Suits and Prostitutes.

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Chapter 6 (v.1)

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Submitted: July 14, 2011



The entire dinning room was silent after I had declared Hellehna as my maid-of-honour. Was Oliver really expecting me to marry him? Especially after kidnapping me! The man took me away from my life. I was just getting back to school, and I had a job. Everything was finally starting to become perfect in my life. Thank you for fucking things up Oliver. Thank you so very much.


Oliver set his fork back down and looked at me. “Adalia, are you not eating?” Oliver asked as he motioned to my plate filled with food. I shook my head in response, moving my eyes to glare at him. Oliver seemed pretty content with himself at this point. Which he probably was. He’s living in a house filled with women, and another man, I think. I haven’t actually seen him since he stepped out from the car.


Oliver rested his hand over-top of mine, and I stiffened up. “It’s alright,” Oliver whispered, trying to calm me. Yeah right! You can’t just make someone marry you. You have to do it properly. Not knocking someone out with chloroform and bringing them back to this unnecessarily large house. So without trying to anger Oliver, I slipped my hand out from under his, and folded my hands on my lap.


‘Don’t touch me…’ I thought to myself as I sat here awkwardly. “Hellehna!” Oliver called over to her, and my head shot up. Before looking at him, Hellehna took a drink from her water and smiled.


“Yes, Oliver?” Hellehna asked sweetly. Why does she have no idea as to what’s actually going on here? Does she not realize she’s living under the same roof as the devil himself!? It’s slowly getting more and more ridiculous. Like I’m in a dream, almost as if none of this is real. Which I’m starting to slowly doubt. Maybe Matthew will wake me up in a few minutes, and everything will be back to normal.


Oliver stood from his seat, lifting me up with him. Bastard, don’t touch me. “I have to get to some work up in my office; do you think you can take Adalia out to the rose garden?” Oliver asked as he dropped his arm from around me. A rose garden? You have got to be kidding me. How much more sickening can this place get?


Hellehna stood up from her seat in an instant with a cheery grin. Oh how I’ve missed my best friend’s smiling face. It seems like it’s been ages since I last have. “Of course,” Hellehna agreed easily as she walked over, linking her arm through mine. “Let’s go,” Hellehna said pulling me along. I honestly had no idea as to where we were off to. But it finally gave my time to hang out with my friend again. Even if she doesn’t remember me.



It took ages to finally find the rose garden, but to say to least, it was beautiful. Red, pink and white roses were every where. No matter how much I seem to hate flowers, it was rather peaceful. “You know, Adalia, it feels like we’ve known each other forever! We’re really bonding huh?” Hellehna said and I smirked. Oh you have no idea…


But before freaking her out, I smiled in response. “Yeah, I really love it. But I have a question; how long have you lived here for?” I asked Hellehna as we stopped by the water fountain. I sat on the edge of the stone fountain, running my finger tips along the water.


Hellehna sat down next to me, with that bright smile of hers. “Since I was three; my parents died in a plane crash, so Oliver parents had adopted me. So I guess Oliver’s like a big brother to me since than,” Hellehna explained and my eye twitched. Bullshit. Hellehna’s parents kicked her out when she began getting into drugs. They did not die in a plane crash. Actually, I’d be rather glad that they did. But even if they had, I would have kept Hellehna with me. Instead of lying to her.


But I forced a tiny smile. “Aw, that’s so sweet,” I covered up my pain by lying to Hellehna, which I have never done, nor wanted to do. Who would lie to their best friend like that? Besides me; now I just have to figure out how Oliver did it to all the girls… But why hasn’t he done it to me?


Hellehna jumped up from the stone and grabbed my hand. “Come! I want to show the gazebo Oliver has back here,” Hellehna said pulling me along with her. As long as I can remember, Hellehna has always been this energetic. Oliver may have changed her memories some how, but he can’t change her personality. “Look,” Hellehna said nodding to the wooden gazebo that had vines all over it.


Not going to lie, it was rather amazing. Hellehna must have loved it because she let go of my hand to run up to it. Not wanting to stay behind, I followed her up the wooden steps. It was so much cooler in here. “Oh my… Adalia!” Hellehna said my name in that sing-song tune of hers.


I turned my head over to her as she handed me a rose with a stick-it note to it. I grabbed the rose and read the note; Adalia, I’m sorry for this. But you’ll understand eventually. –Oliver.


Ugh, he makes me sick. I looked at the rose seeing the damn ring on it. Why does it have to be so pretty…? I just grabbed the ring off from the rose, and slid in onto my ring finger. “Excuse me Hellehna, but I need to go find Oliver,” I said and began heading back towards the house.


It wasn’t hard getting back inside; it was just finding Oliver’s office. “Ha! Finally,” I said victoriously as I opened the door, seeing Oliver with his glasses on his face and reading over papers. Oh good god he’s attractive.


Oliver pulled his glasses off his face and set the papers down. “Hello Adalia,” Oliver said smiling and looked at my hand with a smirk. “Glad you found it,” Oliver added as I looked around his office. There were skulls and taxidermy everywhere. Scarily enough, it made him even more attractive. One skull really caught my attention. The stop of the skull was cut off and was used for holding dead flowers. I have a weird taste.


Before I got carried away, I remembered why I was even in here. “How’d you do it?” I asked Oliver who looked at me with a confused look on his face. I let out a sigh and shook my head. “How did you make Hellehna think she’s been here since she was three?” I asked him again, which than caught his attention. Oliver smiled and rose from his chair, walking over to me.


Oliver wrapped his arm around my shoulder, leading me over to a wall. “I want you to meet someone,” Oliver said as he pushed open the door that you never would have guessed was there. I’m not surprised. This is like a typical house you see in movies with hidden stairwells. “Simon!” Oliver called as we walked through the marble hall. Hating this more and more.


Once we came to a stop, a man in a suit turned to look up at us from his book. Oh my god! It’s the man who knocked me out with chloroform. “Simon is a hypnotist,” Oliver explained and I went wide eyed. That’s just unfair…

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