Let Me Rest

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

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As Annie sat in her living room waiting for her friends to come pick her up, she began hoping that maybe they forgot. Going out to a club wasn't the best idea for Annie. She was already anti-sociable enough. When the clock struck 8:35 she assumed there weren't coming due to the fact that they said they would show up at 8:00. 
Annie stood from the couch and began to leave the living room. Michelle stood in the doorway trying to block her sisters from leaving the room. "I don't think so! They're probably just late, you know how long Nicky takes to get ready," Michelle said as she stood in place. Annie walked right through Michelle and sneezed momentarily after. Michelle disappeared and reappeared in front of the stairs. She held her hands out in hopes to push Annie way from the stairs but instead stumbled forwards and moved through Annie again who sneezed. 
"Why am I sneezing so much lately?" Annie asked herself as she began walking up the stairs. About halfway up the stairs a loud knock came from the door. Annie stopped in her tracks, looking over her shoulder and through the small window she saw her friend Ashley standing there. Annie turned and walked back down the stairs to the door and yanked it open. 
There stood her friend Ashley in a tight little black dress that was far too short. Annie was starting to wonder if it even was a dress and if it was just a tight shirt. "Sorry Ann, Nicky took forever to get ready," Ashley said with a sigh. 
"Told you!" Michelle exclaimed from behind her sister and walked out to the car. At the car Michelle sat in the middle where she would normall sit. It was always inbetween Annie and Nicky. 
Michelle and Nicky always had to be beside each other. For four years they were in a very secretive relationship and had planned on letting everyone else know the same night Michelle was shot. Now whenever Michelle saw Nicky she felt guilty for leaving behind her girlfriend who still hadn't moved on. There were lovers and one-night stands, but that was it. "Miss you Nick," Michelle said with a sad smile like she would each time Michelle would come close. 
Annie and Ashley both got into the car shortly after Michelle had. Ashley pulled away from the side of the road and headed downtown to a club that Michelle had stumbled across by accident one night. The group would go there twice a month and they'd all have the time of their lives each time. 
Annie was only at the club for an hour and wasn't having the best time. To her it felt weird without her sister with her. Annie sat with Nicky at a rounded booth that seemed to be covered in drinks that belonged to Ashley who seemed to be covered with males on the dance floor. 
Annie scanned the club and her eyes locked on someone else's. Michelle noticed the connection and grinned to her sister who broke the gaze quickly. Michelle stood up on the bench and pointed at the guy who was looking at her sister. "Annie, you need to go talk to him! He's quite the looker," Michelle said and tried to kick her but her foot went right through Annie's side. Michelle looked from her sister and back to the guy she was pointing at. 
When Michelle realized he was looking in Michelle's direction and laughing slightly, she furrowed her eyebrows before gesturing him over to see if it worked. He stood from the stool he sat on and walked over to the booth. Michelle sat back on the bench and looked at Annie with a confused look wondering if Annie had done anything while she wasn't looking. 
"Nicky, is he coming over here?" Annie asked in a panicky tone.
"Yup! We've seen him a few times without you because you know... You wouldn't leave the house. He's slept with Ashley though," Nicky said causing both Annie and Michelle to laugh. That was no surprise. As much as the three loved Ashley, she moved around quickly. 
Annie, Nicky and Michelle and looked up at the fellow as he approched the table. "Well look at this, three lovely ladies just sitting here by themselves in this big ol' table," He said flashing a killer grin.
Annie and Nicky gave each other weird looks while Michelle looked at him wide eyed. "Don't say anything about me!" Michelle said quickly. He looked at her with a confused look before sitting in the booth with them. 
"There's only two of us... The third is on the dance floor," Nicky said and pointed to Ashley who wasn't too far from the table and in clear view. 
"Right, my bad," He said flashing another grin. Annie just seemed to stare at him and he turned his attention to Annie. "My names Dallas," He said offering his hand to Annie.
Annie forgot how to move and speak for a moment before she reached up and shook his hand awkwardly. "I'm Annie and this is Nicky," Annie replied nodding over to Nicky. "Uhm, will you wait here?" Annie asked and quickly pushed Nicky out of the booth.
The two left to the bathroom and Michelle looked over at Dallas still in shock. "Can you see me?" Michelle asked for the reassurance. 
"Yes, I take it you're no longer alive though," Dallas said almost sounding annoyed with the idea. 
Michelle looked at him shocked and blinked a few times. She opened her mouth to say something but nothing came out. "Uh... Yeah," Michelle said awkwardly. "I died saving Annie," Michelle said briefly causing Dallas to nodd slowly.
"Give me your hand, I want to see what you've seen up to this day," Dallas said and held his hand out to Michelle who laughed. Michelle it believed it wouldn't work because everyone she tried to touch, she pushed right through them. 
For the sake of seeing Dallas make a fool of himself, Michelle placed her hand on top of Dallas' and was shocked when her hand didn't move right through his. She looked at him wide eyed again but he didn't notice as he placed his other hand on top of hers. 
In Dallas' mind he saw a brief history of Michelle's past. 
Michelle and Annie's first day of school in matching dresses. Annie hated hers and Michelle sauntered around like a princess.
Their father beating their mother.
Their father drinking a lot.
Michelle and Annie walking in on their father with their aunt. 
First day of middle school.
First day of high school.
Sticking up for Annie who was being bullied.
Getting suspended multiple times for being in a fight. 
Annie's first kiss at a seventh grade party. 
Michelle's first kiss who was Nicky. Their first date.
Michelle trying to be with a man but going back to Nicky a week later. 
Michelle buying a ring that she was going to use to propse to Nicky with.
The day Michelle was shot protecting her sister and the last thing she saw, Nicky and Annie both letting out blood curdling screams at the sight of Michelle bleeding on the ground and a man running away from the scene of the crime.
And now, to this day where Michelle sits with Annie as she watches the news report and is still in grief. 
"Your sister has a lot of pain bottled up inside of her. You see it," Dallas said as he let go of Michelle's hand. Michelle nodded and made sure the two weren't coming back. "Does she ever talk to anyone?" Michelle shook her head no. "And you still really love the other girl, Nicky," Dallas said and Michelle bit back her lower lip as she nodded again. "Did you die with the ring?" Dallas asked and right after he did, Michelle pulled the ring out from her bra with a laugh.
 "I had no pockets on the dress so I put it there and never had the chance to give it to her... Now that gay marriage is legal in the state, I was going to ask her because it's all we'd ever talk about..." Michelle said as she put it back. It's not like she'd ever get it.
"I can help you rest... I can help you find the person who killed you and you can rest and stop seeing your sister and girlfriend in pain," Dallas said smiling to Michelle. She looked at him sadly and almost wanted to say no, but they would all pass on one day too. 
"Okay," Michelle agreed and right after, Annie and Nicky returned. Dallas smiled at them and stopped talking to Michelle right away. 
For the rest of the night, Annie and Dallas talked together and sat hip to hip. Michelle just sat there as she watched Nicky drink so much that she blacked out. Another girl had joined them and Nicky was all over her. It seemed to crush Michelle to see the person she loves do that and it made her think everyone forgot about her for a moment until Dallas patted her on the lap gently. Michelle smiled sadly and looked up as Ashley returned to the table. 
"Hello Ashley," Dallas greeted her with a smirk and Ashley looked at him. 
It took her a moment before she gasped slightly. "Oh lord, it's you!" Ashley said sounding like she was in disgust. Dallas shrugged nonchalantly and chuckled to himself. "Are you girls ready to go? It's two already," Ashley said smiling. "Well... Girl probably," Ashley said looking at Nicky who was getting up to leave with whoever she was with. 
Annie got out of the booth after Nicky and waved to Dallas. Ashley pointed at him with a glare. "Stay away weirdo," Ashley said as she left with Annie. 
"I'll be in touch... I'm going on a date tomorrow with Annie anyways," Dallas said laughing. "Now go," He said and shooed Michelle away. 
Michelle thanked him and left. She sat in the back of the car by herself as Ashley drove Annie home. "I think you should stay away from him... Apparently he can see the dead. He told me he saw my grandpa and grandma once in my house. Like... What a creepster," Ashley said shivering as she gave Annie a warning. 
"Hey, maybe he can see Michelle," Annie said sounding almost hopeful about it. 
"Oh he can," Michelle said with a smile as she looked to Ashley who was giving Annie a strange look.
Once Annie and Michelle were home, Annie practically went right to bed and Michelle sat at the foot of her bed. Hopefully for Michelle, things between Annie and Dallas would last a little while until she'd be able to rest.

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