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Chapter 4:

The two of us jumped apart as a girl with blond hair walked into the room.
“Gosh Alex, you just left your front door unlocked and you’re all the way near the back of the house.” Then she noticed me “Oh hi! I’m Lorene nice to meet you!” she smiled and held out her hand for me to shake.
She had a very cheerful disposition obviously. I took her small hand in mine and shook it. “Kiara”
Lorene turned back towards Alex “You didn’t tell me you had a girl living with you”
Alex blushed “She just got here today” he looked towards me “Kiara this is…”
She interrupted him “Well look at this I come for a visit and you’re too busy with your new girlfriend to even care about me anymore”
This is the same thing that always happens to me…it’s always too good to be true.
“Excuse me” I ran past the two of them out onto the beach; the sunset following me as I ran down to the water. I should have given him a chance to explain. What if she was his sister? Or a neighbor? Or even a childhood friend? I stood in front of the water and hit myself in the head. I was always too quick to jump to conclusions.
I sat on the beach until the sun had completely set. I was trying to figure out how to apologize properly.
Soon I heard footsteps behind me and turned to see Alex, his shirt was half-unbuttoned and he wasn’t wearing shoes. He sat down next to me and before he could speak, I said “I’m sorry. I always jump to conclusions; I should have let you explain who she was before I ran out the door.”
He laughed “Well that saves me the trouble of making this less awkward. Lorene is an old friend of mine…we grew up together…she was dropping by to tell me that she got married and is moving off the island.”
I leaned my head on his shoulder and shook my head. “Congrats” I whispered. He put his hand under my chin and lifted it up. Before my eyes opened, his lips touched mine. All the uncertainty from earlier dissipated as he kissed me. I deepened the kiss and ran my fingers through his hair. Slowly his put his hands under my butt and started to stand while lifting me up. To make it easier I wrapped my legs around his hips. When he stood up, he started walking towards the house.
We never made it…
And right there on a beach, on an island, under the moonlight, I lost my virginity to a guy I had barely known for 24 hours.
I awoke in Alex’s bed. He was sleeping soundly next to me. I got up and grabbed the sheet that we had thrown off the bed. Just like yesterday morning, I wrapped it around myself like a dress and stood on the porch to watch the sunrise.
My thoughts raced. Lana, where are you? I always talk to you before I do things…and now look what I’ve done while you’re gone…I need you…I wish I knew where you were.
I looked down at the small cut on my arm had been. It had scabbed over and looked to be about the size of a typical cat scratch. It would heal in a day or two. But the scar in my heart from where Lana disappeared…that wouldn’t heal till I found her…which I hoped was soon.

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Awww...such a touching ending to the chapter. Don't worry, Dilana and Kiara will be reunited soon...hopefully.

Sat, June 12th, 2010 7:52pm


well thats all up to u now isn't it? :P thanx for reading babe!

Sun, June 13th, 2010 12:07pm

The Silent

Whoa! Okay, that Maybe I don't know Kiara that well yet, but eeek! Not even 24 hours yet?! He seems nice and all but after appearing in a strange place I'd be on full defensive that's just me. Heh.

Tue, June 22nd, 2010 8:47am


honestly i have no idea...i typed it up late at night and i was kinda tired....i decided that since it was gonna happen eventually i just made it sooner than i proved that when lana is gone kiara makes rash decisions. :D thanx for reading!!

Tue, June 22nd, 2010 4:42am

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