Poisoned Strawberries

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It's the year 2017 in a city call Trilox. In this town, being different to a whole new level is all the rage and what's in style this season? Murder and Poison! That's what Snowelle Rose finds out anyways.

Every night murder occurs because of how popular it is, from the time of nine at night until dawn. Snowelle's parents were killed two years ago and she has finally found that man and slayed him herself. But Snowelle's seems to have an admirer. Jovie Cerqa, a thirty year old male who was once a good friend to Snowelle's parents despite the large age gap.

The night Snowelle kills, she believes Jovie will kill her by forcing her to drink what she believes to be a poisoned strawberry drink. But when she awakes in her room, she is completely confused. The sight of strawberries make he sick to her stomach now, but only tells her best friend and maid, Raven, a powder blue haired girl.

As time goes on Snowelle is forced to spend more time with Jovie and they slowly begin to connect. They keep murder, poison and love in style in the future city of Trilox, but how long can they keep it up for before they get into trouble for being in love?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Poisoned Strawberries

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Submitted: December 12, 2011




My body whipped around as I heard applauding from behind me. Had I been caught, or was it just applause from the end of the show? No, I wouldn't be able to hear such a thing from out hear, it would be muffled. It was a single, deep clap from a male who appeared to be thirty years old, which made him thirteen years older than myself. 
Nothing but fear ran through my body. The adrenaline which once existed in my veins was now gone. "I like how clean that cut is," He said with a smirk and my face dropped. My eyes wandered back to the bulky man who now lays motionless, breathless and cold. The slash across his throat was quick and it was as easy shot for me.
It helps hiding your blade on the inside of your jacket. The line was perfectly straight so I'm guessing I have a sturdy hand. "I've seen your work," The man told me, bringing me to confusion. What does he mean he's seen my work?
All I do for a living is draw while at home. Draw and design dresses. On the odd occassion I do archery out back, but my house is so seculded and is a large place. But this is the first person I've killed! "I have men on the inside of your house. They work for you and me. Well I guess they worked for your parents first, but now that they're deceased I gu-"
"Stay out of my parents death," I spat as I looked down at the man who lay by my feet. His bloody was now pooling around his body and it was disgusting. Whatever drove me to do such a thing baffles me. 
Two years ago, my parents were brutally murdered in front of my eyes by the man who now lays by my feet. In this city, murder isn't anything new or scary. Actually, it's common here but only really during the times of nine at night up until dawn. 
Trilox is a frightening place to live if you don't know how to fight. If you don't know how to fight, well, you're screwed. Was this man standing before planning on killing me, or just here to admire my work? Slashing throats isn't anything impressive. It's just quick and easy.
This man with hair that matched the same color of the blood gushing from the body took long strides towards me. There's no way that's natural. But no one in this city seems to be natural. There are people around with some freaky body modifications. I've always sworn I'd never do any form of body modifications to myself. I'd only use the assistance of make up and hair color.
My lilac colored hair whipped around my face as I turned to make a break for it. It wasn't my time to die. Besides killing that man, I haven't done anything bad in my life.
A strong hand clamped onto my wrist and I was easily pulled up so I dangled in the air. Loud shrieks of terror passed my lips, but no one listened. It was just another death that no one would care about in the morning. I began trashing around trying to get out of this grip. Of course I'd go falling to the floor, but I want to get away. 
It was no use, he was much stronger than I am. He must have been at least been a foot taller than myself. It was easy for him to carry me two feet above the ground with only one hand. "Shut up little flower," The man said and I spat in his face. There was no reaction from him! How dare he call me little flower!
As he walked out of the alley with me dangling there, thrashing around like a fish out of water, people just stared. They really don't care. There is so much not right with the city of Trilox. People look at the man carrying me and as he pulls out a small flask from the pocket of his dress pants. 
Amazingly with one hand he was capable of twisting off the cap and tossing it to the side. I hadn't noticed I was actually watching his every move until his shinging silver eyes looked up at me. My eyes widened. It's poison. He's going to poison me!
The strong hand let go of my wrist and I went flying to the ground. My body landed on the ground with a thud and my head whacked of the pavement. There's no doubt that there's going to be a large bump. I tried to get up to run, but before I could even get an inch of the ground there was a sudden heaviness on my torso. 
When I looked up, I saw the large man sitting on me. This was it! The flask was held above my head and as much as I tried to smack his hands away it was just no use. I didn't want to be murdered, but atleast it wont be as bad as my parents death, right?
No, I'm still being murdered. Who's going to avenge my death? No one. I have no other family. I don't even have friends. But I have no choice but to accept my fate now.
What am I thinking?! I can't let myself die this easily! My lips pressed tight together, refusing to let the poison go even enter my mouth. But I hadn't thought of his options. With no struggle at all he managed to plug my nostrils shut, leaving my lungs burning for air after a good thirty seconds. My mouth opened and I sucked in a large breath of air, but the same time I did the flask was pressed to my lips and tilted up. 
At first this poison tasted like strawberries, until there was an acid taste to it. My mouth and throat were burning. The man stood up off of me and stared at me. I rolled over onto my side, my arms wrapped tightly around my stomach as I began trying to regurgitate the poison from my body.
The affect of this poison was horrible on me. My tongue was as dry and rough as sand paper, head spinning, body quivering. At first, my body was burning hot and I was sweating like I would after running for hours. After a few moments of the heat my body started to coold down. But as it cooled, I began curling up in a ball. It felt like it was now twenty below. 
My eyes shut tight and I was hoping I'd open my eyes. When I open my eyes, I'll be at home with breakfast waiting for me at the end of my bed. But when I open my eyes, I'm still on the pavement, my vision is starting to go foggy. As I breath through my mouth, I can see my breath. This is finally it.
I can feel people watching me as I die. It's a scary thought. Karma really does come around and bite you right in the butt! "Oedipus!" Is the last word I manage to bring out as the male leans down to look me in the eyes. It took a small challenge to make out the face, but with hair that shade of read, it's hard to not tell who he is.
My breathing became shallow and everything went black. It was scaring me. The last thing I heard was "Little Flower" before I'm pretty sure I died.
The pillow my face was pressed into still had the aroma of vanilla shampoo. Curiously, I lifted my head looking at the pillow that was incased in a cream colored sation cover. I'm in my bed? Quickly, I turned over onto my back, sitting right up.
Was it all just a dream? I reached aroud behind my head running my fingertips there. A bump is there, and it hurts. That must have gotten there as soon as my head made contact with the ground. Slowly, I moved my hands back onto my lap. The satin sheets that were on my bare legs were soft against my skin. It was relaxing.
How did I even get home? I feel like I've been sleeping for months from how stiff my body is. When I looked around my room, everything was as I left it. Breakfast sat at the end of the bed like usual. Maybe it all was a dream. Did I really kill a man? Did a man with bloody red hair try to poison me? I huffed and crawled forwards to the tray pulling it to me. 
Now that I pay more attention, my mouth and throat are still burning. Maybe eating will help it. As soon as I grab my fork my stomach rumbles loudly. Right away, I loose all appetite. 
Even the sight of them makes me nauseas. I can feel the acid from the bile in my throat as I scurry off the bed and into the direction of my personal bathroom, but I don't make it. My muscles in my abdoment, arms and legs began convulsing as I hurl out the acidic bile. 
My attnetion tuns over to the door. "Raven..." The name came out in a whisper, calling for my maid. The maid who has also been my best friend for awhile. Maybe if I had died, she would have been the one to avenge my death... No. Too innocent.
"Raven," I called just a little bit louder, but she still wouldn't be able to hear me while I'm this quiet. 
I began crawling towards the double doors, avoiding the bile as much as possible. "Raven!" I now shouted as loud as I possbily could. This time, a girl with powder blue hair and eyes to match came charging in. 
Tears welled up in my eyes as I looked at the girl in the flimsy cream colored dress that made her look like she was floating, charged in. "Miss?" Raven questioned as I fell to the ground on my side. My arms were weak and they just lay on the ground in front of me, weak yet they feel as if though they feel a thousand tons each. 
I let out pleading cries wanting this pain in my stomache to stop. Raven had to help me up off the ground with some struggle. It wasn't easy. My body was so feeble right now it seemed to take an eternity to get me back to the bed. My breakfast still sat there and I avoided looking at the strawberries. Ever since I was poisoned, I'm guessing, I can't even look at strawberries.
My once favorite fruit is now practically the most deadly fruit on the face of the earth. "Do you want to eat your strawberries? I know they're your favorite," Raven asked as she rathered the tray off the bed. My muscles tensed right up and I leaned over the side of the bed spewing out more bile. 
Raven had an expression of pure horror. This was something she never experienced from me. The word made the taste of the poison reappeared in my mouth. "No! Get them out!" I hollered at Raven for the first time ever. Right away I began feeling guilty. 
Never before have I even the thought of yelling at Raven.  "Yes, Miss," Raven said as she left my bedroom with the tray. All I did was lay there in bed. My body was burning up again like it had when I drank the poison. 
Was that strawberry tasting acid really even poison? I'm curious to find this man and find out what happened to me.
Although I know I'll get a mouthful from Raven from leaving bed I managed to pull myself up again. My legs swung over the side and before I could tell myself not to, I was standing up, making my way to the door. My first stop would be to go downstairs and find Dolson, my god-father. 
If it wasn't for him and Raven living in the house, I would feel lonely all the time. "Dolson?" I called through the hallway as I walked to the stairs. It's possible he'll be in the sitting room reading the Trilox Phantom while on the plush red velvet love seat. 
There was no response from the elder male. At least not to me anyways. I could hear his laughter from downstairs. Curiosity got the better of me. There was never anything interesting in the Phantom, which means someone must be over. Who would come over?
Besides Raven, Dolson, some other workers and myself never really stepped foot inside the house. Being as silent as I could, I made my way to the sitting room where the two voices were coming from. Dolson and another male sounded like they were reminicing on the old days. 
"How long has it really been since we last spent any lengthy time together besides last night?" Dolson asked the man who sat in the room with him. I stood outside the sitting room, waiting for the right time to walk into the room. 
There was a small pause and a huff. "I think just before Little Flower was born," That voice... I would have been able to recoginize the voice from anywhere! "She's a true born fighter, just like her father was." 
The man who poisoned me has no right to speak of my father like they were best friends! I don't even know who this man is! "Yes well, she'll always be like that," Dolson said in agreement. It was shocking to hear Dolson say such a thing about me. 
Finally, things became so outrageous that I just walked right into the room, giving them both a blank expression. "Ah! Little Flower!" The man said a grin as if though he were pleased to see me.
My expression turned sour as I looked at him. Whoever he is. Dolson turned to face me with a grin. I don't mind if he's pleased to see me, but I want nothing to do with this other man. Fiery red hair has been slicked back and those silver eyes showed he's nothing but trouble! His eyes are lined in a layer of green eye shadow and when he speaks there's dimples. Not natural. They're man made dimples. 
Recent too, because even when he doesn't speak or smile dimples are there. "Darling, this is Jovie Cerqa," Dolson said gesturing to the man who sat across from him in a large white leather arm chair. 
Jovie Cerqa, the man who witnessed me kill a person, the man who poisoned me and the man who is now acting as if though none of it has happened. 
The blood haired man rose from the chair, striding towards me like he had last night. My eyes widened and I instinctively stood a step back in fear of him. Am I to trust him? No! Trust him? Why that's just too funny!
My eyes scanned the room, looking for the small sea foam green pack. It didn't take long until I noticed them sitting on the crystal table that was meant to be shapped like an eyeball. It almost scared me, but it was useful. 
There was an evil smile plastered on his lips and I managed to dodge his hug. He must be kidding me! I ran to the crystal eyeball, lifing up the sea foam green package. Dolson's face dropped. He watched me, thinking I was kidding. 
I wasn't. I stayed calm as I opened the top of the package with no hesitations. There sat seven cigarettes with green filters, giving it a minty flavor. Sometimes you got to love how much companies push smoking now. 
Luckily for me, the strawberry filtered cigarettes aren't sitting out. "Darling, you aren't serious, are you?" Dolson asked and I stared at him as I gingerly pulle out one of the sticks. I made it very clear that I was serious as I placed the green filter between my pale pink lips. 
The silver lighter sat on the table and before Dolson had the chance too, I snatched it up. It didn't take much to ignite the lighter before setting the flame over the tip of the cigarette. As I did, I inhaled the minty smoke looking at Dolson. As I exhaled the smoke, I noticed it was green as well. 
There was silence in the room and I looked at the two nonchalantly. I saw no problem with what I was doing. It's the year 2017, by this day in age, they can fix nearly everything. Of course it usually costs a pretty penny. It's okay though for me, my family has always been wealthy.
My parents were music producers. World famous at that. Other producers got jealous and that's why their dead. "I'm sure smoking can come back into style. I mean, murder and poisoning seems to be in style," I said with a simple shrug.
Still, silence filled the room. It didn't bother me, I'd just go back to my room and prepare myself for whatever is to come today. I've never really followed any set schedules so I always seem to go with it. "Little Flower, where are you off to?" Jovie asked me and as I walked past him to head back upstairs I scowled.
My entire body turned to face him. "You will not call me Little Flower, you will call me by my name," I demanded feeling enraged that he still had the guts to call me "Little Flower".
Jovie looked at me with a smile. "My sincerest apologizes, Snowelle," Jovie said with a smirk. I was nearly ready to explode but before I could say anything, I placed the filter back in between my lips.
That's right, my name is Snowelle. I guess my parents loved the idea of snow and on the night I was born, it snowed for the first time. At least the first time for them. It snows all the time now. It's ridiculous.
As I acsended the stairs, I paid no more attention to the world. I was only determined to go back to my room. Of course, it didn't go as planned. Raven stopped me in the hall with a short, fluffy skirt the color of pearls drapped over her arms. "It's a big day today!" Raven exclaimed and I stared at her in confusion.
What's today? "You should had remembered, I have it on your cellphone's planner," Raven said with a huff and I blushed deeply. Raven went through the trouble of putting an important date into my phone and I hadn't even checked it! "Miss, it's the day of your clothing lines launch," Raven told me and I nearly fainted.
How could I forget such a thing? Oh yes, I was poisoned. Not exactly my fault than. "I'm so sorry!" I exclaimed seeming a tad bit sad. Raven has been one of the only people I've shown emotions too since my parents death. 
Raven pushed the apology aside and hurried me into my room. I'm guessing we didn't have much time for me to get ready the way she made me rush in the bath. Since my parents death, Raven has been the one to wash my hair. Sure I'm a grown girl and I'm fully capable of it but Raven's always been there to do it. Plus, I like feeling like a child again. 
All the shampoo was rinsed out of my hair with the golden shower head as I sat in the tub to match. "Let's get going, your robe is next to the tub," Raven said as she stood up right and cracked her back. I always told her it was such a dirty habit, but I'd let her be. 
I waited until Raven was out of the room before I stood up from the bubbled water and grabbed the robe that matches the color of my hair. I wrapped it tightly around my body and tied it in place with the belt.
It was time for me to allow Raven to mess with my body. She would probably highlight my cheek bones, collar bones and legs in pure powdered gold. It's nothing new. That's how she usually makes me appear when I go out to formal affairs. My eyes would be dressed up with white eyeshadow that has sparkles to highlight my eyes. The large false lashes that are broidered with diamonds help too.
Raven stood waiting for me at my stool with the blow dryer and hair brush in hand. It always made her happy, being able to use me as her own little Barbie doll. But barbies don't seem to be common anymore this day in age. Maybe it's because everyone here in Trilox is all pastel and plastic, just like Barbie. 
I sighed happily before sitting in the stool, allowing my dear friend to do what she does best.
By the time Raven was done with me, I actually didn't recognize myself this time. She had out-done herself now! Sure the parts of my boy she normally highlights are done like usual, but now she has actually caused me to look like I'm atleast twenty. My saphire eyes that are accented with silver flecks stand right out with my eye lids beign completely covered in what seems to be powdered diamonds. 
Of course the false eyelashes are there, it would be weird if they weren't. My lips were a soft pink and my hair was curled to a new extreme. My hair that once down to the middle of my back now stuck out in curls to my shoulders with pearl woven in here and there. The dress I was wearing patched the pearls. It was a wonderful dress. It was a tutu skirt that sent sparkles everywhere with each step and the bust was embroidered in pearls. How shocking. 
"Snowelle, you're so beautiful," Raven told me as she pushed a single lace glove onto my right hand and bracelets onto the left. My nails were even perfectly manicured.
Raven was the beautiful one and I've always admired her. "Thank you, Raven," I said with a grin and curtsied carefully in the stilletoes I've been put into. 
The powder blue haired girl motioned for me to turn and I did so, with a huge grin. "Did you hear who your date is?" Raven asked as I stopped spinning to admire myself in the mirror.
I have a date? That I don't know about? "No... Who?" I asked curiously. I'm almost worried that Raven will say my date is Jovie.
"Mr. Cerqa." 
Great. I'm stuck with him. I turned to face Raven with a sigh. "That man poisoned me with some strawberry tasting acid last night and I swear I was going to die," I told Raven. The first person I did tell.
Raven paused for a moment before laughing. "No! Mr. Dolson was looking for you last night, worried, so he sent Mr. Cerqa out with that sleep cuncoction to put you to sleep so you would come home," Raven explained and I felt guilty.
I still believed that whatever it was is poison. I wanted to smack my hands to my face, but I was worried that I would ruin Raven's wonderful job. "I guess I have to deal with him," I said taking in a deep breath. With some struggle I walked to the door of my bedroom, pulling it open. 
There stood Jovie, ready to knock with the back of his hand. The two of us were dressed the same and he looked at me with a smirk. "Cute," Jovie said before walking along. This would be the most horrid night of my entire life even though it's suppose to be wonderful.
Even though I despise him, as I followed Jovie I could help but admire the pearl white suit we wears with the diamond collar of the jacket and the pearl tie. His eyes are outlined in a powdered diamond like mine. There's no doubt that he's a beautiful man, but he's evil. "Let's go," Jovie said sourly and I scoffed. 
He didn't have to be so rude, but outside waited a white hummer limosine. Impressive. I grinned and hurried to the limo as the driver opened the door for the two of us. It was mandatory that I entered first, but I had no problems with that. It means he has to be a gentleman once we arrive that the festive hall downtown. 
The door shut and it wasn't long before we began moving. Behind us, Raven and Dolson were in their own car. "You poisoned me," I pointed out, trying to break the silence.
Jovie smirked, looking over at you. "I did not poison you, I merely putting you to sleep with some disgusting acidic formula," Jovie told me before looking over at the mini fridge. It opened with ease and out came a craft brewed bottle of beer. 
If he's a drunk, I wont be shocked. I rolled my eyes and looked out one of the many tinted windows. "You didn't have to be so rough with putting me to sleep, next time tell me who you are," I said coldy and kept my arms at my sides, hating this man more than ever.
Jovie didn't seem to pleased to be here with me, but I could careless. I don't want to be here with him either!
The entire car ride to the festive hall was silent except for the sound of Jovie chugging down the beer. It's almost repulsive. The car came to a halt after a good half hour and I was almost relieved until I remembered that Jovie's my date. A loud irritated sigh passed my mouth as the door opened. 
"Shut up and smile," was the last thing I heard before being blinded by dozens of camera flashes around me. All I have to do is smile and get the day over and done with.

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