Suits and Prostitutes.

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Chapter 13 (v.1)

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Submitted: August 09, 2011



The entire way back to the manor, I just cried. Hellehna was confused as to why though. "Adalia? Why are you crying?" Hellehna asked me finally and I wiped my tears away on the back of my hands. What am I supposed to actually tell her? Oh, right! All you girls were kidnapped by Oliver and just, y'know, Simon wiped your minds!

Yeah, like that'd go over well with the girls.

"Everything just seems to be happening so fast, it's just over-whelming," So I told Hellehna half the truth. It really has been though. It's been what? Three, four days since Oliver's taken me as well? It's even like he didn't sweep my memories because he wants me to suffer without my friends.

To make me feel so alone, and not be able to tell Hellehna about everything that happened from when she was kidnapped, to Matt, my mom and finally up until today. Yes, Oliver can be quite the sweet man, but I do get confused by him quite a lot. "But everything will be okay," I forced out a lie and a false smile.

Hellehna smiled to me and continued to look out the window. This time, we had Harley driving home. I had been crying since we left the dress shop so Hellehna decided to sit in the back with me. All the other girls had been confused as to why I was crying. Thankfully, none of them asked me why.

"Simon's pretty cute, huh..." Hellehna mumbled and my eyes widened. She has got to be kidding. Hellehna's talking about the man that made her believe she had a totally different life than she did have! I coughed awkwardly and ran my hand back through my hair.

What do I actually say to that?! Sure, I support her and her decisions, but... Simon's a total creep! "Yeah... I guess, but I'm good with Oliver," I told Hellehna with a small laugh. Harley looked back at me through the rear-view mirror with a smirk. It's almost like she knows something.

I looked at Harley curiously, before shrugging it off. The car pulled into the long gravel driveway, that just drove me nuts. Why is it so long!? It's really unneccesary! Oh yes, now I remember. Oliver's kidnapped a few females and doesn't want them found. How could I forget?

"Alright ladies, we're home," Harley said with a grin. Thank god. As soon as she car doors unlocked, I jumped right out. The other girls were already home. Some how they always beat us!

I quickly ran into the house, just wanting to go for a nap. But that'd have to wait. Oliver was there waiting for me. I arched an eyebrow as I took off my shoes and walked up to him. Oliver took my hand, without saying a word to me and took me upstairs. Something must've been on his mind.

Oliver didn't speak to me, until we were in the privacy of our bedroom. "I heard you were crying... Why?" Oliver asked pulling me into his arms. It just made me begin crying again. Is he that dumb?! Like c'mon!

My arms wrapped around the devil in a hug as I cried. "I miss my friends and everything is happening too fast for me. It seems like you're trying to make me suffer by making me the only one with my memories still in tact. All my friends are clueless as to who I am and that we've known each other for a long time!" I cried out to Oliver who stroked my hair, trying to calm me down. Not working very well.

Oliver just sighed. "Two of you have your memories..." My head snapped up to a frowning Oliver. But... Who!? It deffinantly can't be Hellehna, she just has completely no idea of what's happening! Oh my god...

"It's Harley..." I mumbled, not really surprised. All the time, Harley gives me these knowing looks, but until now, I didn't know what to actually make of it! "But why her?" I asked Oliver, needing to know why Harley had kept her memories as well.

Oliver let go of me and went to go sit on the bed. He didn't look pleased. "We were trying... But we got cut off, by one of the other girls so we never got to wipe her memories. So she said she'd stay here, and if we ever brought you here... You'd have to keep your memories because you have too many precious ones to lose," Oliver explained as I slid down the wall as a blubbering mess.

Thank to Harley, I'm suffering, but I get to keep all my loving memories. A part of me wants to hit her, but the other part wants to thank her.

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