Suits and Prostitutes.

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Chapter 7 (v.1)

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Submitted: July 15, 2011



Simon snapped the book "Lucile" shut. Where have I seen that book before? I thought about it for a moment, but just forgot about it. "Adalia, you have seen Simon before. But I would like to properly introduce the two of you," Oliver said extending his arm towards Simon.

I looked a Simon for a few minutes, with a smile. Simon has a dark chocolate brown eye, and the other is a pale blue. Maybe something happened to him. Besides that, Simon's beautiful. Simon has dark brown hair, that's styled into a faux hawk. He almost reminds me of Jeff Davis. "Hello, Adalia. It's a pleasure to meet you without me actually knocking you out," Simon said with a low laugh. It was no funny by any means.

It took a moment before I replied to him. "It's a pleasure to meet you too," I responded to Simon with a forced smile. So I'm standing face to face with the man, who's made my friends think that they've been here for the better part of all their lives. "How did you do it?" I just now had to ask. If I didn't, it would bother me for however long I'm stuck here.

Simon looked at me with a grin. "A hypnotist never tells his ways," Simon told me, with a wink. Ugh. I thought it was supposed to be that way only with magicians. I suppose not. "But I will tell you, it took a little bit, especially with that Harley girl. That one is quite the little harlet," Simon said pinching the bridge of his nose with an annoyed sigh. Oh god! She probably tried to have sex with him. "But Oliver, if the two of you can leave? I have some work that needs to be done."

With that, Oliver nodded in response, leading me back down the marble hall way. "So what do you want to do today?" Oliver asked me as he shut the hidden door behind us. What do I want to do...? I've just been taken away from my life. There's nothing I really want to do. But there always has been one thing I love to do when I'm upset.

I stepped out from Oliver's hold and looked at him with a grin. "Oliver, I want to have a pyjama party with Hellehna. We need to re-bond thanks to you. So I'm going to need all my clothes so I can have my pyjama's. A room with a tv and a stack of movies, candy, and Hellehna there with me," I told Oliver with a smirk. Some how, he just didn't seem shocked.

Oliver wrapped his arms around my waist. "You're clothes are already here. In my room, seeing as you'll be marrying me, we will be in the same room. I told you, when I dealt with that Matthew fellow, I also gathered everything you need," Oliver told me, as the two of us headed out of the office. Oliver just continues to get even more weird.

It finally hit me. "You'll be on the floor! Or even in the dog house! I refuse to sleep in the same bed as you. Repulsive. You make me want to throw up!" I shouted, making things over dramatic. It's how I've always been! So to make it even worse, I moved away from him, running up to a planted tree in the hall. I hunched over, beginning to make gagging noises.

All I could hear, was Oliver groaning in annoyance from behind me. "You're so unlady like," Oliver complained, causing me to smirk. I stood back up right, walking over to him. Secretly, Oliver loves it. He must if he has this goofy smile on his face. "And I will be in the same bed as you," Oliver added. You have got to be kidding me. It's bad enough I have to now live with him.

Matthew would have laughed at what I was doing... Matthew, I miss him so much. He was in love with me! I didn't really love him back yet, but if I gave it some time, I probably would have. "What do you mean by you took care of Matthew?" I asked worriedly. Oliver frowned, not looking at me. Had I upset him?

Oliver moved his arm back around my shoulders. How many times must he do this!? Does he not realize I don't want him to touch me? "Simon..." Was all Oliver told me. Than I realized that it was all through hypnotism. Lovely.

I never ended up replying to Oliver as we made our way up the steps. What do I say to that? He hypnotized my boyfriend. Or at this point, ex-boyfriend. "Here," Oliver muttered unhappily as he opened the bedroom door. It wasn't the same room I woke up in. But they were almost similar. "This is our room," Oliver said sliding his hands into his pockets. "You're clothes are in that dresser and closet. Movies are over there, same with the tv. Remotes beside the bed... Just get ready and I'll go find Hellehna for you," Oliver told me motioning to everything in the room.

Had I really upset him after mentioning Matthew? What does he expect? I can't let it bother me though. As soon as I heard the door shut behind Oliver, I began running around, trying to get ready. I have no idea how long they'll be. "Where the hell are my pyjama shorts!" I whined and looked over at the other dresser, which I was guessing to be Olivers. Fuck... I ran over opening the drawers until I found his boxers.

"This is rather embarrassing," I mumbled as I un-dressed, pulling on a pair of Oliver's black boxers. Not going to lie, they're very comfortable. In a weird way. After tossing my clothes into what I pressumed to be a hamper, I walked back over to my dresser, pulling out a baggy t-shirt that was actually Hellehna's. It was a "The Smiths" t-shirt that was cut to fall off the shoulders.

Just after I was dressed, Hellehna and Oliver walked in. "Here, I finally found Helle- ...Cute," Oliver began saying until he realized I was in his boxers. If things worked out a bit better, I wouldn't even be in them! I just didn't say anything to him.

After I finally found my voice again I looked at Oliver with a meneacing look. I wish I was scary... "Oliver, candy and drinks?" I said with a smirk, causing Oliver to roll his eyes. I'm pretty sure I heard Oliver mutter something along the lines of "she's turning me into her bitch already", as he left the room.

As soon as Oliver was gone, I felt so relieved. "Hellehna! Excited? We finally get to bond. We didn't hang out much in the rose garden, so why not tonight?" I said to her happily. Hellehna grinned in response and I looked at her pyjama's. Oh my god... It's the pyjama's I gave her for this past Christmas. "Where'd you get those?" I asked with a grin, reffering to the pyjama's.

Hellehna looked down at the grey pants and baggy shirt with a smile. "Oliver gave me it for my birthday," Hellehna told me and I forced a smile. Such bullshit... But of course, I didn't tell her that. I don't know how she'd react to something like that. Especially when she doesn't know me anymore.

"Well, let's not stall any longer!" I said with a grin and ran over to the movies. If Oliver is to have actual decent movies, I'm going to be impressed. Right away, my eyes landed on the Rocky Horror Picture Show. "Have you seen this?" I asked with a grin and Hellehna brightened up.

Hellehna began doing the "Time Warp" causing me to laugh. "Nice moves," I said as I popped the movie in. Right as it was in, I ran over to the bed, jumping onto it. Oh god! It's amazing. Almost like laying on a pillow. Hellehna did the same, laying on her stomache next to me. Our heads were at the foot of the bed. "Crap... I need the remotes," I said laughing as I got up onto my knees, crawling over to the remotes.

Once I had bother remotes, I flopped back onto my stomache beside Hellehna. I turned on the tv and dvd player. Even though I'm in a new enviroment, and Hellehna has no idea of it... It feels like one of the first nights I ever spent with Hellehna.


When Oliver walked in finally with the candy and soda's, Hellehna and I were doing the time warp on the bed. Oliver looked at us with a scoff. "You're going to break the bed!" Oliver whined and I burst out laughing flopping, onto the bed. Hellehna flopped down next to me and Oliver shook his head. "The two of you are childish," Oliver muttered he sat the candy at the foot of the bed along with the cans a soda.

I scrambled over to the candy, grabbing the first thing I could find. Which was sour skittles. Where does he get all of this candy?! "You love skittles too?" Hellehna said as she grabbed the other pack of then. Still the same Hellehna as always.

I grinned as I ripped open the packet. "Of course," I said as I shoved a few into my mouth. "Thank you Oliver, you can go now," I told him with a grin. Oliver looked at me blocking the screen, with his eyebrow arched. "No!" I whined trying to looking over him. It didn't work.

Oliver stepped forwards so I deffinantly didn't see at this point. Good god. "Do I not get a kiss?" Oliver said with a smile. Was he trying to be cute? Oliver's not cute... At all. Unless I did it, he was going to leave. I groaned in annoyance before pecking him on the lips.

Oliver scoffed and grabbed the back of my neck, forcing me to actually kiss him. I thought I was going to be sick, but sadly enough, I felt butterflies. "Aw!" Hellehna squealed like a little girl. "I'll leave you two be. We can finish this tomorrow," Hellehna said as I forced myself away from Oliver.

Shit! He just ruined movie night with my best friend. "Okay, I'm tired anyways," I said smiling to Hellehna as she left. When the door shut Oliver removed the candy and sody from the bed, looking at me with a grin. "Don't even touch me," I warned, but he didn't listen. Oliver jumped right on top of me,pinning me down.

Oliver leaned down, kissing along my neck. "What're you going to do now?" Oliver said against my neck, causing me to shiver. I hate this... Well, as much as I secretly love it; I hate it. Oliver smiled as I tried to push him away. It wouldn't work anyways.

I wanted to get away from him. "Oliver, I'm tired... Get off of me," I told him as I slapped his face away from my neck. Oliver pushed himself up, with his hands on either side of my head. Oliver just frowned to me and rolled off of me.

"Sorry," Oliver said as he stood up from the bed. I didn't look at him at all after that. But he climbed back into the bed not long after. I kinda figured he was only in boxers at this point, when I felt his warm skin against mine.

I screamed and jumped up. "No!" I said pushing him away slightly. I grabbed a few extra pillows, building a barrier in between us. "That's better," I said as I climbed back into the bed under the covers. Oliver just groaned and wouldn't say anything to me. In a way, I did feel bad. Why does it feel like he loves me? This isn't right.

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