Suits and Prostitutes CHARACTERS AND BIO

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this is just to give you a rough idea of what the main characters look like, and who they are.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Suits and Prostitutes CHARACTERS AND BIO

Submitted: July 19, 2011

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Submitted: July 19, 2011




Adalia Jones- Currently just turned 21 and she is a previous prostitute. Used to be dating a man named Matthew, until she was kidnapped by new lover, Oliver Watkins. Adalia has the mouth of a sailor, but can be quite the sweetheart. Very insecure about her body, and is pretty much a drunk at points. Crushed by the fact that her best friend, Hellehna Keith, has no idea that they used to be so close. Adalia is marrying Oliver in under a year against her will.


Hellehna Keith- 21. Adalia's best friend, in her previous life and the new one. Hellehna is unaware that she's been tricked by the hypontist until she finds out for herself. Previously homeless and a drug addict until Adalia took her to the apartment they shared together for over three years. Also a previous prostitute, fourth girl that had been kidnapped by Oliver. Believes that her parents died in a tragic accident, and Oliver's family adopted her at the age of three. Adalia's maid-of-honour at the wedding.


Harley Carter- Two years older than Hellehna and Adalia, which makes her 23. Isn't afraid to be who she is, but can be quite the bitch. Slightly jealous of the relationship between Adalia and Oliver. Fifth prostitute that had been kidnapped from the alley way by Oliver. Believes she is Oliver's childhood friend, as well as Hellehna's. Also believes that Adalia and Oliver have been together for over seven years.


Simon Mackenzie- 32 years old, long time friend of Oliver's. Been practing the art of hypotism since the age of 7. As he meets Hellehna, he begin's to fall in love with her. But when Hellehna finds out about what he's done to her, and all the other girls, there's an attempted murder. Tries to find a way to fix it, but let's Hellehna be, and in time, admits his feelings even though Hellehna's terrified.


Oliver Watkins- 27 years old. Owner of "Watkins Funeral Home" as well as a few other businesses Adalia is oblivious to. Is the reason for all the girls kidnappings and bringing them back to his manor that his father and him used to own. Oliver's fallen in love with Adalia, and will do anything to make her stay around in his life even though she reminds him of his ex lover, Rebecca Fulton. Collector of strange things such as skulls and taxidermy. An insomniac who used to be addicted to work, until Adalia showed up in his life keeping him on the ball all the time.


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