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Chapter 5:
As the sun rose before me I felt almost nostalgic. How many sunrises had Lana and I watched together? How many more would we watch? And how was I going to explain Alex to her?
Speaking of Alex…
I walked back to the bedroom to find him dressing “Good morning”
He finished buttoning his shirt and then hugged me “Good morning to you as well. I have to go to work today, do you want to stay here or do you want to come with me?”
“Is that even allowed?”
He smiled “Not really”
“Then I guess I’ll stay. I think I’ll explore around if that’s “ok”
Alex nodded and pushed my brown hair out of my face “Alright then, be careful” he kissed my forehead and left the room. Within a few moments, I heard the front door close.
Alright time to get dressed. I pulled on some breeches and a blouse. Hooked the corset in the front, slipped on socks and boots and then tied my hair up. I was ready to go exploring.
As I walked out on the beach, I saw a building off in the distance away from the town. I decided to explore there first. I had to climb up a whole bunch of stairs and a few times I had to stop…it was such a long walk!
When I finally made it to the top, I stood in front of a temple-like building made a gleaming black marble. On the mantle of the doorway was a symbol—a white feather to be exact. As I walked into the temple I was reminded of a story that in reality black represented good, while white represented evil…or something like that. Hmm…
As I walked in the entryway, I felt something give beneath my feet and I fell to the ground. I must have hit my head on the ground because what happened next could only be a dream.
All around me was darkness…the kind of darkness that you can’t even see your hand right in front of your face. I heard the sound of wings and then a voice…the voice from before…the dark angel’s voice. “Kiara my dear…”
I looked around hoping to catch a glance…even though in this darkness it was impossible “You again, angel of darkness, you’re not…”
“All will be explained in due time little one…soon, when the moon’s darkness covers the sun’s light, come here again and you will understand all. And you will remember all that you have forgotten.”
“Forgotten? Do you know where Lana is!?” It was the only question that mattered.
“Soon my dear…”
And just like that the voice was gone. I woke up on the black marble of the temple.
When the moon’s darkness covers the sun’s light? An eclipse? I’ll have to ask Alex when the next eclipse is due…I wonder is it solar or lunar? I always forget which is which…I’ll ask him that too…
I stood up and walked back toward Alex’s house. I wonder…if I go back to that temple during the eclipse…will Lana be there?

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