Suits and Prostitutes.

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

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Submitted: July 04, 2011



I looked at the pancakes that were infront of me happily. \"Maxwell, you are the best cook I have ever met. These better be good,\" I told him seriously but with a playfull grin. After Maxwell and I decided we'd start dating, I told him to go make me pancakes. There's no way he'd be whipped already, we've just always played around like this.

Maxwell just gave me this look that read \"are you serious?\" All I did was smile in response before starting to eat the pancakes. They were honestly the best pancakes I have ever had. \"I have to goto school, are you going to be okay for a few hours?\" Maxwell said as he stood from his chair and flattened out his clothes.

Now I was going to be alone... I didn't want that, but he does to culinary school for the next two years. \"Yeah... It's fine, I'm going to go see if Hellehna's home and we'll go for coffee,\" I said with a shrug. If Hellehna isn't home, I don't know what I'll do. Maybe just hang out around home for a little bit.

Maxwell looked at me with a frown, like he knew I was telling a lie. But he came over and kissed the top of my head. Maxwell grabbed his car keys and looked over his shoulder at me. \"I'll be back in a bit, if you need me, call,\" Maxwell said before leaving the apartment. Now I was alone.

I just decided I wasn't going to stall any longer. Slowly, I dragged myself off the chair making my way towards the door. I was going to leave my things here and pick them up later when Maxwell is home. Did I really want to go back home? Knowing that Hellehna most likely wont be home. A small frown appeared on my lips, but I decided to force a smile as I walked out the front door.

It seemed to take forever to walk just down the hall. Hellehna, please be home. What will I do if I can't find her again? I don't want to goto the police, I hate them. They're all worthless scumbags who sit around eating donuts and drinking coffee. I will figure this out by myself, no matter how long it takes me. But for now, I have to manage to get myself through my most likely empty apartment.

I grabbed onto the door handle, slowly turning it just incase. It's unlocked?! As fast as I could, I barged into the apartment. \"Hellehna?!\" I called out in hopes of getting a response. Wait, I can smell the man in the suit. My house just never smells of coffee, cigarettes and cinamon at the same time. As soon as I kicked the door shut behind me, I began wandering towards the living room where I heard rustling.

\"Adalia!\" My brother Calvin said as soon as he saw me. I looked at him doe-eyed. Why was here!? Better yet, why does it look like he had been crying...? I had no response as he broke down crying again and wrapped me into a tight hug. For a moment, I hesitated, but I hugged him back eventually. \"Mother passed away,\" Calvin whispered to me.

My stomache began turning, and it felt as if my heart stopped. \"No... No, mom cannot die! I need her!\" My shakey voice cried out. Why was this happening to me? My best friend is most likely gone for good, and now my mother had died. Maxwell... I need to call him, now. I shoved Calvin away and ran for the landline phone.

As soon as I grabbed it, I had no hesitations of calling. I held the phone up to my ear as I sobbed, and it didn't take long. \"Hey!\" Maxwell said cheerfully, until her heard my sobs. \"Adalia? What happened?\" Maxwell asked sounding worried. I couldn't bring myself to say anything at the moment. I was crying far to hard. \"Adalia, get to the coffee shop down by the University. I'll meet you there,\" Maxwell said before hanging up.

My attention turned back to Calvin. \"Take me to the coffee shop by the University... Please,\" I managed to get out inbetween sobs. There was no way I was getting dressed into something cute like usual. I felt like utter crap and now, I just don't care how I'm looking.


\"Max!\" I shouted as I ran into his arms, crying even harder. Maxwell was still wearing his chef's jacket that was covered in flour, which would cause me to be covered in it once I pulled away. But me pulling away, wouldn't happen for a bit. I needed to feel safe. \"My mom is dead,\" I cried to him as my arms tightened around his neck.

Maxwell's arms wrapped around my waist, holding me close to him. \"You have been through far to much in the past tweleve hours, Adalia...\" Maxwell said as he held me close to his body. I really have been through far to much. It's almost a little to much for me to even handle. Sure I'm no longer a child, but I am weak. \"How did she pass away?\" Maxwell asked as he rubbed my back, probably for the billionth time in tweleve hours.

It made me think... My mother has been sick for awhile, but I never realized it was deadly until now. \"My mother was sick... So I'm guessing that's what did it,\" I replied as I rested my head on Maxwell's chest, listening to his still beating heart. What if his heart beat stops one day? Just out of no where. I dreaded the thought of it.

There was no response from Maxwell for awhile, he just let me cry as he hugged me tight. \"Your mother is still with you darling... Just not physically,\" Maxwell told me when I looked up at him with blood-shot eyes. Anyone who had a first glance right now, would thing I am a dirty drug addict, when they don't even know the whole story.

I forced a smile onto my lips, and nodded in response. Maxwell always knew of all the right things to say. No wonder he's such a sweetheart. \"Go home, rest a little. Have Calvin make you some tea, and I'll be over within three to four hours. Alright?\" Maxwell said as he pulled away from me a little. I hated it. I want him to stay with me right now.

But of course, I agreed. Calvin and I shared a short, yet sweet kiss before he pulled away from my embrace. I watched him run back off to the University, and I lugged myself back to Calvin's car. I took my time getting in and buckling myself up. But eventually, I was good to go.

As Calvin began driving, I began thinking if my mom really is still here with me. My mother had always been disapointed because of who I have become... But it was something she slowly began accepting because it was my choice. I'm going to miss her so much.

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