Lulu & Lucy

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(Here's a little something I've been working on for a bit along with Somethings Shouldn't Be Said)Lulu is a murderer and a morbid one and that. On the night of a ball, she goes on one of her rampages. She finds Lucy hidden in a closet and it reminded her of her so when Lulu takes Lucy into her care, everything changes.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Lulu & Lucy

Submitted: November 29, 2011

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Submitted: November 29, 2011



It’s almost like a sickness now, but I don’t feel anything… Nothing at all. The heavy yet small, gold handled dagger, rested against the side of my thigh in its holster. The silver metal was cold against my leg, but in time it would be worth it. My face was covered by an elegant black and white mask with diamond embroidery. Even with that, my face was still painted with bright pink blush and bright red lipstick. My eyes were lined in a coat of black liner as I wander the floor of the ball room.
People think of me as a psychotic killer. Maybe it’s because I only kill once a year at a masquerade ball held by the city. My killing rampages have been happening more recently lately though. Blood; I crave it and I want it! It’s what drives me to killing.
“Good evening malady,” A drunken fool said to me. If I can just force a smile all will be good.
I forced a smile onto my lips as I looked at him. He was an older male with brown hair with gray coming close to taking over. It only got worse as I noticed that his hairline is receding. “Good evening good sir,” I responded.
The older man grinned slyly at me and I nearly cringed because of this creep. I’m a creep myself, but I can’t help my cause. He’s just an old fool looking for a good time.
My silk gloved hand was lifted into the large hand of the elder male. He placed a kiss against the back of my hand. I nearly gagged. My attention turned over towards the large grandfather clock placed by the wall. It was already eleven forty-eight! I had to do this now.
Once more, a false smile tugged upon my strawberry red lips. With the hand that lay upon the elder mans, I led him towards the back of the ballroom. Of course he thought he was going to get lucky in the coat room; if only that were true for him. From beside me, I could see the elder man with a grin on his face. It’s disgusting.
As the two of us exited the ball room, the music sounded more muffled. It became more silent as we walked down the hall, but you could still hear all of the chatter. “In here,” I whispered as I turned the first corner and opened the first door. The old man scurried in and I flicked on the lights in the coat closet. Around us were fur coats and purses.
I held myself back from rolling my eyes as the door shut behind me. “What do you love?” I asked my French accent showing as I stepped closer to the man.
His eyes were glowing with excitement. I still want to topple over and be sick. “You.” Oh lovely. A drunken aroused man thinking he’s in love with me. That’s nothing new. “What do you love?” He asked in return.
A laugh escaped my lips. “Blood,” I answered simply. The man’s face dropped completely. “The color, the feel and the way it looks as it glides down from an open wound.” His face became pale. It made him look sick.
“How peculiar…” The old man said, pulling out a handkerchief and patting it against his forehead. “Maybe this isn’t such a good time for me… I am an old man; I probably can’t even get it up.” He let out an awkward laugh and I straightened out my shoulders.
I took a few small strides towards him, placing my hands upon my hips. “Do you not trust me?” I asked sweetly, faking a pout. If he didn’t trust me, he’d probably run off and go warn people that a murderer was in the building. Getting caught was not an option.
The balding man stuttered as he backed up against the wall. ‘I’m going to have to touch him…’ I thought to myself. It would make me want to be sick, but I’ll have to deal with it for now. My hands rested against the man’s shoulders and he looked up at me in fear. “Touch me, big boy,” I said attempting (and failing) at being seductive.
Well, I thought it had failed until I felt the large hands against my waist. I shuddered at the touch and averted my eyes. The older man was grinning yet again. How disgusting! Why do I do this?! It never fails; it’s always an old man. ‘Please chime, please chime, please chime!’ I thought repeatedly to myself. It had worked. The clock turned twelve and I backed off of the old man.
“Oh don’t tell me it’s time for you to leave! You don’t look like the Cinderella type,” The older man said with a grin.
In return, I smiled back. “No, but it is time for me to give you a little something to remember me by,” I said with a smirk. The old man’s face beamed. I gestured for him to come up to me as I slipped my other hand up the skirt of the dress, my hand against the daggers handle.
The man hurried up to me and I slipped the dagger out of the holster. As soon as he was close enough, I pulled my hand out from underneath my skirt. The dagger ran into his chest, right out again, into the liver, out again, once more in the neck. “I liked this dress too,” I muttered as I pulled the dagger out of his jugular vein, leaving blood to flow everywhere.
The poor man never even saw it coming. My mask came off with a simple tug of the strings and fell off. My wig was quickly pulled off as well, my black hair being revealed. “That thing is so itchy,” I said as I made my way back to the ballroom.
All of the people inside sounded so happy. Oh well. I walked in, as if nothing had even happened. A young lady, possibly in her mid-twenties, turned to face me with a look of horror on her face. I looked around the ball room, seeing that the only exit, were the doors behind me. “Is that blood?” The lady asked with a hint of fear in her voice.
I turned from the women and shut the door. It took me a moment until I figure out how to lock it so no one would be able to get out of the ball room. “What are you doing over there?” She began walking towards me. “You’re covered in blood, what happened?!” I wasn’t going to face her yet.
As soon as I felt the gloved hand against my shoulder, my entire body tensed up. Before she had the chance to say anything, the gold handled dagger slit her throat and blood sputtered everywhere. The last look on her face was one of complete fear.
It didn’t take long before there were shrieks of terror in the ballroom. There must have been at least two-hundred people here; it would take me awhile to settle this. Blood that had been sputtering from the woman’s throat – who now is on the ground still leaking blood – was against my neck. Or was it from the elder man? Either way, it was disgusting but I couldn’t stop.
This woman who was trapped under my hold was pleading for her life. In front of her was her husband with lifeless eyes staring at her. “Shut up!” I shouted at her once more. With my free hand I clutched at the back of her hair and lifted her head. As soon as I had a clear shot, the dagger dug into her throat and it ran across. Blood was already pooled around her and now her own blood was just making a bigger mess.
I stood up from the back of the woman’s back with a sigh and folded my arms over my chest. I looked around the room seeing blood on the walls and the ground. It took long enough! The clock read two in the morning. Well, I guess it’s not that bad.
From one of the corners, there was sobbing. I looked around the room, but saw no one, until I noticed there was a small closet at the opposite end of the room. Had someone hidden away? I slowly made my way up to the closet wondering what I would find in there.
The small silver knob was cold, even threw the gloves I was wearing. I swung open the door the rest of the way seeing a small girl sitting there covered in blood. The small brunette looked up at me with tears streaming down her face. The dagger fell from my hand and clattered on the floor.
At this very moment I was now looking back in time; myself hiding in a closet from the man who killed my family. “I won’t hurt you…” I whispered, opening my arms up to the small girl. This was what I wanted when my family was killed.
As soon as she heard me, the small girl who looked to be only five, maybe six, jumped up wrapping her small arms around my waist. For a moment, I didn’t want to hug her back but her sobbing just made me crack. My arms wrapped around her tiny shoulders. Her small body was shaking as she cried and began gasping for air.
I could see the red and blue lights flickering around outside and better yet, sirens. I let go of the tiny brunette and grabbed the first large object I could get ahold of which ended up being a vase. It’d have to do. I ran up to the window, jumping over the bodies that lay around the hall.
With all of my force, I tossed the large and very heavy vase at the window. It made a large enough hole that looked as if a person could fit through it. I ran back to the sobbing child and took the dagger, tossing is in the direction of the window. I wouldn’t have to deal with blood, seeing as it already was covered in blood from someone trying to run from me.
“What’s your name?” I asked the small girl who stood at about my waist, while I wear high-heels. I crouched down to her level and moved her hands from her face carefully. “It’s hard to look at I know.”
The brunette looked at me with beat red eyes and I began crying myself. She reminded me to much of myself from all those years ago. It was painful to look at. “My names Lucy,” The girl choked out, shutting her eyes tightly not wanting to look at the blood. Somewhere in this heap of bodies were her parents.
My arms wrapped tightly around her and I allowed myself to cry. “I’m Lulu. I promise I will keep you safe. Don’t tell anybody what you saw though…”
After those words passed through my mouth, there was the sound of a battering ram trying to break down the door. It took a few good hits, until the door finally broke. “We have two survivors!” One of the S.W.A.T men shouted before running in. I stood up, lifting Lucy up with me.
I ran towards them and broke down sobbing even harder. It’s not because I was guilty about killing tons of innocent people but it was because Lucy had witnessed everything that had happened just now. What if I couldn’t trust her?
I brought Lucy home with me in the end… She hadn’t said anything to the police, luckily. Lucy had fallen asleep in the cop car on the way home, sitting on my lap wrapped up in a gray fleece blanket. It took a mission to get into the loft, but I had managed. “Jimmie!” I hollered into the two floored apartment.
There was the sound of running down the stairs and charging towards me. “Lulu, what the hell? Is that a child?” Jimmie, my partner in crime (or as I like to call him “the lazy ass who does nothing besides planning and makes me do the dirty work”) asked.
“No, it’s a dinosaur,” I said sarcastically as I kicked the door shut behind me. Things were going to change with Lucy here. “Of course it’s a child,” I muttered as I walked towards the stairs. “She saw me kill everyone… Which includes her family, you don’t even need the rest of the explanation for you to know. She was even in the closet.”
I trudged up the stairs and towards the last door on the right. My bedroom. If anything, she’d want some form of comfort for now. I placed Lucy down on the bed carefully under the covers. She still had the blanket around her so it wouldn’t be covered in blood, but I’d wash them tomorrow anyways.
After making sure Lucy was tucked in I left the room heading back downstairs. “I’m keeping her… There’s nowhere else she can go for now,” I said flopping onto the couch and Jimmie came up sitting beside me.
Jimmie looked at my dress up and down with a sigh. “I liked that dress…” I laughed at his comment and shrugged my shoulders. I had liked it once too, but it was a goner now. A white dress covered in blood? That’s never coming out…

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