Suits and Prostitutes.

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Chapter 9 (v.1)

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Submitted: July 17, 2011



The door slammed open after countless hours of Oliver calling me to lunch, dinner, and trying to calm me down. "What have I done!? Can you please just tell me!?" Oliver shouted and I still ignored him. For the entire day, I just stayed in bed. I didn't want to be around any body. Right now, I felt completely insecure.

Oliver wasn't getting a response from me right now. I guess trying to cuddle up to me was his next step. Oliver laid next to me, face to face, looking at me with a puppy dog look. Dear god... "You saw me naked," I told him lowly, curling my body up even tighter now.

There was a confused look on Oliver's face for a few moments. "You're a prostitute, and you care if a man saw you naked?" Oliver said unsurely and I nodded in response. "That makes no sense! You're a slut, I'm shocked you don't run around with your boobs hanging out all the time!" Oliver shouted at me, causing me to cry again. Seeing me cry was someone besides Hellehna, has never experienced. It shut him up though.

"You don't realize, how drunk I have to be before I sleep with a man that buys me. I've been raped countless times, and I'm not physically scarred by it, but mentally. So unless I'm drunk, I wont let anyone see me naked... Ever," I cried turning away from Oliver. I didn't even want to face him right now. I didn't think he'd hug me, but Oliver's arm wrapped around me.

We stayed silent for awhile, with small, yet sweet kisses against my shoulder from Oliver. "I'm so sorry... I didn't even think that something like that could happen to you," Oliver said in a caring tone. I wanted to call him out on being a jack ass, until I turned my head, seeing the sincerity in his eyes. "You know, I can find them and have them beheaded..." Oliver whispered with a smirk.

It caused me to laugh and I shook my head. "No... You'll probably put their skulls in your lair," I said wrapping my arms around Oliver in a hug. He hesitated a moment, but hugged back eventually. "This is the last time I'm going to hug you willingly." No word of lie, I just needed to hug someone right now.

There was no awkwardness from it, until my stomache began growling. "See what happens when you miss breakfast, lunch and dinner!" Oliver said laughing and lifted me out of bed. He began carrying me towards the door and hummed the same song I was singing this morning. "Let's get some food in you," Oliver sang, trying to incorporate it into the song. It sucked.

My hands pushed up against Oliver's chest. "I can walk," I said trying to get out of his hold. Oliver fought back as I pushed, but finally, his arms gave in. A loud scream passed my lips as he dropped me onto the ground, butt first. "Ow..." I muttered as I sat on the ground, taking a moment before I got back onto my feet.

Oliver had a guilty look to him, and I grinned. "Sorry," Oliver said looking down in shame. Good! I turned and just walked on, not even caring really. Oliver stayed behind, like a heart broken puppy. He looks so pathetic.

I began whistling to him like he was a dog. "Come 'ere boy!" I called to Oliver from the foot of the stairs. Oliver's head shot up and he began panting as if though he were an actual dog. Oliver bolted down the stairs and barked once before licking my cheek. "Augh! You're disgusting!" I shouted and shoved Oliver away before wiping my hand down where he licked.

The ever so odd Oliver winked in response and walked off to the kitchen normally. I had to follow him, seeing as I had no idea as to where I was going. "What do you want to eat?" Oliver asked as he pulled open the double door fridge as well as the freezer.

My eyes darted towards the freezer, seeing a tub of mint chocolate chip icecream. I snatched it up and hugged it. "Eat it with me," I told Oliver in all seriousness. All he did was stare at me. "Yes, I'm eating this in replacment of all three meals today. I'll eat normally tomorrow, I promise!" I begged really wanting this icecream.

And he caves in! I mentally did a little jig as Oliver shut everything. "Putting my culinary skills to waste," Oliver muttered as he grabbed two spoons. "We're eating it upstairs so we can cuddle," Oliver said snatching the icecream from me.

My jaw dropped as Oliver walked away innocently. "Fine," I muttered unhappily, as I walked along with him. I now had to cuddle with the fool! Not long ago, we were but I said it was the first time I'd do it willingly. I'm going against my own word! Shit!


"So, who exactly raped you?" Oliver asked as he shoved a spoon full of icecream into his mouth. Highly unattractive for a normal male... But who said anything about Oliver being normal?

I didn't respond for a few moments, because I had to think of it. "I don't know... They had blind folded me each time, so I really never saw them," I replied honestly as I shoved another spoon of icecream into my mouth. Oliver frowned and wrapped his arm tighter around me. The two of us have been sitting here watching The Nightmare Before Christmas. Who knew Oliver could have a good taste in movies.

Oliver took the last whole two or three spoon fulls of icecream and shoved them into his mouth. Dick! I wanted more. But now I was just waiting for the brainfreeze to kick in on him. Oliver began whining, toppling over onto his side."It hurts..." Oliver cried like a baby and probably expected me to kiss it better. Not happening.

I just pretended as if Oliver wasn't even there. Eventually, he gave up. There's no way a brain freeze will last that long. "Are you done bitching you big baby?" I asked with a small smile as I kept my eyes glued to the tv. Oliver just gently shoved me over with a chuckle. I curled myself up into my sweater even more and fixed my pyjama pants. "I'm tired," I told Oliver who automatically removed the carton and spoons from the bed, setting them on the bed side table for now. Oliver shut off the movie and I crawled under the covers.

The same familiar arms wrapped tightly around as they were this morning. "What? No barrier tonight?" Oliver asked me with a laugh and I shook my head "no". Oliver looked at me in shock and I smiled. Oliver really could be quite a sweet heart, I guess... "Goodnight, Adalia," Oliver said looking directly at me, even though it was now pitch black in his room.

Oliver's warm lips pressed against my forehead, before he flopped back down onto the bed next to me. My eyes wandered over to where Oliver was and I smiled. God's gift to man kind.


"Where the hell are you going!?" I snapped following Oliver to the front door, who'd told me nothing at all of where he was just about to goto. Oliver sighed and turned to face me as he pulled on his suit jacket. "You're tie is messed also..." I said reaching out to fix it. Much better.

Once I was done fixing it, Oliver smiled in thanks. "I have to goto work... So unless you want to come along, than you have to stay home with the girls," Oliver said and I pouted to him. Oliver looked at me for a minute and was now defeated. "Get your shoes on..." Oliver ordered me and I grinned hunting down my shoes.

Seeing as I couldn't find the flats, I was stuck in the high heels. Perfect! Especially when it's far too early in the morning. I'm going to be stuck in a funeral home, for god knows how long! But I didn't want to be without Oliver today for some reason. "Why do you have to go today?" I asked Oliver was we walked out to the car. That was the worst question ever.

Oliver just laughed at that and unlocked the car. "There's a funeral," Oliver told me as we got into the car at the same time. I'm so bloody rediculous at times! "Thank god you wore darker colors... Even though pink's your color," Oliver said with a grin as he drove down to the gates. Freak... It's almost as if Oliver's gay sometimes. I love gays, but I'd never imagine Oliver as one.

After my stupid question, I just shut up for the rest of the ride. Maybe now I'll figure out where I actually am, and how far I am from the familiar places.


Seriously, it's a ten minute drive! Ten fucking minutes! "Calm down," Oliver said holding my arms from smacking him anymore. I've been so close to home this whole time. "Adalia!" Oliver shouted as I faught back. The only way he stopped my from calling him an asshole over and over, was to apparently kiss me.

The only reason Oliver let go was so he was capable of holding me against him. Oddly enough, I kissed him back. My arms found their way around his neck, keeping him from pulling away. When did I turn into such a little whore? Oh, wait....

I guess Oliver and I got a little to far into it when I felt my back slam up against the car and Oliver's body press into mine even more. I was a little worried things would have gone to far, especially when outside. Thankfully someone cleared their throat from behind us.

The two of us broke apart in a flash, and I fixed my clothes. "That's a little unprofessional, don't you think?" That familiar voice said and my eyes widened. Matthew... Oh dear god!

Even Oliver looked shocked. Matthew turned and walked off. "Did you know!?" I asked harshly in a whispered. If Oliver knew that Matthew would be here, and didn't even bother to tell me, he will be the next one on that embalming table!

Oliver looked at me with his jaw dropped. "No! I have no idea! It's an old bat named Carol! Seriously, I didn't like the looks of her..." Oliver said looking towards the door. Aw... Matthew's grandmother passed away. Wasn't a fan of her in the first place, but it is still a little sad for Matthew.

"How long will this take?" I asked Oliver and he shrugged. Great... I may be stuck here, in the presence of my ex-boyfriend who doesn't think I ever existed, for a long time! Oliver wrapped his arm around my shoulder, walking me up the steps, and inside.

Oliver opened the door of his office and nodded to the chair. "You can sit there for a bit," Oliver told me and I sighed walking in. "I'll be back soon, I swear," Oliver told me with a grin. Bullshit. I flopped into the brown leather chair, kicking my feet up onto the desk, grinning. "Unclassy."

After that, Oliver just left. Which caused my to rumage through his drawers. "Ou, pictures," I said pulling out the stack of photos. But they all fell from my hand as I saw they were of myself and all the females. There was all of us in one. Than each of us seperatly. Oh my god... Oliver is a freak!

I'm no surprised that he has the pictures, but does he have to be so freaky about it? ...Yes, he does. I sighed and opened the drawers and burst out laughing, pulling out a human skull. I set it in my lap, and turned to face the window behind me. This should get interesting.


"Adalia?" Oliver called out as he finally returned after two hours. I turned around in the chair, holding up the skull with a grin. Oliver pinched the bridge of his nose, sighing. "You little snoop. Can't leave you alone, ever."

I looked at the skull and turned it so it looked at me. "Frederick, don't you think it's a little morbid to have a skull inside a funeral home?" I asked it and caused it to nod. Oliver looked pissed. Instead of telling me to stop, he walked over and snatched it from me.

Oliver set everything back to where it was and didn't even care about the photo's. Like he would! "No playing with my skulls," Oliver told me and I just rolled my eyes. Kill joy! "It's time to go home," Oliver told me and dragged me up to my feet. Why is he being like this?

I pulled my arm out from Oliver's hold and sighed. "What's wrong?" I asked as he rushed outside to the car. Oliver shook his head in response, unlocking the car. Oliver wasted no time at all, getting in and starting up. I got in just after him and as soon as I shut the door, Oliver sped off. "What the hell Oliver!" I shouted at him, slightly scared.

"Fuck off Adalia!" Oliver shouted at me, and realized his mistake right away. But there was no apology. My heart actually broke a little bit... I looked at my lap in silence, wanting to cry. I tried to hold it all back, but a few tears passed. "No, don't cry... It makes me feel like a total asshole when you do," Oliver said looking over at me as he pulled into the long drive way.

My head snapped over to him and I stared at him in shock. "You are!" I yelled at him, now sobbing. Why was I crying so much around him lately?! Oliver frowned and drove up the rest of the way. He parked the car and stopped it, but never got out.

Oliver looked down in shame again, knowing he made the mistake of making me cry again. "I love you..." Oliver told me without looking at me. That shut me up completely and stopped the tears. No... No, fuck no!

My eyes wandered back up to him and I shook my head. "No, you don't! You can't. It's only been two days! Please don't tell me you love me. I don't want to hear it," I told Oliver and wiped the tears from my face. "Don't love me. It'll turn out bad," I said getting out of the car and Oliver stayed in.

Things in my life are still turning into shit! Perfect. When things slowly seemed to get better, Oliver says he loves me.

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