Filling the emptiness

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(Full story of No one should be alone for Christmas) Matthew is a 28 year-old lawyer who's addicted to Starbucks coffee. Allie's an 18 year old barista at Starbucks. It's been obvious for months that Allie has always had a crush on Matthew and he picks on her for it, frequently. One night Matthew decides to pick up Allie as she's walking home in a storm because of how "pathetic" she looks. Everything changes right as he tells her that he's going to take her to work, and pick her up from work as long as there is still snow on the ground.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Filling the emptiness

Submitted: January 11, 2012

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Submitted: January 11, 2012



Starbucks was dead today. Actually it's awfully dead! All I'm doing right now is leaning against the counter playing with my green apron. There was a pretty nasty snow storm outside right now. No one wanted to leave home! I was of course the stupid one who decided to make the half hour trip to come into work today.
It's December first! Why is it even like this? My eyes were just fixed on the door the entire time, watching the snow. Well, maybe it's not the snow I'm watching. I'm waiting for that specific car to pull into the parking lot. All I know is that his name is Matthew. His hair is always pushed back out of his face with his hand, I don't understand why he just doesn't use gel. Oh, and he has the most amazing hazel eyes I have ever seen.
Despite how gorgeous Matthew is, he always looks so sad. I'm not supposed to get into such personal details with him because he's my customer, but it's upsetting to see someone so sad.
Ever since I began working here, Matthew's been here every day while on his way to work. I wonder what he does. Once again, my mind drifted off into thoughts of the gorgeous man until I was finally snapped out of it. "Allie, earth to Allie!" My co-worker Addison said snapping her fingers in front of me.
I blinked a few times before turning my attention to Addison. "Hm?" Addison pointed to the front counter and I turned a crimson red. There he was. "Oops..." I muttered and hurried up to the counter.
"Sorry about that! What can I get for you?" I apologized and asked. How embarrassing! I want to be swept away by a dragon right about now!
Matthew looked at me with a smirk and shook his head. That was actually even an embarrassing question. "Do you really even need to ask anymore, Allison?" Matthew asked, causing me to flinch. No one calls me Allison! Not even my name tag says it is. I just blurted it out one day by mistake.
I couldn't bare to look at him right now. "No..." I muttered in an embarrassed voice. It's always the same. Has been everyday. Venti black coffee. Never changes. It seemed to be a challenge to keep my eyes off of Matthew as I got his order together. I was seriously just trying to stall. I want to keep him around, just a little bit longer.
The lid easily popped on and I took the cup back over to Matthew. "Off to work?" I asked as I rang in the order. I grabbed the five dollar bill from Matthew, looking up at him.
There! Augh! Just the way he just pushed his hair back makes my heart fluter. "Yeah, not going in for long though. Just going to head out to the firm see if I have any messages and go home," Matthew said as I collected his change.
I paused a moment, looking at him again. "Firm? Like a law firm?" I asked curiously, getting only a nod in response. "So you're a lawyer?" I asked again in amazment. Once again, there was another nod. "How old are you?" I asked once more as I handed over the change.
"28," Matthew responded and my jaw dropped. There's no way! He doesn't look more than 20! Matthew leaned forwards with a smirk. "Which means I'm too old for you," Matthew whispered chuckling.
My face flushed and I cleared my throat awkwardly. I couldn't bring myself to speak right now. Was it really that obvious that I have a childish crush on Matthew?! My eyes involuntarily followed Matthew as he left the building. That was probably the worst moment I have ever gone through.
Addison had heard everything, causing her to now laugh behind me. My body whipped around and I smacked the palm of my hand to my face. Nothing could make this day any better!
Now I just have to make it until seven o'clock... Hopefully.
Some how I stayed at the firm longer than I expected. It was 7:10 by the time I was finally able to leave. Now I can go home, drink some more coffee, possibly eat something and sleep for the rest of the night. I couldn't help but smirk every now and than at the idea of embarrassing that Allie girl at her job.
The expression on her face priceless. She doesn't realize how obvious it is that she has a crush on me. Every time I walk into Starbucks, her face brightens up and her eyes widen. Or she just spaces out like she did when I first arrived. I laughed at the thought of it as I pulled up to a stop light.
There was a girl crossing the road and I couldn't help but feel bad, especially with this snow storm continuing. I was watching the girl as she crossed the road, heading to my right. It didn't take me very long to realize it was Allie.
Honestly, she looks like she's going to freeze to death. I let out a sigh and set my signal, showing people I was going to the right. Sometimes I hate myself. I'm not a nice person, so I don't know why I want to help this girl. Maybe it's because she looks so helpless and pathetic, it's sad really.
As soon as the light turned green, I drove around the corner, pulling over onto the side of the road a little bit ahead of Allie. What am I thinking?! I let out an irritated groan and put the car into park. Before I could stop myself I got out of the car looking at Allie.
"Allie!" I called over to her. Allie stopped walking, looking up at me. She looked like a doe caught in head lights.
How pathetic. "Hi Matthew!" Allie greeted, trying to sound cheery. There were tears freezing to her cheeks, or so it appeared. It could always be from the bitter cold wind blowing into her eyes. Allie doesn't seem like a depressed girl. But than again, I only know her as a Starbucks barista.
"Would you like a drive home?" I asked as she just stood there. Her black jacket and black pants were covered in snow. The white knit hat she wore was probably also covered in a bundle of snow and her boots were soaked. Oh I'm going to regret this big time.
Allie opened her mouth to say something, but she knew there was just no declining such an offer. Even if she tried to decline, I'd toss her into the car anyways. "Yes please..." Allie muttered pathetically. I waved her over as I climbed back into the warmth of my car.
The small girl hurried over to the car and quickly climbed into the passengers seat. There was a small sigh of relief from her and I smirked. Despite how much black she's wearing, all the snow she's covered in makes her appear like a snow man. "Seatbelt," I said bluntly before setting the gear shift back into drive. "Where do you even live?" I asked curiously, now that I was driving.
"447 Willowsmith Drive," Allie responded as she buckled herself in and leaned back into the seat. It looked like she was actually defrosting. Her cheeks were a bright pink and I couldn't tell if it was because of how cold she was, or because of how close we were.
It didn't take long to find Allie's street, only challenge would be finding which house it is... "It's the one that's just super decked out with white Christmas lights," Allie said embarrassed. I snorted and shook my head. It wasn't hard to miss.
They must get into the season. As I pulled up onto the side of the road I could see a Christmas tree all lit up and decorated. The window was large enough that I could even see her family. Both her parents I take it and two brothers, I think. "Why did you pick me up?" Allie asked curiously and I looked over at her.
"You looked pathetic out in the cold," I said in a monotone voice. Allie scoffed and shook her head going to get out anyways. "Wait!" I hollered holding her back a moment.
Allie looked over at me expecting me to say something. "What time do you start work tomorrow?" I asked raising an eyebrow.
There was a look of pure confusion from Allie. "Twelve, why?" Allie responded turning to face me.
I sat back in my seat properly looking ahead. "I refuse for you to look pathetic anymore. I will be taking you to work and picking you up every day in the winter from now on." What have I just done?!
Allie shook her head with a laugh. "Alright, I guess... I'll see you tomorrow, or whatever," Allie said getting out of the car laughin and shut the door behind her.
I know that I shouldn't be affiliating with this girl, but there's something drawing me towards her. Even if I'm being a complete moron with no manners whatsoever. It'll have to be something Allie will have to deal with while there is still snow on the ground.
Right as Allie walked into her house, I drove away mentally kicking myself in the ass for this most likely hug mistake that I've just made. My life is going to going to be turned upside down with this girl around.


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