Suits and Prostitutes.

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Chapter 11 (v.1)

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Submitted: July 19, 2011



"You're drunk," Oliver stated as I stumbled around the yard with Hellehna. The two of us were giggling about nothing! "I've got her Hellehna, just go lay down or something," Oliver said wrapping his arms around my waist. "It's only seven, and you're hammered. You will not be leaving the house tonight," Oliver said keeping me up as I swayed back and forth.

Being the drunk I am, I ignore him and grabbed his hands. "I love you," I slurred out to Oliver, starting to giggle again. Oliver just stared at me in shock. The drunken giggles never stopped and my arms wrapped around Oliver's neck loosely, keeping myself up.

Oliver dropped his hands away from my waist, and moves mine from his neck. "No, you don't. You're either; one, too drunk to know what you're saying. Or two, telling me you love me so you don't feel bad," Oliver said and stalked off. My obnoxious giggling stop.

Hearing that actually kinda broke my heart. I watched as Oliver walked back into the manor and decided I wont let him get away. I stumbled up the steps to head back inside and ran towards the door. Obviously I didn't do it perfectly.

Right when I entered the house, I began looking in every direction, until I saw Oliver making his way to the front door. "Oliver!" I called out to him, causing him to stop in his tracks. As I made my way over to him, I began to get nervous. The feeling in my stomache might also be the fact that I'm drunk right now. "I do love you!" I managed to get out to him without slurring. "I can't prove it to you, but believe me!" I added as my arms wrapped around Oliver in a tight hug.

Hug me back... Why isn't he hugging me back!? Right at that point, I felt water hitting my forehead. I looked up to see tears were pouring down his face. Oliver gripped the back of my neck. "Finally," Oliver whispered happily, as he crushed his lips down to mine. Was Oliver just crying tears of joy? Whatever it was, I enjoyed knowing he was now happy. To make things better, I willingly kissed him back. I just hope we don't get into a fight again afterwards.

Things turned the same as it was yesterday at the funeral home, my back was pressed up against the wall, and Oliver was pressing into me. I seemed to sober down a little bit, but that's what scared me the most. I'm terrified to do things, while I'm sober. "No... No I can't," I said as I slightly pushed Oliver way from me, unable to look at him.

Oliver's hands braced on either side of my head against the wall. "I promise, I wont ever hurt you the way they did," Oliver told me, and I knew that we was being serious. If he claims to love me, he must be serious. Oliver brushed my hair from out of my face with that killer smile of his. It made me melt into butter. Augh, everything does makes me like that!

Oliver took my silence as the "okay" for him to sweep me up off my feet. Literally. Oliver lifted me into a bridal fashion, and made his way up the steps easily. He must've figured I was to drunk to walk up the steps on my own. Oliver paused a moment looking at the door with a laugh. It put me into hysterics. Oliver never thought about this.

Being the helpful person I am, I reached down opening the door. "Should've thought of that," I teased as Oliver walked us into the dark room. The white curtains blew around as the wind came in. Great, I left the balcony doors open when I was finished getting ready. Oliver kicked the door shut, pulling my from my thoughts and I looked up at him blushing. It may have been to dark to notice... But I did.

Oliver walked up to the foot of the bed and tossed me down onto it, so I was laying on my back, looking up at him. My dress was a mess, and my hair fanned out everywhere. I watched Oliver's every move. He swiftly remove his suit jacket, tossing it over to the chair. My eyes followed his hands to his tie as he began loosening it. As Oliver did that, he climbed onto the bed, moving so he was inbetween my legs.

"Do you trust me?" Oliver asked in a whispered and I nodded in response. I couldn't find my voice. Before Oliver could fully remove his tie, I grabbed onto it pulling him down to me. Oliver's lips crashed against mine, and I let go of the tie, allowing him to finally discard it.

My hands shakily reached up, grabbing onto Oliver's shirt. Of all the times I've done this to a man, I get nervous with Oliver. I began fumbling around with the buttons on the shirt, but slipped everytime. Why is this so difficult!? Oliver chuckled at my attempts before helping me. "Relax..." Oliver told me and I looked up into his eyes. They're beautiful. A bright green.... I never noticed before.

My lips meet Oliver's again, in a sweet, blissful kiss. As our lips molded perfectly together, my fingers finally stabalized allowing me to unbutton Oliver's shirt. My hands quickly found his chest, and rested against them. Oh, wow... For a man who doesn't look strong, he deffinantly has the muscles.

I let my hands wander down further, until I could feel his actual abs. I might die from the happiness. They weren't super obvious, but if you rest your hands on his stomache, they are so there.

Oliver's arms wrapped around my waist, lifting me up farther on the bed. My head was now resting against the pillow, and Oliver decided to press his body against mine. My fingers tangled into the black locks of Oliver's hair, messing it up like I had earlier in the office. Hands clutched at the edge of my dress, lifting it upwards. I mindlessly lifted my body until the dress hit my upper back where Oliver left it.

I willingly let Oliver's hand's roam around my body. I never actually realized his hands were so cold, until now. Goose bumps started to form on my skin, as his hands moved along my stomache. Than farther, and farther, until the point when his hand slipped under a piece of fabric it shouldn't have. A loud yelp escaped my lips, as Oliver made it worse. "This is worse than the doctor up there! You're colder!" I whined trying to make him get rid of the feeling.

It failed, miserably. "Yes but see, you love me, and the doctor... Well, we wont even go there. They're all creeps," Oliver said with a grin and pushed in more, causing me to whimper. Fucker! Oliver had a look of pride on his face. It was finally at that point, I could hear the music from outside. Follow you into the dark by Death Cab for Cutie was playing. The song made me smile and Oliver used his free hand to cup my cheek.

"Don't do this to me... Not like this," I pleaded, looking into the bright green eyes. Oliver listened to me and removed the uncomfortable cold. My arms tightened around Oliver's neck, pulling him back down to me. All I could taste from him was strong coffee, and tobacco. Oddly, I didn't mind.

Cold fingers curled around the top of the fabric, and easily slipped them off my legs. There was no turning back now. The whole time, our lips never parted from each other's. Oliver shifted around until his trousers were gone, along with the boxers. "You're sure?" Oliver asked against my lips. I was still unable to find my voice, so I nodded to him.

My arms tightened around Oliver as I felt uncomfortable for a few moments. It scared me a little, but I soon realized; I've found the one that makes it right again.


The sunlight was hitting my face and it was highly irritating. I turned over onto my side, and forced myself to open my eyes. Oliver was laying there with his hair a mess only in his un-buttoned shirt and boxers. I was still laying in my dress which was highly uncomfortable. I forced myself up from the bed, heading towards the bathroom. I'm in dire need of a shower.

I shut the door behind me, and stripped from my dress, and bra before attempting to figure out how to turn on the shower. Oliver's done it for me the past few times... I've never paid attention though. After messing around for a few minutes, I figured it out. I threw my fist up in victory and grinned. Finally! I stepped into the shower, feeling so relieved as the warm water washed over my body. Finally, I'd feel clean again.

After the shower, I grabbed a fluffy white towel and dried myself off. Crap, I failed to bring clothes in with me. Now I have to go back out into the bedroom, looking vulnerable in a fluffy white towel thats tightly wrapped around me! I quietly opened the bathroom door, looking into the bedroom, seeing Oliver still fast asleep. Aw, how adorable.

Still trying to be as silent as possible, I made my way over to the dresser, pulling it open. I managed to get on my undergarnments with out waking up Oliver. I think... My head whipped around to seeing Oliver sitting up in bed, watching me. "I knew it!" I shouted at him with a sigh and Oliver looked at me in a bemused manor. At this point, I don't even care anymore!

I tossed the towel into the hamper, officially not caring. Oliver smiled as he watched my every move. It was slightly uncomfortable, but I wouldn't show that to him. I dressed myself quickly, and saw Oliver with his hair flopping into his face, and looked perfectly shaven. "Did you shower last night?" I asked curiously, seeing as he always wakes up with scruff.

Oliver got off the bed, walking over to me. "Yes, I couldn't sleep. We forgot to go get my sleeping pills," Oliver said smirking down at me, causing my to blush. He just had to bring up last nights events, didn't he!

I awkwardly cleared my throat as I ran my fingers through my wet hair. "Put some pants on, eveyone's going to wonder why we aren't at breakfast," I ordered Oliver with a grin. Oliver saluted me before finding a pair of jeans and just pulled them on, leaving the shirt un-buttoned. Ugh! Why is he perfect?!

Refusing to look at him anymore, I left the bedroom with Oliver following behind. There was silence between the two of us as we made our way to the dining room. Everyone was already seated and talking amongst their selves. "There they are!" Hellehna exclamied with a grin and I smiled to her. Oliver and I took our seats. Oh my lord, Belgian waffles!

"It's hot in here! I'm sweating like a hooker in church!" Harley said fanning herself with her hand and I nearly choked on the first piece of waffle as I began laughing. Oliver kicked me from under the table and I coughed a little. "What's so funny?" Harley asked looking at me, raising that far to thin eyebrow of hers.

I waited a moment until I was able to speak again and took a sip from my water. "Oh, just a joke an old friend told me awhile ago," I replied to Harley with a simple shrug, trying to avoid having to explain myself.

That didn't work. "Why don't you tell us the joke?" Harley suggested and I mentally slapped myself for being so rediculous.

I glanced at Oliver, who was just eating, pretending he wasn't even there. I'm going to kick his ass later. "Well, there's a group of prostitues, who all mysteriously lost their memories. Except for one. So one night all the girls were hanging out on a hot summer day, and the one girl said exactly what you did. About sweating like a hooker in church; without even realizing she was once a prostitute," I explained the "joke" to Harley, who actually laughed.

If only she knew the joke was real life. "So, on a different not, you, my mother, and all the girls here are going out later on today," Oliver told me and I glared at him. Why!? I just stared at him expecting him to answer without me asking. "Dress shopping for the wedding," Oliver explained simply and I almost smashed my head off the table. I forgot that I'm engaged to Oliver...

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