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Harlow at the age of four, witnessed something so traumatizing. She hasn't forgotten the look in her mother's eyes. She also hasn't let anyone in her life besides her best friend, now sister. And also her foster mother. But it all changes when she finally meets the man that tries to help he.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Suitcases

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There was a loud banging at the door, scaring the little child. "Baby, go and hide in the big suitcase under mommies bed. Okay?" The dark haired lady said to the little brunette. Tears were streaming down the young mother's face. "Go!" The little girl took off to her mothers room as the banging on the door was going on.

It was around nine at night and the four year old had no clue as to what was actually happening right now, all she knew was that she has to listen to her mommy. Little feet pattered against the hard wood in her mother's room. A small brown bear was held onto tightly by small shaking hands and loose curls bounced around as she managed to crawl under the bed.

The tiny body managed to fit like a contortionist into the big pink suitcase. Screaming came from downstairs and the little girl became even more frightened. Mr. Stuffy was cluched closer to the child's chest as she heard running from upstairs. "Where the hell is Harlow!?" A man's voice shouted at the child's mother. The running came into the bed room.

They were talking about the little girl in the suitcase. Harlow lifted the top just a little so she could see everything. There was her mother, and a man wearing black shoes. That's the only thing Harlow could see. No response from Harlow's mother. "Where is Harlow!?" The man shouted at Harlow's crying mother.

Little did he know, Harlow was just under the bed in hiding. There were loud sobs coming from Harlow's mother. "Christa's house for the summer!" Harlow's mother shouted. That was a lie. Christa was Harlow's aunt, but had never been a large part in her life.

The man cussed outloud and Harlow's bright brown eyes widened. What was going to happen? "Do you love her!? Do you love that little rat!?" The man asked Harlow's mother in an angry tone.

Harlow's mother's sobs got harder. "I love my daughter! I love her so much!" The women cried to the man. "Please, don't do this!" Harlow's mother choked out before her body dropped to the ground and began convulsing.

Harlow's mother was epileptic. The little girl had witnessed them before, but at the age of four she never knew what to do and it scared her. Within seconds of her mother being in a seizure, there was the sound of a gun cocking and three shots.

The shaking stopped and the saliva that spilled from her mothers mouth was soon followed by blood. Harlow was too shocked to scream. There was blood on the hardwood floor and the child stared at her mother's now lifeless dark brown eyes.

Harlow laid there in the suitcase, staring at her mother. The mother who had her at the age of sixteen but loved her unconditionally. Harlow had just witnessed her mother being murdered! As soon as the child heard the front door slam shut, Harlow struggled to climb out of the suit case. The little girl crawled out from under the bed and to her mother.

"Mommy? ... Mommy?!" Harlow called out to her mother as she tried to shake her awake. Harlow's mother eye's never shut. There were just the big brown eyes staring at Harlow. That's when it hit her, that her mother wouldn't respond. "I love you too, mommy! Answer me!" Harlow cried out, trying to have her mother respond anyways.

Harlow wasn't getting the response she wanted. Her mother's blood was now on the little pale legs, her bright yellow dress and her hands. Harlow stood from beside her mother, deciding it was time to get help.

Harlow slipped around the hardwood floor, seeing as the bottoms of her feet were wet from her mothers blood. The small girl ran down the stairs, and out the back door. She was afraid to go out the front, incase the man was there waiting for her.

The now crying girl cut across the grass to her best friend Aurora's house. They were still awake seeing as the television was on. Aurora was laughing at whatever was on, as was Aurora's mother, Geraldine. Aurora ran up the steps and began pounding on the sliding glass doors, bawling her eyes out.

Geraldine was the first to look and automatically, her face fell from it's laughter. "Aurora, stay here!" Geraldine told the redheaded girl as she ran to the window, quickly opening it. "Harlow!? Honey, what happened?" Geraldine asked the sobbing four-year-old.

Harlow was incapable of answering. The small hands grabbed Geraldine's hand trying to pull her towards her house. "Whose blood is that, Harlow!?" Geraldine asked. Harlow attempted the answer, but it didn't come out. Harlow continued trying to pull Geraldine with her, and finally she obliged.

Geraldine allowed Harlow to lead her back to the house where the mother of Harlow was just murdered. The child led Geraldine up to her mother's room. Instantly, Geraldine could see Harlow's mother, on the ground... Dead.

It left Geraldine speechless. Harlow ran up to her mother, and continued trying to wake her. "Mommy!" The little voice shouted out loudly. Once again.... There was no response from her mother. Harlow was lifted away from the lifless body of Maria Miller and into the arms of Geraldine Keith.


"Were you home when this was happening?" The police officer, Constable Roberts, asked Harlow who had cried herself dry. Harlow slowly nodded. The little body was shaking in fear. Constable Roberts frowned to Harlow. "Do you have a stuffed animal you can hug?" That's when Harlow remembered that she left her bear in the suitcase. Harlow jumped from the couch, tossing the blanket off of her body before running upstairs.

There were men and women investigating the scene. A man turned to Harlow who was still covered in blood. It looked as if he was going to say she can't be in here, until he saw the blood. "What're you looking for sweetie?" The man asked her. Harlow ignored him before crawling back under the bed. Harlow's small hands reached into the suitcase pulling out the bear.

Harlow crawled back out and ran back downstairs to Constable Roberts. The police officer lifted the small girl onto the couch next to him as she hugged the bear. That specific bear held so many memories of Harlow and her mother, but Harlow had to try to be a big girl right now.

Geraldine sat in the chair across from the couch, hugging Aurora on her lap who was oblivious as to what was going on. "Where's Harlow's mommy? Did Dracula take her away!?" Aurora had asked her mother. That is the kind of question you get from a four-year-old who is sat infront of a television watching "Bela Lugosi's Dracula".

Geraldine just shook her head slowly. "Mommy will tell you one day," Geraldine told Aurora. Harlow didn't want to listen to any of this. It was far too much for a child her age to handle right now.

"Is there any family Harlow can stay with that you know of?" Roberts had asked Geraldine. Geraldine just looked at the little brunette who was hugging her bear tighter then ever.

Geraldine shook her head slowly. "I'm going to keep her with me. I will adopt her," Geraldine said and Aurora's face brightened up, still not knowing what was going on. Aurora jumped from her mothers lap, running up to her best friend.

"Now we can be sisters!" Aurora said happily before hugging Harlow tightly. Harlow was now emotionless... The four-year-old would never be the same.


A/N: AWWW. Poor Harlow ): ALSO, if  you've read Suits and Prostitutes... I AM STILL WORKING ON IT. I love it too much to abandon it.

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