hour late, we’re never going to catch the bus.” Jeremy said and got up to looks us in the eyes.
“Well lets start walking.” I said and started to climb down the ladder and Jeremy fallowed.
“You’re just joking right; we’re not really walking back are we.” Colin yelled at us but we had all ready started our walk.
* * *
“Real nice just keep on going can’t give us a ride. Jack ass,” Jeremy was trying to get a ride back to town but after the 5th car just passing by he was getting pretty pissed.
“Here let me try,” I said I took my sweater off and handed it to Colin. I took my top off shirt I had a tight black under shirt on underneath. A black car pulled up I pushed my hair back with my hand and put my thumb up. The car stopped and pulled up to me. I came close and wait for the window to go down.
“Well Annie I didn’t know you were a slut know.” It was Blair, he was once one of us but he graduated last year.
“Oh, Blair it’s you thank god do you think you can give a ride.” I asked him Blair was a good guy.
“Yeah get in guys.” We hopped in Jeremy and Colin got in the back they handed me my stuff and I put it back on.
“What the hell were you guys doing doesn’t school end at like 3.”
“Yeah but we skipped today and fell asleep in the fort.” I told him but he had a reason to ask why it was 6 30. Blair stopped out side of town.
“Here you go guy, Jeremy tell your brother I said hi alright.”
“Thanks Blair, you should come over some time we’ll light one up.” We told him.
“Will do guys take care of your selves.” Then the window went up and he rolled away.
“Where are you going tonight Colin?” Jeremy asked.
“Well I’m guessing Annie’s mom is going to be pissed and kicked me out so, can I stay with you.” Colin asked Jeremy and he would say yes no matter what. Jeremy had no one to rule over him he made his own rules.
“Yeah sure you can stay with Colin, are you staying to Annie, you r mm is going to be pissed that your getting home this late.” Jeremy said and he was right my mom would have my head.
“No, she’ll kill me either way might as well get it done and over with.” I told them but I really wanted to go with them they are the only family I’ve ever had. I walked into town a bit and there was the hotel. Our room was room 34. it had a couch, coffee table, two beds, a little dinning table microwave and a coffee pot. Mom worked in the motel so she could us the kitten on the top floor which was the owner’s house. The owner was old in her 70 and mom clean and cooked for her when she wasn’t drunk. I pulled my key of my necklace and opened the door. Sure enough mom was there smoke at the dining table.
“Well look whose home. Let me guess out smoking pot with those boys.” She said to me she hated them.
“Those boys are my friends and my only family.”
“Don’t dare call them your only family; I’m the only family you’ve got girl.”
“Well this family loves me and takes car of me. That more then what you do.”
She got up quickly and came close to me. I was scare I have always been I back up and the door kept me from moving. Now she was breathing done my neck. She pulled my hair and held me close to her mouth.
“Smoking pot sending you to jail getting you into fight is taking care of you. You are the worlds stupidest girl you know that, your useless and good for nothing except put butts out.” She putt the end of the cigarette and the side of my I felt my flesh burn and I herd the cigarette go out against it.
“Ahhhhh, fuck what’s wrong with you.” I asked her.
“You,” she said and hit me on the side of the face, “Hope you like sleepn’ on the ground keep the wind out.” Her hit wasn’t strong enough to knock me right but it hurt like hell. I couldn’t see out of my one so I closed them and blacked out.
* * *
I opened my eyes the clock read 10 the TV was off and mom was gone we must have went to the bar. I got up and there was a note and the table.
You fat ass got in my way so I moved you I went to the bar pray that I don’t come back.
That was it, I got up and walked into the bath room the light flickered on. I looked into the mirror there was a bruise under my eye it was bark and hideous. I wouldn’t be able to cover it up with make up so easily. I took the sweater and shirts off and my pants. I turned on my shower and wait for the heat. I messed around with my hair I took my bandages off and my bra. The steam rose form the shower I took my underwear off and hopped in. the warm water was nice I felt clean.
* * *
I turned the TV on and the was a knock at my door. I got up quickly hopping it was the guys I open the door but instead it was an almost dead Donny, he was going to be dead by the time I got done with him.
“Donny you have a lot of guts showing up here.” I told him.
“Please help me Ann, please help.” He stuck his hand out I helped him in.
“Donny what the hell were you think rating Colin out like that he’s going to slit your throat.” I told him.
“Ann listen to me, they had Katie at knife point. They said if I couldn’t find a way to get Colin down there they, they would, fuck I can’t even repeat it. Ann what else was I to do.”
“You didn’t have to rat Colin out.”
“I didn’t they have some one watching us but I don’t know who.” He told me I could tell that he was telling the truth Donny loved his sister no one took care of her but him. When she was young he left her at the park and when he came back she was gone. Four days later the cop found her she was rape and cut ever where ever since he kicked the shit out of any one that evens looks at her.
“I believe you Donny, where is Katie.’
“They still got her at the Tracks they want you and Jeremy if I don’t deliver by 2 am this mourning they’ll do thing to her Ann.”
“Then that what they’ll get come on we’re going to Jeremy’s.”

Chapter 3

I knock on Jeremy’s door
“Open up its me.” I yelled
“Wait here I’ll get them ready then tell you when you can come in.” I knocked on the door and Jeremy opened it.
“Hey Annie come in.” Jeremy said and I went inside. Jeremy closed the door behind me.
“Guys I need you to listen to me. Donny is outside…” I was cut off.
“You brought him here; good I’m going to kill the fucker.” Colin made a jump for the door and Jeremy graded him by the waste.
“Colin just sit down and listen.” I said struggling to sit him back down.
“What happened wasn’t his fault just, listen to what he has to say.” I asked of him I gave him my saddest face and he agreed.
We let Donny in and he told us each and ever detail.

I was heart broken to think people can stoop so low.
“Colin will you please forgive me I’m sorry for what I did too you.”
“I forgive you know Donny. But we have to find the ass who’s working on the inside.”
“Your right Colin but how, we trust are kind if we were to go angst them we will be outcaste from the outcasts.” I said to them.
“She’s right if we can’t trust them it’s just us against 500 high schoolers.” Jeremy said.
“We’ll just have to be extra careful around people until we find out whom.” Colin said and we all shook are head in agreement.
“Well let’s head down to the tracks.” Jeremy said for he was man of reason and for what Tommy was doing to Donny, Jeremy would most defiantly kill him.
“Everyone take two knifes and take a drag.” Jeremy said and threw a box of knifes on the table and took a joint out of his pocket. I picked up a red switch blade I already had a blade on me it was hunting knife that could cut threw bone. Everyone had there blade and we went out. Were Jeremy lived was pretty in the spring and summer but in the winter it looked sad and cold and dead. Jeremy’s dad owns a small peace of forest were Jeremy lived in the trailer. It would take about 25 minutes to get to the tracks. Jeremy lit the joint it was Kush we wouldn’t be smoking no shit going into a fight.

* * *
We had made it out of the town now and were walking the tracks.
“Ok were almost here now, I have to have a cough attack then say “I got your weed in here” then I can get in and be ready to be jumped. Ready guys.” Donny asked us, and we shook are head yes. Donny started to cough loudly out side the train car
“Sorry about that I got your weed in here.” He said his line and opened the car door. He stepped in and Jeremy, I and Colin in after him we took and deep breath. I closed my eyes and felt arms rap around me tightly. It sound like slow mo the grunts came out and Katie’s scream dragged out. I opened my eyes and there stood Colin, Jeremy and Donny pulling back to hit Bill, Sammy and Buck. Todd had his arms around me and swung me against the side of the car then things were back to life. I hauled back and punched Todd in face his nose was bleeding and some of his teeth were out. It was two or three on one. There were three guys on Jeremy two on Colin two on Donny and Todd and two other were coming at me. I cracked my knuckles and neck and put my hands up. Todd swung at me and hit my mouth there was some blood I could taste but it wasn’t much, I hit him in the nose and knocked him out. He was down the other two had mask’s on the must have been miners but they were big maybe natives. Either way I kick the short one under the chine he fell, I punched the big one in the rids he yelled but didn’t go down. Well he clutched his side the little one was getting up I stomped on his back and the big one hit me in the back of the head. I fell down I turn over and he got on top of me and just started sucker punching me in the face he got about 8 good ones. Then I pulled back and punched him in the nose he got up off me I took a quick look around his mask was dripping with blood. I couldn’t see out of my one eye there was to much bruising. I punch the big one in the stomach well he held his stomach I kneed him in the face and he was down I kicked him in the rids. I looked at the little one he had his phone out I took it from him. It said “don’t worry were here. He sent a text out for help.
“Shit guys there are others here.” Everyone stopped Tommy and his guys smiled and we backed off and bursting in came 20 other big guys in masks. I think almost shit myself. Four guys were on 1the blink of and eye “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, for Rebels for Anarchy.” I screamed Jeremy, Donny and Colin screamed it with me this fight would take everything. I pulled back and just start sucker punching people in the face. A smaller was on my back and got me in a neck hold I rap my leg around his and pulled up he fell hard I kneed one in the balls, and punch him in the face but they kept getting up a big ran up and wing me across the chest. He knock the wind out of me and I fell back I grasped of breath.
“Ann nooooo you fuckers.” Jeremy yelled and bolted at them the two big ones left and they both wing Jeremy and like five guys start to beat him. I fell back and hit my head off the floor my head ached horridly and my vision blurred I could feel hands all over me and hear Jeremy, Colin and Donny calling them disgusting pigs I tipped my head and looked and them the room was multiplied by three and they were tied up in a corner well Tommy’s guys kick and pouched them.
“You fat fucker white trash.” Jeremy yelled and the biggest one there took the side of his hand and punch Jeremy in the head. He feel to the floor the small ones went threw his pockets and found the knifes they went threw every one else’s the big one on top of me stopped feeling me and took my knifes. Bad idea he said smacked me across the face It was hard to speak but I choked out “Please stop,” he pulled my hair.
“Now why would I do that” then he kissed me he had his tongue in my mouth and felt me up. I herd Colin scream then some one punched him in the face he was out. The guy on me took the red knife Jeremy let me use. He held it to my throat then let slit down my top he cut my shirt in half. I tried too move my hands but they were tied, my feet were two. He ran his finger across my breast and kissed them “fuck off you dirty fucker.” I yelled at him.
“But why these are so nice I think they should be shard, don’t you think guys.”
“Yeah let’s join in.” every one agreed and start to move close then a gun shot.
“Get away from her now, and give me my sister.” The big guy backed off me it was Donny he had a gun.
“Give me my sister now you cock sucks and the keys to the car, NOW!” Donny had gone crazy.
“You herd him give your keys and get his sister.” Tommy said with his hands in the air well a big guy went and got Katie.
“Katie, come here.” Donny said and Katie ran to him, he hugged her and started to cry.
“Now give me the keys and phones.” Donny took a bag he found and walked around the room everyone dropped in there cells and gave Donny the car keys.
“Ann, Katie go out to the car, I’ll be out in a minute.” Donny said well holding gun out in peoples face still.
“Donny what are you going to do.” I asked him and got up slowly.
“Donny gives me the gun before you do something stupid.”
“I can’t do that Ann I got to kill this scum for hurting my sister for hurting you.”
“Donny come on you don’t want to do that give me the gun.”
“Katie go out too the car and stay there.”
“But Donny”
“Just go Katie.” Katie listen to him I slowly approached Donny.
“Please give me the gun.” I asked him his hands were shaking and he let the gun slip into my hands, it’s a good thing I wore gloves.
“Ann look out.” I turned around a big guy tanked me, I was down they hit Donny too, He was out.
“nice meeting you Ann,” the guy said and kissed me again then knocked me on the side of the head. And my world grew cold and dark.

Submitted: April 03, 2012

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