Suits and Prostitutes.

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Chapter 12 (v.1)

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Submitted: July 25, 2011



Oliver handed me my purse and high heels with a smile. I started with the heels and pulled them on. "Behave while I'm gone," I told Oliver with a smirk as I took my purse. Without Oliver's response, I kissed him on the cheek before leaving the house with Hellehna and Harley. Everyone else had already left for the dress shop, and Linda was just meeting us there.

Dress shopping... Something I have never done. Even with my eighth grade graduation, I just borrowed something from an old friend. I never went to prom though, so it's fine. But now, I have to find a wedding dress of all things!

I'm not pleased... Not at all. Hellehna, Harley and I climbed into the car. Hellehna driving, and I'm next to her with Harley in the back. "Are you excited?" Harley asked me as she pulled on her seat belt. Am I excited? Seriously though!

No. "Yep." Lies. I never lie. What is wrong with me!? This is just odd for me. Getting married to someone I never thought I'd marry... Even though he is rather kind, but odd at the same time. I thought I'd marry a man who sits around all day, writing or drawing. A man who smokes which Oliver does, as well drinks coffee. A lot of that is Oliver, but still.

A man who collects taxidermy and skulls... Never would have thought that it's my kind of man. I've now been proven wrong.


I guess I had spaced out for the entire ride because when I was snapped back into reality, we were at the dress shop.


"Yay!" Harley squealed, causing me to roll my eyes. Hellehna did the same. Still the same. Hellehna rarely ever got along with dresses. I only ever saw her in them on the hottest days of the year and she wanted "something breezy" because it was too hot.

Couldn't argue with her, but even then, I refused to put on a dress. As all three of us got out of the car, I felt even worse. Do I really want to get married? Especially without any of my family being aware... I do miss my brother's dearly. But I have to just, deal with it I guess. I haven't been given a choice.

The three of us walked into the dress shop, only to see women dressed up in all black running around with dresses. "Hi! Welcome to Ballet's. How may I help you?" The lady asked looking at us. Claire. Only know that thanks to her name tag.

"We're here under Oliver Watkins," Hellehna said and Claire grinned. Oh the over cheery-ness. It sickens me. Claire gestured for us to follow her, which we did. We were led to the back of the store, where all the girls, as well as Linda, were already waiting. Let the games begin.


This just isn't the right dress! "Nope... Not it..." I said looking at myself in the mirror, unpleased with my reflection. "This is the fifth dress now!" I whined. Far too poofy for me. "Can I please go find one myself?!" I begged looking at the dress consultant.

Fianlly, the man caved in. "Fine!" Jarrod said throwing his hands up in defeat. I left the room and made my way to the dresses, avoiding all the girls. So many. It's slightly irritating. I began wandering through the dresses, until I found it.

My heart stopped and I lifted it up. "It's pefect!" I said grinning before running back to the dressing room. "Ha-ha!" I said to Jarrod before hanging it up. Jarrod looked at it, awe-struck, before looking at me.

It was a stapless dress with a sweetheart neck line. It was tight until my waist, than it flowed down to the ground. Thank god there's no train on it. It had a few jems along the hips and towards my bust. Of course it ties up in the back as well.

"Shall we?" Jarrod asked with a grin as he brought me out so all the girls could see it. "Five dresses later, ladies, and Adalia has found her dress!" Jarrod exclaimed, souding pleased. No response. Linda looked like she was crying though...

Yup, she was. "You're so beautiful, Adalia," Hellehna told me happily and I blushed. I felt awkward in a dress, but this was the perfect dress. I never realized until now, but Hellehna and all the girls were in different dresses.

Bridesmaids! Shit. I forgot about their dresses. The one I loved the most though, was Hellehna's red halter dress with a white belt on it. "It's perfect..." I said reffering to Hellehna's dress. "I need to get out of here. The dress, and the store," I said with a sigh. Everything was so weird. "We'll go with this dress, and the one Hellehna is in," I said mainly to Linda, rushing off to the dressing room.

Everything's happening far too fast for me! I'm still so young, and here I am.... In a wedding dress.

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