Suits and Prostitutes.

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Chapter 8 (v.1)

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Submitted: July 17, 2011



When I woke up, I was so unaware as to where I was. I tried to move around, but failed. "Why can't I move?" I said feeling like there was cotton filling my mouth. I turned my head over to the cause of my restraint. Oliver! I swear to god there was a barrier in between the two of us. I tried looking around for the barrier. Oliver was laying right on top of the pillows. Fucker. "Oliver!" I snapped trying to get him off me.

Oliver's head was on my shoulder, and I could feel the scruff on his chin against my neck. That wasn't even the worst part. Oliver's arm was draped across my waist, and his hand was tucked under my side. "Oliver Watkins, get the hell of me!" I yelled at him, but Oliver didn't budge. Oliver can probably sleep like the dead.

But finally, I got a response. A very annoyed groan. "Shut up," Oliver muttered against my neck. You've got to be kidding me! This is rediculous. I tried rolling away again, but Oliver's arms just tightened up. "No," Oliver said bluntly, pulling me up against his chest. What an ass. But I had my ways... I had to think of them right at the moment, but I have my ways.

To start, I moved my head away, watching his hair flop slightly. Ugh... Adorable. As much as I try to convince myself that he's not the cutest thing ever, I can't lie to myself. "Oliver, will you please get off me?" I asked trying to be nice. Maybe that'll work. If I'm lucky. I've only known him personally for under twenty-four hours, and so far I know that he's stubborn. As well as an asshole.

At first, I wasn't expecting an answer. But I guess asking nicely worked as Oliver rolled off of me. "There," Oliver said into the pillows. Maybe Oliver isn't as bad as I thought... If I ask nicely, or say something that makes him feel bad, he does as I say or ask. Ha! Oliver's my bitch!

To make it up to him, I leaned down and kissed the top of his head. I was seriously expecting him to turn around and kiss me, but no! The bastard started snoring. Loud. How did I sleep through that!? Whatever! Just whatever. It'll be safe to get dressed in the room as long as he's sleeping like this. I carefully climbed out of the bed, walking over to my dresser.

Of course now, a song gets stuck in my head that Hellehna showed me. Wetsuit by the Vaccines. So as I got dressed, I began humming to it. I pulled my jeans on quickly after putting on my undergarnments and opened the drawers until I found a shirt I wanted. "Put a wetsuit on, come on come on. Grow your hair out long, come on come on. Put a t-shirt on, do me wrong, do me wrong, do me wrong," I sang as I shut the drawer after grabbing my shirt.

"Oh baby, I'll do you right," Oliver purred trying to be sexy as he arms wrapped around my waist. Not sexy! I freaked out though. I'm half naked! "You know, you're really fucking white," Oliver said laughing and I blushed looking down at my stomache... I just don't like the sun. Is that against the law?

But to shut the fool up, I turned and sucker punched him. Oliver actually felt that one! Or he must've seeing as he placed his hand against his cheek. "You know, for a girl who looks weak, you can seriously pack a punch. But what was that for even?" Oliver said as he rolled his jaw around. There was a red spot on his face from where I hit him, and I felt proud.

I pulled the loose pink t-shirt on and shook my head. "Oh I don't know. Maybe for scaring the crap out of me, and for you having the balls to touch me while I'm half naked!" I snapped at him as I pulled my hair up from out of the back of the shirt. "When did you even wake up?" I asked resting my hands on my hips, looking up at him. Never quite realized how tall Oliver is until now.

Oliver had this look to him right now. Kinda scares me. "The whole time..." Oliver said evily and those words rang through my head over and over. "I watched you get dressed," Oliver told me, with a demonic laugh. I feel like I'm going to die! I wanted to go dig a hole, and die in it!

It actually felt like swept over me for a minute. "You saw... my ass..." I said slowly, seeing as I was in severe shock. Oliver just saw my ass, and god knows what else. Let me die now. Strike me dead God! No? Okay... Beam me up, Scotty! Nope... Shit! Closest escape is the door.

Oliver looked at me, mocking the way I was standing. "I also saw your bare chest," Oliver told me, as if he was proud of it! Jack ass. Tears began pouring down my face and Oliver finally dropped that stupid look of his! Finally! "Adalia, I'm so so-" Oliver began saying, until I cut him off.

"No!" I shouted angrily at him through the sobs. I kicked him hard, in the balls. Right now, he deserved it. Oliver toppled down onto his knees, groaning in pain. As soon as he was on the ground I ran out of the room. Oliver was shouting after me, but I ignored him.

I continued to run, until I found the front door, passing by Hellehna as I did. "Adalia?" Hellehna said as I zipped by her. I wasn't stopping, for anyone. Not even the one who used to know me the best. I just barged out the front door. It come to my awarness that I had no shoes on. Perfect, it's a stone driveway too. This will hurt.

Before Oliver could find me, I began running down the drive way. I have a feeling it's going to be long. There's no stopping though. If I stop, Oliver can find me. I can now finally get away from here. Away from Oliver, and all the girls... Where am I even going to go? I'll figure it out when the time is right.

"Figures!" I shouted at the gates. I began screaming at the top of my lungs and dropped onto my knees, crying. My life is falling apart. I laid on my side, on the driveway, hoping someone will come visit the house, and run me over... I can't do this.


It took a few hours, until someone finally came. I figured it was around noon, seeing as the sun was beating directly down on me, and it was bloody hot out. I shut my eyes, waiting for the tires to roll over my body, but the car stopped before it hit me. Damn it!

The car was still running, but someone got out. "Hubba hubba, ding ding, who invented this thing?" The man said with a British accent. I want him... My eyes opened, and looked up to see a replica of Oliver. I screamed and scrambled up to my feet.

I stared at the man, who looked to be a little younger than myself, and instead of Oliver's dark hair, his was lighter. But they have the same eyes. "There's two! Oh lord, why am I not gone yet," I whined and bowed my head down. "You might as well tell me who you are before I kick you in the balls too," I said unhappily, as I looked up at him from under my bangs.

He looks terrified. "Jack! Oliver's younger brother! Don't kick me, please!" Jack said covering his lower region with his hands. So technically there is two of them... Great. "I can tell you don't like my brother. But can I ask why?" Jack asked taking a hesitant step towards me. Why does Jack have the accent, but Oliver doesn't?

My head snapped up, and I forced a smile. "It's nice to meet you, I'm Adalia, Oliver's fiancee," I said sourly, almost gagging at the last bit. Jack stared at me for a moment, before breaking out into uncontrolable laughter. "It's not funny!" I shouted at him, raising my leg, threatening to kick him in the balls. That shut him up.

Jack raised his hands in defense and smiled. "It's not, I just feel bad for you. My brother is a prick!" Jack said laughing and I nodded in response. That he is... "Get in the car, I'll drive you back. If you walk, I will shoot you in the head," Jack said jokingly. I began walking with a smile. "I'm not gonna shoot you!" Jack said with a sigh. "Just get in."

Jack is pretty much just as stubborn as his brother! God damn it... "Did you know that there's close to ten other women in the house," I told Jack as we drove towards the manor. Jack now had a smirk on his face. I shouldn't have said anything. I think the boy's a little excited now. "How old is Oliver?" I finally asked, having no idea.

Jack parked the car and killed the engine, giving me a look like 'you don't know?' Jack pulled the keys from the ignition and laugh. "27," Jack told me and I began gagging. It's a six year difference between us. "I know you're 21 though... Oliver's told me about you," Jack said and I sighed. "I'm 20, just in case you care," Jack said as I got out of the car.

"I don't," I said smirking. "Why do you have an accent, but he doesn't?" I asked as we walked up the steps to the door. It's been bugging me for the past five minutes. Jack looked over at me with a smile and paused a moment.

Jack rested his hand on the handle of the front door. "Our parents divorced long ago, I lived in England with our mother, he lived here, with our idiot father," Jack said before opening the door, walking inside. "Oliver! I found your lost puppy!" Was the first thing Jack shouted when he walked inside. Wow. They are both assholes.

Oliver came bolting into the room, with a worried face. "Adalia! Oh my god, you're safe!" Oliver said, sounding relieved going into hug me. But I pushed him away, refusing to even look at him. "Adalia... Whny are you being like this," Oliver said going into hug me again. But once again, I shoved him off harder this time.

"Don't fucking touch me!" I shouted at him as I pushed past him, heading back upstairs to the bedroom. Oliver had now shut up. Thank god. His voice was starting to annoy the living hell out of me.

When Jack thought I was out of the hearing range I heard him say, "You made her mad. What the hell'd you do?" No response from Oliver.

I stopped a foot from the door smirking. "Damn fucking right he did!" I shouted down the stairs, and walked into the room, slamming the door shut behind me. Oliver wouldn't be pleased by that, but right now... I could careless.

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