Suits and Prostitutes.

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

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Submitted: July 05, 2011



The door shot open and I looked over at it from the couch. Maxwell was finally here. My blanket was wrapped tightly around me, and I had a cup of chai tea in my hands. "Hey," Maxwell greeted as he walked over to the couch to sit next to me. What could I actually say?

All I did was give him a look. I had been watching Tim Burton movies since I got home. Calvin had left after he brought me home and mad sure I had everything that I needed. "Okay, so not good," Maxwell said wrapping his arm around my shoulders. "You're loved by everyone, you'll never be lonely," Maxwell told me as he pulled me into his side carefully.

There was no fighting against him this time. I have a large family and I of course try to see them all as much as possible. Except for my father, I've never actually met him... My mother had just always brought him a new man alot. But I guess that's where I got it from. My mom wasn't a prostitute, but she was just very attractive so people wanted her a lot.

Maxwell and I hadn't been saying anything. Until I finished my tea. "The funeral's on Saturday... Can you go with me?" I asked in a low voice. Even though all my family would be there, I'd feel lonely. I need someone to go with me. If not, I may just have a mental break down during the whole funeral.

My family has never seen me cry, apart from a few of my cousins. But that was because they had gotten me into trouble when I was younger. I refused to talk to them for a few months after that. Until they finally made it up to me when they brought me candy. Since that day, our friendship has been un-breakable.

It than came to my mind, what if Hellehna's dead!? I didn't want to go into a panic attack right now, so I had to just keep calm. Hellehna is most likely okay, and some where in the city. Hopefully she just isn't on the streets again.

Maxwell smiled down to me and gave a small nod. "Of course I will go with you, I don't want you there alone," Maxwell told me and kissed the top of my head. I just hope everything will be okay. With the funeral, as well as Hellehna missing.


"Where are you going?" Maxwell asked as I pulled on my trench coat over my pyjama's. I was going to go see if Hellehna was down in the alleyway. It was close to tweleve, so I had to get down there quickly. "Are you going to the alleyway?" Maxwell asked me as I pulled on my shoes.

My eyes flickered up to Maxwell who was laying on the couch with his arms folded behind his head. "Yes, I need to see if Hellehna's there. I'll come right back, I promise," I said before rushing out the door with no response. Even if Maxwell were to argue, I would have left anyways.

Instead of waiting for the dreadfully slow elevator, I ran down the stairs. I only lived on the third floor, so it didn't take me that long. The only problem I had, was getting the courage to goto the alleyway. But it was the only place I could possibly find Hellehna. Or get the balls to ask the man in the suit where my best friend is.

Once I got out of the apartment building, I ran down towards the alleyway just so I would get there on time. There was a few more minutes until he would arrive there, and I was cutting it close. But it was all worth it for Hellehna.

As the alleyway came into sight, I stopped running and walked quitely, yet quickly down the sidewalk. I had to hide behind a few boxes and trash cans as I looked around for Hellehna. I didn't want any of the girls to see me. Or even the suited man who was already here. I watched as he strode towards the girl.

This time, it was Harley's turn. I frowned a little as I watched the two walk towards the Pontiac. Harley and I were never super close, but we were still friends. As soon as the car drove off, I stood up from where I was crouching down and looked around. No Hellehna. "Shit!" I cussed out loud and kicked the garbage cans.

The rest of the girls looked over at me in shock. All I did was glare to them all. Obviously I wasn't happy. They all just gave me a nasty look after I glared. "What!?" I snapped at them all before turning around the corner, automatically bumping into someone. "Watch where the fu- Oh! Max, I'm so sorry! What're you doing here?!" I asked in shock, feeling bad I almost began yelling at him.

Maxwell placed his hands on my shoulders and smiled at me. Maxwell has a smile that could make any girl fall in love right away. It's a beautiful smile, but it doesn't have that affect on me. "I was worried so I came to look for you. Plus, I wanted to see if Hellehna was here. Which I'm guessing she wasn't," Maxwell explained to me and I just shook my head. I wanted her to come home... But I don't think she will. "Let's go home so you can get some sleep," Maxwell suggested as his arm wrapped around my shoulders.

I didn't argue but instead, I walked along with him. Honestly, I felt like death had taken over my body. Sleep would win soon, and knowing me, I would colapse on the ground


Maxwell rested his hand over mine as we pulled up to the funeral home with my brother and his fiancee. I didn't want to go in at all. I had such a bad feeling about this. What could possibly go wrong? It's just a viewing of the body before the ceremony. "You sure that you want to go in?" Maxwell asked me in a low voice.

The week had been hectic. Every night I went out to the alleyway, until every girl was gone. I have no idea where they are, and I've been freaking out. "Yeah... It's my moms funeral," I responded to Maxwell. I hesitated a moment before getting out of the car. Flattening out my dress. It's now or never.

Maxwell walked over to me, and grabbed my hand. The two of us walked up the steps and into the funeral home. There were two wooden doors, and when I looked through them, I could see my mothers open casket. My heart just dropped.

It seemed as if though it was taking a century to walk towards the casket, ignoring all my family as I did so. Once I was there, I looked down at my mother. My mother was still just as beautiful as ever. "I love you mom," I managed to choke out through the tears. I looked at her hands, noticing she was holding a pendant she always wore around her neck. We had matching ones actually.

My shakey hand raised up and rested over the pendant. Why did this have to happen to an angel. But who ever the morticiean is, did a wonderful job. "You must be Adalia, Evelyn's daughter," Someone said from behind me. I turned to face who was talking to me.

My tears stopped and I was in shock. "I'm Oliver, the morticiean," Oliver said extending his hand to me. The room began spinning. People were calling out to me, but I wasn't able to reply seeing as everything went black.

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