Lulu & Lucy

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: November 29, 2011

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Submitted: November 29, 2011



Things were actually fairly normal after the three of us returned home from the restaurant. Lucy went right up to the bedroom for the night while Jimmie and I stayed in the living room watching movies. “Secretly, you’re a good person Lulu,” Jimmie told me as his arms wrapped around my waist. I could smell whisky on his breath.

“How much did you actually drink?” I asked Jimmie with a small smile as I led him over towards the couch. All Jimmie did was shrug his shoulders in response. I should have cut him off after the second drink. Jimmie stopped walking for a moment and let me continue on.

Without realizing it until the last minute, Jimmie unzipped my dress. My face dropped as the dress fell to my ankles. This is why I should never wear a strapless dress around Jimmie. I looked over my shoulder only to see Jimmie with his head cocked to the side and a smirk on his lips. “For a monster, you look to perfect… When I think monster, I think of something hideous and something that no one wants to be around. You’ve got no imperfections,” Jimmie said as he took long steps towards me.

Large arms wrapped around my waist and his face nuzzled into my neck. The small fuzz on Jimmie’s face ran across my shoulder and it felt rather weird. “97.3 percent of women who favor black underwear are closet whores,” Jimmie whispered a line from my favorite movie. I smirked and turned to face Jimmie, stepping out of the dress as I did.

Now I was just glad I had the decency to be wearing a bra with the dress.  Jimmie’s large hands rested against the small of my back as he leaned in closer. As he leaned in, I pulled back causing Jimmie to pout. “This isn’t fair,” I pointed out as I clamped my hand over Jimmie’s mouth.

Jimmie raised an eyebrow and with one hand I managed to get his tie un-done. It easily slipped out from under the collar of his shirt. It took Jimmie a moment to understand my intentions before a smirk came across his lips. Jimmie removed his hands from my back and unbuttoned his dress shirt.

My hands reached up to Jimmie’s face and my fingers brushed against his cheek. “This is what you want, right?” Jimmie asked for the sake of reassurance. I smiled and nodded lightly.

“This is what I’ve always wanted, you know that,” I responded being completely honest with him. Ever since I met Jimmie, I’ve wanted to be with him. Every chance I had, I’d drop hints that I was in love with him. Maybe that’s how he knows.

As soon as the dress shirt was fully unbuttoned, Jimmie’s chest was completely exposed. I couldn’t help but blush lightly. I couldn’t lose my cool at such a point. My hands reached up as I pushed the shirt of off Jimmie’s shoulders and down his arms.

It seemed like he couldn’t wait because as soon I had the shirt bunched up at his wrists, Jimmie had already pushed me down onto the couch. We both landed down with a thud and Jimmie’s warm lips met mine. I didn’t hesitate at all with him. This is what I want.

The strong hands roamed my body as the two of us kissed until they found what they wanted; my bra strap. Right now I was almost hoping he wouldn’t know how to undo it. But Jimmie has been with many women before so as soon as he got ahold of it in the right way, it came off with no challenge.

Now I was losing my cool. “Tell me why you love me, Lulu,” Jimmie demanded as his lips ravaged my neck and collar bone. How would I explain such a thing? Love is one of those things that can’t actually be explained because it’s something you feel.

No words can describe it, but I have to try. “You’re my only family. You’ve been taking care of me all these years and it felt only natural that I grew to love you after the night we met. You’ve been the one watching out for me and covering my ass when I get into danger. You’ve kept me safe from jail and you’ve shown me nothing but kindness. You’re my best friend and I love you,” I explained seriously. Hopefully Jimmie would accept it. It was all true.

Jimmie removed his warm lips from the skin on my collar bone, looking right into my eyes. “I love you Lulu,” Jimmie said and my eyes widened. Finally the one thing I’ve wanted to hear all these years. My mouth opened to return the saying until Jimmie’s lips were back against mine.

None of this would be regretted in the morning. It would be hard to regret such a thing especially when you’re spending a night with someone you love.


Around five in the morning, Jimmie and I had finally passed out, but it didn’t take long until I was awake again. I looked over at Jimmie with a small smile seeing him face down in his bed. The bright red LED lights on the alarm clock read that it was eight in the morning.

May as well actually get out of bed; or get out of Jimmie’s bed. As soon as I sat up in bed, I rolled my head around. It took me a moment before I actually climbed out of bed and winced. “He destroyed my body!” I exclaimed in a whisper. My legs hurt and well… So did the rest of my body.

I managed to pull on one of Jimmie’s shirts and boxers without causing myself too much pain while dressing. Even while I walked around the room Jimmie still stayed in bed sleeping peacefully. It was nothing new. Jimmie has always been the heaviest sleeper I have ever met.

While I left the room I didn’t even try to stay silent. The TV was on downstairs and I tensed up. Lucy was now awake so I’d have to sneak back into my room to get dressed. As I tiptoed down the hall to my bedroom I watched downstairs making sure Lucy didn’t turn around. “Have fun last night?” Lucy asked me and my jaw dropped.

“What’re you talking about?” I asked in return with an awkward laugh. This girl was far too intelligent for her age.

Lucy turned to face me, holding up the black bra and my face brightened. I cleared my throat awkwardly. “That proves nothing!” I exclaimed and Lucy lifted up Jimmie’s green plaid boxers. There was now nothing I really could say.  “You’re five, you shouldn’t know about any of this!”

After that I hurried into my bedroom, shutting the door behind me. I could only imagine the smile on Lucy’s face right now. I let out a deep irritated sigh. Right now I should probably shower before I even think about getting dressed. Maybe it would relieve part of the pain in my body.

I was nervous to even face Lucy right now. It’s all because she’s far too intelligent. It makes me wonder what her life was like while she still lived with her grandfather. It also makes me think she would have known about this kind of thing with her grandfather having multiple mistresses.

All I need to worry about right now is that I need to go shower and not worry about Lucy knowing what happened with Jimmie and I. I’d talk to her about it all afterwards.

I wandered around my room gathering my clothes before leaving my room. Before Lucy had the chance to say anything, I hurried out of the room and down the hall to the bathroom. On the way I grabbed a towel from the closet and walked into the bathroom. The door shut behind me and I let out a breath of relief. Managed to get here before Lucy had the chance to even look at me.

My head rested against the cold door with a small smile. “Well, well, well, we ran into each other here too… What’re the odds?” Jimmie said from behind me, causing me to jump. I had run in so quick that I didn’t even notice he was in here. I

“Oh I don’t know besides the fact that the odds are very high seeing as we live together,” I responded as I turned to face Jimmie. My face brightened as I noticed him standing there with a towel wrapped around his waist and his boxers in hand.

Jimmie’s eyes wandered down as he noticed that I was wearing a pair of his boxers. “Is Lucy awake?” Jimmie questioned and I nodded yes in response. “Damn… Too bad,” Was all he said as strong hands rested on my waist. I smirked and rolled my eyes before pecking him on the lips.

I gently shoved Jimmie away from me as I pushed around him. “Get out so I can shower,” I demanded and Jimmie saluted me. Luckily he had no problems walking down to his room seeing as it was directly next to the bathroom. Lucy wouldn’t be able to see him and mock him.

As soon as Jimmie was out of the bathroom, I shut the door again with a huff. Not going to lie, I feel dirty from last night. Not because I slept with Jimmie, but because I couldn’t even control myself. I’m surprised Lucy didn’t wake up.

The shower was short, but I didn’t care. I felt a bit better and clean. My hair was wrapped up in a towel turban as I left the bathroom. There was loud chatter from downstairs and I wasn’t planning on going back down just yet but I was slightly curious as to who was actually down there. Sure Lucy and Jimmie were down there, but there was a third voice; one that I couldn’t think of who it was.

From the sounds of it, Jimmie didn’t seem too impressed with the female. I walked into the kitchen where the source of all the voices was coming from. My face dropped as I saw Jimmie’s crazy ex-girlfriend sitting at the table with Lucy and Jimmie. Ever since the two broke up, she’s been trying to get back with him. “Oh, you still have the free-loader here?” Nicole asked in a sour voice.

“Actually Nicole…” Jimmie started as I walked over to Jimmie. My arms wrapped around his neck as I sat in his lap. “We’re dating,” Jimmie finished as my lips planted against his. Lucy started gagging and I laughed slightly.

My cold lips pulled away from Jimmie’s warm lips to look over at Lucy who gave me a disgusted look. “And that’s our daughter,” I added as I motioned to Lucy. Lucy’s face brightened as I mentioned she was my daughter. For the past few days, I hadn’t acknowledged the fact that I was adopting her and she had been hinting at it.

Nicole’s face dropped and she looked mad.  Real mad. “How old is the little rat?” Nicole asked, staring at Lucy. It made me want to go grab one of my knives and kill her right now. But if I did such a thing I would certainly be caught and thrown into prison for life. Maybe even a death sentence.

“I’m five,” Lucy said in a monotone voice.

“Six tomorrow,” Jimmie added with a simple shrug.

“Before you ask, we’ve adopted her,” I finished and smiled happily to Lucy. Despite the fact I was a murderer, Lucy wasn’t scared of me like she was the first night we met. I don’t doubt that she’s secretly afraid of me. It than hit me… Tomorrow is Lucy’s birthday, which means it’s also Halloween.

I hadn’t done anything this month accept for buying candy that Jimmie and I were planning on eating while watching movies. Now I wanted to take Lucy out trick-or-treating. It’d be my first Halloween actually going out since my parents and if I’m going to be Lucy’s parent, I want to do a good job.

My attention turned back to Nicole who had black tears running down her cheeks. I guess that’s what happens when you wear excessive amounts of eyeliner at a time. Nicole jolted up from the chair, making sure it knocked over as she did. “I hate you all!” Nicole shouted, running out of the kitchen with some trouble. She was notorious for wearing tacky stilettoes. Maybe it was in her contract as a run way model. The front door to the loft slammed shut and I rolled my eyes.

Jimmie chuckled and we both looked over at Lucy. I could tell that by the way Jimmie looked at Lucy; he wanted to do something for her birthday.

Lucy stared at us in return with a confused expression. Can’t blame her though we’re not actually telling her why we’re staring at her. “Lucy, do you want to go trick-or-treating tomorrow night?” I asked, finally breaking the awkward feeling Lucy was most likely feeling.

Bright blue eyes lit up completely and her head nodded violently. It looked as if though it would be her first time ever. “What do you want to dress up as?” I asked and a smirk tugged at Lucy’s lips.

I’m actually a little worried for her answer. “A killer.” My face dropped completely as Lucy said that and Jimmie began cracking up. Apparently he thought it was the funniest thing he’s ever heard! “I’m not kidding.” The look at Lucy’s face made it clear that she definitely wasn’t kidding.

My face smacked against my hand and I dragged it down my face. “Let’s go… May as well get started on your costume while we still have time,” I said as I climbed off of Jimmie’s lap. Lucy grinned and climbed off her chair with ease, following me to the stairs. From behind us, Jimmie was still chuckling. I honestly didn’t find it to be that funny. I’d have to deal with him later.

A small hand grabbed ahold of mine and I looked down at Lucy with a smile. “You okay?” I asked as the two of us ascended up the stairs. Lucy nodded slowly and I couldn’t help but smile. She was truly the greatest. I’m not sure how she’s been able to deal with me these past few days I’m glad. “Your costume will probably look like the ones I made for the store,” I said as we both walked into my studio.

There was still a bucket of “bloody” on the ground with knives sticking out of it. Lucy’s eyes widened and as did mine. I forgot I had left it in here. I let go of Lucy’s hand as she began shaking. She was going to cry! I took the bucket and shoved it into the far back corner. “There… It’s not real, I promise…” I said as I turned to a sobbing Lucy. I looked at her sadly and felt highly guilty. No matter how much we bonded, she still made me feel like a monster.  

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