Suits and Prostitutes.

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Chapter 10 (v.1)

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Submitted: July 19, 2011



I ran into the manor, making a beeline for the stairs. There was a clear passage way until Hellehna ran into the room, stopping me. "Hey! What happened? Last night and today, you've pretty much been gone," Hellehna asked, sounding worried. I didn't even know where to begin! I nodded towards the stairs and walked past Hellehna.

Hellehna hesitated a moment, before walking along with me. It's not like I want everyone else to hear what happened. The two of us walked into the room I shared with Oliver and I shut the door behind us. My head bowed down, and I let out an irritated sigh. Hellehna flopped into the convinently placed chair, crossing one leg over the other. The way she was sitting, made me want to grab my camera and take a picture of her. She looks as if she's a model.

After taking a few moments to collect my thoughts, I looked back up at a patiently waiting Hellehna. I needed to get everything out. I walked up to the bed, and laid across in horizontally. And thus, I began my story; from Oliver seeing me naked, up to him telling me that he's in love with me. It took longer than I expected, I just didn't want to leave anything out.

The silence between us was a little calming really. "If Oliver loves someone... He truly does love them. There was this woman a few years back. Looked kinda like you. Her name was Rebecca, and Oliver loved her so much. But Rebecca got sick with lung cancer. The girl could smoke four packs a day. Oliver had her put on life support when it got so bad, but one day Rebecca was miserable and was in so much pain. When Oliver left for work, he asked me to check on her, but I also had to finish some work. I was a little too late. Rebecca pulled her own plug," Hellehna explained to me and stood from her chair turning to face me. She looked so hurt.

"Oliver pushed everyone away, and when he found you... He knew he couldn't let you go," Hellehna finished off and turned to leave. "Don't hurt him," Hellehna told me before leaving the room, without a final glance.

It made me wonder, is Rebecca real? Or is she just someone that Simon made her think is real? I have to find out... I carefully got of the bed, raking my fingers through my hair. Let's just hope that Oliver is no where around while I go snoop around. Never in my life, have I been so bloody curious about something that I'll go through personal belongings.

The first place I have to check, is Oliver's office. The phsyco has everything in there. From skulls, taxidermy and god knows what else....

Trying to be as stealthful as ever, I tip-toed through the house until I arrived at Oliver's office. Just to make sure there was no sign of him, I cracked the door open, looking around. No Oliver. "Ha!" I said in victory as I walked in. Where am I going to start? There's books laying around on the desk, in shelves and even on the floor. "Oh, Oliver... You're such a slob,'" I muttered to myself.

I decided I'd start at the book shelves. My eyes scanned through every book. Dorian Gray, Wuthering Heights, Lucile, Twilight, The Harry Potter series... Wait, Twilight? I looked at it and began laughing. "Loser..." I said to myself and continued looking through the shelves. Nothing! Ugh.

I checked the books on the floor, as well as the desk... Oliver has no photo albums! I'm starting to doubt this "Rebecca" lady even existed. I was about to check the computer, until the hidden door opened. Shit! I began running off towards the door, but it was too late. "Adalia?" Simon called out and I froze it place, avoiding looking at him. "What're you doing in here?" Simon asked. I turned my head, seeing Simon returning a book.

I awkwardly cleared my throat and fixed my posture. "I could ask you the same thing, Simon," I challenged crossing my arms, watching Simon hold a book up and return it to the shelf. Oh... Embarrassing. While Simon's in the room, I may aswell ask about Rebecca. "Simon... Is Rebecca real? Or was she someone you planted into Hellehna's mind?" I had to ask and Simon smiled.

"Rebecca is real. But I also had to plant into every girls head," Simon said nodding to the chairs. I sat down in the one, and Oliver sat in the other. "The two of them were in love. Always sat in these chairs, reading. All the books in here, are hers." So there was evidence of her, but I never knew of it. "Oliver could never get rid of them after she passed away. I'm surprised he's decided to get married, especially to a girl who looks just like her," Simon told me and I sighed, looking down at the books surrounding the chairs.

I almost felt... Jealous. It's not like I can easily come out and say that though. Whatever, I have to get over it. Hellehna passed away a few years back and for some reason, he's picked me. Am I just a re-bound girl? My heart shattered. "Am I a re-bound?" I whispered, not expecting an answer.

There was a gasp and I turned my head to the door. Oliver stood there, looking crushed. "You think, you're a re-bound..." Oliver said as he loosened up his tie. "You're rediculous, you really are!" Oliver finally snapped. He turned to leave, and walked out of the room. I jumped out from my seat, and ran put after him. "Adalia, you're rediculous. I tell you I love you, and you think you're just a rebound after Rebecca!"

Can he blame me? We look alike apparently! But there are the odds, we aren't even close to being alike. "I just... Don't want to talk to you, please leave me alone for a bit. But lastly, we're having a party tomorrow also. Our engagement party to be exact," Oliver told me before making me leave him alone. Great, now Oliver's mad at me and I have to deal with an engagement party tomorrow!


An older woman, with black hair like Olivers with small patches of grey streaks ran up to me. "There's my future daughter!" She exclaimed as she hugged me. So awkward... But I hugged her back quickly. "I'm Linda, Oliver's mother," Linda finally greeted her self and I smiled.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Linda. I'm Adalia," I returned and smiled sweetly. Linda had to be atleast in her late fourties. That, or she ages well! My eyes wandered across all the people who I'm guessing were all friends and family of Oliver's... None of mine. Figures.

The only people I've met so far are, Linda, Kristofer (Oliver's cousin), Jameson (Olivers nephew), Oliver's older sister Maggie, and Oliver's father Harold. Oh, what a name. I've always wanted to meet a person named Harold. I know regret it. The man could go on for days and days! Linda just stared at me for a minute, and I looked around awkwardly.

Having Linda staring at me for a long period of time was actually making me highly uncomfortable. "Do you know? About who the ladies and myself once were?" I asked quietly, in hopes no else heard me. Linda smiled and linked her arm through mine. The two of us walked towards the bar.

Linda smiled at the bartender. "Two tequila sunrise's Rupert," Linda said in a flirtatious tone. Cougar! Linda looks to be twice Rupert's age. Repulsive. Rupert handed over the drinks and I grabbed onto mine and Linda grabbed hers. "Of course I know darling. Oliver's a mommies boy, so he emails me everything. He just never told me that you were as pretty as you are." Hearing that, I blushed and kept my mouth shut by drinking.

Linda sast into a white plastic chair and I sat into the one next to hers. "When Oliver told me that you were a previous prostitue, I expected to see a scrawny girl, with terrible hair, and dark eyes. But no, you're so beautiful. Bright brown eyes, dark brown hair, you're fairly pale, but that's nothing a little sun can't fix," Linda said laughing and I still kept my mouth shut. Seriously, where's Oliver to save me from this situation?

I can always just go find him myself. Knowing Oliver, he's probably in his office, sitting there doing god knows what. Probably talking to his skulls... "Excuse me, I'm going to go find Oliver," I said excusing my self, heading back into the manor. "Oliver?" I called out through the empty house. No response. That means the door will be shut. Damn men, always hanging out in the "man caves".

It took a bit before I finally found the courage to walk up to Oliver's office. I pushed open the door, seeing Oliver asleep on his desk. Lazy asshole. For now, I'll just be nice about waking him up. "Oliver?" I called out as I walked up to the desk. My hand rested on Oliver's shoulder and I smiled slightly. He was fast asleep. Now I didn't want to wake him up.

Refusing to wake him up, I turned to leave. That didn't go as planned. In a flash, Oliver grabbed my wrist and pulled me back so I landed on his lap. "Hi," Oliver said resting his head on my shoulder. I had a near heart attack! My heart was pulsing faster and I looked at Oliver in shock.

"I thought you were sleeping!" I exclaimed and Oliver shook his head. He certainly was tired though. "You're mother's here, momma's boy," I said teasingly and Oliver chuckled slightly. If he didn't even get up to go see his mother, he's bound to be tired.

Oliver's arms wrapped tightly around my waist as he hugged me into him. "Cute dress," Oliver said grinning as he examined the yellow sundress. Originally, I wanted to wear my red dress, but Oliver and I argued over the two dresses. Eventually, Oliver won.

My eyes wandered down to a sleepy Oliver, who was slowly dozing off against my shoulder. "No, you need to stay awake and make an appearance at the party. Why are you so tired anyways? You went to bed early last night and made me as well," I wondered and frowned. My hands ran back through the perfectly slicked back hair, messing it up a little.

Oliver face nuzzled into my neck and he yawned. The warmth of his breath against my neck caused me to shiver a little. "I have insomnia," Oliver told me, keeping me closer to him. "I did take sleeping pills, but I ran out as of two nights ago. I'm to lazy to go pick them up, so I try to goto bed earlier in hopes of falling asleep," Oliver explained and I laughed a little. He really is lazier than I thought! "Why can't you love me back...?" Oliver asked in a low voice and my heart stopped.

Oh I don't know, maybe because of the fact he's kidnapped me! But I can't tell that to him. "Just give me some time, Oliver," Was the only excuse I had. I was getting over the fact that I had been kidnapped, and stripped from my previous life. Things here were amazing. All of us were so close... Kinda. The only people I've really been talking to are Hellehna, Oliver, Simon and occassionally Harley, when I see her aroudn anyways.

Oliver only nodded in response and lifted me up from the comfort of his lap. "After the party, we're going to the pharmacy. I need to sleep," Oliver said as he set me onto the ground. Oh look at that, he didn't drop me this time!

The two of us made our way back out side to the party. So many drunks were around. "See what happens when you decide an open bar is okay," I told Oliver as I grabbed his hand, slightly afraid to be alone at this party now. People looked like they were having fun though. But there's a high chance that's also just the alcohol kicking in.

Hopefully, the party just doesn't last much longer, I want to spend time alone with Oliver. I have a little over a year, before I have to marry him... I didn't gag at the thought of it this time. Oh for Pete's sake! I will not fall in love with him yet. Maybe I will, after a few more drinks.

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